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  1. PITA

    Uk Blackouts & Octopus Go

    Just had a horrible thought... If these Government scheduled blackouts start during Winter... For every day you have a Blackout, your Smart Meter won't record the 30 minute blocks... Octopus Energy will then default onto their Terms & Conditions and charge the whole day use at Flexible Rate...
  2. PITA

    Starlink Dish - Lightning Protection

    I've ordered Starlink and the kit arrives on Wednesday. West Midlands, UK installation. The satellite dish will be mounted (eventually) on our North facing wall above the roof line. Has anybody fitted a Ground Earth, lightning rod, or surge protection device? From what I understand the...
  3. PITA

    Model 3 - Yoke Steering Wheel Removed

    I've removed my Yoke steering wheel from my Model 3 Performance, after nearly 12 months of use. I fitted it specifically to see if I could get used to that style of steering device, before spending £100k on a new Model S (whenever they arrive) I personally really liked it, so that mission was...
  4. PITA

    32amp Commando Socket on Tesla Gateway 2

    Sorry I know Commando Sockets have been done to death, and I have searched but cannot find the info I need. I've got an electrician coming over in two weeks to fit a 32 amp Commando Socket to the backup side of my Tesla Gateway 2. The Tesla Gateway 2 currently has a 7kW Zappi Wall Charger...
  5. PITA

    Solar Exported Today

    Just for fun... I know a lot of you have Solar Panels. Some big Arrays out there. So how much power did you produce today? ... and how much slipped through the net and was exported to the Grid? My figures are 38.7 kWh generated and 100% used... nothing exported except some Smart Meter...
  6. PITA

    M3P - Lowered Springs Gone

    Just looking at the UK Model 3 Performance and there's no mention of Lowering Springs anymore. Even the car graphic doesn't jump lower as you flick between Long Range and Performance model. Any ideas when this changed?
  7. PITA

    China Model 3 Recall - faulty inverter

    Is this real? Tesla recalls 2019-2022 Model 3 batches for sudden loss of power that can happen at highway speeds Or FAKE NEWS https://www.notebookcheck.net/Tesla-recalls-2019-2022-Model-3-batches-for-sudden-loss-of-power-that-can-happen-at-highway-speeds.612630.0.html
  8. PITA

    Powerwall Storm Watch

    Anybody else putting their Powerwalls at 80% backup mode tonight, ready for tomorrows Storm? Think I'll run them down today to 8%, fill them overnight to 100% ... and set backup to 80% and run off the Grid tomorrow, just in case 💣💢
  9. PITA

    All Electric - All in...

    Quick question... How many people on here have All Electric homes? - Electric Heating - Electric Hot Water - Electric Lighting, Cooking, Washing & Drying - Electric Transportation - Electric Storage & Generation You're all in... (not bothered if you still have alternative fuel items to...
  10. PITA

    Do you check what you stick in your Tesla

    A few weeks back I arrived at a Tesla Supercharger Site, V2 Chargers I think, to find one cable covered in mud. It looked like it had been dropped on the ground?? Anyways, it got me thinking how I never check what's inside these charge cable connectors before I shove it inside my cars charge...
  11. PITA

    Octopus Go vs EDF GoElectric Tariffs

    I've just been number crunching and created a Spreadsheet of our last 4 months electric energy use. The data has come from Octopus Go Smart Meter downloaded consumption (daily at 30 minute intervals). Current Tariff : Octopus Go 5p : Off Peak 13.72p : Peak 25p Daily Standing Charge Optional...
  12. PITA

    Octopus SEG Tariff

    When I joined Octopus Energy last year, I moved onto their Octopus Go Tariff. Nice... 5p per 1kWh between 00:30 - 04:30 13.72p per 1kWh all other times (Peak Rate) But nobody told me at the time I can also apply for the Octopus Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Tariff. This pays 4.1p for any...
  13. PITA

    Back to the Future

    Well... I'm going back to 1990... good job yokes are still compatible... Good luck everybody 👍👍
  14. PITA

