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  1. Alysashley79

    2014 sunroof drain plugged

    Last night was our first heavy rain where my car was parked in the rain. Came out to a small puddle. Was able to absorb the water. This morning in the light I opened the sunroof. Cleaned the rails and found the passenger front drain plug is clogged. I searched the internet and was told to...
  2. Alysashley79

    HV replacement/towing damage

    I have two issues and wanted to see what the hive minds think. 1)my HV on my p85D died 6 weeks ago. Tesla replaced it with a 90kw pack but has software limited it to 85kw. I KNOW I bought an 85. But good lord it’s 5kw. Anyone else had a P85 replaced to become a p90d? I asked service and he...
  3. Alysashley79

    Small blue puddle

    I pulled my S out of the garage and there was a very small puddle. About the size of a half dollar. It’s been there twice. It’s very very light blue. Has no odor and isn’t greasy at all. It’s in the front about 10” to the left of the drivers front tire. Im guessing it’s washer fluid leaking...
  4. Alysashley79

    Front upper control arm squeak

    I know failed control arms have been discussed ad nauseum here. I actually had all four of my rear control arms replaced 5 months ago because they were cracked. I’ve developed a squeaky upper arm. I know it’s because it just needs to be lubed and not because it’s failing. I also know tesla...
  5. Alysashley79

    Antifreeze smell

    Tesla had my car for two weeks so that they could replace my rear perf drive unit. (It took that long to source the parts) they also replaced all the control arms while it was there. Don’t even ask. My question tho is. I picked up my car today. It drives great. No more awful sounds I got...
  6. Alysashley79

    Car swaying

    To give a little background here Beginning of September my car started heading to the right while driving (like I needed to apply constant torque on the steering wheel to keep it from the ditch. I made an appointment for the end of the week for an alignment for the car. As I got closer to that...
  7. Alysashley79

    2021 sr+ Awd

    Hey guys. Looking for someone with a 2021 sr+ that you’d let me look at or ride in? I have an s and y but looking to add a 3 to the mix. I’m on the east side but we willing to meet up. Can buy coffee!
  8. Alysashley79

    Sr+ 2021

    Hey guys. Looking for someone with a 2021 sr+ that you’d let me look at or ride in? I have an s and y but looking to add a 3 to the mix. I’m on the east side but we willing to meet up. Can buy coffee!
  9. Alysashley79

    Perf y with perf brakes and geminis?

    Does anyone have the perf MY with perf brakes and geminis? (I’m asking this way because the sleepers Tesla sometimes makes don’t have the perf brakes) I’m being told by sales that I cannot do this yet I’ve seen it done on YouTube. Anyone here done it? Was it just a straight wheel/tire swap out?
  10. Alysashley79

    Humming/buzzing from DU

    About two weeks ago I started noticing a buzzing/humming noise coming from one of my DU’s. I suspect the rear. It also feels a lot more jarring when letting off the accelerator at low speeds. Almost like an inaudible clunk. Has anyone else experienced this and with what result? I made an appt...
  11. Alysashley79

    Arizona wheel repair

    I picked up a large screw that apparently out a small crack in my rear wheel (staggered set up) my car is down in AZ for a few weeks. Looking to get it repaired vs replaced at this point. Can anyone recommend a good place to do this? Extra points if in the Mesa. Apache junction area.
  12. Alysashley79

    Frunk unlatched at 130mph

    At 130mph (maybe a mile or two over) my MCU and IC started screaming at me to pull over immediately because the front trunk had come unlatched. I had to press a button on the mcu so I could keep driving and pull over safely. the frunk did not fully fly open thankfully but now I’m nervous it’ll...
  13. Alysashley79

    Memory cache full

    I have an appointment with Tesla tomorrow because after a 12v replacement my airbag light has stayed on. Over 2k miles and not sure if my airbags work or not (the debate on to drive or not to drive is not in question here) I scheduled an appointment to have this fixed and was told that my slow...
  14. Alysashley79

    Airbag light...tripometer

    Last week my 12V went out. Service replaced it while I was on a road trip. About an hour away from service the airbag light on the IC came on and 1700 miles later it’s still there. 4 reboots. Still there. then after 629 miles both trip A and B stopped working. At all. I can’t reset them. The...
  15. Alysashley79

    ISO M3 stealth sleeper fs.

