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  1. puritan

    2018 Model X 100D for sale. Reus audio, black wheels w/ red calipers, full body clear bra.

    After toying with the idea of holding onto the car for a few months, car is sold.
  2. puritan

    2018 Model X 100D for sale. Reus audio, black wheels w/ red calipers, full body clear bra.

    Car is still available. Will sell for the right price. I understand high mileage == BAD but its primarily seen from a servicing and parts POV. The most important part of the car, the battery, has 5 years and 77,000 miles left on it. These cars simply don't become a money pit past the warranty...
  3. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    I drove it for a bit. It didn't seem as "nice" as the X7. Road noise seemed to enter the cabin more. I felt the BMW had sharper styling.
  4. puritan

    2018 Model X 100D for sale. Reus audio, black wheels w/ red calipers, full body clear bra.

    Yes it is. Make me an offer. The going rate of any 2018 MX is 75k+. The miles are on the higher side but this is not any other car where the service bills suddenly start adding up.
  5. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    CyberSUV. Will be first in line.
  6. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Did everything you thought of. March 2020 to December 2020. Didn't work. I didn't want to give up on it.
  7. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    R1S looks amazing. But I'll need more confidence in the fast charging capability first. Can't risk being stranded in a Rivian. Was stranded once in the MX (rolled upto a 3rd party charger that was out of order in the middle of nowhere with 1% charge), at least I was 40 miles from a good...
  8. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Outright cargo space is lacking especially with all passengers loaded up. I miss the frunk. Storage of knick-knacks is vastly improved. Bottles, receipts and now Masks no longer fly off the cupholders or roll around on the floor like they used to on the MX.
  9. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Love all the comments and perspectives being offered here. When I bought the MX late 2017, I was in the market for a fast family hauler. It was just me, my SO and our 2 dogs. I considered and drove the X5, Q7 and the Range Rover Sport. The MX wasn't even in consideration as I'd assumed it was...
  10. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Already bought a BMW X7. It is more luxurious with loads of space and I already know I'm digging myself a hole to crawl into once the fuel and maintenance costs start adding up. I love my MX and find it hard to part with it. As I said in posts before this, I do hope Tesla come out with a more...
  11. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Well, my car is up for sale: 2018 Model X 100D for sale. Reus audio, black wheels w/ red calipers, full body clear bra. Got myself a BMW X7 and it really is bittersweet. Elon, if you're reading this, pencil me in for the Cyber SUV and also remember, "Under thigh support".
  12. puritan

    2018 Model X 100D for sale. Reus audio, black wheels w/ red calipers, full body clear bra.

    Hi My 2018 Model X 100D is up for sale. Asking for $72,250. This is a great deal as I spent upwards of $12k in enhancements after taking delivery. It has every single possible upgrade and will only get better, as all Teslas do. Car is in the bay area. Feature highlights: 1. HW 3.0 Installed...
  13. puritan

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Qualifying statement: We're a family of 4. The shortest person is 5'10". We have two dogs, each 65 lbs that travel everywhere with us (by everywhere, I mean they jump into the car for a CVS run). Don't get me wrong, I love my Model X and I wish I didn't have to sell it but 10 days in a BMW X7...
  14. puritan

    Urgent: Help: Stranded in Modesto. Need an adapter. Will pay.

    I'm in need of a charger adapter and am at the UC Modesto chargepoint. Anyone willing to help out? Thanks.
  15. puritan

    Urgent: Help: Stranded in Modesto. Need an adapter. Will pay.

    I'm in the UC Merced chargepoint without an adapter and with 5% charge. Anyone nearby willing to help out? Number is 949-981-2081
  16. puritan

    I want to sue Tesla..

    @DarkKnight83 I hope you aren't as abrasive as this to the service people of Tesla, or people in general, or the people who work for you. Good luck
  17. puritan

    I want to sue Tesla..

