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  1. rhino2627


    Has anyone received an order confirmation email? I’ve got the charge on my Apple Pay, but no other proof that the order went through.
  2. rhino2627

    Any Chicago area M3 owners get Sentry push?

    West suburbs, nothing here. 2018.50.6.
  3. rhino2627

    Frunk stuck

    Having the same issue with my Model 3. Had mobile service come out to fix it, but they were unable to do so without lifting the car. I had to schedule a service center appointment to complete the fix.
  4. rhino2627

    "Heavy steering" in extreme cold?

    Frunk is an unrelated issue that started a couple of weeks ago. Frunk will pop, but the latch won't release. I wasn't in a hurry to fix it until I got a low washer fluid warning this week. Thankfully mobile service is able to fix it tomorrow in my garage.
  5. rhino2627

    "Heavy steering" in extreme cold?

    Yes, it will pop but the latch won't disengage. I had it at the service center earlier this month to fix a rattle in the door and they didn't mention the frunk bulletin, very strange.
  6. rhino2627

    "Heavy steering" in extreme cold?

    37psi in all tires, not no pressure alert triggered. I have a service appointment tomorrow to fix a frunk that won't open, I'll ask about the steering at that time.
  7. rhino2627

    "Heavy steering" in extreme cold?

    Model 3, Long Range, Rear Wheel Drive. I'm in Chicago, and heading to work this morning it was -23F (-30C). I noticed as I got further into my drive, the steering feel became much heavier and it took more effort to make turns. It almost felt like my old Land Rover when the power steering went...
  8. rhino2627

    In-stock: Model 3 All Weather Interior Mats

    Thank you for posting!! I was just able to order them!
  9. rhino2627

    Anybody find the perfect water bottle?

    20oz and 30oz Tumblers also fit great.
  10. rhino2627

    Charge Port door opening and closing

    Haven't seen that issue, but my charge door would only open halfway on occasion. Tesla mobile service replaced the charge door and it's now working properly.
  11. rhino2627

    Will Tesla give me ANY trade-in on my junker?

    Traded Tesla a 2009 VW Passat with 110K miles and a check-engine light on. They gave me $1500 (which was on the low end of the KBB value) so I took it.
  12. rhino2627

    Update 2018.16.2

    Just got it on my Model 3. Only thing new in the release notes was the inclusion of "chill mode," but I received that previously on 2018.14.13. I believe this update just includes under the hood bug fixes.
  13. rhino2627

    2018.16.2- any noticeable changes?

    Had a software update installed this morning, 2018.16.2 43040e6. Release notes noted chill mode, which I received in the previous software update, but nothing new. Haven't noticed any changes while driving the car either. Has anyone noticed anything new with this update?
  14. rhino2627

    Backing up into my garage- auto garage for some reason closed garage door as i was backing up, could

    Did you happen to have the auto-close option activated, or just auto-open?
  15. rhino2627

    Backing up into my garage- auto garage for some reason closed garage door as i was backing up, could

    I’m so sorry to hear about that, completely sucks. I also back into my garage and am going to turn the auto-open off immediately!
  16. rhino2627

    90 or 30 amp circuit breaker for charging?

    I like the idea of installing multiple Tesla wall chargers, and using the J1772 adapter for a non-Tesla EV. Do you know if the automatic load management will work with Tesla and non-Tesla EVs charging at the same time?
  17. rhino2627

    90 or 30 amp circuit breaker for charging?

    From Tesla.com, "Up to four Tesla Wall Connectors can be linked together to intelligently share power from a single circuit breaker." They recommend using a 100 amp breaker to maximize charging potential.
  18. rhino2627

    90 or 30 amp circuit breaker for charging?

    Thanks everyone for the great advice!
  19. rhino2627

    90 or 30 amp circuit breaker for charging?

    Current Model 3 owner and in the process of building a house. I suggested to the builder that I wanted a 90 amp circuit breaker that would run to 3 charge ports in the garage. I'll only have 1 Tesla Wall Connector at the outset, the others will terminate and I'll install other wall connectors...
  20. rhino2627

    Vampire drain while still plugged in after charging session completed?

    Good to know, thanks for the insight! I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days to see if I notice that behavior.
  21. rhino2627

    Vampire drain while still plugged in after charging session completed?

