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    Honest opinion/looking for reassurance; located in central Ohio

    I also have a 2018 MX 100D and am completely happy with it. Whenever you read about any subject on social media, you see the underbelly. And its the people that complain who seem to dominate social media - so you really don't get a very fair picture by looking on the interweb. The Model X is...
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    Liquid Tight Conduit with 4awg for wall charger

    Please reread my post - I tried to be clear (apparently I failed). When using conduit, you are required to not completely fill the conduit with wires. This is the 'conduit fill' requirement. There are tables that you use to look up how many current-carrying wires will fit within the type of...
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    Liquid Tight Conduit with 4awg for wall charger

    Due to conduit fill, 3/4" PVC conduit CANNOT be used for 4 awg: SCH 40 PVC conduit is only rated for two 4 awg conductors. It is just plain silly, and a waste of money, to use 4 awg unless running a very long distance. The tables used to select/specify conductor size and conduit fill have been...
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    Wall charger question, noob here

    I'd be more concerned about having the contacts of the charger exposed to weather. Have you thought about getting something like https://www.amazon.com/Charging-Organizer-Charger-Bracket-Connector/dp/B07BHJFRF1
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    Won’t charge at home?

    I had a similar problem. Ended up being a slightly loose wire on one of the connections made by the electrician. Only way to find it was to go through and check/re-tighten every connection made by the electrician. Given the amount of current going through that 14-50, all connections need to...
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    Charge door not opening

    You have lots of options to open the charge port door if pressing the button on the charger handle does not work. I usually just press on the charge port door when that happens. For some reason, there are times when the charge handle button gets ignored. From the manual: You can also open...
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    How to sell 2022 Model X

    Yes it was the ultrasonic they replaced twice, which I thought was pretty darn nice of them to try twice. I install ultrasonics in conveyor control systems: I can guarantee you they are sensitive to certain (dark) colors.
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    How to sell 2022 Model X

    My FWDs also are flaky, especially in direct sunlight. Partially open majority of the time. Tesla replaced sensors twice. Service said some colors (like my blue) reflect the sunlight so I'll never get the FWDs to fully open reliably in daytime. But you just hold the button to force it to...
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    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    As soon as you use any adapters (other than the Tesla corded adapters that plug into your mobile charger base), yes you need to make sure you don't exceed that 80% rule for the breaker on that circuit. For example, for your 30A RV receptacle, it presumably has a single pole (120V) 30A breaker...
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    Used 2018 Model X Getting Nervous! Should I Be?

    BigRiver did a nice chart of the Tesla adapters that have been offered but ironically NONE of those are an RV 30 AMP (called a TT-30R). On my 2018 MX, an RV 30 AMP (which is 120V) is only good for around 7 MPH charge rate which is not all that great. The max I can get from the Tesla mobile...
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    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    Perfect timing on latest posts here. TMC is such a great resource. I had never thought to check the very inside and recently ran across this thread. 'Only' 26000 miles on my 2018 MX. Just did an inspection last Thursday: split and cracked on very inside of multiple tires even though the...
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    Help…should I even attempt this road trip?

    If the first part of the trip is downhill, that does you no good. Can't regen into a charged battery. Regardless, there is no way I would consider cutting it that close. Assuming your ICE gets 20 MPG (not great), that 15 gallons is maybe $75? Not really $$$$$$$....
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    Tow U-haul Auto Transport help

    Bring some wheel chocks with you just in case you have to disconnect the trailer (and it is on any kind of a hill/incline). Don't want to be 'that guy' whose trailer got away and smashed into someone else's vehicle. Disconnecting a trailer only takes a couple minutes so has never bothered me...
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    OK, so that seems to be a whole lot of work to accomplish nothing. What am I missing? Why would you want to spend this money and go to all this effort?
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    Cigarette lighter with ~15V

    15.5V is a fairly standard equalization voltage when charging a lead-acid battery - so no problem at all. Fuggedaboutit. Above 16.2 is getting into the unexpectedly high region. DC motors (your compressor) are usually very forgiving on range of voltage. Unfortunately, lots of aftermarket...
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    Questions after 1 week owning my 2022 MXP

    TACC on my 2018 MX has terrible phantom braking. Seems to be much worse with the 10.1 FSD software than it was before I got FSD. And yes I mean just TACC, not AP. TACC phantom braking is extremely bad on 2 lane rural highways (which is all I drive) with this latest software. I've basically...
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    Mobile connector 3 red blinking lights

    Mine also did that intermittently. I would walk out to an uncharged car and red light every so often. Unplug/replug and it would usually go on its happy way. I replaced the cheap Leviton 14-50 receptacle with one of the 'industrial' models recommended elsewhere here on TMC. No change. After...
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    radar detector tap 2021/2022 X?

