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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    That's what happened to me but some have gotten 320 back. Sucks that they lowered the price and, yeah, definitely not a good feeling Tesla is imparting.
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    Choice of Wax/Sealant for a new blue model 3

    I'm not sure why you don't want ceramic? They have ones you just apply like any sealant and they last years. You can then wax over the ceramic coating. That's what I've done and my car still looks great after 4.5 years. I do have a xpel wrap for the front (with ceramic on top and periodic wax...
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    I got my rejection to my appeal. Fwiw, I got my initial rejection 2 days after submitting my claim 1 week ago and my appeal was rejected in 2 days as well. Those waiting should respond to their original email. I'm bummed since rejecting the claim merely because I wasn't willing to deal with...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Have you seen the pornhub AP demo? Kids these days are so advanced.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Lol... You must not be used to Tesla. Model year is pointless. Tesla's changing things all the time. If you want certain features, you've gotta know the build times to get them. Not model years.
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    Chances that Tesla will offer acceleration boost on new S/X?

    They gave that for free. I got a free uncorking in 2017. A full second less on the 0 to 60. Tesla used to be a lot nicer but even a paid option is better than nothing but for model S, they should give it as a good will gesture.
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    12V battery dying but no warning?

    I just had my 12v replaced. This is the second replacement for my car. The first replacement, 8 months after delivery, was preceded with a warning. I was on a road trip ( eclipse) and the warning was unnerving but roadside assistance confirmed battery would be fine until service and it was...
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    I also was rejected just this afternoon by email a day after I applied for the reimbursement. I was told my MCU1 would eventually fail and so I opted for MCU2 but that shouldn't absolve Tesla for the recall because I was paying to fix Tesla's defective design.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Seriously you'll look back and laugh about this anxiety. It took 9 long weeks when I ordered in 2016 and I read every post, saw all the videos, and went nuts. A day after delivery and all that was firmly in the rearview. Breathe, get everything together and try to forget about it until you're...
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    MCU2. The darkness has lifted

    I've noticed a lot of variability in brightness. The side cameras still are might brighter in the same lighting conditions. I don't know why the backup camera image can't be processed in the same way other than backup cam is full color fisheye but AI shouldn't care.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The car will be worth the wait.
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    Significant price increase in model S coming? [Speculation]

    The S isn't worth high end money. It isn't an EQS or lucid air. That's my take. 80k sounds right.
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    new battery purchased for 18 K

    I'm just trying to explain Tesla will sell you a refurb and not new unless you make sure. Don't give 18k and then try to find out. Plus I think new pack is 30k
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    new battery purchased for 18 K

    No, Tesla cars are married to the pack they are built with. It takes Tesla engineering to reassign a pack and usually Tesla really really doesn't want to do that. They'll give a loaner pack while the original pack is refurbished. I would've contacted a third party to assess the claims by Tesla...
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    new battery purchased for 18 K

    Your car is made for a 70kwh pack. Tesla only replaces defective old packs with refurbished old packs. Did you check with them what you'd be getting for 18k before agreeing? You should've contacted @wk057 or someone who could upgrade your car if you wanted a bigger capacity or modern chemistry...
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    Why Autopilot Safety Claims are BS

    If you think illiteracy about statistics is troubling, the same users ignore reality over and over about anything if it doesn't fit the pre programmed narrative for Tesla.
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    CR Engineers Show a Tesla Will Drive With No One in the Driver's Seat

    Yes. Laws. They matter. Tesla fanboys ignore them but will Tesla pay a price for continuing to shirk their legal responsibility to design a safe system with industry proven safeguards? Liability is clear if they don't. This thread is rife with the typical ignorant and disingenuous arguments to...
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    2021.4.15 update fixed YouTube login

    Headlights turned off around 2am. Actually it was only the left that stayed on. Reset, power off, roadside support, all failed to fix the issue. Apparently a fuse blew and they insist the update had nothing to do with that. Just a coincidence. Going in for service.
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    2021.4.15 update fixed YouTube login

    I got this update and now my headlights won't turn off.
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    Model 3 Performance feels slow?

    Temps are a big factor. You'll see gobs more power when battery is warm. Software is irrelevant unless your 2021 is on 2019 software. Just chill. Your car is fast and you'll see once you test it right.
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    Dyno/Road Tests for All Models/variants

    @Krash has power output graphs and data for uncorked and corked 75Ds and some other models. I think others might have individually gotten older cars like 85D and 85.
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    2021.4.11 bricks the Model S ?

    The joys of owning a Tesla? I'm sorry for OP and hoping my car isn't accidentally added to the wrong blacklist.
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    How is your rear camera after MCU1 to MCU2 upgade (dark?)

    Luckily I wasn't driving much due to the pandemic but it did take way too long due to Tesla denying reality and declaring everything was ok with an unusably dark image. MCU1 owners knew better and that's why this change happened. We knew the camera wasn't changed and so it was due to MCU2...
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    Very strange service center experience center with odometer - did I get someone else's eMMC daughter board?

