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  1. RubberToe

    Battery 4 hour storage limit [Utility scale storage]

    All, Someone help me understand this. A lot of the stories I read about battery storage have a disclaimer along the lines of "limited to 4-6 hours". And that longer duration storage is needed (see below article). If someone builds a site with (for example) 100 powerpacks that all charge during...
  2. RubberToe

    Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

    GM spending a lot of money advertising during the Bears/ Packers SNF game last night. If this works anything like the Superbowl EV commercials, it's gonna help sell a lot more Teslas...
  3. RubberToe

    1/2 price on parts if you have Tesla Insurance ?

    After finally hearing back from Tesla Insurance on my $1,238 windshield replacement claim ($400 labor, $800 parts), I was told that if you carry Tesla Insurance that Tesla parts are 50% discounted. I didn't tell Tesla Service when I brought the car in that I had Tesla Insurance. So they will be...
  4. RubberToe

    Car access via phone without key card

    I forgot my key card and am heading into red Rock canyon without cell service. Just want to confirm that "phone as key" via Bluetooth will lock/unlock without active cell phone coverage. Pretty sure it will, but sometimes I need to unlock via the phone app as walk up unlock doesn't always work...
  5. RubberToe

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA - S. Lake Ave. (under construction Jun 2022, 12 Superchargers, 8 DCFC)

    On the City Council agenda for 5/9/22: Shoppers Lane Supercharger The two current Pasadena sites are delivering 500 charging sessions per day. Good working relationship between the City and Tesla. This will be the third Supercharger in Pasadena ! In both previous joint project EV charging...
  6. RubberToe

    Solar panels on common condo roof in California

    All, I am unfortunately the President of an HOA. We have a single building with 50 units, and a common roof over 3 floors. All electrical panels for the units are in the garage under the building. We are in the process of updating our CC&Rs and I saw that they now have the same wording...
  7. RubberToe

    Geothermal: Quaise Energy

    Been meaning to post this for a while now. Listened to a good podcast on the Interchange about Quaise Energy. The idea is that you dig a VERY deep hole and tap into extremely hot rock. Their method uses a megawatt power level millimeter wave technology to essentially burn through the rock. One...
  8. RubberToe

    Battery powered freight trains

    Nature.com: Economic, environmental and grid-resilience benefits of converting diesel trains to battery-electric. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41560-021-00915-5
  9. RubberToe

    Valet wheel damage

    Checked out of a hotel in Monterey yesterday morning. One of the vehicle passengers did a quick look around when we picked it up from the valet who brought us the car. Didn't notice anything. When I got to Casa de Fruta to Supercharge I looked at the right rear passenger wheel and the first...
  10. RubberToe

    Text message vocalization vs navigation

    Interesting interaction. Text message was displayed and being read by the car. Navigation system interrupted it for direction instructions. The text message reading by the car never resumed. RT
  11. RubberToe

    Road Trip report: Pasadena to Las Vegas

    I took the new Model Y on a road trip this weekend. Just noting the performance as a data point or two for those interested. Route was Pasadena to Summerlin, Nv. Details: Miles driven 270 Single occupant plus small bag A/C set to 70 both ways Driving there was on Saturday from 4am to 8am, 78mph...
  12. RubberToe

    For Sale 2018 Model 3 LR RWD w/FSD +connectivity 34k miles

    Looking to sell my Model 3 as soon as the ordered Y arrives. Single original owner, VIN in the 8,000 range. No panel gaps. Excellent condition. FSD paid for at purchase and HW3 computer has been installed, but no FSD SW yet. Car has only been hand washed, never been to a car wash. Battery...
  13. RubberToe

    2015 Kia Soul EV+ For Sale

    Looking to sell a 2015 Kia Soul EV+. Car currently has about 50,000 miles. The main battery was replaced a while back, will have to check the service receipt to find out exactly when the replacement happened. We have taken very good care of the car since then. Minimal charging to 100% and no...
  14. RubberToe

    NOOB Powerwall Question(s)?

    All, Long time TMC member but this is the first time I have ever ventured into the Tesla Energy thread. Been reading about the horror stories coming out of Texas due to the lack of power. I checked the Tesla website and the Powerwall FAQ states that a single Powerwall will only support the...
  15. RubberToe

    SpaceX found an emergency generator for Sea Turtles, Inc.

