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    ACK! Forgot to change limit back to 80% after charging 100%!

    This is not the end of the world and your battery will be fine. When this has happened to me in the past I would run the climate for 30 minutes to an hour to use up some of the excess energy. Most of the damage to the battery is done when it sits for too long at a high state of charge.
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    Advice on Daily Charging for Long Commute

    I've been a Tesla owner for 8 years now, on my 4th vehicle. On a daily basis I would not recommend charging 10 100%. I think your best bet is to 1- Charge to 90% and make sure you pre-condition each morning, 2- Plan to stop at one of the SC on the way home for 5 minutes or so to top off your...
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    The silliness spread around the 'net regarding EVs (& Teslas)

    It's amazing the amount of ignorance there is out there. Next, you will be told that special water is needed to wash the car because regular water will cause a short!
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    Alternative Route

    Yes that will work. An alternative is to set the nav to a point on your preferred route and then as you approach the waypoint change your destination to your actual destination.
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    Is preconditioning necessary before charging in mild climates?

    You can navigate directly to the Supercharger, if you choose to bypass preconditioning simply tap the screen where it indicates the car is preconditioning, it will stop. Preconditioning is not intended to save energy but to save time. Preconditioning before charging at home is not necessary...
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    Third party charger vs nema outlet

    I've used the Mobile Charger with a NEMA 14-50 outlet for almost 8 years and have been perfectly happy with the results. As you noted the only issue is that I need to remember to take the charger with me if I am doing a road trip.
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    A Better Route Planner (ABRP) Premium

    Does A Better Route Planner allow you to indicate the times you would like to stop for a meal? If it does this it would calculate longer charge times during meal times and could even select supercharger locations that have better meal options.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Ok, let's change the dynamic from talking about how the stock will react to S&P inclusion to what happens afterward. I think we all will agree that TSLA will only rise through 12/23. How high, we will see. Moving post-inclusion, I am looking at 3 periods. 1- 12/23 - 12-31 - During this...
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    Monthly Long Trip: Best to Supercharge midway, Charge to 100% night before or go below 30%

    This is an interesting set of choices. I think it is best to look at ranking the options by how much "wear" each puts on the battery which contributes to range degradation. The worst option is to charge to 100% on a regular basis. With that said, 1 - 2 x per month is not a major concern. The...
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    Alert for leaving phone (key) in car

    This has been a consistent issue for me. If I am driving with my phone on the charger I often forget to take my phone with me. It would be nice if there were an option for the forgetful drivers to enable an audible signal when the driver leaves the car and closes the drivers door with the phone...
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    Smooth delivery today

    That's great. How were you able to confirm that these items were included? I pick up on Sunday.
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    Smooth delivery today

    I asked my sales advisor. I haven't seen the car yet. I do believe the build date is on a sticker on the door frame.
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    Smooth delivery today

    What is your build date? Vin's are not sequential. I am picking up my Y on Sunday. Build date is June 7th. Vin is 9xxx.
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    Model Y - the dirty dozen

    By any chance did you note the build date?
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    Delivery @ Mt. Kisco Today!

    When did you order? I am waiting to pick mine up in Mt. Kisco as well. Ordered last October and still haven’t received a vin.
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    Ineligible for Tesla Return Policy if taking NY Rebate?

    This seems incorrect. The NYSERDA rebate program requires ownership of 36 months to be eligible. If the car is sold before 36 months then the owner is required to refund part of the rebate. Additionally, the dealer has 60 days after the sale to apply for the funds from NYSERDA. If Tesla...
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    Supercharger - Meriden, CT

    I was there yesterday. It appears 4 stations are still not operational and there are no bags or other indications that they are out of service. Use the 4 closest to the exit.
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    "Prepare for delivery" - Telsa page changes - No Email

    Yes. As far as Tesla is concerned a non-Tesla loan is cash.
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    Model Y Reservation Analysis (conjecture?)

    If you are looking for US delivery you probably can factor in some number of pre-orders are for Europe and Asia and will be moved to the end of the queue.
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    New Y on configuration page.

    This just means that there is no estimated date. Once the MY starts shipping you will have an option to wait (indefinitely) or convert to a configuration that is scheduled for production. I don't have any idea what this would do to your place in line though.
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    Insurance in NYC

    Travelers NYC 2015 85D $1095 6 months
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    How Early is too Early to get the Y

    I have not ordered yet but will early next year. My Model Y will replace my 2015 Model S 85D.
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    $7500 tax credit hurting low end EVs?

