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  1. More Cowbell

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    We finally received delivery of our S in Ft. Myers, ordered 11 months ago. No issues. Beautiful car. There is a small learning curve from our 3, but it's all positive. We're not into drag racing Lamborghinis so we didn't order the Plaid option, although we could still beat many of them...
  2. More Cowbell

    FSD vs FSD beta

    On thing not included in the above conversations is enhanced auto pilot. EAP includes many features which are included in FSD, but are NOT included in basic auto pilot. I bought EAP in 2018 for my 3, as an option, and, to my knowledge, it is no longer available for purchase. EAP includes...
  3. More Cowbell

    Can I access the summon command without Full Self-Driving Capability

    Yes, summon, autopark and auto lane change are included in enhanced auto pilot, which I believe is no longer available for separate purchase. I have enhance auto pilot and use all of those features; I bought it as an option in 2018. But they are not included in basic auto pilot.
  4. More Cowbell

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I ordered a Tesla S LR in September, 2021 and I received notice in February that it was ready for pickup. However, I did not schedule delivery within the 7 day window, as required, so I was put back on the wait list for future delivery. However, the original price was protected and I now have...
  5. More Cowbell

    Optimize regenerative braking during auto pilot

    Agree. I have the same problem. Do other owners have this same problem? Can it be corrected?
  6. More Cowbell

    Optimize regenerative braking during auto pilot

    Well summarized. I have the same problem and that is exactly how I would describe it. Surely this same situation applies to other, or most, Tesla owners and I would like to hear their comments.
  7. More Cowbell

    Model 3 totaled! please advise

    In most states you are entitled to the replacement cost of your vehicle with like kind and quality, plus tax and rental vehicle costs for a reasonable period of time. So the bottom line is that you would break even. If you are dealing with a reputable insurance company they know that and should...
  8. More Cowbell

    Is Tesla service deteriorating as they scale??

    There are many prior posts on poor service so that's the current consensus. But the competition is coming (think Mustang E electric; Ford already has in place a broad international network of service centers) and Tesla will HAVE to improve service in order to compete. Most of us agree that...
  9. More Cowbell

    Your gonna get it tonight!

    Suggested solution: If you kept the receipt, return the grain for a refund and give them an invoice for cleaning up mouse piss. And if you really want to catch the mouse and get revenge, disguise yourself as a wedge of cheese and sleep in the car with a gun and shoot him as he returns from...
  10. More Cowbell

    Your gonna get it tonight!

    If the windows were up there's no way a mouse could get inside a car. My wife's theory: You bought a bag of grain with a mouse already hiding in the bag.
  11. More Cowbell

    At home charging worries.. please help!

    An experienced electrician will have a solution to this so let him/her help you solve this; not to worry. You have a valid argument to the HOA and there will be many future homeowners with the same need. They will likely embrace the future, rather than fight it, so the town homes don't become...
  12. More Cowbell

    At home charging worries.. please help!

    An experienced electrician can help you with this and save you some worry. I just recommend that you use a Tesla recommended electrician who has previous experience with charging issues. There were about 5 Tesla recommended electricians in my area and their prices varied greatly so shop...
  13. More Cowbell

    At home charging worries.. please help!

    Using an extension cord is not a good idea. And charging from 110V is relatively slow. Suggestion: I bought from Tesla a wall charger and hired a Tesla recommended electrician to install a 60 amp circuit and it charges at about 45 miles per hour of charging. $1,000 total cost in Naples, FL...
  14. More Cowbell

    How’s Y’s wireless charger compared to Jeda?

    Additional comment: This is a popular item so demand is high and there was about a 30-45 day delay in shipment. JEDA is a small business. For me, the delay was worth getting a quality product but that's your decision.
  15. More Cowbell

    How’s Y’s wireless charger compared to Jeda?

    I recently installed a Jeda hub and charger in my 3. Easy to install; plugs in directly without requiring additional wires. Charges well. Attractive. Charges horizontally and vertically and the optional adapter allows the additional option of plug-in charging if needed. The hub...
  16. More Cowbell

    Ah yes. Tesla service at it again in the East.

    I also had a similar problem (rear drive unit failure in a 3) with a service location (hint: Dania Beach, FL) and some of us have had similar problems. I understand the delay in getting parts, but not returning phone calls is not acceptable. However, part of the problem is that the demand is...
  17. More Cowbell

    Loud pop, Model 3 died?

    Same thing happened to me about 2 months ago with my Tesla 3. Same messages. Diagnosis: Rear drive unit failure. The good news is that Tesla paid for a rental and towed my car from Naples to Dania Beach, FL and all expenses were under warranty. The part was not in stock and had to be ordered...
  18. More Cowbell

    A Great Tesla Service Experience

    Yes, service is inconsistent (apparently worldwide) and I think we are all in the middle of the growing pains of a very successful new car and industry. Service is struggling to keep up with the growing demand for the world's best vehicle. In Naples, Florida and surrounding communities we have...
  19. More Cowbell

    Message: Car needs service, may not restart”. Towed by Tesla Roadside Assistance

    Got my car back yesterday from the service shop in Dania Beach, FL and all is well. The rear drive unit failed and was replaced, which took about 1 1/2 weeks total. We have about 9500 miles on the car and, although this is a rare occurrence, be aware that this part is not something they keep...
  20. More Cowbell

    Message: Car needs service, may not restart”. Towed by Tesla Roadside Assistance

    Update 11-13-19: Final diagnosis was "rear drive unit failure". The part has been ordered and it will take about a week. I note in this website that this same problem has happened to other owners so if you ever get the message "Car needs service; may not restart" I suggest you take it...
  21. More Cowbell

    Message: Car needs service, may not restart”. Towed by Tesla Roadside Assistance

    The difference is that Mercedes dealers are everywhere close by and I wouldn't have to drive 110 miles. I would not expect anything to be done on a weekend from either dealer and I didn't need it taken care of right away. The Tesla service hotline diagnosed it from remote as an "isolation high...
  22. More Cowbell

    Message: Car needs service, may not restart”. Towed by Tesla Roadside Assistance

    You are correct that I have no idea why the car wouldn't start. Most owners wouldn't. The car only has 9,000 miles on it. I hope you are correct that it's the 12v battery but I just don't know ultil it is diagnosed. Regardless of the seriousness of the problem the car won't run and it was...
  23. More Cowbell

    Message: Car needs service, may not restart”. Towed by Tesla Roadside Assistance

    Today (Saturday) the battery failed on my Tesla 3 near my home in SW Florida near Naples. The car completely died in the parking lot of a grocery store. My wife got the following messages: "Car needs service", May not restart". Then it died. 9,000 miles on it and no prior problems. No power...

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