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  1. Jeeves

    Kia e-Niro

    I shall be compelled to drive a new Kia e-Niro for about a month whilst my model 3 is being repaired. I'm pleased because it is a far better alternative to the little ICE hatchbacks typically provided as courtesy cars. My initial impression is stoic acceptance of the fact that driving this...
  2. Jeeves

    Charge limit % moves

    I use the very fiddly slider on the iPhone app to set the charge limit to 80%. Afterwards, WatchApp for Tesla and ev.energy report the limit as being 80%. After charging last night, the Tesla app now reports the charge limit as 79% whilst the other apps still report 80%. I realise that it...
  3. Jeeves

    M3P 20" Tyre Pressure and Tread Wear

    The sticker on the car says 42psi for 20" Michelin Pilot Sports. Anyone have observations on the evenness of tread wear at that pressure? I know many like to run them a few psi lower for comfort. Does that yield even wear too?
  4. Jeeves

    Four-letter supercharger groups

    Used the new Cardiff Superchargers for the first time yesterday. I plugged in several chargers away from the only other car there thinking I was obeying the etiquette of avoiding pairs, and it only got up to 25kW. Then I noticed that there are two groups of four chargers labelled A–D. I plugged...
  5. Jeeves

    Granny/UMC charger outdoors

    Apologies in advance if this these are FAQs, I couldn't find the answers with my searches. 1. Must you take any extra steps to use the granny charger outside in case it rains? 2. What sort of power will I get out of a 3-pin plug? I'm presuming it will be very low, but how many kW is likely? Thanks
  6. Jeeves

    Octopus Compare

    Interesting new app that seems to help you compare what you would have paid on two different tariffs: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1545004095
  7. Jeeves

    Useful iPhone Integration Feature

    My apologies in advance if this is well known, but I discovered it by accident today. When you switch to the Phone as a media source and press the left steering wheel button, the car starts playback on the last app doing so on iPhone e.g. Audible. It doesn’t matter whether or not the media...
  8. Jeeves

    Winter alloy wheel protection

    If I lived in a truly winter climate, I would probably have steel winter winter wheels like they do over there because of the crap they have to endure. I don’t, so I have bought some 18” alloys. Would my esteemed fellow forum members recommend some sort of treatment to protect them?
  9. Jeeves

    Average Wh/mi since owning?

    376 Wh/mi, 13k mi, 11 months. M3P.
  10. Jeeves

    ABRP Premium

    If you’ve tried it, what did you think?
  11. Jeeves

    Circuit breaker tripped last night

    First time this has ever happened for me, but the circuit breaker tripped on my EO Mini Pro supply last night. It would have been seriously inconvenient if I had a long trip planned today. I’ve sent an enquiry to EO, but has anyone here had similar experience with their charger and able to...
  12. Jeeves

    Expected Lifetime of a Home Charger

    How long should we expect a home smart wall charger to last?
  13. Jeeves

    Advice for a Teslanaut embarking on a mission to Europe

    It has been a long time since I drove my own car over to Europe. I intend to go to Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy on a bit of a trip in the Model 3 P later this year. What preparations should I make and what should I take with me?
  14. Jeeves

    Update History

    Is there anyway to retrieve a log of when the various updates were applied to your car?
  15. Jeeves

    Creaking and rattling fascia

    I intend to get the service centre to look at this, but the recent temperature changes seem to have caused lots of noise to start coming from the fascia that I can suppress by putting a hand on various parts e.g. the display. It’s the sort of noise that you would expect from a very cheap or old...
  16. Jeeves

    Lock confirmation sound

    Thought I would give the lock confirmation sound a try. It doesn’t seem to be sticking to my Easy Entry profile despite saying Saved after setting it. Anyone know how to get around this please?
  17. Jeeves

    TuneIn Favourites

    I’ve tried logging out and back in, but TuneIn no longer shows my faves. Anyone have a work around, or is it yet another bug?
  18. Jeeves

    Getting the best out of Autopilot in the UK

    The cruise control on my Model 3 is somewhat less than impressive. I would dearly love to be able to switch off the traffic awareness part of it and stop it braking all the time. Besides minimising the distance with the scroll wheel, is there anything else that can be done to make it as useful...
  19. Jeeves


    Sorry if this an FAQ. I had some repairs done on my wheels and the repairer couldn’t remember if he put the wheels back on the same corners of the car. The TPMS works, but I have no idea if it knows which corner each sensor is on. Does the system work it out for itself? If so, how? If not...
  20. Jeeves

    Lower Trunk Compartment Organiser

    There are so many of these on the market. If you have one that fits well in the lower compartment of the Model 3 Trunk, what are the dimensions?
  21. Jeeves

    ev.energy app

    Been trying the ev.energy app for a few days. It automatically splits your overnight charge into multiple scheduled sessions to minimise your carbon footprint using the Carbon Intensity API and reduce your costs too. The developers tell me that they optimise the schedule for p/kWh for Octopus...
  22. Jeeves


    Forgive me if this is a frequently asked question, but I’ve just come across the ev.energy app. Is it any good in the sense of optimising the charge based on your tariff? Is it reliable? Any tips for getting the best out of it?

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