    If anyone has one they’re looking to sell pm me.
  16. Alysashley79

    Gold canyon,az

    Hi all. Does anyone here live in gold canyon as? I’ll be traveling down to help with a family situation end of sept early oct. looking to be able to charge one or two times. Willing to pay for what I use. Just do t want to leave my out of town car at a plug for hours. my mom lives in peralta...
  17. Alysashley79

    Bridgestone/Firestone alignments

    Hi all I wanted to see if anyone has done an alignment at Bridgestone/Firestone. They’re offering lifetime alignments for $79 for alignment and $99 steering box. One alignment every other month for the life of the car. Seems like a good deal...but wanted to see if anyone has any experience...
  18. Alysashley79

    Door handle continuously running

    I know one of the number one fails is the door handles. I’ve had one replaced already. This morning at 6am my husband goes to leave for work and gets in the car and can hear the mechanism running. (Alllll the way to work. 40 minutes away) he assumed the door didn’t fully latch. He arrives at...
  19. Alysashley79

    Wheel well liner??

    I drive through 2 INCHES of snow this morning and could hear a slight rubbing. I assumed it was snow caked in the wheel well. I got home (was only about a mile) and looked and it was actually my wheel well liner that has torn off because snow got under it somehow and is now caked in places I...
  20. Alysashley79

    Dual motor frunk liner

    ISO dual motor frunk liner. My daughter spilled milk in the frunk. Said nothing and I can’t get the smell out no matter what I’ve done. My car is a 12/14 build.
  21. Alysashley79


    Has anyone had the tsb where they fix the “death rattle” by replacing the half shafts and Clevis mounts? wouldn’t doing something like this potentially out the front out of alignment? I read through the tsb and no where does it say an alignment should be performed. here’s my issue. I mounted...
  22. Alysashley79

    WTB: Tesla all weather frunk Mat

    Looking for a Tesla all weather frunk Mat. My local Tesla has them in stock for $70 but was really hoping someone may just have one laying around they don’t use. I have a 2014 p85D Thanks!
  23. Alysashley79

    climate on for extended time

    I drove my car today. Arrived home around 2pm got out of the car and didn’t think anything of it. Car was at 76% when I arrived home at 2pm. just a few minutes ago I got a notification via the app climate has been on for an extended period of time. The climate was set to 68 and its over 75...
  24. Alysashley79

    98% for max charge?

    I’ve tried to max charge my car three times every single time it stops at 98% and says charge complete. When I try to get it going again it won’t. Has anyone else had this problem?
  25. Alysashley79

    Waybsck machine premium connectivity

    I’ve been looking for the information on premium connectivity their website said as of last week. It used to say used vehicles purchased after June 2018 had 1 year complimentary premium connect. Two days ago their website changed and now it just says no. Tesla says If I can prove that it did say...
  26. Alysashley79

    Pirelli cintriato p7 rubbing

    I just put on a new set of Pirelli cinturato p7’s on my 14p85d 245/45/r19 and they’re rubbing on the inside fender at tight cornering. Anyone else experience this? I had pilot sport 3 on them previously but bought new wheels (oem Tesla wheels) and the guy had them mounted so figured might as...
  27. Alysashley79

    WTB: 19” oem model s rims

    Looking for OEM 19” rims with or without tires. In the Seattle/Bellevue area.
  28. Alysashley79

    Lift gate drain plugs retrofit

    does anyone know what this is? I took my car in for a new IC last week and they said there was a TSB and did this work. Since I’ve been getting a lot of dust in through my back hatch when I haven’t previously. I’m wondering if the retrofit has something to do with it. Anyone know specifically...
  29. Alysashley79

    Slacker / Tunein

    my old model s only had slacker on it. My new to me model s has both slacker and tunein. I don’t care for tunein at all. I wish it wasn’t there. Is there a way to make slacker the default streaming? It seems like hen I search its only searching tunein.
  30. Alysashley79

    WTB: model s rear sunshade

    looking for a model s rear sunshade.
  31. Alysashley79

    12/14 p85D top speed

    i took delivery of a CPO p85D last month with a 12/14 build. The gal told us that the top speed would be 155. However it’s limiyed to 130. Anyone else know if it should be 155? I asked service and they didn’t know either.
  32. Alysashley79

    Max battery engaged and crackle

    we have a p85D engaged insane + with max battery. After about for minutes we started hearing a crackling noise from the front of the car (the way the car was driving nothing changed just the noise) we disengaged insane + and put it in sport and the noise immediately stopped. We’re on...
  33. Alysashley79

    Nav needs to be reinstalled

    we took delivery of a 12/14 build p85D last Wednesday. Everything went flawlessly and has worked the same. This morning my husband took the car out and he said there was an exclamation on the MCU saying to reinstall navigation maps. He did a soft reboot of the MCU and everything is back in...
  34. Alysashley79

    Used Tesla financing

    Hey everyone I’ve got a couple used Tesla’s in my sights and wanted to see who everyone has used (other than Tesla itself)? I’d used Alliant for my other Tesla but they’re significantly higher than Tesla.
  35. Alysashley79

    Charge ports?