    Tax credit should sunset for all manufacturers as EV penetration reaches sustainable levels. Maybe when EV’s hit 5% of new car sales or some other metric common to all auto makers.
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    Nav/Trip Planner Question

    I've planned several trips and have found that for long trips the in car nav is not sufficient. Try using EV Trip Planner this seems to be more accurate.
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    Supercharger - Ossining, NY

    This location baffles me. Not close to any major artery.
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    Model 3 set to dominate it's category as early as next month

    This is a good visualization but you really need to look at YOY. There are big fluctuations by month within a quarter.
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    Reluctantly Selling 2018 Model 3

    Thanks all. My Model 3 has been sold.
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    Reluctantly Selling 2018 Model 3

    We are moving and I am forced to choose between my two children, my Model S or my Model 3. Although I enjoy driving the 3 a little more than the S, I am selling the 3 as I need the hatchback option to travel with my dog. My loss is your opportunity! Details- Midnight Silver Metallic, 18" Aero...
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    Spare Model S Key Fob

    Selling a spare Model S Key Fob from my 2013 Model S which I traded in over 2 years ago. Fob is in good condition just needs reprogramming and possibly a new battery. $65 shipping included
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    WTB: CHAdeMO Connector

    How much did you pay?
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    WTB: CHAdeMO Connector

    I have one I can sell you. It is 3 years old and I used it only once.
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    New York Rebate

    Before tax. See invoice.
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    New York Rebate

    That is how the Federal Credit works. The NYS rebate is deducted from the cost of the car. Much better this way as you don't have to wait a year to recognize the credit!
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    New York State EV Rebate

    Your final documents will reflect the rebate. The $2000 comes right off the purchase price.
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    New York Rebate

    The $2000 was deducted from the cost of the vehicle.
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    New York Rebate

    I took delivery in Mt Kisco 2 weeks ago and received the full $2000 rebate.
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    Driving to NYC (Brooklyn) from Boston for a few days...

    Several years ago I did a college trip to Boston with my S and chose the Kimpton Marlowe as there was a charger in the garage of the hotel. Today that is not so important. There are 3 Superchargers in Boston that you can easily access. In additon, there are numerous Superchargers between NYC...
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    VIN Assignment

    I configured on 1/6 and still waiting for VIN. Looks like Tesla will miss their 4 week window for me.
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    VIN... VIN... Where's My VIN...?

    Almost the exact same scenario except I confirmed my order on 1/6 and still have heard nothing.
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    East Coast timing

    Stopped in at the Mount Kisco Sales Office this morning just to see if they knew of any customers who were invited to configure. Not only did they know of some, they have actually delivered 5 vehicles to non-employees! They didn't have very much additional information. When i told them I am a...
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    Software updates

    Yes it has... that is why when you click on the option you can schedule the install or perform it at once.
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    "SmartCharge New York" "rewards"

    Love this program! I have been signed up since May and have earned and spent over $280 with this program. Once installed I don't even realize it is there except when I get my monthly notification of my reward. If you do sign up please use this referral code. SmartCharge New York | FleetCarma
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    ALLIANT 1.49% promo rate NOT applicable to model 3? Also no CA?

    Try Penfed. They are offering 1.49% for 36 months. I did not see any restrictions.
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    SOLUTION - How to pay for the EV tax credit!

    As I followed this thread I find it fascinating that ChadS's post was ignored! This post gets to the heart of the real issue. The EV Credit was intended to put EV's on a level playing field with ICE vehicles. If the government were serious about plugging a hole in the budget due to the new...
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    Tesla sends out delivery delay emails

    What is your guess as to the "delay"? I am betting the expected dates will move out 2 months.
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    What is the average cost to charge at home?

    There is no way to determine this. How far do you drive each day? What is your cost of electricity? Does it vary by time of day? If so, when do you charge? What is the temperature? Is it raining? The list goes on and on... That being said a good rule of thumb is to figure you will use...
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    Academic Exercise - Effect of the end of Federal Rebate on M3 CPO pricing

    So you believe Tesla will lower the price of new M3's when the rebate expires? Don't you believe this would significantly eat into their margins?
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    Academic Exercise - Effect of the end of Federal Rebate on M3 CPO pricing

    Agreed. I missed typed. I meant to say that I would purchase in Q1 2018 with full rebate.
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    Academic Exercise - Effect of the end of Federal Rebate on M3 CPO pricing

    I have been trying to decide whether or not to wait and purchase a Dual Motor M3 and more likely than not forego the full federal rebate or to purchase an M3 as soon in Q1 2018 and take advantage of the rebate. This led me to think about what will happen to used M3 values in Q2 of 2019 when the...

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