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  1. RobDeBank

    2020 Gen 3 Wall Connector Replaced...finally haha!!

    It seems to be a trend here. I had an October 2020 wall connector, got the red light of death last week, like everyone, called spoke to a lady who tried to get me to download the latest firmware etc, but still no luck. Took all the pictured they required, and got a nice email back they will...
  2. RobDeBank

    Toasted Charge port ECU and Wall connector

    Thank you, I'll push for that today, thanks again..
  3. RobDeBank

    Toasted Charge port ECU and Wall connector

    Yesterday came home plugged in the wall unit and the same, red light came on, doesn't charge. It has been fine since I got the car back in October 2020. Have Been onto customer service and we updated the firmware and again, tried it, nothing and red light come up again!! The charger has been...
  4. RobDeBank

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    They look awesome!! I may get those for my Y, really nice!!!!
  5. RobDeBank

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    I have these too, I think they look great! Very happy!
  6. RobDeBank

    One touch windows only work on driver side?

    All I know is the service rep turned up, plugged in his laptop, windows went up and down, he said, All done! That's what he explained. All good once he did that.... no issues since
  7. RobDeBank

    One touch windows only work on driver side?

    I had this happen once after an update. I called my local service center, they said they had remotely looked at my vehicle and they were going to send a tech out. He arrived the next day, plugged in a laptop, and 5 mins later all done. he said in a download it had missed a bite of information...
  8. RobDeBank

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Heres mine, and my summer car :)
  9. RobDeBank

    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    Really like these! Thank you for posting..
  10. RobDeBank

    No remote camera option in app

    Just got mine working!! Looks great!
  11. RobDeBank

    Phone volume always goes to zero.

    Same here, this does need to be addressed.. Its a royal pain
  12. RobDeBank

    Phone output volume???

    When I make calls from my Y the caller states they can't really hear me and that I sound so far away. Is there a way to adjust the output volume of the phone? Also, where is the microphone pick up for the telephone? Thanks
  13. RobDeBank

    Just finished my first "road trip" and I am not happy with range

    This was a useful discussion I just found. I was totally taken by surprise on my last trip to work. The return mileage is 170 miles. I started with 225 showing available, so I thought I have plenty, I preheated the car, started to work, sentry mode was on. Preheated the car to come home. sowed...
  14. RobDeBank

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Thought best i do the same!! Thank you for sharing!
  15. RobDeBank

    Induction cap removal

    Wasnt one in my car! Oh dear
  16. RobDeBank

    Rear passenger window open notification - false alert

    My driver's window, when you push the switch down the auto down and up feature doesn't work now. Also, watch and app tells me the driver's window is open. I have a service tech coming to look at it. Only had the car 2 months...
  17. RobDeBank

    Multiple windows are not fully closed.

    Having similar issues. My driver's window when you push the button to auto go all the way down the button doesn't work, so have to hold it for the window to go down, and up. Phone and Iwatch say your driver's window is open, and it's not. Plus on the new upgrade does not show the window going...
  18. RobDeBank

    Regenerative Braking after 40.8 update

    I have found the same, as mentioned above, where before I used the regen, I now use brakes, there was, without doubt, a difference. It's not as good as it was prior, I would like it to back if possible. I would rather Tesla work on the lane change on autopilot is a little aggressive, and...
  19. RobDeBank

    Suggestions for Elon

    When its on Autopilot, the lane changes are very dramatic, it this could be made to change lanes not a swiftly, a slower change??
  20. RobDeBank

    Model Y charging keeps stopping

    Well I guess I stand corrected, we live and learn... on wards and upwards..
  21. RobDeBank

    Model Y charging keeps stopping

    Had the same issue with my Gen 3 charger. Called customer support who can remotely see my car, told me it was an issue with the charger not the car. I made sure the charger was connected to the WiFi. They sent an update and to date it seems to have fixed it. So if you have issues call CS and...
  22. RobDeBank

    Gen 3 Wall Connector 3 red blinks fault code

    I had issues with my Gen 3, I eventually got through to Customer services, and they sent a firmware update and right now, mine seems ok, fingers crossed!
  23. RobDeBank

    Gen 3 Wall Connector 3 red blinks fault code

    So how do they think your charge your car!! The 110 lead, that doesn't give me no where near enough power, pay at a supercharger! Hope they fix your issue, I am now having the same issue... just sucks
  24. RobDeBank

    Gen 3 Wall Connector 3 red blinks fault code

    I come on here to research this problem has this happened to me 2 days ago!! Charged the car overnight as usual, got a message car stopped charging! so didn't have enough battery to get to work, and tad miffed to say the least!!!! I have my Gen connected to my WiFi, I contacted customer...
  25. RobDeBank

    Hands Free Voice Activated Telephone Use

    Thanks drt, I'll try that, see if that helps, rather frustrating ending up shouting a computer :)
  26. RobDeBank

