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  1. alseTrick

    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    There are major issues here. About 10 stalls aren't operating. Maybe more. I think a few people parked and went inside, not even realizing their car wasn't actually charging
  2. alseTrick

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Tesla's software update back in late spring "broke" the camera. It started giving false error messages (too slow, not enough space) The camera quit working: it either wouldn't automatically start recording when you got in your car or it would randomly *sugar* itself off while you were driving...
  3. alseTrick

    Sentry said car alarm went off, but video was corrupted and no signs of damage?

    Tesla cam and sentry mode are all screwy due to the recent firmware updates.
  4. alseTrick

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Check that. It is back to having the same error almost every time now. I have no idea why it randomly worked again for ~2 days.
  5. alseTrick

    Sentry Mode = vampire drain?

    Sentry Mode's battery drain is excessive, agreed. But we just have to deal with it, I guess.
  6. alseTrick

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Seems like Tesla must've fixed this. My cam works every time I get in the car now. For the last ~2 days. Not sure how though. I didn't update my firm ware, change my USB drive or alter my Tesla cam habits.
  7. alseTrick

    Just got 2019.24.4

    Firmware update when ~96% of owners (per TeslaFi's website) had a newer version of software than I did.
  8. alseTrick

    Just got 2019.24.4

    They said they would charge my Tesla account.
  9. alseTrick

    Just got 2019.24.4

    Beats me. It was technically $9.96 or something like that. They asked if I still wanted to push the update and I said no, that's absurd. I have to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot to get updates now when I'm commuting to work.
  10. alseTrick

    Dash Cam Too Slow after update

    I'm assuming it's a 2019.24.4 bug. I'm having the same issue on a drive that previously had worked almost flawlessly (except for the usual Tesla file corruption issues).
  11. alseTrick

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I think 2019.24.4 screwed up the dash cam. I'm using the same USB drive I've used since March/April and rarely had an issue. Now I get the gray "X" EVERY time I get in the car (last week or two, around the time I received the firmware update). I have to remove the drive and re-insert it to get...
  12. alseTrick

    Dash Cam Too Slow after update

    You can't see crap out of the rear camera at night anyways...
  13. alseTrick

    Just got 2019.24.4

    My service center sent me an email saying they charge $10 to do that when I put in a request.
  14. alseTrick

    Dashcam: usb drive is full

    I'm getting an error saying my drive is too slow. I've had my drive since March and had no issues. But in the last week or two it almost NEVER works when I get in the car to drive somewhere. It ALWAYS shows the gray "X". I have to take my drive out and put it back in and then it starts working...
  15. alseTrick

    Those with EnhancedAP to receive 3k discount on FSD

    No. What matters is what I've already said. I could use your same awful logic and turn it around on you. If people wanted a $7500 credit from the government, they should've purchased on time. They shouldn't get rewarded for purchasing later. Just like I shouldn't get punished for purchasing...
  16. alseTrick

    Those with EnhancedAP to receive 3k discount on FSD

    No, I'm not. Tesla isn't the one who gave the rebate.
  17. alseTrick

    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    I'm with you. Tesla is screwing over their most ardent customers/supporters.
  18. alseTrick

    Those with EnhancedAP to receive 3k discount on FSD

    What do you want to know? My car: Midnight Silver Metallic Black Premium Interior Long Range RWD ~$50,500 Current offering: Midnight Silver Metallic Black Premium Interior Long Range AWD Dual Motor Autopilot $48,990 I fully expected my car to become a little cheaper to purchase over time (for...
  19. alseTrick

    Those with EnhancedAP to receive 3k discount on FSD

    I still think it's bull turd that someone can get my exact car for less than I paid AND get dual motors AND autopilot upgrades for free. So my enthusiasm for Tesla and FSD is...low.
  20. alseTrick

    Not one. But two flats.

    If you want to guinea pig, try putting a 20" on the front passenger and rear driver side. Then doing 18" on the front driver and rear passenger.
  21. alseTrick

    Alarm went off for no reason at 3 AM

    My Sentry Mode starts recording "events" when it starts raining out. My car has recorded hours of rain... But rain never set my alarm off to my knowledge. My alarm's only gone off once - again, to my knowledge - and it was at the same time I heard a really loud bang outside on the 4th of July...
  22. alseTrick

    Sentry mode while parked at home?

    Because it drains a TON of battery. I'm talking a legitimate 5-10% a day. I live in an apartment complex (no private driveway or garage) so I keep it on. I keep it on at work. And I obviously have it on when I'm going around town doing various activities. But to drain that much battery is...
  23. alseTrick


    You don't have to be connected to WiFi to receive updates. When I asked Tesla to push updates to me several months back, I wasn't connected to WiFi when they came through. I think Tesla just prefers WiFi so they can keep their LTE costs down. So if you aren't regularly connected to WiFi, your...
  24. alseTrick


    1. It would be nice if Tesla updated each vehicle to the latest firmware at delivery. But they don't. It's bad customer service, imo. 2. I was several versions behind when I got my 3 in October. About 4 months later and still no updates, so I asked Tesla to push it. I had about 3 separate...
  25. alseTrick

