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    Have Tesla insurance, just got DMV letter "Intent to Suspend" for lack of insurance

    Received this notice as well, and couldn’t finish the process online. My insurance docs didn’t have the NAIC so I had to contact Tesla Insurance, in which they promptly regenerated the document and card for me, with the NAIC. The rep told me they’ve been having discussions with the person in...
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    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    If these past few weeks have taught us anything, there are no guarantees with Tesla. It's been a whirlwind on pricing-- first, the repackaging o AP and FSD, followed by the price cuts, then the significant discounts for those who already had a Tesla but didn't purchase either package, then the...
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    Transportation to Pickup New 3

    I remember the night before picking up my TM3-- just painful tossing and turning and watching time slow to a crawl.... enjoy your sleepless night ;)
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    Insurance costs?

    When I was shopping around, Geico and Ameriprise (via Costco) had the lowest rates. They didn't seem to add an EV surcharge that so many other insurance companies are doing. USAA and AAA also had competitive rates. Ameriprise recently raised their rates ~18% across the board, so it might be...
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    Ordered MR Post Announcement

    As others have already mentioned, if you have any intention of selling the TM3, most buyers are still unaware of Tesla's product lifecycle and how model years don't correlate with enhancements. Because of this, you'll get more resale value on a 2019-branded vehicle. If reselling isn't in your...
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    SF Car Break Ins - Where To Park?

    For me, it's: Garages > Large Lots > Street Parking Most garages at the very least have a surveillance system which will deter thieves from attempting to break into your car. Large lots are well-lit and usually have a steady flow of traffic from people looking for parking or leaving the lot...
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    Calif. buyers - CVRP rebate running down

    And they are not lying! It took about three to four months to get my check after they received my documents. The processing took 60 days while it took an additional 30-45 days to mail the check.
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    I ordered my CA legacy personalized plates back on May 4th

    The approver probably assumed 'MOREKWH' was taken, so using the '3' as an 'E' is against their rules. Did you put in your explanation that the '3' was meant to symbolize the Model 3?
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    V9 energy app? Anyone seen any photos?

    There's a pic in the megathread over on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/9j1qd3/201839_v9_vehicle_software_update_megathread/
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    No offense, the current card/phone setup is utter *sugar*

    I have a 0% success rate with my iPhone X in my back pocket, and about a 90% success rate with it in my front pocket. I had it fail on me today while my phone was in my hand. It really makes you look stupid when you pull the handle and the car doesn't open. Fortunately, it opened up after the...
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    Model 3 feature wish list

    - Google Calendar integration - Default card selection (I like to see my current trip odometer / usage, and HATE that I have to swipe and scroll to it every time I start driving) - Mobile hotspot - Ability to open the frunk without using the app, or climbing into the car and tapping the display...
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    Delivery Day Trade In Process

    My experience back in April was very painless. I checked in at the front desk, and they found my appointment. The lady at the front desk noticed I had a trade-in and asked for the keys, registration and title. After handing those over, she went to the car and confirmed the odometer numbers to...
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    Dash cam DIY install Model 3

    Bumping this as this thread was tremendously helpful in installing my DR-900S this afternoon. I initially contacted Calibred to do the installation. They quoted $300 for the install (with your own parts) but when I responded with available dates I never heard back. This turned out to be a...
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    Model 3 Delivery Experience in Fremont

    Yes. Destination fee applies even if you are picking up from Fremont— FWIW, you’re picking up the car from the delivery center and not straight out of the factory, and the fee also includes documents/titling fees, similar to what a dealer would charge.
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    When will there be more Model 3 on the road vs Model X?

    It's already more common here in the Bay Area. This past week, there was a white Model 3 driving in the parking lot, and a red and blue one parked within a few spaces away from each other. This excludes my blue one that was parked on the other side of the lot. I don't mind, as it draws less...
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    Are DSA's incompetent or overworked?