    @DarkKnight83 You have had two issues with the car so far. 1) Didn't charge when plugged in 2) GPS froze Slow turnaround time for fixing damage caused by an accident happens everywhere, you cannot avoid that. Despite some issues, Tesla did offer to replace the door. All Model X owners have...
  18. puritan

    Replacing middle row, Model X 7 seater

    @mjptech Do you know anyone who'd be ready to take a look?
  19. puritan

    Replacing middle row, Model X 7 seater

    Heavy user here. 70,000 Miles in 25 months. I've noticed that the middle row has become supremely uncomfortable for the occupants over time. I am seriously looking into getting them replaced with different seats. The issue was especially apparent when I compared them against a RAM 1500 truck...
  20. puritan

    Sound system quality

    Reus audio is by far the best aftermarket sound system. They have kinda made it an art to the point where it looks stock after installation. Also, Reus do the factory stock system for the Karma Revero. I've been to their shop in Orange, CA and have seen the things they work on. It's literally...
  21. puritan

    How to cool off the glasses quickly? I am surrounded by the heat with cold air blowing.

    I installed heat rejecting ceramic tint covering all windows that isn't the windshield. Reduces the glasshouse effect in a big way. For the windshield, I use the tried and tested silver foil reflector thingy.
  22. puritan

    2017 Model X 100D Supercharger capped at 100kW

    2018 March 100D here. Heavy use (>100 miles/day, did 35000 miles last year). My rate is capped at 105kW (down from 118kW) since the latest update. I was a heavy supercharger user as I lived in an apartment (like a lot of Tesla owners do in Silicon Valley) that didn't provide EV charging. Now...
  23. puritan

    Model X - Buy now or wait for refresh?

    If I were you I'd wait until the announcement and get a feel of what the update is. If you like it, you'd get the latest and greatest without any regrets. If you don't, you should be able to buy an inventory model with the latest AP3 and updated motors.
  24. puritan

    Squeeky suspension?

    I had the exact noise, especially over bumpy roads. It turned out it was my yet to install front license plate living in the glovebox. It took one owner, one sales guy and a couple techs to figure it out. So, ensure you empty that out to save yourself a red face at the SC.
  25. puritan

    I was working on the car when the software installation started

    Hey! So I was prepping the car for a road trip and I completely forgot that I'd scheduled the latest software installation. All the doors were open when the music suddenly stopped. I got into the car thinking the screen froze and attempted a few scroll resets before the gears in my brain...
  26. puritan

    Model X Trailer Hitch Ratings

    Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" Draw-Tite Trailer Hitc Specifies TW of 750lbs. This is a good replacement to the removable Bosal hitch. But this comes with a warning though: Metal <--> Aluminium corrosion Tesla Model S hitch by Torklift (3 year update)...
  27. puritan

    Remove Front Wheel Housing Bezel on my Model X?

    Look up Rich rebuilds on youtube. Rich Rebuilds
  28. puritan

    [2019.12.1.2] [Supercharging]

    @popboywei I understand that's why the SC is generally used. But for a 20-something in Silicon Valley who doesn't want to put down roots but can afford a 100K car, urban chargers and SCs keep me going despite not being ideal to the car or to the other Tesla folk in a hurry.
  29. puritan

    [2019.12.1.2] [Supercharging]

    Reached out to SC and asked them. They said that everyone is seeing varying speeds and it's because the general battery health and other additional factors are taken into consideration while setting the peak rate. Since 90% of my charging is at the SC, I'm assuming my battery is at a lower...
  30. puritan

    [2019.12.1.2] [Supercharging]

    Ever since the move to 2019.12.1.x, the peak supercharging rate has dropped down from a very regular 114kW to just about 103kW. I have enough data points from a bunch of different 150kW max supercharging stations. I'm a high mileage driver who largely lives off the supercharger. I charge at off...
  31. puritan

    Almost had a heart attack while cruising model X

    Did the X shake on its own? Or did you shake the X?
  32. puritan

    String of issues with 7 months old Model X

    I had issues 1 -> 3. A software update and reset fixed it. It looks like your steering harness isn't working. I had a harness issue with my falcon wing doors. I consider all these teething issues a right of passage for any owner of a Tesla Model X. You should be up and running after your...
  33. puritan

    2019.12.1 update

    75Ds will not be able to get a good bump in supercharging speeds as those cars come with a charger that maxes out at 48A, this is also why it maxes out at ~100kW. The 100D and P100D max out at 72A. The real winners are the guys who bought the "dual charger" setup way back when.
  34. puritan