    Wouldn't plugging in to USB be a whole lot easier than crawling around and cutting wires? Rocky Mountain Radar makes USB to 12V adapters:
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    Model X keyfob misbehaves

    My keyfobs croak in weird, intermittent ways twice. Opened doors randomly. Folded mirrors randomly. Neither time was the batteries: only a new keyfob fixed the problem. Still under warranty both times so I can't help with your question: time to contact service. I have purchased items out of...
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    How much does Tesla service charge for a 12V Lithium battery?

    I asked about putting in something like the Ohmmu LifePO4 when my mobile ranger was replacing the 12V SLA battery in our Model X. I use the LifePO4 batteries in the marine control systems I design and they are a superb choice, typically last 8+ years in rugged environments. But the LIfePO4...
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    Anyone else sick of "service"?

    I live in the sticks in Southern Oregon and our mobile ranger is incredibly experienced, fast, easy to talk to and has always gotten the job done. Taught me a lot along the way (things I'd never considered). The best service of any car I have ever owned: feel like we hit the jackpot. Hope he...
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    Trip Report - Washington to California

    Hmm - didn't know about that button. A screen shot would be nice... However I have been using the voice command 'show superchargers' to display all the nearby superchargers on the navigation screen (and how many stalls are currently available at each one). Came in super handy this Thanksgiving...
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    Paint job. Saw this “beauty” on a trip today

    That HAS to be a Walmart in the background. Right???:rolleyes:
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    2017 100D battery question.

    That range is an estimate. It can be off by quite a bit unless you have 'recalibrated' by running the battery fairly low (say around 10%), then charge it all the way back to 100%. So your plan to know the battery degradation is missing one step: doing a fairly deep discharge before charging it...
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    Is A/C motor really this loud?!

    Well - EVs are really quiet except for the tire noise and fan noise. My fan is louder than most everything else (since there is no rumbling engine to drown everything else out), no worries for me, but then again I am not usually outside my car while I'm driving it. ;) You weren't perchance a...
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    Model X no heat

    My X has done that multiple times - heat just quits working. A reboot by holding down the two steering wheel buttons has always brought it back to life.
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    extended warranty

    I purchased the Model X extended warranty in late December (a little over a month ago). They were great about NOT requiring me to go into the service center (which is 300 miles away). I called the service center to get the email for my service center ([email protected]), sent...
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    Optimizing battery for supercharging?

    Uhh, I'm lost. Why would you NOT want the system to prepare your batteries for supercharging??? Tesla's engineers go to all the trouble to create the software to optimize your battery charging and then you want to defeat it? What am I missing here? If I just want more (or maximum) range...
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    Model X vs. Audi e-tron

    Well I suppose you can find people that are adamant they still like their rotary dial telephones, steam engines, fax machines, and love the smell of napalm (or gasoline) in the morning... We have lots of mountain roads here in rural Oregon. The regenerative braking is one of the very best...
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    Front License Plate for Model Y

    I installed a 'no-hole' plate on mine. While talking to the Tesla technician he mentioned that any plate that blocks grill airflow will reduce your range - and offered to install the factory plate holder in place of the no-hole plate holder. He explained that your Tesla tries to cool the...
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    safe to supercharging majority of time?

    I had the same question when I bought my X in 2018. After a bit of googling, I ran across an excellent research paper out of Europe that had followed hundreds of Teslas in various charging scenarios - and their conclusion was there was zero correlation between the frequency of supercharging and...
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    I want to sue Tesla..

    Wow, really??? Is this how you approach the service center? You must be a joy to work with. From your postings, looks like you may have owned your MX maybe a couple months. My service center (and now my mobile tech) have bent over backwards to help solve any problems I've had with my MX. As...
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    Model Y versus Ford Mustang Mach-E

    Every time I read one of these posts that says another manufacturer is creating a great electric car, I shake my head. Assuming you actually plan on driving your car, the supercharger network is what makes my Tesla actually usable. Level 2 AC charging is ridiculously slow - totally impractical...
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    2020.16.2.1 Auto Wipers working, finally!