    Hey guys! I used to own a 2013 p85 model S. It had many issues most of which was due in part to dust getting inside the charge port door. I’d heard that Tesla had upgraded the door possibly? I know what the 2013 original door looked like and it didn’t seal shut when closed. Can anyone tell me if...
  36. Alysashley79

    FS: snow chains for RWD model S

    i have a set of snow chains for a RWD model s. I was told last year they could be used in a pinch on the D variations but they were made for RWD Purched from tesla in December 2013 for $90. Never used. Still in bag and can show proof of purchase that they were purchased from tesla. Selling for...
  37. Alysashley79

    Model s sunshade

    purchased last year for $90 from tesla as a replacement for one I purchased in 2014. Snaps into back window to help with heat for rear facing passengers. $40 plus shipping. Willing to meet in Seattle area
  38. Alysashley79

    Chademo adapter for sale

    selling my chademo adapter. I've sold my model s. $275.00 buyer to pay for shipping willing to meet around the Seattle area.
  39. Alysashley79

    50' nema 14-50 extension cord

    Purchased in 2014 and only used a handful of times. Works great. Tested today with the UMC. I paid $189.00 will sell for $75 plus shipping (around $30.00) it's a heavy cord. Selling because I sold my model s so won't have a use for it.
  40. Alysashley79

    A pack and regen?

    I currently have an "A" pack loaner on my p85 S and have been noticing that my regen is quite different than what I'm used to. It FEELS like I have it set to regen low vs regen standard. I've checked multiple times and it's definitely set to standard. I used to feel my regen kick in quite...
  41. Alysashley79

    A pack at Supercharger

    My car normally has a D pack however back in December it failed left me stranded and thus far I've been told the seal to the main pack broke. My pack is currently Enroute to Fremont for complete disgnosis and then to be fixed. I know this has been talked about ad nauseum and without sifting...
  42. Alysashley79

    Electrochromic mirrors

    Does anyone else have issues with their mirrors? My rear view mirror switches over like it should but neither of my side mirrors change any longer. It's going in to the SC in two weeks for this and a few other things but wanted to see if this was normal behavior. For reference I have a p85 3...
  43. Alysashley79

    Alignment cost & rear axle question

    How much is everyone paying for an alignment? I just had one done because the car was pulling to the left and took it to tesla and just paid $200 doesn't this seem high? I did a search but could only find some info from a year ago when it was half this... secondly has has anyone had to have...
  44. Alysashley79

    stupid flex pass for hot lanes!!

    I got my new flex pass in the mail and surprise surprise. It doesn't work!! I went across the 520 bridge and then got a pay by mail. This new flex pass is going to be required for HOVers on 405 and 167 with t switched to HOV in order to not be charged and crap it's not working. Anyone else...
  45. Alysashley79

    Clicking noise??

    I know that the DU noises have been talked about as nauseum here and I read through most of the pages but didn't see my noise. (I tried to upload a short video I took but I can't get it to upload) anyhow when depressing the accelerator and letting off there is a loud clicking sound almost like...
  46. Alysashley79

    Higher Wh/m average after proactive contactor repair??

    I just had my contactors replaced as part of the proactive repair. My average Wh/mi was 326 on my P85 over the past month. 3500 approx miles which included two road trips between Seattle and Portland. Yesterday I went down to Portland again and just that trip my average Wh/m was 471 and it took...
  47. Alysashley79

    99%? Max charge

    Is anyone else experiencing that when trying to max charge it only goes to 99%? Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere already. Today was the first time I've max charged in a bit and is the first time it wouldn't go to 100%.
  48. Alysashley79

    CPO program

    I'm looking at adding a second tesla to the fam and have been looking at some of the cars in the CPO program (don't like auto pilot so want pre auto pilot) anyhow i was given a few options to look at and confirmed that the battery and drivetrain warranties remain the same but that the warranty...
  49. Alysashley79

    Jump seat seat belt failure

    Had to slam on my brakes today to keep from allowing another car from hitting me (he ran a light) my son and daughter were both in the jump seats in the back (we didn't get hit and everyone's fine) but as I started to drive again my son said his harness wasn't working. I pulled over into a...
  50. Alysashley79

    New(ish) front seats - how much did it cost?

    I'm not speaking about the recaro seats but the new(ish) seats tesla came out with about 6 months ago. My car is 14 months old and I've begun to notice that after being in the car all day my back hurts as does my tailbone. I'm looking to see how much tesla is charging to upgrade to the newer...

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