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    Anyone model Y with low range display??

    Hi, so I a model y performance with performance package. from day 1 my 100% range has always been 271 and now 264. 17.k miles driven. my question is this, shouldn't my model y at 100% display around 306 miles range?? I understand I have some lost of range now at 17k which I should still...
  2. K

    Trade my wheels for yours?

    Hi everyone. I have a 2020 Model Y with 21" uberturbine wheels. Excellent condition. I want to trade for 20" induction wheels. this would be an even trade! please let me know if your interested. I have tires on mine atm. has about 15k miles on it. I would like to trade the induction wheels...
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    Tesla/EV charging cable Managament!!

    Hi, everyone, I started my EV ownership in 2016 and for the longest time I had the biggest issue with the charging cable laying on ground and being tangle. *I'm always worry that anyone coming to my house will trip over the cable at some point. *The biggest fear for me was running the snow...
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    How to open frunk from the screen?

    Hi, can someone help me? I can’t seem to figure out how or where to be able to open the frunk from inside the car using the center screen? Atm I have to whip out my phone and then open app, then open frunk from app. Seem a bit long in doing so. there has to be a way to open from inside the...
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    Model Y launch mode?

    Hi everyone, just curious to know if model y performance with performance package, will it ever have launch mode like all other Tesla performance model? If model x performance has it why wouldn’t it be possible for model Y??
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    Model X cold weather stalling. anyone having this issue?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else is happen this issue during temperature 10 and below. When the X is park during cold temperature of 10 or below for about 3-4 hours or more this would happen. Get in the car, press the brake, car turns on, put car in R and reverse down...
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    Model x Ownership udate!!

    Hi everyone, fantastic ownership update with great news. -long story short, many issue with the Model x up to this point, over 8 SC visit. Tesla have agreed with us when it comes to how much time and pain that it has cause for us with all the issue. They have given us a $2000.00 credit toward...
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    Used tires on MX??

    Hi Gang, We need new tires on our X, I came across this website, bestusedtires.com 2 Used Continental CrossContact LX Sport ContiSilent, 265/45R20, 108V, 9-10/32, Tire # 302705 (Front) $214.88 2 Used Continental CrossContact LX Sport ContiSilent, 275/45R20, 110V, 9-10/32, Tire # 302704 (Rear)...
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    1 year ownship and Tesla!

    Hi everyone, for those that have follow my journey with the 2016 Model x, will have some insight on this post. I struggle as I write this post because I have mixed feeling on all side. I love Tesla as a whole, I hate what they have done to with quality control. I love my Model x, I hate all the...
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    Going past 0 Miles. 4.2 miles to be exact.

    Hi. Last night we willingly tested the reserve battery on our 2016 X. On our way home we were 4.2 miles short to reach our destination. After we reach 0 showing on the range left on our battery, I began coasting and long story short, we made it home. Turning into the drive still showing 0...
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    Can't teach old dog's new trick....

    Hi. I have been watching the media, news, and truckers. These old timer are just dogging on the Tesla Truck.... all of their concern I think is invalid and don't have any leg to stand on. here are some major concern. 1. The electric grid can't handle more charging.( Tesla Mega charger will be...
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    Total Fatalties with tesla cars?

    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone know how people have died in a Tesla car to date?? I can't seem to find any concrete number, I'm only aware of about 3!! Just wanted to know the total year to date vs other manufacture. 1=FL crash 1= China 1= stolen model s crash ( CA)
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    2017 Maine Tesla Owner Meet Up

    2017 Maine Tesla Owner Meet Up. What: Pot Luck / Cook out meet up Please bring a dish to share with everyone. When: Aug 27 @ 1pm -5pm Where: Fort William Park: 1000 Shore Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107 Land Mark: We will be meeting at the playground parking lot. Who: Tesla owners and or friends...
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    Want to sell your chademo adapter??

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a chademo adapter, anyone bought one and haven't found it useful and want to sell it back for around 400 including shipping to Maine??
  15. K

    Carry -IN Carry -Out

    This 4th of July we did what we always have done, Wake up Early and pack the car, get to the Sebago State Park. Wait inline for hours, Get into the park, relax have fun and then go home. The only different this year is that we drive The X. During the wait for hours in line it dawn on me that...
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    Father Days Meet up in New Gloucester anyone?

    Morning everyone, wanted to know if any Tesla owners in Maine would be interested in meeting up at the cruise-in event this coming Sunday. I thought it would be a great event to show the public some EV cars and to meet and greet Tesla owner from around Maine. Would to meet and say hi, if...
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    Tesla Model X is and Is Not!!

    Hi, this is what has been on my mind lately. I have talk to and read a whole bunch and I have come across a lot of people saying well the Model X is this but is nott this. Back and fort both side of the line from owners to none owners and skeptic. So I spend some time putting together what an X...
  18. K

    Road trip: Maine to Orlando Florida 4/19/17-4/27/17

    If you are curious about a road trip from Maine to Orlando Florida, follow our blog. www.keepitsimplekeepitfun.blogspot.com Any recommendations would be appreciated or share with us information that you would like posted!
  19. K

    A Chance to Win a Tesla for Cheap!!!

