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  1. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

    So I just noticed that my panoramic roof has a giant crack in it. Upon closer inspection, I cant find any impact damage from anything nor can I recall any event which would cause this. Im wondering at this point if its a defect in the glass? Take a took and tell me what you think.
  2. Caligula

    They didn't use the jack point...

    Sigh. Even after showing them where the jack point is at the corner they needed to raise to fix a tire, the shop STILL managed to screw it up. I'm wondering how bad this is?
  3. Caligula

    Pano roof woes. Sadly. Again.

    Looks like the rubber seal is getting caught and eaten by the articulating mechanism under the Pano roof. Here you can see it after putting the roof into the 12% vent position. I've got an appointment at the SvC in a week. Sigh.
  4. Caligula

    Smart Pre-conditioning revisited?

    I haven't looked into this at all after turning it off last year, so I'm wondering if anyone has has any positive experience with it lately? I'd like to think the SPC programming would have been fine tuned given how many software pushes I've received since I last tried it... but who knows? Anyone?
  5. Caligula

    New AP feature (sort of)

    This may have been mentioned before but we can now engage AP while is car is stopped. Previously, you needed to be off the brake and not be using the hill hold feature in order for AP to engage. For example, if i was stopped in traffic and I wanted to activate AP, I would previously need to let...
  6. Caligula

    Model S is too slow for ATC

    Yes, sadly it is true. Today I discovered that I am unable to stream the Americas Test Kitchen podcast in my 4g/LTE equipped 2015 85D. It seems as though this specific podcast requires "WiFi connectivity" to listen to, due to its high bitrate(?). To test this out completely, once I arrived home...
  7. Caligula

    New AP chime?

    I just noticed this today. When I tried to activate AP and it failed to do so, I got the shrill 3 chime warning one typically hears when say... opening a door when in drive. Now, this is different from what I remeber, as the failed chime used to be the same "AP engaged" chime but in reverse...
  8. Caligula

    Snapped some pics of the refreshed MS today. Front plate bracket standard?

    If anyoje still cares, here are some pictures I took at the local SC as I was dropping my car off. Sadly, the SC said all the cars they have gotten from the factory already had that God awful front plate bracket installed. Also, I apologize in advance if these pictures come out huge. I'm having...
  9. Caligula

    Normal HVAC operation?

    So Ive noticed my HVAC recently. WHat do I mean by this? Well, if youre used to how the AC compressor kicks on in an ICE car when its idling, youll kind of get what Im talking about. Ill be sitting in the vehicle (not moving) with the AC on, and I will (seemingly) randomly feel and hear a very...
  10. Caligula

    Door sill kick plates... argh.

    Well, I managed to slightly dent the drivers side aluminum door sill plate (the ones that say "model S" on the inside of the door opening). It looks like something that's relatively easy to replace, however depending on cost and labor involved, I may just live with it. In any case, has anyone...
  11. Caligula

    How upset should I be?

    So I recently noticed some out-of-the-way, and minor damage to the door sill area inside the rear passenger door. It appears as though this was caused by a metal object as it left gouges in both the plastic and the aluminum frame as well as causing minor scratches to the finish on the aluminum...
  12. Caligula

    Issues connecting/disconnecting from WiFi

    So It seems that my car is now having an issue switching from WiFi to 4g once I leave my house. The car will keep telling me that's its connected to WiFi even though I'm literally miles from my router. This is a newish issue as well, as I dont recall the vehicle ever doing this previously (I did...
  13. Caligula

    I think my Model S needs glasses...

    And in case you were wondering, it was a 3x3 with grilled onions and animal fries.
  14. Caligula

    Seeing a lot of BMW electrics in my area...

    Not sure why but since the new year, I've noticed quite a few i3s and even a few i8s in my area. I'm wondering if there is a specific reason for this (as I'm not keeping up to date on things over on the BMW front), or if it's just a coincidence? Also just noticed the banner ad for the i3 on the...
  15. Caligula

    Panoramic roof at freeway speeds.

    So I recently noticed that the car doesn't like to activate the panoramic roof above certain speeds. I've yet to narrow down exactly where the cutoff is, but when I try to open OR close the roof at around the 70MPH mark, the vehicle won't comply and will tell me that "The operation you have...
  16. Caligula

    AP capable but not activated MS & Auto High Beams?

