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    Battery Degradation – 10 year report

    I also have a 4xxx 2013 model S (door sticker says January manufacturing date) with 80k miles. At 100% charge it claims to have 244 miles of range. I consider that acceptable since the car is nearly 10 years old and on the original pack.
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    I’m surprised that the difference in weigh affected range as much as it did. Makes me think Tesla has a lot of extra room for range improvements.
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    I did a quick google search and the heaviest rear axel I found was 1500kg (older performance model with big rear drive unit), which I think is still within range for this wheel.
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    MS map…

    You haven’t unlocked that area of the map yet. Try finishing some of the side quests. :D
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    Vendor Recell Launches Groundbreaking Remanufactured Battery Packs for Model S and Model X

    Question about the energy capacity. You may have already stated this in different terms, but I didn’t catch it. Do the packs contain the same amount of cells as an OEM pack, just that some of them are older and have experienced some degradation?
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    2012 MS Badging?

    I have a 2013 model S with a 4XXX vin (Jan 2013 manufacturing date) and can confirm that it also has no badge.
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Seems like it would be easy to confirm if the wheels are within spec if they have the load ratings stamped on the back. In my limited experience, M3 stock tires normally have a load index of 94 to 99, which is 1477-1709lbs per wheel. One could assume that the German engineers would build the...
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Love the look! I'm surprised to see how much the lower weight has affected efficiency despite the (I'm assuming) loss of aerodynamics.
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    Tesla dove grey NEXT GEN full interior conversion for Model S AP1

    Would you be willing to sell just the seats? Are they still available?
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    Vendor Preventative Maintenance regarding Battery Failures in early Model S vehicles (2012-2014)

    My 2013 model S has a 4xxx VIN and was manufactured in January of 2013. Earlier in the year I had the issue of moisture getting into the battery, and I am curious if the evap drain was to blame. Total cost was ~$2000 for a new fuse, field CRT kit, umbrella valves, and a rapid mate plate. Took...
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    Price Check - 2013 p85+ w/ full Clear-Bra

    The 85 packs were rated at 265 when new, and even a rebuilt pack wouldn’t likely have that much range. I’m guessing it’s a replacement 90 pack that has degraded to 258. As others mentioned, super charging speeds are also slow. Expect an hour to an hour and a half at a supercharger.
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    Price Check - 2013 p85+ w/ full Clear-Bra

    It looks like it is very well kept, however as the owner of a 2013 model S, you need to be prepared for some potentially expensive repairs. The drive units are known to fail, and that's a $6k replacement. The early batteries are also not as robust as the newer models, and a new pack is $20k...
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    Anybody miss Tesla's Silver paint option?

    +1 for silver. Didn’t think I’d like it, but I’ve become attached.
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    Model S LR, Black/black, tempest - reservation transfer

    Hi all - I have a reservation for a 2022/23 model S LR, black exterior and interior, with tempest wheels, no FSD. Total price for the vehicle is $97,490. I put the reservation down, but then ended up having to move to a more expensive area, so I never took delivery. Open to offers. Not...
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    Looking to possibly buy a 21/22 Model S. Worried there are so many being sold with low miles

    Completely anecdotal, but the last time I was at the SC near me, I was really surprised to see so many plaids in the lot (at least 20). I then ran into someone dropping one off, and he told me it had been to the SC 6 times in less than a year. This time was because of a failure of the MCU. He...
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    I have a 2013 model S 85, and average 255wh/m at 70-75mph with AC set to 4 and 72F. In the city it’s more like 300whm. I recently got a set of Fast EV01+ wheels that have helped a lot with highway range. Tires are Michelin PS3 summer tires.
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    Screen leaking fluid bubbling

    This is my thought as well. The actual liquid crystal fluid could potentially be toxic, but it’s also a very very tiny amount (measured in microns, I believe). What’s leaking is likely the adhesive between the digitizer and the LCD panel, which is not toxic. I think what’s happening with a lot...
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    Model S -> Taycan Review

    Direct sales and a service center that IS NOT a profit center goes a long ways with customers. Tesla and Apple are great examples.
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    2013 S 85 Charge Port Replacement Tips?

    I don’t have an answer to your question, my only advice is to be careful with the led trim, as a mobile tech once quoted me $200+ for a new one.
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    Tesla model s rear suspension leak

    I have an early 2013 model (4xxx vin) and I noticed that the rear drivers side sags if I don’t drive the car for a week. Curious to know what the Tesla service center quote was vs 3rd party. My thought is that I won’t address it until it’s worse. Is there harm in waiting?
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    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    There was another thread somewhere that showed the efficiency of the different charging rates, and if I remember correctly low amperage charging and really high amperage charging (level 3) were the least efficient.
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    Model S -> Taycan Review

    Beautiful car, and you got it for a great price! Dealers near me are charging that price for used base models with 20k+ miles.
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    Buying a 2015 Model S 85 and have a few questions for the experts.

    For me it’s mainly about fraud. Florida has the highest rate of uninsured drivers in the entire US, so repairs often go undocumented and are hidden during resale.
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    Buying a 2015 Model S 85 and have a few questions for the experts.