    Win a Tesla Make a Difference Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle Drawing: July 4, 2017 $250 for a ticket and a chances to make dreams come true! I saw this and wanted the forum to be aware! Climate XChange Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle
  20. K

    4 Pin to 4 Pin wiring help?

    Hi everyone, I can't match up these wires for a trailer that I have. I found the wire connection for the X in the trailer hitch box, I can't find any wiring diagram to make these work together, please help. Tesla end: 4 pin: black, red, blue, and white trailer is standard 4 pin: brown, white...
  21. K

    Dashcam for under $80 and looks great!

    Hi Everyone, I was trying to get a dash cam in the X without spending over 200 + and have it professionally install with even more money. I came up with a solution for under $80. Video of the finish result coming soon on Youtube. Here is how I did it. Parts needed: Black Box B40 A118 ($54.21...
  22. K

    Maine to Flordia Trip: Advice needed!!

    Hi everyone the forum. We are planing a big trip to Disney Land in FL. Here is what we are working with! 2016 60D X Starting point is Windham ME Destination is Disney in FL Mid April departure Half way rest stop at hotel We have never driven down to FL before any advice would be...
  23. K

    Maine Tesla Owner Social Gather!

    Hi everyone on the New England and Mainer's; We have a social gather this coming Saturday, if you don't live in Maine but are close by or just passing by, please drop in for a quick hello before going to your final destination. Location: Rising Tide Brewing 103 Fox St. Portland ME Date and...
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    Maine Tesla Owners Meet and Greet

    Location: Rising Tide Brewing 103 Fox St. Portland ME Time: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (stay longer if you have time) Food and Drink: Two local brewing company on site: Food Truck will be there from 12PM till 7PM Contact Organizer: Khanh Ngo [email protected] Friends and family are very...
  25. K

    The best winter driving car!

    Living in Maine we experience some of the best winter! I have lived in Maine for over 25 years and have been driving for 17 years. I can say with a full grin on my face that while driving the X, I am in full control and with confident! Past car in order of ownership: 1996 Infiniti I30 standard...
  26. K

    How is this Possible for Insurance!

    So I have been reading and hearing that a lot of Tesla owners paying out the roof for Insurance. I don't get it because I'm not playing anywhere near what Some of you guys are paying. I go through progressive and pay twice a year, 35 with clean record. Maine 2012 Prius full coverage : $306 /...
  27. K

    Maine Tesla Owner Meet UP?

    Hi, My name is Khanh, We live in Windham, Maine I was curious to know if there is a lot of Tesla owner in Maine? Would anyone be interested in a meetup for shooting the can? Cook out, hang out, talking about EV? There aren't to many of us in Maine, would love to meet and greet all the...
  28. K

    Issue or I am Over reacting?

    Hi everyone, so I just notices this within the last couple of days, if you look at the picture on the driver side looks like the chrome is coming apart. Ont he passenger side, look ok but it doesn't look normal to me. Can someone post some sample of their x rear windows, so I can compare? SC...
  29. K

    A chance to win Model x 60D!! would you enter the drawing?

    Hi Everyone, here is the question please be honest with your answer! Rules to entry! 1. You have a chance to enter a drawing to win a 2016 Model x 60D with 5k miles on it. 2. Each ticket cost you $250 (limit to 5 ticket person) 3. Only 700 ticket are sold! 4. If all 700 ticket are not sold...
  30. K

    Short charge or Long full Charge?

    Hi everyone, we recently did a road trip and tried two method of charging: Let me know what you think of this? A: charge fully at each supercharger to max limit, up to 40-50 minutes each stop B: charge until you have about 15% estimate till you next stop and only spend about 15-25 minutes per...
  31. K

    FWD fail to open!!! this can't happen again!!!

    Hi everyone. So around 10 am this morning my two and half year old daughter was sleeping peacefully on the driver side of the car! Suddenly my baby girl cough and woke up and started to throw up. I panic and got out of the car and went to open the fwd, waiting for it to open. It didn't open! I...
  32. K

    Any Truth to this hack?

    Hi everyone, I just came across this video, wanted to know if anyone can confirm any truth to the claim or just another BS video?
  33. K

    Notice for update ??

    anyone got notice for software update! Anyone know what is the new update contain ?
  34. K

    New update available??!

    Hi everyone, did anyone else got notice about new update available tonight? What update is tesla pushing? What is the release note? Anyone have any info on this? Ps. I got the notification on my phone via the app!
  35. K

    Case of bait and switch?

    Hi everyone here is the case: We test drive the model x (love the car) 1.Salesman quote us a prices of $82,950. 2. On Sunday night around dinner they said if you order by today you can get the model x on the 30th of sept because the car is already build. Doc and destination fee wave (1,200.)...

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