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  1. boaterva

    Is FM/XM Radio upgrade actually free for early MCU2 upgraders?

    Exactly. No idea if this was because of recent price drops or what. I had a theory it was because of Premium sound system but I don’t think that’s been proven.
  2. boaterva

    Supercharger - Manassas VA

    Yep, the pin is only on the middle of the name as is virtually always the case.
  3. boaterva

    SolarEdge Inverter Issue-DC Error

    I assumed from everything I posted (18 months ago now?) that it was a batch of bad parts in a run of units. This because of the original reporting of this error code (which now has a permanent place in the error reporting, hmmmm), got an immediately RMA and a bump-up in appointment schedule...
  4. boaterva

    Software 2021.4.11 Park [sensor] Issue

    Have to ask, have you rebooted after getting the release? Many issues that seem to come with a new release are fixed if you do a normal two-scroll wheel reboot. I always do one as soon as the software finishes loading.
  5. boaterva

    Upgrade Existing System

    How does one expand their panels/PW system? Do you mean adding a completely new system? I was told that was the only way to do so, adding a completely new/additional everything (which seems to me to be overkill), new inverter, cabling, disconnects, etc.
  6. boaterva

    Supercharger - Chantilly, VA

    Thanks for the update! Wasn’t aware both had them or in progress!
  7. boaterva

    Supercharger - Chantilly, VA

    I assume ‘Walmart in Chantilly’ means Fairfax (near 28) and not the one near South Riding. As mentioned above because of USPS insanity, both are ‘Chantilly’. (The SR one may not strictly be in Chantilly zip codes but SR itself is, lol...) Edit. Went back above and read all the Walmart posts...
  8. boaterva

    Have you received any recall notice regarding the MCU?

    If it doesn’t have a MCU 2 (it wasn’t upgraded to it recently) it’s covered. MCU 2 in original installations didn’t begin until March 2018.
  9. boaterva

    USB Storage Full Question

    It will also probably fail at some point, I never had one last more than a few months. Recommend getting an SSD drive, works so much better.
  10. boaterva

    Is Tesla Now Accepting Dogecoin As A Payment Option?

    They aren’t even accepting Bitcoin, it’s in the ‘planning’ stage. Like a lot of things.
  11. boaterva

    Supercharger - Chantilly, VA

    Looks like the whole area blipped for a second, bounced to powerwalls and back. Hmmm.
  12. boaterva

    What "radio" from MCU2 upgrade w/o new radio or premium connectivity?

    We don’t know what the story is with Premium. Several of us got proforma invoices with the expected $500 charges and then a final one for $0. No idea if this was (as some suggested) because we paid $2500 originally and now it’s $1500, but you’d think that would be stated. I still think it’s...
  13. boaterva

    Driver profiles won’t edit/save

    Try making a new profile and saving that one. Sometimes they get corrupted.They also may be auto saving but you should see the ‘saving’ come up as it does it.
  14. boaterva

    Model X FM/XM Upgrade Question

    It’s 500. See the mega thread. No one has been charged more, never seen a labor charge. Usually referring to the infotainment page is enough to get it corrected.
  15. boaterva

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    We were in this boat last summer ‘waiting’ for hardware. The emails about the parts finally stopped. I, as mentioned above, just submitted another appointment and it was accepted and the upgrade was done by mobile the next week. Sometimes things get stuck.
  16. boaterva

    Unable to drive - Authentication required alerts every hour/two hours?

    It does sound like the fobs aren’t working and the app is being used for drive authentication. When my MCU upgrade was done they needed both fobs. I’d check they did the correct key (authentication key) update and everything. I’ve seen this on the other side, where the app wouldn’t work; but...
  17. boaterva

    Ventilated Front Seats

    Cooled how? How else would you ‘cool’ them? Water cooled?! I read it the same way, ventilated seats are back, but we definitely need a hands-on review for all the details.
  18. boaterva

    Anyone else having issues with Sentry turning on even at home?

    You reboot after loading firmware? I often get this after a new release and a reboot usually clears it. Always reboot (normal steering wheel two wheels) after a firmware load, clears many issues lingering after the software is loaded.
  19. boaterva

    HV Battery Replacement

    Love to hear if this has been ‘legally’ done and if ‘anyone’ cares! Mothership needs to be updated but the question is will they object.
  20. boaterva

    Sentry Cam no longer recording every event after update?

    You never know! That’s weird then for sure.
  21. boaterva

    Sentry Cam no longer recording every event after update?

    Did either of you reboot after the update? I always do but if you haven’t I’d try that. Have to test this this weekend...
  22. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Since there is no PR/Comms team, how is he/anyone supposed to do that? Tweet Elon, who hates Fred? Hmmmm......
  23. boaterva

    New model steering wheel controls

    Probably the same as the 3, backlit and pressure sensitive. Where you can turn the lights off if you don’t want them. Someone mentioned elsewhere the horn better still be on the center pad since that will take some retraining to use the little button!
  24. boaterva

    Your Model X key after a SC visit

    Yep same here for my X. Had the radio upgrade done last week. I complained about this fob issue in the survey since there have been cases where reassembling (putting battery back in a fob) hasn’t worked. Now, usually that was when the fob was out of range of the car so perhaps it’s a non-issue...
  25. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Well, WTF then, especially when we got pro formas of 500 and then billed 0.... I got nothing lol.
  26. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I wouldn't call Delaware close enough to drive, but this should be interesting for this, as everything there seems to take overnight. Would be nice to tie down the pattern here.....
  27. boaterva