    I absolutely loathed the auto-wipers for the last two years. In each new version update someone would say they were finally fixed. And I would turn them on only to find they were still garbage. Drove me bonkers that Tesla would not install a $3 part on their cars to get good auto-wipers due to...
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    Anyone with FSD try the new software update 2020.12.6

    Works pretty good but I have not yet trained myself how to smoothly deal with the green lights. I've been using the pedal to get it to go through greens, will try the stalk next. The 0 MPH over the posted speed is ridiculous and HAS to go - or else will be too many road rage stories against...
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    Red light on charge port after extended plug in session

    I had poor wiring on a plug at one of my houses. Previous owner had pulled aluminum wire for the 14-50. I had to replace it with copper to get good connections. Until then, it would intermittently get upset and turn red. This could definitely be an indicator you are having problems with your...
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    USB stick cannot be found after 2020.12.5 update

    I had the Tesla mobile technician here upgrading my X to HW3 a few weeks ago and he mentioned that my USB stick was reporting errors (he could see from his plugged-in laptop diagnostics). I've already had two other USB drives die: my understanding is that they will all eventually die because...
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    New Model X owner with list of questions

    When I bought my X in Portland late 2018, it took around 2 months for the Oregon registration, license and plates to show up in the mail. This was AFTER the Tesla dealer on Macadam finally got around to asking about the type of plates I wanted (that took about 4-5 weeks before someone at Tesla...
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    New X?

    Interesting the difference in experience. I PREFER my X over our gas vehicles when driving across the state. I stop every few hours, charge the car, relax for a half hour while charging (never above 90% - not worth the time), grab a bite, hit the restroom, and get back on the road refreshed...
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    Loud Pop and then no audio

    Mine did it a couple weeks ago. Lost just the front speakers: rears were OK. Scroll wheel reset and it fixed the problem. But I usually lose LTE for a few hours after a scroll wheel reset (therefore no Navigation) so is certainly a drag when speakers pop like this: I have to decide whether...
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    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    Truly terrible advice. You should never attach a device whose load is rated higher than the breaker and rely on the breaker to detect it. Ever heard of Federal Pacific breakers? (thousands of fires caused by this one brand alone) The Tesla is a worst case scenario since it draws 32A which is...
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    Need Help! Charging Issues, Errors, Max 23 Amps

    Great job of attempting to deduce the problem. I work on power systems on ships which can occasionally have symptoms that are difficult to understand. The easiest thing to do at this point would be to put an oscilloscope on your L1/L2/Gnd connections while charging. With the right probe(s)...
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    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    It appears you may have missed the point I was trying to make. You WILL find many 14-50 receptacles on breakers that are less than 50A, including 40A and 30A (all of which are legal on a 14-50 receptacle). I have twice found 14-50 (or 6-50 or 10-50) receptacles on 30A breakers at friend's...
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    Homelink operation in reverse?

    I would suggest you set it to manual then experiment with locations and times to determine what works. Since the manual setting will automatically popup the homelink screen as you get near your home, the manual setting is still pretty darn convenient. My homelink is not 100% reliable until I...
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    Model 3 software "bugs" vs Model X/S (AP 2.5 or later)

    Same software base, so same list. I think number 2 is fixed? And I don't know about the freezing issues since I am in the Pacific Northwest. On the X, the nice part about the lousy auto-wipers is that you have a stalk rotating switch with multiple positions so you can configure it for manual...
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    Will 10-50P Plug work with Tesla Wall Charger?

    You need an adapter that connects between the neutral pin of the 10-50 and the ground pin of the 14-50 or it will not work on a Tesla (Tesla requires a ground connection and the 10-50 does not have one). A special 'cross-wired' adapter is required when connecting to either a 10-50 or 10-30...
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    I was punished by Auto - Pilot

    When this happens, I just do a two button reset while I'm driving down the road (press and hold both steering wheel buttons). Then the picky computer starts its '3 strikes you're out' logic over from zero. Yes, I lose the two displays for a few seconds and the turn signals won't work while...
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    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    All of us EV owners need to be in the habit of checking the breaker size whenever we plug into a receptacle 'in the wild', then adjust the screen amps to no more than 80% of that breaker size. We need to make a habit of understanding exactly what we are plugging into and adjust our EV to match...
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    Distraught by rapid loss of maximum battery storage

    As a new owner, you need to warm up to the idea that range of an EV, and that means ANY EV, is an ESTIMATE. There is nothing absolutely accurate about that range estimate: it is there to give you an idea how far you MIGHT be able to drive under some kind of theoretical average situation. As...
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    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    I keep one of these handy in my frunk because I have run across 10-50 plugs on numerous dryers at friend's homes: AC WORKS® [EV1050MS] Electric Vehicle Charging Adapter for Tesla Use (50A 10-50P Welder to Tesla) I have used this 10-50 to 14-50 adapter more than any other one: I purchased every...

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