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    Thermal throttling when charging in extreme temperatures?

    Hey all! I just came back from a road trip to Lassen and on the way back noticed significant charging reductions and am wondering if it's because: 1) My car bttery is too hot and can't take a charge, or 2) the supercharger (all V3) can't output sustained loads Chargers were all <80% full, V3...
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    (Charging Curve) Realistically, how long can I sustain 250kW for a 2022 MY made in Fremont?

    It seems, based on my recent road trip of supercharging from <20%, it can only sustain 250kw for 2% before tapering off, even when starting all the way low at 7%. For example here are some data points: Exhibit 1 - Starting at 7%: Peaked at 250KW until 10% before tapering off Exhibit 2 -...
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    Tesla emergency break - to use or not on hills?

    After many months of ownership I just learned that long pressing the right stalk will engage emergency brake. I've always wondered whether we should apply "parking brake" similar to an ICE car. A random redditor brought this up as a TIL and after some research I still can't figure out if we...
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    Dashcam powered through 12V cigarette lighter - OK?

    So when sentry mode is on, the 12V cigarette lighter is always powered on, as far as I understand. I have installed a second dashcam (redundancy, better quality, etc - I want one) and am wondering, is it safe to leave it continuously powered on when sentry is on? Specifically, I am wondering...
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    EV2 charging station tax filing - proof?

    Can't find an answer - for those who installed a home EV charging station we are eligible for a federal tax credit. TurboTax gives me the option to fill out info and just asks about description and cost. I don't see anywhere to upload proof of receipt or the like. Is this something we have to...
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    Best interior general cleaner

    Hey all! I've been using baby wipes to clean my MY white seats and interior but just realized that's quite a wasteful way of cleaning in terms of environment/resources - a spray + microfiber would be much better. Anyone have recs for a general all-purpose cleaner that is gentle on the interior...
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    Bioweapon mode experience - how often do you all use it?

    Basically as title states - just wondering, how often do you all use biowepaon defense mode? I use it so infrequently since it turns the fan on high and is kind of annoying (not so much the noise, more the strong air flow) -- does it ever go down? I've only used it for a few minutes to purge...
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    When do I get registration sticker? Who to reach out to?

    I got my MY LR delivered late November. I got the plates in mid-December but have yet to get registration stickers. Any experience of this? When do I get registration sticker? California for reference
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    Small hit to car, is it repairable?

    During routine cleaning of my car (Blue/White MY LR 22, Deliver end of November) I found what looks to be a chip that's more than a paint chip. This picture is taking from driver side windshield side bar. Must have happened at some point during my short road trips over the weekend, as I didn't...
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    I feel like there's something wrong with my '22 MY LR charging curve - is there?

    The normal charging curve I expect when starting from low SOC at a 250kW station is to maintain 250KW until like 30% before gradually tapering down. In my new MY LR 2022, delivered in late November, I've had 2 chances to charge from low SOC. The curve is NOT what I Expect nor is it similar to...
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    What's the proper way to "schedule departure" on random trips?

    In cold weather it's better to preheat battery, as I understand it, with scheduled departure. In the app I see it just sets the same time every day. If I am leaving on trips at random times each day, what's the best way to "preheat" my car? Is simply setting a new time every day the optimal...
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    Custom registration in California - any experience?

    I had my MY LR delivered in late November and just to my plates today (shocking - given most experiences getting DMV plates well after the 3 month window). I went to fill out my info for a custom license plate # on the CA DMV website but it said could not locate my car... it's my understanding...
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    Clear screen protector - just how bad is the "rainbow" effect?

    I am leaning toward Spigen clear screen protector as opposed to matte and understand people comment there's a "rainbow" effect when wearing polarized sunglasses. I take it this is true for ANY surface coated with anti-UV and polarized sunglasses and not a "defect" or anything... just a tradeoff...
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    Storage solution for extra large mugs

    I'm looking for some ideas on how to carry around larger-than-standard mugs for my car that doesn't fit in the center console or side door panels. For reference, it's the Fellow Mugs which are extra wide. I'm thinking maybe something that hangs off the driver / passenger headrest, sits in the...
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    Tesla Insurance - question with partner

    I live in CA and I can't figure out if I should add my gf to my insurance policy or not? From what i gather, car insurance follows the car and not the driver but when I called today they said permissive-use driving means Tesla will only cover the state minimum, and the greater of the car...
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    Bay Area shops to replace tires

    Looking to upgrade/get new tires for a MY LR. Any recs on a place I can order and have them place the tires for me? I know you should be careful and go to a shop that knows how to raise a Tesla. Thanks! Also, any suggestions to replace 19" Gemini appreciated :)
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    Best tire for Model Y after the Gemini 19"

    I remember there was a massive thread on best tire for Tesla / Model Y here but I can't find it anymore.... looking to get new tires (mainly comfort/smoother ride - no need winter tire). Anyone can link to that post about best tires? It came with a giant excel spreadsheet too
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    Help! Car got whacked by a rug on freeway and paint scuff marks

    While driving on the freeway a rug flew up and hit the side of my Y, there’s scuff marks on the passenger side mirror and passenger side of the car starting with the passenger mirror. How do I get this fixed? Anyone in Bay Area CA can recommend something? Thanks!
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    Which self-hosted logging services do you use, and experience?

    Hey all - curious what people's experiences are with self-hosted services (TeslaMate, TeslaLogger, etc.) - does anyone use more than one simultaneously? Have you tried to create your own dashboards and/or have asks that they haven't added? I currently use TeslaMate but am interested in more...
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    Price Increase! Base Y price up $2,000 to $56,990...

    Another price increase! They are really betting on that rebate... MYP is still same price Model Y LR up $2k base to $56,990. EDD August
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    n00b question on financing and payment

    Hi, first time buying a car here and have a few quick questions on how exactly it works. I would like to put down about half in cash, but don't know yet (i.e., 30-40k), and do a loan from DCU for the rest. When I get the VIN I'll need to submit payment first - I'll apply to DCU with a loan for...
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    12V battery and dash cam question

    So the 12V system is always on as long as sentry mode is on, or any other mode. Does anyone know whether 12V / USB outlets are powered by the main battery or 12V battery when you are out of the car? I am wondering if it will shorten the life of the 12V if a dash cam is constantly drawing power...
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    Model Y price increase another $1,000

    Just checked site and we got another price increase! Now $54,990
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    Should I install NEMA 14-30 or 14-50?

    Can't decide between installing a 14-30 or 14-50 in my garage as the permanent charger for my upcoming Y and looking for input.
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    New Model Y's - 82kwh?

    Haven't seen any new posts recently.... for CA deliveries in the past few months are all the MY 82kwh? Can people confirm please? Also, since they have the same rated range as non-82kwh older versions does that mean we can charge to 90%+ because it won't actually be "100%" if someone the...
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    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    I've been researching the heck out of ceramic coating (Gyeon) my white seats on my upcoming Y and it seems generally across the board everyone is happy with the ceramic coating. However, I see an equal amount of people who say their seats look like new after a same period of time. My main...
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    Model Y GPS, Autopilot, Cameras, Viz all broken

    As title says, yesterday the car's GPS, autopilot, cameras all stopped working suddenly and I've tried everything since then - unplugged all USB, all resets all the way up to 12V battery reset (Hard Reset Model 3 (Cameras not working, no GPS functionality and car won't go to sleep)) and none of...

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