    Side repeater camera view on screen

    You drag it up from the bottom as I said. Seemed to be obvious to me. :D It’s shown in lots of YouTube videos.once you drag it up it should stick up. Edit: try 3:30 or so of this random video (don’t follow this guy, just googled it lol).
  28. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Lol, as I said, why would they (Tysons) think it was free, if the proforma invoice said it was $500 (plus tac, etc.)? I don't think I've ever see a pro forma go down before..... Why call a service center you can't use?
  29. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    That would def be one theory, but as usual be nice if it was codified.... (and, yeah, of course I was one of the $2500, I think I was the first one Tysons ever did. :D ).
  30. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Several of us with Premium sound paid nothing. Not sure there’s another theory that makes any sense. Love to hear it. I even had a pro-forma invoice for $500, actual was $0.
  31. boaterva

    Side repeater camera view on screen

    You can see the side cameras going forward also. Not sure what you all are looking at, but this has been out for MCU 2 cars at least for months. Bring up the rear camera and drag up the arrow at the bottom of the screen (if I recall properly, it’s a one time thing) to see the rear side cameras...
  32. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    On the SXM chat for over 30 minutes trying to get the trial restarted just to try it out, and they have no idea what these tuners are. Tons of BS about when I bought the car, where did the tuner come from, blah blah. You would think the Radio ID would tell them something about the origin of...
  33. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Installed 48.35.5 overnight, rebooted as I always do after that this AM, backed out of the garage to test SXM and channel 1 works! Now to call and get the trial reactivated for the heck of it. Wonder if the old trial date was tied to the hardware (new tuner) as I mentioned it said expired last...
  34. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Lol; Elon always said the S and X would get the new tech but we’ve never seen it. Love to have that be true. Let’s not derail this thread with that. I also think the price change is from the recall as it permanently removes a car from that issue and gives you the new features of MCU2. MCU3...
  35. boaterva

    The MCU2 upgrade is now $1500

    Excellent, that lone item is the same as mine and a better invoice since mine has the state inspection on it also. But the gist is the same. 0.00 for the radio tuner.
  36. boaterva


    Nothing new here, it’s minor bug fixes so the release notes have nothing new. That’s how you tell, the notes don’t change. :D
  37. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Haven’t had a chance, def will do so Saturday! :D
  38. boaterva

    The MCU2 upgrade is now $1500

    I’ll see what I can do but my theory is that Premium Audio cars get it for free. I’ve seen several others mention that and there was no special notation of good will or other special pricing. I doubt an invoice copy will help anyone.
  39. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Interesting! Didn’t reboot until I got home so I’ll give Channel 1 a shot tomorrow, thanks!
  40. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Do rangers do these? It was Tyson's VA. Only charge was $20 for the state inspection I had them do since I was there anyway. Car wasn't touched until second day (which is often the case there), was done in a couple hours, so, looks like the process is pretty quick.
  41. boaterva

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Got the tuner upgrade added to my X yesterday, and wasn't charged for it. The proforma invoice had the $500 charge, but finally it was $0. I'm wondering if cars with Premium audio are getting it for free, and others are paying the $500? I don't see any other reason for the some do and some...
  42. boaterva

    Tesla Service WiFi

    The Tesla wifi used to work, maybe around 2017? Then exactly because of everyone showing up to use it, your car will now only join it if it has an active service request. So, yeah, very old info that ‘you can use Tesla wifi’. As said, the only thing that speeds things up is the Advanced...
  43. boaterva

    North America radio/SiriusXM tuner upgrade after MCU2 Upgrade

    If I recall correctly the sources are in the settings where the equalizer is. I doubt there are two SiriusXM sources though.. and yeah of course it’s a new ID, same as the Bluetooth changed when the MCU was swapped. Other threads have said they have SXM show up when they don’t have the antenna...
  44. boaterva

    FM module added for MCU2 upgrade

    It’s Sirius, people. :D You would think the programming would be set to include that you had the antenna or not. I never had the S/XM option before the MCU2 upgrade. I’m scheduled for this next week so have to see if this is also popping up on my X.
  45. boaterva

    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    Anyone have a number on how many MCU2 upgrades have been done? Was wondering if this is material or not. Thanks!
  46. boaterva


    Saw that myself today. I assume it’s a bug. I don’t see a reason for the duplication on the camera.
  47. boaterva


    On a separate topic: I can’t locate this in the complaint list: did they also delete the ability to increase the speed setting when in AP from the screen (for the 3)? Seems like you can set to the speed limit but you can’t increase/decrease by tapping on the current speed ‘currently set to’...
  48. boaterva


    Seen no problems with 30. And I’ve said from back when they changed the numbering that sending out the checksum was a (Lol) bad idea. Useless to people since 99.9% of the time the release versions are unique and sometimes you get this BS where there’s a random word in there. It means precisely...
  49. boaterva

    Tesla App not connecting

    Try deleting the Tesla app, turn the phone off, back on, and reinstall the app. There is often cached data that apps don’t clear and I’ve had to do this for other apps. Be sure to set up things as you want after you logon as notifications and the like will be reset in the app.
  50. boaterva

    Thumb wheel inop / "hard" software reboot options

    I agree. How can the right scroll wheel work for some things and not for others and be a ‘bad connection’? It’s a simple mechanical connection, not some digital computer connection.

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