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    New update removed my report mistake button 🙈

    The new update is incredible so far in the valley in Los Angeles for me. something a little funny though is that they removed my ability to report a mistake by tapping the camera button. I always tried pushing it honestly although I do admit when FSD did something very dangerous that would...
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    The success of FSD and my increase for trust in Tesla

    I paid 10 grand and now my already great Model Y now drives itself through my town. It slows down for speed bumps, handles four ways on its own, swerves around bikers and parked cars who's doors are open. It handles the 5 and the 405 quite well too! Obviously it's not perfect and can do the...
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    Extension cable for long term use

    I rent so I have to use an extension cable to charge with the mobile connector. I read here that a 12 gauge should work. I found these 3: 1...
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    My FSD seems to have gotten scarier & worse :( Maybe calibration issue?

    It's weird. Before Christmas my FSD worked great! Now though it feels like something is wrong with my MY or with FSD. It used to be great at right turns and four way stops. Now, it doesn't seem to detect cars and tries to turn right when a car is there, so it would just turn right directly into...
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    Is there an extension cord with thermal chips on the ends like a Tesla charger has?

    I need an extension cord for my charge for regular slow charging use. I was going to buy just a typical 10awg cord since I think that's safe. I need to go about 25 additional feet. Then I was reading that the slow charger Tesla gives us actually has a thermal censor in the terminal sides of...
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    Was away for Dec for Christmas and came home and my MY says "Service is required"

    It's an alert that won't go away. Tesla called me and said they're replacing PT sensors for lots of MY owners, and wanted me to schedule a service appointment for that, so I did. The service folks replied saying "we will also try and remote diagnose that alert". So that's a bummer, I guess...
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    Do you guys use auto lane change on the free way in socal?

    I’m not sure whether or not I can trust it. I have it disabled but am wondering if it would be more convenient (if safe) to turn on. specifically I’m driving on the 405, 5, and 118 in los Angeles and the valley.
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    Does anyone else find 10.4 worse than 10.3?

    10.4 unfortunately seems much more scary to me than 10.3 :( Two times on my drive today, 10.4 tried to go through cross streets and in each case would've gotten hit by another car. One time I had to floor it to make it through. It's almost as if it now just gets to a cross street and goes...
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    For the people who did get the beta... SO IS IT GOOD 😀?! How was your first experience?

    I was hoping to judge myself but only drove 36 miles and didn't get the beta. But I still want to know how good it is! This is an incredible moment for Tesla and technology more generally. Tesla is pioneering the future and we're all along for the ride! So if you did get the beta, please let me...
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    100 score but only drove 36 miles. Think I should stop driving today/tomorrow and lock the score in? Or do I need more miles?

    So Elon has now said starting friday night they will give FSD to folks with a 100 score: I have a 100 score! But Elon never mentioned anything about a minimum amount of miles required. I drove 36 miles these past two weeks, and have a 100 score. I assumed I needed to get my miles up, and...
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    where will your first FSD beta drive be to?

    Mine will be to the local McDonalds 😀 (after a 15 mile run though, so don't judge me!)
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    What minimum amount of miles do you figure we'll have to drive to get FSD?

    The FSD button doesn't specify a minimum number of miles we need to drive in order to gain access. It just says we need a high safety score. Obviously if you have a 100/100 score but drove less than 10 miles all week, that's not very indicative of being a good driver. There must be some minimum...
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    My Tesla rolls backwards a little bit at stop signs with fsd!

    I noticed this lately. If there’s even just a small amount of elevation, when using fsd for speed, the Tesla will automatically break at stop signs and stop lights but it rolls backward a little! Not just an inch but a good several inches even close to a foot!
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    Need to ship my model y from NY to LA. What company?

    my girlfriends parents recently did this and they damaged the car. My friend did similar and had damage too. Does anyone have experience shipping their car cross country and can recommend a company or has general advice? I really dont want to hurt my beautiful car!
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    Possible to remove these stains on white seats?

    I’ve only had my MY for 6 months and a week ago I noticed this stain in my passenger seat: I have no idea what it’s from, doesn’t seem to come off easy either.
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    My car came with a dent that Tesla promised they would fix for free. They're dragging their feet on it.

    There's a small dent on the back of my model Y, not too bad at all. They said they would fix for free. I really wanted the car (and needed it to drive 1k miles) so I said sure fine. But they never really tried scheduling me or helping me get an appoint for free. Their own service center said...
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    Full charge on my new MY is 313mi not 326mi

    I took delivery about 1 month ago on a MY. On the phone app where it lets you choose the max amount to charge, it only lets me go up to 313mi and not 326Mi. Maybe this is normal because the ranges are all approximations, but I thought I'd post here to ask anyway.
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    Inspection in a hurry near Laconia, NH

    I'm in a bit of a weird situation... I bought a MY a month ago hoping to take it with me on a road trip over to Halifax, NS for Christmas. I was hoping to leave today, but unfortunately my registration papers came late. I am planning on going into Town Hall on monday here in Laconia to get...

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