    You paid for the FSD. They needed to get that to you. They needed to do it without harming your car. The emmc issue is a recall. You should've gotten a 64GB eMMC daughterboard instead of a salvaged 8GB. I would ask for free MCU2 upgrade due to their inept repair. At least you deserve a 64GB new...
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    How is your rear camera after MCU1 to MCU2 upgade (dark?)

    Mine is definitely much improved. I'm quite pleased.
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    Improve the Tesla Dashcam by upgrading side repeater cameras?

    You won't get rich color with 2.5 or 3.0. This isn't Hollywood. It's for insurance purposes.
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    Improve the Tesla Dashcam by upgrading side repeater cameras?

    Actually you are comparing Gen1 seats with Tesla premium but a seat existed in 2016 that was made by Recaro and is Tesla's best seat: the next gen seat and it's very nicely bolstered and has real leather. Definitely better than Tesla's first attempt at seating.
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    Service charging for cleaning inside body frame? Gravel Road issues?

    You spilled nasty petrochemicals. That's cost enough that you're passing on to everyone.
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    Regen and Braking on Snow/Ice/Slick Roads

    What tires do you have? I've driven with 9 inches on the road and my S was freaking plowing the road. I've never lost traction in all 4. You can see the traction control in the IC as amber wavy parallel lines. Modern cars with ABS, slam your god damn brakes. No feathering. ****ing slam the...
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    Regen and Braking on Snow/Ice/Slick Roads

    I've never turned down my regen. Anyone blaming regen brakes or any braking for sliding doesn't know how to drive in the snow. I will only take Model S in bad weather. It's literally driving a dream. Traction control is unbelievable and Michelin X ice3 are the best studless winter tire. Pairs...
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    Failed Rear Lower Control Arm / Service Bulletin SB-19-31-001

    Is this only air suspension cars? Any spring cars?
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    Disaster Averted!!

    Sure, fascist. Keep blabbering. My post is a "reeducation camp"? Someone needs their meds.
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    Disaster Averted!!

    It's a formula based on rate of deceleration and overall speed as to whether regen brakes trigger car brake lights.
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    Disaster Averted!!

    You misapprehend my post and comically interject your own specific bullshit suggestions. Mirror might be required for self reflection for some; others welcome introspection.
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    2016.5 Model S vs new Model 3

    I'm keeping my 2016.5 S with FSD. Eventually we might get FSD and I get good range from mine. Will be nice to complement the tri motor cybertruck next year.
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    Disaster Averted!!

    No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but I've always taken the approach to be thankful and focus on learning and improving. I am glad this worked out. No one ever wants to test active safety features but owning a Tesla affords us some get out of jail free cards.
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    Disaster Averted!!

    Be thankful but also think about how you can be a more attentive and safe driver. You owe it to yourself, your passengers, and, especially, everyone else.
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    Non-serviceable Parrot Module Failure in MCU1

    I think this is related to MCU failure. This was my first stage symptom failure about 3 months before total failure. Eventually I lost the screen but my gateway still worked but losing the parrot was the first step.
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    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    Instead of relying on your clearly fraught memory, use Google to realize you are wrong.
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    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    Wow, some real thin skinned folks can't take a dose of reality. 75D does 4.2 advertised but in reality it's faster. P85 is 4.1. in reality, it too might be faster but they are equivalent. Sorry facts do still matter. Disagree with reality but you'll just be delusional.
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    p85 + deer = a lot of damage... What next?

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the S75D has almost same acceleration as your p85.
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    The new Model S and X will get a Lithium-ion 12 V battery.

    They already have drop in 3d party options but I don't think Tesla is doing a simple AGM to Li Ion swap so I don't think it will be an "upgrade" option. My first 12v lasted 8 months. Replaced under warranty and replacement has lasted nearly 4 years now and counting.
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    my S is a different car in winter vs. summer

    I think you mean 60kwh (but not the software unlockable ones)? I think some 70kwh packs also might be affected. If your fascia is the old one, battery gate applies.
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    my S is a different car in winter vs. summer

    I am always glad to have my Model S in the winter. It's the best car. The safest car. I don't mind less efficiency but there's a heap of tricks to make sure none of this negative stuff happens but I know I'm willing to deal with the negatives for the major safety benefits of the Tesla drivetrain...
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    Beyond HW3.0 -- does FSD purchase pay for future hardware upgrades?

    No way ride share robotaxi is coming from this software or hardware. Tesla can't deliver that and I'll expect they'll be better off giving 10k upgrade vouchers or transferring fsd to a new S or X with hw4 with the new radar and cameras.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    We're not a game at all.
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    MCU1 upgrade to MCU2 - Can I now record review Camera?

    You need at least HW2 for those features.
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    Tesla Insurance Claim Check Bounced

    I'm from Chicago but I guess point taken.
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    Does the new Model S really get 400+ miles?

    Friction brakes kill efficiency. Regen had limits which are exacerbated by SoC, ambient temp, pack temp, and peak power demand.
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    Tesla Insurance Claim Check Bounced

    I will state again: what Tesla did was illegal. Not reporting it is like watching Kitty get stabbed and scream and continuing to do the dishes. Something is very broken for this to happen. It is illegal, so legit companies have more than one process in place to ensure they don't break the law.

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