    I've yet to activate AP in my vehicle (waiting on tax refunds), and am curious as to weather or not my car currently has the automatic high beam functionality enabled? A cursory search couldn't net any specific results, however I assume it may be limited to AP enabled vehicles just like TACC.
  17. Caligula

    Launch mode? Pffft... it's about the wipers!

    Well, while the car was at the service center getting the panoramic roof lubed up (was making noises when opening or closing), I had them push the latest firmware update for me. I wish this would include launch mode, but alas I'm poor and could only afford an 85D... and as such I have to take...
  18. Caligula

    Using the wife's Infiniti for today...

    ...already turned the wipers on when trying to put the car into gear, and left it unlocked when going into the store. #Teslaproblems
  19. Caligula

    Belts that don't suck.

    I'm tired of buying a belt every other year or so. As such I'm on the hunt for a QUALITY, yet good looking men's belt that can be used for both casual as well as business-casual attire (think jeans and a T to slacks and a pollo). I've done a little bit of digging on Google and have found some...
  20. Caligula

    MS is going in for warranty work. What to expect for a loaner?

    Not that it ultimately matters but what is Teslas SOP regarding loaner vehicles? As my (basically) brand new 85D is going to to get the pano roof fixed, my service center informed me I'd be getting a loaner vehicle in the meantime. Should I expect another 85D, or is it sort of whatevers...
  21. Caligula

    Flaps in front of the front tires...

    What are they and what are they for? I've wondered this since I first looked under my car last month. Aerodynamics? Something to mitigate mud/debris? A tool to funnel smallish animals squarely under the front tires? I've never seen these on a vehicle before.
  22. Caligula

    Pano roof chattering

    Well, my MS with ~1300 miles on it has had its first issue. Apparently there's something up with sliding mechanism for the pano roof, which results in a "chattering" as it opens and closes. It won't do it for the entire length, however there are very specific spots where I see it happen (near...
  23. Caligula

    San Diego based car washes/detailers

    For some reason these aren't the easiest things to review and research online. As such I'm hoping someone here has some first hand experience they can share (as well as some suggestions as to where to go!) regarding getting their Tesla washed/detailed in tje San Diego area (must service Southern...
  24. Caligula

    Phone shopping for the wife.

    Well the wife's ancient Galaxy S4 is giving up the ghost so I plan on pirchasing a new unit for her. The thing is that we still have an unlimited Verizon plan, so I have to pay for this thing out of pocket, as using a subsidized upgrade will cancel my grandfathered unlimited data/talk/text. As...
  25. Caligula

    Who went to the Fashion Valley grand opening tonight?

    I know at least one of you went. Saw a Model S with the black/yellow retro plates that said "GHRG PLZ"... I know I've seen that plate on these forums somewhere... In any case, I had a blast but was a wallflower as the wife bailed last minute and was there alone. Good food though, and the open...
  26. Caligula

    Mazda Skyactive ICE presentation

    The Mazda engineers go into some interesting specifics regarding their ICE goals and how they intend to compete with BEV's, et al.
  27. Caligula

    Launching the 85D

    So I see all the nifty things the people who paid the premium for the P's get to play with such as max battery/power mode, different launch settings, etc... I also hear people speak about "priming the battery" and such. Makes me wish I had ponied up a bit more when I ordered, but I digress. Now...
  28. Caligula

    Mobile app and interior temperature

    So in the few days I've owned my MS I've noticed that the app is... buggy. Won't connect, resets, etc... (mostly won't connect). I've also noticed that sometimes it will display the interior temperature of my cabin, and other times not. Now, I'm not sure if this is a "bug" or a feature I'm...
  29. Caligula

    EV Miata VS P85

    :biggrin: I know what my next project is going to be!
  30. Caligula

    Do you have a child seat? I have a question.

    I'm preparing to take delivery of my Model S (hopefully be late October), and as such I am looking at options to prevent damage to the seats of my new vehicle when I install my child's safety seat. In that respect, I am looking for suggestions as what to use, as Id rather not throw old towels...
  31. Caligula

    New member, new Tesla.

    Greetings! I just wanted to stop in and say hello, as I burn time waiting for the delivery of my 2015 Model S 85D. I had the opportunity to drive a P85+ last year when I was back visiting Hawaii, and immediately fell in love with it. Almost exactly 365 days later, and I've now got about 1 to 2...

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