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  1. Lon12

    This must be the first 4680 car?

    Didn't know Edmonton would get the first car with 4680 cells: 2022 Tesla Model Y MODEL Y LONG RANGE AWD - Edmonton
  2. Lon12

    Level 3 Charge cable theft.

    Walked past a Electrify Canada charger that has not been turned on yet and saw cable coolant puddle beside a pedestal. Then noticed someone had cut the cables. I'm suspecting copper thieves. They have been very active in Calgary lately. Very sad.
  3. Lon12

    ChargePoint Home Flex flashing yellow LED

    So my ChargePoint Flex started flashing yellow. Owners manual and FAQ don't mention yellow at all. Customer support indicated that it was stuck in bootloop. They sent me a new unit within two days. But no instructions for how to remove the old one from the ChargePoint App so that I can add the...
  4. Lon12

    Highway 5A crash

    So sad to hear about this crash. I've taken this road many times as it avoids the elevation changes that highway 5 has. Also very scenic and less traffic. Alberta man, 2 children killed in Highway 5A crash near Kamloops, B.C.
  5. Lon12

    Bicyclist yelled at my son for driving an EV?

    Can't believe a bicyclist would complain so much about following my son to school in his Leaf.
  6. Lon12

    Just got track mode

    So sad the city of Calgary got rid of our track. :mad: Compost depot was more important. Will have to find an empty parking lot somewhere.
  7. Lon12

    Chinook Mall removing Tesla Wall Chargers?

    While everyone else is spending the money to install EV chargers Cadillac Fairview decides to destroy the ones Tesla installed! :mad: Do we need to start a petition to try and convince them otherwise? All the hardware is there so it would not cost much to change some of the Tesla chargers to Flo...
  8. Lon12

    Battery warming while charging at home FLIR image.

    I took a few FLIR pictures of the "SuperBottle" this morning after starting to charge the car at 32 amps. Nothing drastic happens or gets hot. Just a slow warming to stabilize at about 14°C. Took 14 minutes to rise 7 degrees. I'll try and take a few similar pictures at the supercharger.
  9. Lon12

    Please give the Model 3 CHAdeMO

    This is what it looks like if you have wishful thinking like myself. Has anyone heard when we can expect it to work with the existing adaptor? If the answer is never then I'll need to sell it.
  10. Lon12

    Canadian Performance Stealth (non-PUP) $6,600 refund

    I just received the confirmation of the Canadian dollar amount for us stealth owners. Will use it towards some nicer wheels. I wanted the PUP in the first place but couldn't convince the wife I needed it. :)
  11. Lon12

    New Solar Install

    Just had my 8.54 kW system switched on yesterday. So excited! Early Christmas present.
  12. Lon12

    Gift idea

    For the Tesla fan that already has everything. Keeps the trunk clean or use as an emergency blanket. Just sent a picture to Costco and had a blanket printed.
  13. Lon12

    Model 3 slow Supercharging

    I've done a few Calgary-Edmonton-Calgary trips lately but last night was the coldest. Saw -17C a few times. Got to the Edmonton supercharger at 28% charge. Was expecting the usual ramp up to 120 kW but it struggled to even get 60 kW. After about half an hour at 63% I was down to 40 kW. After...
  14. Lon12

    FLIR One image of front windshield

    I was taking some pictures of my broken rear window heater element and by chance looked at the front window. You can definitely see the warm wires that run up to the forward facing cameras on the right side of the car:
  15. Lon12

    Centre Display back

    Noticed that the back of the centre display is very visible from cars in front. Seems like a perfect place for bling.
  16. Lon12

    New HVAC system vents

    I remember seeing the same for the model 3 HVAC vents. So I'm hoping we will see a S and X interior refresh soon. Does anyone remember how long it was from the patent pictures being released till we actually saw the real thing? Tesla files patent for new HVAC system
  17. Lon12

    Model 3 Canadian Delivery Storage Locations

    So we have a confirmed location for Model 3 in Toronto today. Has anyone seen any in other Canadian cities?
  18. Lon12

    Rogers Pass Chargers

    Parks Canada is asking for input on their planned renovation of the Rogers Pass Visitor Centre. I already filled out their online questioner. I suggested level 3 or 2 chargers and maybe a coffee shop. I think it would be great if all EV owners let them know how important that stop is to us...
  19. Lon12

    Tesla Powerbank

    I just ordered a couple of the new Powerbanks and Desktop Superchargers. The shipping charges showed $0 for Fedex Ground to Calgary. They have always charged quite a bit for shipping when I've purchased from their online store before. So I was happy to see that. Those items will make great...
  20. Lon12

    Canada is number 5 in the world?

    TOTAL CO2 SAVED BY TESLA VEHICLE OWNERS I had no idea we were doing that well.
  21. Lon12

    Semi Truck testing near Montreal?

    I just flew over the PMG Technologies vehicle testing track near Montreal today and noticed some big trucks drafting closely going fast around the oval track. Does anyone live near the track and know who is currently testing there? I just thought about this after reading the article on Electrek...
  22. Lon12

    Subzero Weather option gone!

    Just noticed that we no longer have the subzero weather option available when ordering a new car. It is bundled in the Premium package. :(
  23. Lon12

    Tesla's Big Day

    Nice to see from a Canadian news agency: Josipa Petrunic, Canadian Urban Transit Research on first Tesla 3 rolling off production line Tesla's big day
  24. Lon12

    Used EV Rebate. But only in Quebec.

    This looks interesting, $4,000 for all the other EVs but for Model S 60 and 85 only $1500? "The feisty Canadian province is offering rebates on used electric cars not previously registered in Quebec." Quebec Wants Used Electric Cars Used Vehicle Pilote Project - Government Rebate
  25. Lon12

    Canada. World Leader. Who knew ?

    Government of Canada to develop a national Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy by 2018 - Canada.ca “Developing a national strategy on zero-emission vehicles is one more way Canada can lead the global transition to the low-carbon economy while creating good jobs and giving Canadians more choices the...
  26. Lon12

    Battery Heater while charging.

    Well I saw this tonight. It's -20˚C/-4˚F here in Winnipeg but the air coming out of this vent is over +13˚C. What a great idea to help keep the battery warm while charging. There are four HPWC units used for a local limousine company, but only one air vent.
  27. Lon12

    Rear Door Window Switches not working.

    I have a classic 85. I like to roll the rear door windows up and down after washing the car and drying the glass. Unfortunately there were times when the rear window switches would not work. I spent a lot of time trouble shooting this issue. Now I've discovered that unless the key is inside the...
  28. Lon12

    Funny for Airline Pilots. ELLON -> MUSKK on Autopilot.

    These are actual navigation waypoint names. :)
  29. Lon12

    Model 3 Unveil login problems

    I tried about 10 times to log into myTesla account and I kept getting server errors. It finally did a redirect back to the main site and started running the Tesla user video clips. I hope I'm in the right place now to watch the big event. Looks like the main Tesla web site is dedicated to the...
  30. Lon12

    Service Screens Exposed

    https://cleantechnica.com/2016/02/13/tesla-model-s-service-screens-exposed/ My service tech would not let me take pictures like this.

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