    My eyebrow goes up whenever I’m looking at a car that was ever bought/registered in Florida. Wouldnt stop me from getting it if the price is right, but I’d give it a harder look to see if there was any damage that was fixed and not reported.
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    Ultra-eco tire setup for my P100D.

    Another idea is buying a more efficient set of 19” wheels. Fast makes a model that is called the EV01(+) that is supposed to be as aerodynamic as a set of 18” Aeros from a model 3.
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    Our of warranty rapairs

    Depending on where you live in the US, you may be able to find a 3rd party shop that can do the more difficult repairs for significantly less than what the Tesla Service Center charges.
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    Slow supercharging on a 2013 Model S

    I’ve noticed further throttling after the latest update. It used to supercharge around 54-44kw, and has since dropped to 44-34kw. Love the car, but the charging is starting to be a hassle.
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    Picked up my DIRTY CPO

    That’s unfortunate. If demand is that great they should be looking to augment staff or contract some of the work out. If it were me, I would have declined delivery. It’s hard to look for damage/problem areas on a car that is very dirty.
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    I Ordered a Taycan

    I guess I could, but if they are selling used ones for $10k more than when they were new, I’d only be wasting my time. Yet another reason why I don’t play with traditional dealerships anymore.
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    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Not disagreeing, only explaining why wh/mile would be that high.
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    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Others have probably already mentioned it, but if you are parking outside or somewhere cold, not preconditioning, and only driving a short ways (10 miles or less) the car is probably spending a lot of energy trying to get the battery temp up. I had a similar issue with my model s. If I parked...
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    2013 Model S a money pit

    I have a 4000 series vin 2013, and I feel your pain. Just paid $3k for repairs because it got water in the HV battery. Apparently a part on the undercarriage rusted and water got in.
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    Our of warranty rapairs

    It depends. If it's normal stuff like shocks, control arms, sway bar links, etc... a normal shop can likely do it if you provide the parts. For anything else I'd go to a Tesla service center.
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    Strange regen braking problem - shaking

    In my experience, the cold weather and SOC were contributing factors, but not the main cause. The cold weather and SOC limit regen braking, and then whatever logic and mechanical restrictions on the regen braking are not limiting it properly, leading to the shake. The shake starts small but...
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    I Ordered a Taycan

    The msrp starts at $84k, but I haven’t been able to find one at that price. All the dealers appear to be marking them up an additional $10-20k in my area. Used base models with less than 10,000 miles are selling for $92k and more.
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    My Tesla S P85d nightmare. I don't think I ever want another tesla ever again and want to get rid of this junk asap

    I believe they can be cheaper to operate, however teslas are luxury vehicles and repairs are expensive.
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    Model S Wheel Upgrade

    Any idea what it would take to update to new sensors?
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    2013 S 85 Charge Port Replacement Tips?

    Very interested to hear more about how you did it and what parts are required!
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    FS: Model S 19'' Satin Black Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Still interested if you are willing to ship. I would cover all shipping costs.
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    Key Not detected when underway- intermittent

    There are multiple fob sensors in and around the car. Maybe one wasn’t reattached correctly after the install?
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    FS: Model S 19'' Satin Black Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Interested if you are willing to ship and provide shipping quote!
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    Comparison Between Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2

    I test drove a Polestar 2 last year and was generally unimpressed. The exterior of the car looks nice, but the inside was super tiny, and the oversized center console made me feel claustrophobic. Acceleration and range were lower than a similarly priced M3, and the prices were nearly the same.
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    Cost of model s charge port replacement?

    $777 for me. That included the port and door, but not the plastic LED ring. That little piece for plastic with LEDs costs an additional $350.
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    Strange regen braking problem - shaking

    Purely speculation… but I think it has to do with the car trying to limit regen braking when cold, but it isn’t doing it well. It only happened to me on cold days, when the battery was cold, and I was coasting down a hill.
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    Blog Tesla Increases Prices Again

    What 4 trillion are you referring to?
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    Blog Tesla Increases Prices Again

    Inflation is also caused by the rate in which money changes hands. The world opened back up in 2021 after a long quarantine so increased inflation is to be expected. That being said, inflation isn’t the driver of higher car prices, it’s supply and demand. Greater demand and limited supply due...
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    Blog Tesla Increases Prices Again

    Pretty sure we are saying the same thing but in different ways. Huge demand and limited supply give manufacturers the ability to charge more.
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    Blog Tesla Increases Prices Again

    I think that’s the point of the price increases on the SR+. There are likely slimmer profit margin on it, so raising the price closes the gap and will push some folks to the more expensive models. Unless you absolutely need a new car right now, my recommendation to everyone is to wait until...
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    Blog Tesla Delivered 241,300 Vehicles in Q3

    Pretty sure the limited deliveries of the S And X are because of the refresh and the inability to get most models at this time and throughout the quarter. I think they are still only delivering Plaid S’s and the x’s aren’t available/delivering until next year.
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    Can anyone help with enabling supercharging?

    Supercharging may be difficult because as others have stated, there needs to be a handshake between the car and Tesla for it to work. However it’s likely that someone can enable fast charging so it will work at 3rd party stations.

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