    New Highway Code Rules

    So then, how are you getting on with them so far? I was stuck in a single lane roadworks last weekend... for about a mile behind a single cyclist in the middle of the road blocking the lane completely. I'm ok about it all, just happily sat behind watching it all unfold, as an extremely...
  15. PITA

    3 Phase Fast Charging on EV Tariffs

    Are you charging on 3 phase, with a cheap EV Tariff like Octopus Go? I'm currently on a Single Phase meter, but with a 3 phase cabling supply (two tails blanked off) I'm considering upgrading the meter to 3 Phase (I'm on Octopus Go) and hope they'll exchange the meter for me. Then upgrade my...
  16. PITA

    Tesla Eco-System Saving me money

    Just ran some numbers on our energy use since April 2021 - April 2021 : Solar & Tesla Powerwalls installed - May 2021 : Smart Meters installed - Sept 2021 : Tesla M3P Car arrived Anyways... The Solar Array has generated 4.49 MWh = £737 saving The Smart Meters, Octopus Go Tariff and Battery...
  17. PITA

    Model 3 Additional Driving Screen

    My Wife and I like the idea of an additional driving screen... the ones you fit to the dashboard in front of the steering wheel. (we use a yoke version) Have any of you in the UK fitted one to your model 3? What brand did you use, where did you buy it from, rough cost and are they any good...
  18. PITA

    Octopus Go (SCAM) ??

    I'm on Octopus Go since May 2021... However, I hadn't had a bill in months so decided to contact them about getting it sorted out. They eventually billed me from about August to beginning of January 2022. Quite a few months, I checked and thankfully all the billing data was accurate. Except...
  19. PITA

    Octopus Winter Workout

    I know a lot of you are using Octopus for Electricity... ... but are any of you signed up to the Octopus Winter Workout to save Gas usage? How are you getting on so far? On Target?
  20. PITA

    2021 Model 3 Performance 18" Winter Tyres

    First of all, I'm SORRY 🥰 I've searched and searched and just going around in circles... there seems to be so many variations of stories that I'm not getting anywhere. Can you please help. I'm looking for a set of 18" Winter Wheels set for my 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance in the UK... West...
  21. PITA

    Do I smell? The empty Superchargers picture thread

    ... or is it always like this?
  22. PITA

    Tesla Model Terrorist

    What a horrible thought... Could Tesla FSD be the ultimate Terrorist? Pack the car with explosives and send it on it's merry way? Cybertruck in this config? ... very scary thought ... --- ...
  23. PITA


    Come on... who was it 😁😁😁 https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/tesla-owner-blasted-after-filming-25082635
  24. PITA

    Polestar Drivers

    Been driving my 2021 Model 3 Performance for about 2 weeks now... What is it with Polestar 2 Drivers driving like dicks? Counted three now pissing about, carving me up... 🤔 Are they perminently in Dick Mode? I'm just leaving them to it... Is EV Rage a thing? 😂😂🙈🙈
  25. PITA

    Incompetant electrician...

    I'd just like to say thank you to the incompetant electrician who hid a 60 amp fuse within our 100 amp system... My Powerwalls and EV Charger decided to have a hunting party last night at 01:30am to track and kill this rogue 60 amp alien. Powerwalls took victory by jumping into backup mode...
  26. PITA

    My Tesla Model 3 was eaten by a Horse

    Took the car out this afternoon with my Wife, and got ambushed by a Horse... which then started eating the car !! WTF... How do you get Horse Teeth marks out the bonnet/hood ?
  27. PITA

    M3P 500 Miles from new

    I'm now 500 miles in, since Sept 10th 2021 collection day. So now consider myself a Tesla expert 😁 Having never even been inside a Tesla, never mind driven one, I came blind but now I can see. Bloody brilliant car, that is all 👍🙉🙈🙊 (even if I did only get 200 miles out of it yesterday with...

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