    The Sea Turtle Inc website accepts PayPal donations.
  16. RubberToe

    Booming and Lucrative Career Fields - 2021

    All, One of my cousins sons is getting ready to start college, and looking for advice on what good career fields might be given how fast thigs change these days. I thought it might be a good idea to start up a thread for those who may need to provide advice like this if and when asked. We all...
  17. RubberToe

    Advanced rail energy storage

    Thought I posted this previously, but didn't see it in search results. Looks like they scaled this down from a prior system, but at least they are in construction: Pahrump gravel mine will store energy using carts, rails, and a big hill
  18. RubberToe

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA - East Glenarm Street (LIVE 21 Oct 2021, 20 V3, 7 DCFC, 20 L2)

    Pasadena is about to get its second very large charging plaza, courtesy of the City and Tesla working together again. This is in a currently underutilized City owned lot by the power plant on the Southwest corner of Glenarm St. and Arroyo Parkway. For those not familiar with the area, this is...
  19. RubberToe

    Nuclear powered nano-diamond batteries

    Cross posted from the Energy, Environment and Policy forum since it's also applicable there. Not quite sure that its a battery but more like a small nuclear powered RTG like energy source. Be interesting to see if the output power levels can match 18650 cells. Battery powered car that never...
  20. RubberToe

    Nuclear powered nano-diamond battery

    Here is something completely new: New Atlas: Nano-diamond self-charging batteries could disrupt energy as we know it. Nano-diamond self-charging batteries could disrupt energy as we know it Thoughts? RT
  21. RubberToe

    Being part of things...

    So Mrs. Toe and I have been watching reruns of Northern Exposure some nights since normal activity is somewhat constrained these last few months. There was an episode where Chris the local radio DJ used part of an inheritance to take a half interest in Holling's bar. This didn't work out too...
  22. RubberToe

    Chrome delete by matte black part replacement versus wrap?

    All, Really like the idea of doing a "chrome delete" on my Red Model 3. Door handles, window trim, rear view mirror trim. I have seen some vehicle wraps up close, and once you get within a few feet they look horrible. It could be that it was just a bad wrap, but once I saw one of these I vowed...
  23. RubberToe

    California renewable energy production with falling demand

    Saw an article talking about California power consumption dropping. I track this so thought I would post a couple interesting snippets from my spreadsheet. Here is a look at total power consumption as posted by CAISO, along with various sources of renewable power. The day shown in red is the day...
  24. RubberToe

    Maddie Goes Electric - YouTube series

    Interesting YouTube series of videos by a woman from Birmingham, England. She looks to be a science writer, who is documenting her first EV lease. She is getting 100,000+ views per episode. The interesting thing is that these videos are primarily oriented toward people who have essentially zero...
  25. RubberToe

    IBM announces battery breakthrough (12-18-19)

    IBM announces battery technology breakthrough All major elements can be sources from sea water... It can reach a power density of more than 10,000 watts per liter; It can reach an energy density of more than 800 watt hours per liter, which is comparable to modern lithium ion batteries; It has...
  26. RubberToe

    Scientific American: 10 Emerging Technologies for 2019

    Interesting article. The 8th entry is for safer nuclear based on fuel pellet housing, and #10 is "UTILITY-SCALE ENERGY STORAGE WILL ENABLE A RENEWABLE GRID" https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/top-10-emerging-technologies-of-2019/ I was hoping given the usual detailed content of the...
  27. RubberToe


    Looks like just CSP, but able to achieve much higher temperatures by smart software controlling the mirrors. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about industrial processes can chime in on whether this is any kind of a game changer for things like cement production. Heliogen’s new tech could...
  28. RubberToe

    Powerflex L2 and Tesla HPC chargers at 341 S. Wilson, Pasadena, in the parking garage

    They are installing the L2 chargers on the roof now. But they now have the 4 DCFCs mounted on the first floor right as you go in. Three of the 4 are still wrapped up, but one is unwrapped. It has dual Chademo and CCS connectors, both 50Kw. Ten of the roof units are Tesla, not sure what...
  29. RubberToe

    Carbon neutral fuels

    Phys.org: New route to carbon-neutral fuels from carbon dioxide discovered. New route to carbon-neutral fuels from carbon dioxide discovered
  30. RubberToe

    U.S. companies leaving China

    How would that affect Tesla, if they were only planning on selling cars built there in China? RT
  31. RubberToe

    Energy Vault

    My favorite block stacking company is in the news today with a $100,000,000 Series B investment: Gravity over lithium-ion: SoftBank invests $110 million in Swiss storage company Energy Vault And a video of the system in operation: The thing that is interesting is that the storage...
  32. RubberToe

    Electrify America station under construction in Baker CA

    There is what looks to be another EV charging location being built immediately South of the Tesla property in Baker. A portable fence enclosed the entire site. There is an Oxblue camera set up for site monitoring. I couldn't locate any permits, or searching Oxblue. Anyone know what is going on...
  33. RubberToe

    Towing Issue - Owner Absent - Remote login question

    All, Came across the following unfortunate scene yesterday morning at my local coffee shop charging spot. They were setting up for a block party, and the entire lot was off limits. The owner of the Model 3 was nowhere to be seen. Must have parked it there either very early in the morning, or the...
  34. RubberToe

    Proterra electric buses for New York, New Jersey (on their way)

    Caught a glimpse of two of these guys today. Here are the relevant story links followed by pictures. Anyone hanging out on the East Coast waiting for their arrival they are now just East of the Baker Supercharger ;) Cute story, Mrs. Toe thought that maybe the buses broke down and needed to be...
  35. RubberToe

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA (LIVE 26 Nov 2019, 24 urban stalls)

    Say hello to my little friend: The largest charging station in the Western United States... :p Pasadena Now » Future of Electric Vehicles in Pasadena Would Get Big Charge From New Plan | Pasadena California, Hotels,CA Real Estate,Restaurants,City Guide... - Pasadena.com It's at the top...
  36. RubberToe

    Model 3 best selling passenger car in the U.S. ?

