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    Smart Ring Madness

    If you have a phone with NFC , you can tap it the phone on pillar to open same as key card/ring as well. iphones do have NFC but its not "open" to be used other than apple pay (I think). Another option is to place a keycard between phone case and phone and tap the pillar. I wouldn't mind a...
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    Radar Detector need for Model 3

    I been using the uniden r3 and it works well. You do not have to hard wire it directly, I just made an extension and ran it and the remote where the 12v is. I placed the r3 above and to the right of the rear view mirror, its out of sight from outside.
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    Aftermarket Dashcam

    I use the same set up but did powered from a different source . It's nice to have backup and was used before Tesla let us have these features. My kit came with the blackvue battery pack which I didnt use. The OBD2 method was what I used for our model S.
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    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    Yea, thats why I went with bluetooth instead.
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    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    Sorry, I forgot to snap a pic. Please excuse filth, it's super cold and I do not have a heated garage nor patience to clean it. I experiemented with some positions, even on the wood trim but found this to be best for me (line of sight, does not obstruct view or road, easy to switch stations...
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    Sirius XM for Model 3

    In my model 3 I hardwired a XM receiver and mounted it next to the screen (played around with different positions and settled on this) Audio is through BT just like the phone but I dont have to worry about data cutting out etc. Not perfect but better than routing it through phone. The model S...
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    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    In my model 3 I hardwired a XM receiver and mounted it next to the screen (played around with different positions and settled on this) Audio is through BT just like the phone but I dont have to worry about data cutting out etc. The model S has the hardware (atleast my '15 85D does)
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Quick observations after a test fitment. They installed my combination lock and decal plate upside down as well @rijc99 I am also thinking of removing that metal tab as well as the spring loaded mechanism and/or simply pulling up on the lock should be enough? I am going to order a flat usb...
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Mine just came in yesterday (console vault honored the code). I'll probably install later tonight or tomorrow. I like the sub trunk idea but it's not "secured" and not convenient as you would have eyes on you going to the trunk. All this is to deter smash and grab anyway. I am hoping there is...
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    I'm trying to contact them, they had a 22% sale and I couldn't get it to complete the transaction at the discounted rate.
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Hi everyone! Looks like console vault has made something for the model 3 (pre refresh). Tesla Model 3 2017-2020-1126 Going to look into buying it this week. I have a tray for sunglasses/coins etc there and have to figure out how to fit or move things around to accommodate this safe. Looks...
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    Transplanting the key card RFID to my phone Case

    I used to carry a bunch of things I did not need as well. Like others have side, you can digitize some of those cards to be more "minimalist". I leave both costco and sams cards at home and use their app, Sam's club it's better since you can self check out by scanning items as you put in your...
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    Transplanting the key card RFID to my phone Case

    forgot the movie but i chuckled when i read it.. thanks for the nostalgia
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    Private sale inspection

    Yes. They scheduled with Tesla. We did not have option to schedule through app back then. Good luck!
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    I wouldn't pay for FSD until its available. People have paid for it on their model s and x before the model 3 came out and obviously turned their lease in already.
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    Second dashcam setup. Yay or nay?

    I too installed blackvue 750s (?) dual channel on my 3 before tesla's oem version came out. I still have it plugged in. I did not think the blend mount was worth the money so I used the double side tape to the glass. I hard wired it for 24/7 same as in my model S. It's a nice back up in case the...
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    You can get ppf wrap to make it matte and some protection as well. _edit: sorry didnt realize you proposed the same idea
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Awesome customer service! I've been eyeing their slider, but not sure it'll fit in that slot. The polymer one is nice as it cuts down on weight for checked baggage but I don't see myself traveling a lot anytime soon. PS. I was born and went to high school in berks county (Reading, PA)
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    colion noir has been promoting that item, not sure if its "worth" nearly 4x the price of my cheapo portable safe . The location is still iffy, by smash and grab standards though. The material looks VERY close to the weather mats that most of us have (maxpider). Should help blend in even more.
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    Here you go: "Proof" the Model 3 Performance needs a "Ludicrous" software update.

    0-60 is fine , obviously faster is better but the real improvement needed is from a roll ( ~45 - 90mph).
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    Cordless tire inflator with auto shutoff? Need recommendations

    Happy with mine as well but I, as many others, have a bunch of batteries for it. They usually have a sale with free tool if you buy battery pack. I take it with me on road trips (along with the flashlight and impact gun) but have a 12v compressor in the wheel well for daily driving.
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    Phone Mounts in the Model 3;

    Can you link me to that arm? Mine is similar set up but with phone on opposite and lower side. However, mine bounces a little. With that second brace/arm it should be perfect. Thanks.
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    Phone Mounts in the Model 3;

    I've been lazy/cheap to buy it, but you can get a flat charging cable and run it along and into the console. Being flat, it will tuck under the display and into where the folding compartment is. I currently have the upper console lid open and wire runs to qi charger. I can post pictures of my...
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    Private sale inspection

    I had Tesla do a pre purchase inspection years ago before I picked up S85D from a private seller.
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    This sounds like a great idea until I looked at it more. If you only carry one type of firearm then it should work and you can figure out a brace/mount for it. If you change up your firearm depending on weather/situation/apparel then it wont work with the size differences.
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    CT had better not beep at me when door is open & seatbelt not clicked in