    Imagine having 100 clients to tend to at any given moment. You, the delivery advisor, are tasked to be the liaison between the factory, the service center, and the contracts department. The client, only sees you as their window of communication between all three moving pieces of the puzzle...
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    California DCAL

    You cannot pick up the decals at a local DMV / AAA center, nor will they take your application for processing. It took roughly 4 weeks for the "Special Processing Unit" in Sacramento to cash the check and two days to receive it via snail mail. Once you get your plate number/registration, send...
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    California M3 owners - license plate options at purchase?

    It took a little less than two weeks for my original plates/reg card. Vanity plate, however, took approximately 14 weeks from ordering online to getting the postcard to pickup at the DMV. Add another 2 hours to line up at the DMV, surrender your current plates/reg card, and get the new...
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    Delivery Question (Bank Draft)

    Navy Fed does this. Very painless. My delivery specialist had me write each item line by line on the check before signing it, and whoever was in charge of securing the funds for Tesla (in the back room) made the call to get the PIN. Took an extra few minutes but it went smooth. If it’s a large...
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    Fremont Delivery Center: What to expect?

    Lattes are free and in the same area you go to check in. You can arrive earlier but there’s really not much to see— your car will be in the showroom for you to take a quick selfie and the specialist to show you some quick features. This isn’t the greatest place to inspect the car, as the...
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    Received a 430i (convertible) both times I visited the service center in Fremont. I was also given a Land Rover as an option. Both times they didn’t have any loaners in stock.
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    Why bother with final payment in advance?

    Convenience. You can absolutely go to your bank and get a cashiers check. Or you have the option to avoid the extra stop and do it all online. Some people don’t like the idea of handing over their money before being able to inspect the car, while others don’t care. Personally, I haven’t seen...
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    Documentation needed for Lightstream

    It’s going to depend on your credit history. They asked for a recent pay stub, as well as past W2s and proof of investments I had listed. They’re very responsive and although I didn’t wind up using them, the process was very easy.
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    Received Red California HOV Stickers for Model 3

    Decided to put one sticker in the front (PPF cutout) and then 30mil thick magnets for the two rear stickers. This gives me the ability to place and remove the decals as I please, since I don’t intend to use the lanes that often.
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    Had to reject delivery

    Those scratches would have haunted you forever if you chose not to get them fixed. Good call. Your car will inevitably fall to normal wear and tear, but that should happen AFTER delivery, not before.
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    Pictures from Fremont Deliver Center 5/29

    No wonder why it looked so different compared to my experience.. I didn’t even know there were supposed to be windows in that “showroom”!
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    Poll. Vin to Delivery

    Definitely an outlier here, but from VIN to delivery was 8 days for me: 4/6: Invite 4/7: Config (Blue/19"/EAP), instant VIN 4/9: ISA Contact 4/13: Finalized financing and scheduled delivery 4/15: Delivery, papers show car was built in April as well
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    Inexpensive window tint shop in Bay Area (SF)

    I don't think it included either (pano/front windshield)-- just the rear windshield and side windows.
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    Inexpensive window tint shop in Bay Area (SF)

    Gave this guy a call this morning-- they're booked for a week and a half, but gave me a similar quote ($380) for the rear windshield and side windows. He mentioned $700-720 for ceramic, however. Going to confirm what % of tint, as he needs to order the film for the rear. He seemed very...
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    Am I getting hosed on my insurance(Allstate)?

    Allstate is NOT in the Tesla insurance game as of yet. I asked my agent for a quote on my M3 and it was laughibly triple the amount than Geico and Ameriprise. Needless to say, I parted ways with Allstate and went with Ameriprise. I have had no qualms with Allstate— they are a top tier...
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    Pre-trading in car?