    Toyota sold 24,545 Camrys in the U.S. in November to make it the best selling car in the U.S. Tesla just delivered 25,250 Model 3's in the U.S. in December. There is a possibility (small) that the Model 3 could be the best selling passenger car in the U.S. in December. In 2019 if they ramp...
  37. RubberToe

    Single 18" wheel cost (installed)?

    Anybody know what Tesla charges for a single 18" wheel? I scratched one of mine up pretty good turning over a curb. The tire is not quite wide enough to absorb this, unfortunately. I'll bet a lot of people encounter this sooner or later. The Tesla web site shows 4 wheels and winter tires for...
  38. RubberToe

    Hyundai Nexo FCV

    The 0-60 time is a blistering 9.5 seconds. At least we won't have to put up with an insufferable amount of drag racing videos like we have for the Tesla cars... 380 mile range, $60k before incentives. No mention of it being a Model 3 killer. Story here: Carscoops: Hyundai Nexo FCV Will Set...
  39. RubberToe

    Need Advice: MDU Installation of 16 Smart EVSEs

    The City of Pasadena has a program running now where MDUs can get up to a $3,000 rebate per EV charger installed. This is up to a maximum of $50,000 per building. I started looking into the details and had the city utility come out to assess the possibility of adding another building meter to...
  40. RubberToe

    Southern California Incentive Project ($70k DCFC subsidies)

    This program is allocating $29,000,000 across 4 Southern California counties for business owners who would installs DC fast chargers. The rebate is $70,000 or 80% of the cost, whichever is lesser. Southern California Incentive Project (SCIP) | CALeVIP The linked page shows a real time graph of...
  41. RubberToe

    Power Plan: Release hundreds of millions of tons of CO2

    Basically, this is time delayed mass murder on an unprecedented scale solely to enrich those intent on destroying the planet for their personal gain... New Trump power plant plan would release hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 into the air
  42. RubberToe

    Caltrain ticketing question

    I'm driving up to San Jose on Friday and staying near Diridon station. Was planning on taking Caltrain up to S.F. on Saturday for the opening party for the Transbay Terminal. I downloaded the Caltrain mobile app, but it looks like ticket purchases can only be made the day of the ride. Can anyone...
  43. RubberToe

    Model 3 may be in the top 10 U.S. car sales in July

    Insideevs is estimating that there were 14,250 Model 3 cars sold in the U.S. in July. Below is the June edition of the top selling cars in the U.S. If July resembles June, then the Model 3 will have made the top 10. Going forward at 5k per week, the Model 3 should easily move up to the 6th...
  44. RubberToe

    Trump moves to rescind California vehicle emission rules

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is going to try and rescind California's authority to set it own vehicle emission standards. Yes, the agency that is supposed to protect the Environment, is on a clear path to destroying all the progress made since these rules were put into effect...
  45. RubberToe

    Need help cleaning front window (streaks impossible to remove)

    Maybe chalk this up to my OCD level, but I am unable to get the streaks off of my front (actually any) window. Someone out there has to know how to get this done, please help! First of all, the window looks absolutely spotless from both the inside and outside. Until you get to a location where...
  46. RubberToe

    Supercharger Maintenance / Cleaning

    I passed through Baker twice this weekend going to Vegas and back. The Supercharger cabinets there really attract the birds for some reason. Anybody know how often the Superchargers get power washed to get rid of this stuff? Good thing the handles are at least protected from this. How is the...
  47. RubberToe

    Alphabet spinning off Project Malta (grid scale Molten salt storage)

    I came across the following in an e-mail from Technology Review magazine: Alphabet is in talks to spin out its molten-salt storage play I checked out the Acrobat publication describing the system. It looks like they are claiming that this will be cheaper than pumped hydro for long term energy...
  48. RubberToe

    First dual motor performance Model 3 rolls off the line

    Shes a beauty too ;) First Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance rolls off new assembly line RT
  49. RubberToe

    What two USB phone connectors come with the Model 3 delivery?

    My old Droid Turbo and Mrs. Toes Google Pixel 2 didn't seem to be able to connect to either of the delivered connectors. I went to look at the Tesla ordering page and saw 3 options: 1) Lightning, 2) Micro USB, 3) USB-C. It did look like there were two different style connectors delivered, so...
  50. RubberToe

    Interesting Charging Issue (resumes charging after app stop charging)

    Got back from a trip yesterday afternoon about 3pm with 60 miles remaining. I wanted to charge a bit but then stop the charge. I checked the phone app about an hour later and saw that I had reached 100 miles charge. I hit the "stop charging" button on the app, and confirmed charging stopped...

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