    Model Y And The iPhone

    Thanks Volt for your reply. I am keeping an eye on this and I am getting paranoid that I make sure I turn the climate off when I leave the car. I do pre heat the car also.. Thanks again
  27. RobDeBank

    Model Y has auto dimming mirrors

    I would have them too,, any ideas on maybe aftermarket ones??
  28. RobDeBank

    Getting Paint corrected & Ceramic coating plus Window Tint :)

    Looks so nice!!! What a beaut!!!! Enjoy!!!
  29. RobDeBank

    Hands Free Voice Activated Telephone Use

    I have a British accent and I have a terrible time with the voice commands, it doesn't get anywhere close to what I am saying, so gave up using it... No poking fun now! :)
  30. RobDeBank

    Model Y And The iPhone

    Thanksjdr93, I didn't think it should be an issue. The heater not shutting off when I get out is a problem, and the phone not connecting all the time is a bit of a disappoitment.
  31. RobDeBank

    Model Y And The iPhone

    I have issues that when I get into the car it doesn't recognize the BT and I have to keep touching the BT icon and bring up the page and reconnect my iPhone???? Also, the heater stays on when I leave the vehicle? Is it ok to leave a key card in the glove box for valet use Thank you
  32. RobDeBank

    What have you done with your Tesla today?

    I have been thinking about one of these just wasn't sure how easy it was to fit?
  33. RobDeBank

    DIY: Model Y Painted Calipers

    There is a company that makes caliper covers that saves painting, they aren't cheap but seems an easy fit, and they look great. I may go that way...
  34. RobDeBank

    Pennsylvania Waiting room

    Ordered my Y 6/24!! Yep 6/24! Picked it up last Friday, I had a lady help me with the delivery, Carissa, I think. Very helpful!! Delivery went well, no issues on the car visible. However, on the drive home, there is a vibration through the car at 60 mph through 75 mph. I called the service...
  35. RobDeBank

    Wheel alignment

    Thanks Breathe! I stopped in at the service center today, really nice chap at the place here and said he will take a look at it for me, he said he will check the tires. Thanks for your advice too!
  36. RobDeBank

    Wheel alignment

    There seems to a great deal of knowledge here on this, so I have a question. I collected my Y Friday and I am very happy with it. However, at 60 mph, through 75 mph, I get a vibration through the car and steering wheel. Would this possibly be a balance issue, Track, something else? I am going to...
  37. RobDeBank

    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    Ordered mine 6/24, yep 6/24 nothing special, collecting it today, needless to say, we will be having a chat!!!! Very excited though :)
  38. RobDeBank

    October delivery Dates

    I ordered mine on June 24th, I had my VIN number 3 weeks ago, still not heard anything.. I was not in a hurry.. but this is little longer than I was hoping, lets see
  39. RobDeBank

    Red Model Y with Black or White Interior? Opinions?

    I ordered red and white interior, should be here soon, I feel its a personal preference thing, but white is nice :)
  40. RobDeBank

    Heads Up Display Options

    Thanks JW I really like your design, this is my first real year with reading glasses, so I was worried I would not be able to see the display properly. Thank you for taking the time to reply... Good luck with the product
  41. RobDeBank

    Heads Up Display Options

    Hello Jwardell- I am interested in the set up you have on the full display, I am watching how this progresses, very well done!! Is this pretty easy to see from the seat position, from the video it looks a little small.. But very well done!!!
  42. RobDeBank

    RPMTesla Padded Leather Armrest Cover

    I really like the look of that armrest!! also love those blue lights too, where do you get those please? Thanks Darren
  43. RobDeBank

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Great! Thanks Jay!! I'll look when I get mine..
  44. RobDeBank

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Ok great, thank you
  45. RobDeBank

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Cray beard- Are there attachments for the safety chains on the vehicle from the factory? I have ordered a tow hitch and was wondering where I connect the safety chains too? Thanks Darren
  46. RobDeBank

    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    Got my VIN today XXXX34.... Ordered 6/24 waiting deliver date MY LR AWD Red, White interior, tow hitch. FSD, Very excited, but dreading the delivery inspection!
  47. RobDeBank

    Pro tip - Nose reduction kit - rpmtesla

    I ordered the kit and they told me it was on backorder, I am still waiting! I ordered mine after I saw their video, beginning of July.. I was going to cancel and go with someone else. bought some items from Abstractocean, was happy with their shipping and service
  48. RobDeBank

    White Carbon Fiber Console and Dash Wrap

    Looks really nice I have ordered the white interior, can you put links to the items you bought, were they easy to fit?? Thanks!
  49. RobDeBank

    DIY: Model Y Painted Calipers

    Thank you for sharing that, Im certainly doing mine when my Y arrives!!! Thank you for saying what you used too that looks great!!!

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