    I think in OP’s situation, the family member needs to be there at delivery day in order to sign the title off to Tesla. OP, maybe you can ask if they can send the DMV documents beforehand and have the family member sign them? Or avoid the hassle and do a trade in with CarMax, and pay off the...
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    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    Haha! It's funny you mention that, because I really didn't notice that spot until I installed the mats. I was pleasantly surprised how well it fit-- almost as if that hole were designed for a Kleenex box!
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    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    Also got my mats today.. very high quality and superb fit. I don't think anyone will be disappointed when they receive theirs!
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    Are scale models still being given at delivery? :)

    Fremont- mine was “hiding” in the center console.
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    Wrapping the wood

    Installed my wrap over the past week. Their customer service is nonexistent as I’m waiting for two replacements for my console wrap (have wrinkles that won’t disappear) but am pretty pleased with the steering wheel and wood trim.
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    Model 3 VIN - But what does it really indicate?

    I received an instant VIN when I configured on 4/7, and took delivery 8 days later. In my experience, getting assigned a VIN means your vehicle has been completely built. Paperwork shows my TM3 was built in April as well. VIN 156XX.
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    Are existing owners still getting priority?

    It took a little over a month for me to get an invite (2/25 - 4/6). I’d give it about 6 weeks, otherwise US invites do seem to have slowed down recently.
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    Kagu Model 3 Mats Available

    Heads up! Another eBay coupon out for those wanting to save 15%: PMAY4TH
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    Model 3 Owners - Eligible for Referral Program?

    I personally haven’t done it but I’d assume the [email protected] mailbox would be able to route the request to the appropriate team.
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    Model 3 Owners - Eligible for Referral Program?

    The TM3 is eligible for the referral program. If you need it the code pronto, email Tesla and ask about it so they can manually push it to your account. Otherwise, I hear it can take up to two months for the referral link and loot box to appear.
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    model 3 still not transferred to our account after 2 months

    Checked my account this morning and I see my TM3 is successfully transferred, so I’d say Tesla is definitely allocating more resources to address this backlog. (The email quoted 5-7 biz days, was completed in 6)
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    Poll: Model 3 Phone Key Failure Rate

    After 6 days on the iPhone X, it has been perfectly reliable so far. I thought it had trouble detecting my phone when I try to unlock the trunk but it turns out I just had to double press the trunk release for it to open. FWIW, I let the Tesla app use my location anytime (and not just while...
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    Offering slot to my firend, really...

    Tesla is making it overly complicated on your end, and not much easier on theirs. You can have your friend configure the car on your account and pay the $2500 non refundable deposit. Have him fill out the registration information (portal opens up after configuration payment) and the title will...
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    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    What are you trading in? It shouldn't take this long at all. I was quoted 48 business hours, but received a response within 2. Have you contacted your ISA to see what the holdup is? In the meantime, it might be worth heading over to Carmax and getting a quote from them.
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    Tesla trade-in

    It was within two hours for me. My friend went through the same process and received his estimate within 10 minutes.
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    Delivery for 2nd Model 3

    Day one owner already delivered and just ordered another This guy got his second invite after a month, so I wouldn’t be surprised if your second reservation also received a priority bump.
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    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    Call your ISA and ask him or her when the earliest weekend delivery date is. Because you’re picking up from SoCal, there are additional logistics required to get your car down there. If your car is already down there, it’s a different story. Definitely figure out who you’re going to finance...
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    VIN Assignment

    If you do, it’s highly preferred that you bring a cashier’s check. If you don’t want to surrender the check, you can always hold on to the check or cash it back in to your account. I’d go this route if you don't want to ACH beforehand. But also keep in mind, you don’t have to accept the car if...
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    California VINs: are you still waiting?

    (725) 223 - XXXX. Call can come any time of the day. But really, just answer any call that comes from Vegas if you’re expecting a call from Tesla!
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    Transferring a Model 3 reservation = no problem?

    I’ve definitely noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a consistent protocol in transferring ownership and timeframes. In my case, I just submitted an email to servicehelpna with the VIN, original account email, new account email and delivery date. I received an email this morning giving me...

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