    Rearview and side mirrors dimming

    I can't see the headlights in the car directly behind me anyways do the the high backend of the 3...
  26. alseTrick

    Touch screen control for wipers is dangerous

    Doesn't solve the issue of only having one hand in adverse driving conditions.
  27. alseTrick

    Touch screen control for wipers is dangerous

    So driving into work today it was raining. And I think my auto wipers were much better. Not quite as often as I can prefer but much more frequent than I recall. The only thing is, I'm still on the same firmware; the very outdated 2019.12.1.2. So that makes no sense.
  28. alseTrick

    Rearview and side mirrors dimming

    How do you even tell if it's auto dimming? Maybe it says in the owners manual but whatever.
  29. alseTrick

    San Jose/Blossom Hill hit and run on dashcam

    Have you never looked at Tesla DashCam footage before? It's nearly impossible to see the license plate except under the most ideal conditions (the appropriate lighting, slow or not moving, very close range). It is easily the worst aspect of the feature and something Tesla absolutely needs to...
  30. alseTrick

    Trunk unlocks with phone in car; vehicle locked with card.

    Definitely not this. Too many scenarios where that phone might be a necessity.
  31. alseTrick

    Trunk Lights

    Something like that has definitely happened to me before. I opened the trunk at night after a roadtrip and thought, "Man, these lights suck. I can't see anything!" I don't remember exactly what happened next. Maybe I took some items inside and came back for the rest and noticed that the trunk...
  32. alseTrick

    Touch screen control for wipers is dangerous

    Yes. Not an acceptable alternative. Especially when you'd have your one hand perma-occupied while driving in less than ideal weather conditions.
  33. alseTrick

    Touch screen control for wipers is dangerous

    THAT'S THE BEST LOL It won't auto-swipe no matter how obstructed the view is while driving. But it can not have rained for 20 minutes, and yet, as soon as i get in the car the residual moisture on the windshield sends the blades into a manic frenzy. Makes zero sense.
  34. alseTrick

    Touch screen control for wipers is dangerous

    It's certainly worse (ie, more dangerous) than the traditional wiper stalk controls that most cars have.
  35. alseTrick

    People with M3 Std range no plus. Did you lost your front heated seat?

    It was never yours in the first place.
  36. alseTrick

    Debating whether to buy a Key Fob

  37. alseTrick

    Sentry mode video from right repeater randomly corrupts

    It is a common issue that I've seen mentioned multiple times on here. My right repeater also has the issue you describe. I assume it's software. if it were hardware, the left repeater would be equally as problematic, no? Tesla will improve TeslaCam/Sentry Mode...eventually.
  38. alseTrick

    I3 Road Rage.

    You are replying to a comment you already replied to...four days after making your original reply. Maybe you should heed your own advice...
  39. alseTrick

    I3 Road Rage.

    You are once again intentionally misrepresenting the sequence of events.
  40. alseTrick

    I3 Road Rage.

    Your portrayal of events was incorrect. So I pointed it out.
  41. alseTrick

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    They'll be producing 3's in China before they're producing Y's in the US. Not much of a storm, imo.
  42. alseTrick

    Musk on Tesla Pickup: ‘Coolest Car I’ve Ever Seen’

    Looks like a truck to me.
  43. alseTrick

    Upgraded Interior lighting M3... Thoughts?

    What about the dome lights? The OEM lights are pretty weak.
  44. alseTrick

    I need to know about your rattles....

    None that I'm aware of. Or, at least, nothing that is so obvious as to alert me to its presence during typical driving. October 2018 delivery. 10,000+ miles
  45. alseTrick

    I3 Road Rage.

    The Tesla didn't flash its lights until the BMW slammed on its brakes and stopped in the middle of the street. The BMW's response(s) were wholly inappropriate from the start (while still in the highway).
  46. alseTrick

    I3 Road Rage.

    Holy hell. 100% report that guy. He literally stops in the middle of the road twice in order to box you in. That is CRAZY. Word of advice: Don't EVER stop and roll your window down in that situation. F that [expletive]. Window down. Back up. Drive away. Pretty much zero chance anything good...
  47. alseTrick

    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    Not sure what Stats is, but I'm just going by this: TeslaFi.com Firmware Tracker I knew of nothing else to go by.
  48. alseTrick

    Model 3 Questions

    I've never had carplay. You're able to play podcasts, spotify, etc., from your phone through the car speakers via bluetooth. I do it. Maybe carplay is better, but this method is fine for me. LOL, I'm with you there. I bought my car in October 2018. It was available for deliver 2 weeks after...
  49. alseTrick

    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    9. Tesla is now charging owners to "push" firmware updates. I messaged Tesla last night since I'm still on 2019.12.1.2 5c87371. And per TeslaFi's unofficial firmware tracker, ~92.5% of all Tesla owners have more updated firmware than I (most of whom are multiple iterations ahead of me). Tesla...
  50. alseTrick

    Confirmed 150kW FL Superchargers?

    I believe I hit 140-150 kW and ~500mi/hr at basically every supercharger I stopped at between Miami and Dayton, Ohio last month. Turkey Lake Lake City Rivergate Macon Chattanooga Knoxville Lexington Blue Ash Cincinnati Dayton London (Kentucky) Gainesville Sarasota

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