    19.8.3 Received

    +1 on the flickering.
  35. puritan

    19.8.3 Received

    Observation while at the SC today. Plugged into slot 2A with 2B already occupied by another car. Normally, the charge rate would be at 36/72/93 KW based on where the other car is in it's charging cycle. Today, the charge rate was at 110kW from 17% SOC to 50% SOC and never dipped below 86kW...
  36. puritan

    19.8.3 Received

    Does anyone know if the faster charging rates made it to this update? There was an article going around about being able to draw ~147KW from a V2 Supercharger as a single user.
  37. puritan

    StowAway Max rear luggage carrier - my experience

    @shrfu31 You are correct, we weighed in at 194lbs to be exact. I used the airport codes to signify cities. San Francisco -> Los Angeles -> Denver -> Vegas -> San Francisco. A total of ~2800 miles in just over 10 days. I knew I was taking a risk by going over the limit but the Supercharging...
  38. puritan

    StowAway Max rear luggage carrier - my experience

    Around 2018 Thanksgiving, I did SFO --> LAX --> DIA --> LAS --> SFO with 4 passengers and 2 dogs. Each of the passengers had one 30lb bag and a bunch of blankets, pillows and food items. The Stowaway gulped it all up and didn't need a mid-trip adjustment either. I still have it on my car, no...
  39. puritan

    Model X 75D (237 EPA) or software locked 100D (270 EPA)

    Pay the 6k now and your car will depreciate lesser because it's a new flavor. Pay the 6k now so you have faster charging. Pay the 6k now so you have that extra few miles that might not be strictly necessary for the car but is for your heart rate
  40. puritan

    Loud Bang from Passenger Side!!

    Drive it directly into an SC. This is a safety issue and they're obligated to look at it right away.
  41. puritan

    is my charging behaviour healthy

    Jeez, give the man a break.
  42. puritan

    Recent aftermarket Sound System install in the LA area?

    Reus is in Orange, CA. You should pop by their shop. Surya
  43. puritan

    MCU2 crashing

    Had issues with the 12V battery so it was towed to the SC. Why is this interesting and in any way related to your issue? The SC saw a few fault codes thrown by the MCU2 and replaced the SD card inserted into the module. No issues since.
  44. puritan

    Seating selection for HUGE dog. What did you do?

    I have 2 dogs. Both around 60 pounds. I got the seven seater as I can fold down all the back rows in case its just me and the missus. If not, both of them still have space behind the second row with the third row down. It might seem a little stupid to never use the third row in the seven seat...
  45. puritan

    New Model x blacked out at a red light

    The center and instrument display is completely separate from the drivetrain of the car. So the car will drive but you won't know how fast you're going or where if you're the kind of person who uses nav to even get home. Kinda sucks. The screen blacking out happens, mostly with the release of...
  46. puritan

    My Auto-park malfunctioned and Tesla denied it

    I understand your frustrations and it does suck to have a ding of any kind on the car. Why didn't you slam on the brakes though?
  47. puritan

    Loaner Tesla has no autopilot enabled

    It is a liability issue that they're looking to avoid. Too many jamokes driving their loaners while swiping right on their phones. They are getting a pretty large allotment of Model 3s coming in sometime in May next year, that will be interesting as well. Cue a bunch of overly entitled...
  48. puritan

    Nighttime blind spot detection

    If you turned your turn signals on, it highlights the lane you intend to turn into in red (if it detects something in the blindspot). That works flawlessly all the time. The reason I'm saying that is, the dancing rectangles are primarily the camera feedback, the blindspot monitoring also...
  49. puritan

    A Fart Toy. Seriously?

    For f's sake, lighten up. This is a company trying to redefine what a car means to us. This is the official equivalent of the Blackberry to iPhone transition. Yes, there are headaches. Yes, its a pain in the ass. But what do you expect from a company that is not even a decade into mass...
  50. puritan

    Have to pay for diagnostics at the SC, Reus audio is the reason

    @JasJ thanks for your input. I got the car yesterday and the root cause was this: Vehicle towed in - 12V battery needs service Vehicle is fully operational now after replacing the SD card and installing firmware.Removed and replaced 12v battery as per alerts.Verified 12v battery and...

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