    You could always tape the button to make it think it's closed and insert a fake/replacement seat belt buckle to defeat the nag. It's low tech but I seen it work on other cars.
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I'd consider it when my warranty is out (I'm at 40k in my 3p- ). $5k is cheaper than a turbo kit for ICE car. Would need to be able to retain supercharging though as that would indeed be a deal breaker.
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    Magnet Phone Mount

    I did the same thing basically but mounted on the other side (passenger) and does wireless charging as well. It doesnt block access to screen at all (except for volume , which I control on steering wheel anyway)
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    performance upgrade $$$$$ 1 sec

    I'm in if its under 10k . Most likely it wont/cant happen. I would pay for faster 40-100mph or 60-120mph. 0-60 is quick in these cars, but the mid and top range could improve.
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    Installing Valentine One

    its pretty simple. use the search function to see numerous threads on how to do it and where to tap for power
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    Help me decide: 2019 Model 3 performance vs 2017 Model S 75D (or 90D)

    I agree with getting model Y it appears to be the best of both . We have 85D and 3P- , the model S is much bigger car with the hatch and interior is wider. Also has some other comforts that the 3 does not have (air suspension, powered hatch, heated steering wheel etc). You have to decide if...
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    How to use NFC to open the Frunk

    did you do profile and event .. then plugin then autovoice then recognized ?
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    How to use NFC to open the Frunk

    You have to add devices in autovoice ? I havent tried this yet. I watched the ad in autovoice, haha. Wanted to try before I commit. I think I might use some of my google rewards money to help the dev.
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    How to use NFC to open the Frunk

    yes it will work if you voice match in the google assistant settings, could also make your phone less secure ( someone using a recording of your voice to unlock)
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    How to use NFC to open the Frunk

    you need to link auto voice and google assistant. also need to pay for autovoice or watch the ad/video it will work after.
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    How to use NFC to open the Frunk

    I just did this today. Pretty neat, I always had tasker since root/rom days on xda but havent root a phone in a long time. You will also need auto voice as well. I did open charge port, open frunk, open trunk, auto start( ac/heat on), lock car/unlock car. In tasker you set event , plugin...
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    Brake Caliper Paint?

    So far so good.. I'll look more when I swap out the winter tires.
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    Door handles

    I agree, while its cool and I do like them, having to make sure the handles arent frozen in the winter time and worrying about randomly breaking. Maybe make them a hybrid between the model X and model 3/y . My model S had 5 of them replaced. The last one I did myself (out of warranty). The...
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    Difficulties charging at below -30 Celsius

    It takes a little while to "warm" up the battery in order to charge normally. Maybe this is what you experienced. I charged fine in those conditions (in a garage though). In my model S I had to charge on a level 2 for a little bit before it would charge normally at the supercharger when the...
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    I usually dont carry full size so I'm not sure, but I can check for you when I get home.
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Been using steel cable looped through the seat rail and micro safe for those times I cant have it on me. Same with model S. Wish the aftermarket can come up with safe for arm rest, wouldn't mind spending a few hundred to know its bolted down and accessible like a truck arm rest.
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    "Better than people realize"

    Night vision would be great for critters that roam the country roads.
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    Choosing between new M3P and new 75D

    Numerous threads about the model s vs model 3. I own s85d and 3p- As you stated, maybe order model y performance. best of both worlds. I do miss things on the model S that you cant have on the 3. ie air suspension, heated steering wheel, manual stalk for AP, customizable wheel /toggle...
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    Whiteout blizzard conditions: Autopilot or FSD?

    AP doesnt work when the road is covered in snow (cant "see" the lines), or at least thats my understanding/usage of AP
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    Tesla model 3 finger Ring key?

    I agree that the jaguar band is huge, way bigger than it needs to be. I've seen thin , silicon nfc bracelets (ebay, amazon etc) like those armstrong ones. That's what I would want (non yellow). Easy off/on as needed. Also seen a person on this forum cut and inserted the nfc chip into the...
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    Tesla model 3 finger Ring key?

    Would like this as a bracelet/wrist band vs ring. Jaguar has similar band/bracelet for their key. @elyliu When you tap the key card on the pillar it gives you full access (drive) for a few seconds before needing to touch the console. The people with the cf console cover do this. Or you could...
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    Thoughts on Tesmat camping mattress for Model 3

    I used an air bed I already had at home( queen) when my wife and I went camping during a family reunion. It was tighter than the model s for sure, but doable. Maybe you can try a "big" full size if you need side space. PS. the rear shelf/deck is pretty sharp so be careful when tossing/turning...
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    How much necessary for a family daily driver?

    touchless is fine. the swirls etc are from dirty brushes left from other cars (or yours) and smeared on your paint. That happens with every car. Some people dont care , some do. I recommend touchless , might not be as clean but no risk.
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    Extreme Cold, Winter Driving Questions

    I drove to work, in the twin cities during the winter vortex this year (65 miles round trip) and car drove fine, minus reduced regen. Car Sat outside 9am-6pm. I saw on social media a bunch of people with ICE cars that had their 12v battery die, I think our traction battery keeps the 12v one...

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