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    How Many P85D Owners Have Completed The Ludicrous Retrofit.

    Did mine a month ago.....love it!
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    First world problem

    [/COLOR]Well, I have the snug competition seats, which are awesome, but you have me by 8" and 60 lbs. Vettes were made for people my size.
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    First world problem

    As a Tesla guy with multiple 2 seaters in the garage, including a long history of driving/ tracking Vettes, I'd just point out that in the past year, I've put 14,000 miles on my P85DL and about 2000 on my C7 Z06. It's a great car, but unless I'm going to the road course or on some nice open...
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    Anyone have their x to 155mph yet?

    Man oh man.....well done!
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    Saved 26 pounds with new Pulse light weight wheels on the P90D

    Or, something a little more attainable: Mustang Shelby GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheels The new Ford GT will also offer a CF wheel option, but the Shelby GT350 offers them now.
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    Google maps major bugs

    Having similar issues here; also, no traffic data when nav is being used. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    I've been enjoying the app on my iPhone and watch four months, but I've been getting the "Tesla servers are busy" for the past 4 days! Any suggestions?
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    Houston, TX

    Glad to hear Ted took good care of you; he's a stand up guy. +1 for UV blocking windshield tint; I've been using this for years on many of my cars, and have never had an issue with the law. If they don't get me for no front plate, they're not gonna notice the tint. Sanjay
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    P90D Ludicrous 0-100 mph x 3 runs

    Subscribing for that!!
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    "Holy cow!!" A P90D Ludicrous test drive report from a P85D owner

    Totally agree, having had many of the V12 TT Benzes; I still keep an SL65 Black Series in the garage. If the midrange power with the Ludicrous upgrade is anything like that boosted 12, it's going to be pretty amazing. BTW....Kleemann makes a nice add on LSD for the MB V12 cars. I added one to...
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    Anyone experienced AC vibrations?

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    Tesla Referral Program

    Interesting new referral program to spur sales: $1000 to you, $1000 to the buyer. Referral Program | Tesla Motors
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    Recent P85D 19" Tires?

    My December build D has Primacies on it. Surprisingly grippy in Insane mode launches and moderately aggressive cornering despite the hard, non performance compound.
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    Why don't regen brakes stop the car completely?

    Thanks for the explanation.
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Good idea. Me too. Got nothing in Houston with my brown P85D in January.
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    P85D going 155 mph / 250 km/h with newest .153 Firmware (Video)

    I got the update on Friday, read the release notes, and noted the change in my speedometer. Yet on Saturday, no change to the VMax under the conditions noted. Unacceptable.
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    P85D going 155 mph / 250 km/h with newest .153 Firmware (Video)

    I was at 75% charge on a 70 degree morning on a private road down here in Texas, and the car would not go beyond 131 mph. Upon talking to the service advisor, he was informed by Tesla HQ that another patch would be coming through soon to actually activate the 155 mph capability. I suppose we...
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    Despite new release notes, car won't go over 132.

    Had a chance to try out a Vmax run on a private road. 75% charge. No dice. anyone else verified a speed near 155?
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    Hellcat Re-Match Results in beating P85D

    The reaction time does not affect the elapsed time posted at the end of the race. While reaction times matter in sanctioned races, the ET of the Hellcat and P85D here would have been no different if the Tesla driver waited until the Hellcat finished before he started. - - - Updated - - - Same...
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    Elon "About to end range anxiety"

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    show me your brown e... er, tesla!

    I actually passed another brown one on the 610 loop here in Houston. That would have been a great photo op if I was a bystander.
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    21" vs 19" Wheels on P85D?

    Another 19" P85D owner here. Excellent ride quality, good pothole resistance, but yeah, 20s would look better, esp when you go wider.
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    Firmware 6.1

    Really? Cool. Where do you go to see this?
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    P85D about to enter production - what have I done!

    This is the most fun I've had in a new car purchase in years.
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    2013 P85 vs 2015 P85D article on TTAC

    What was it?
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    Cool webapp for model S

    Great app.....thank you!
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    2013 P85 vs 2015 P85D article on TTAC

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    Slacker Dumb question

    You sir, have excellent taste.
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    How Quiet is your P85D ?

    Same here. 800 miles so far.
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    show me your brown e... er, tesla!

    Which is why I would love to know how many brown D's were actually built.
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    show me your brown e... er, tesla!

    Anyone else seen a brown P85D? I placed my order the day that brown was discontinued.
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    How many vehicles beside your Model S do you have?

    I guess I skew the results slightly. Sorry. :biggrin:
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    So what does .139 really do?

    Just got the update.....I hear the rumors about torque sleep, etc, but the release notes just seem to be a rehash of the V6.1 update. What does .139 really do?
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    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    Amen to that! The closest character ICE motor I've experienced to the P85D is the AMG V12 TT, and while it was never available in AWD, the near silent 60-140 pull was impressive. I can imagine an unlocked D emulating that sensation.......
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    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    Great info! Is there a thread here on the subject?
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    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    What 60 ft times did you manage? Very curious.
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    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    Not true, unless you happen to be on the very short list for a 7 figure LaFerrari. OTOH, BMW and Corvette have offered such programs for years.
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    Houston, TX

    Cool. 4th pic might have been shot before he was done, or I'm just hallucinating. I'd love to get more info. Sanjay doctorv8 at gmail
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    Houston, TX

    Fantastic. Was he not able to wrap the door pulls when they were extended though?
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    Houston, TX

    +1....looking forward to the chrome delete pics. I'm in Bellaire.....would love to see it in person and get the name of your installer.
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    Model S Executive Rear Seats With Arm Rest

    I am owed the next gen rears, and I do have the premium pkg, but not sub zero.
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    Houston, TX

    Hello all, Another new Tesla owner here....I'm in Bellaire, and I am loving the first couple of weeks after adding a brown P85D on 19s to my stable. I have some pretty powerful machinery in the garage, and this thing will kill them all from 0-40 mph, as recent videos have shown. Vuvision, I'm...
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    Model S Executive Rear Seats With Arm Rest

    Interesting. I took delivery 2 weeks ago with next gen fronts and regular rears. I'm going to have to make a call.....
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    Model S Executive Rear Seats With Arm Rest

    I have the same question, though I did not order Sub Zero. Hmmmmmmmm.......
  45. D installed. Now I have XM?

    No, I had not. However, from perusing the forums, I was under the impression that no Pano roof= no XM. Not true?
  46. D installed. Now I have XM?

    Hey all, I took delivery of my brown P85D a couple of weeks ago, with no pano roof, and therefore, no XM. Yet, after the latest update, I now see the XM option. Anyone else notice this?
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    Firmware 6.1

    I took delivery of my D last week....nothing yet here either...

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