    I see your point, but shouldn't the car maintain a certain level of charge while plugged in? This is my first Tesla, so I can't speak to charging behavior in a Model S or X. Commenters above and I are seeing several miles fall off after charging complete, while plugged in.
  22. rhino2627

    Vampire drain while still plugged in after charging session completed?

    It’s been in the 70s here in Denver, don’t believe that’s the reason.
  23. rhino2627

    Vampire drain while still plugged in after charging session completed?

    Same thing happening here. I charged to ~60% (181 miles) overnight and it was still at 181 miles this morning. 8 hours later, sitting in my garage plugged in all day, it's now at 175 miles. I'm on 12.1 and haven't noticed any charge port error messages, but I've had charge port issues. Door...
  24. rhino2627

    Charge port door not opening?

    Since my car was about a week old I've noticed that the charge door was not opening smoothly. It would slow down midway through opening. No issues when closing. Then a couple of days ago the door began stopping completely when halfway open, I have to manually open it the rest of the way...
  25. rhino2627

    Passenger side mirror not folding out

    I had this happen once within the first couple of days owning the car. Hasn't happened in the last 2-3 weeks.
  26. rhino2627

    Door handle not working

    They were able to repair it without replacing the handle, apparently just an adjustment inside in the door/handle. SC had my car for 2 days (had a variety of other minor issues) but it was a relatively painless experience.
  27. rhino2627

    Anyone Know What Improvement are in 2018.12.1 b39b759 ?

    Got the 12.1 notification around 11am on Thursday. Installed it but haven't had a chance to test out the new autopilot scroll-wheel functions.
  28. rhino2627

    Only charging to 302 miles?

    My VIN is #83xx. I had the same thought as you, wasn’t concerned until I read that others were starting off at +310.
  29. rhino2627

    Only charging to 302 miles?

    The car stays in my garage which is in the 60s when I charged to 100%. Is that cold enough to make a difference?
  30. rhino2627

    Only charging to 302 miles?

    I plan to contact the SC this week. I’m also having a charge port issue (only opens halfway automatically) and I’ll have them take another look at the degradation.
  31. rhino2627

    2/28 order, just got the call

    VIN 83xx here. Stood in line 3/31/16. Received order email on 2/22/18, ordered 2/23, VIN assigned morning of 3/14 and got the call later that day to set up financing and delivery. Took delivery 3/23. Pearl white, 19” wheels. Main issue I had was a door handle on the rear passenger side...
  32. rhino2627

    Only charging to 302 miles?

    I’m now down to 296 max range. SC took a look and said degradation was normal for my VIN range but I’m becoming slightly concerned. Anyone else seeing this level of degradation this early on? My vehicle has less than 550 miles.
  33. rhino2627

    Does Homelink work with your Model 3?

    I couldn’t get mine to work at first either but try the following: 1. Open the frunk 2. Hold garage door opener for 2 seconds at a time, release, 2 more seconds, until headlights flash After doing this mine worked on the second 2 second push.
  34. rhino2627

    Tesla Online Store Communications

    When I placed my deposit for my Model 3 I ordered two Lightning cables for the car from the online store. I didn't realize the car would come with one Lightning cable, so I've emailed attempting to return one of them and haven't received a response. It's been 11 days now. I'll try the...
  35. rhino2627

    Only charging to 302 miles?

    Garage is showing 71 degrees this morning so it was probably down into the 60s last night. Is that cold enough to make a difference?
  36. rhino2627

    Door handle not working

    Rear passenger side door handle opens properly from the outside, but the handle doesn't retract back into the door when released. Trying to close the door just causes it to bounce back as it won't latch. You have to manually push the handle back in to get the door to close. Other three doors...
  37. rhino2627

    Sunk-in hood

    I picked up my Model 3 two days ago and noticed the same "sunken hood." Upon further inspection I noticed that Tesla didn't even install the two rubber bumbers/stops underneath the hood to support it! I've got a service center appointment to fix this, and three other issues that came with the car.
  38. rhino2627

    Only charging to 302 miles?

    First time Tesla owner here. I've had my Model 3 for about 48 hours and decided to charge to 100% overnight to determine the max range. Discovered that a full charge was only 302 miles! Is this normal for a brand new car with less than 100 miles? Will further driving increase it to the rated...

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