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    Software update questions

    Well.... There IS a way to force an update. You have to enter Service mode and asking for an update. On the Software screen, press and hold the Tesla icon. Service mode should start up.
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    Software wishlist

    My biggest gripe is that all of the messages Tesla puts out are displayed on the lower left side of the display. If you're driving two-handed, then your right arm usually blocks this portion of the display either partially or fully, so you can't see the message! In addition, because the...
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    Used Tesla Purchase - FSD Beta Installed

    It will take some time before your navigation will reset. FSD Beta will come off, as it's paired with the driver of the car and their driving record. If you want FSD Beta, then you should apply for it. I'm not sure any more where to find the link to do so, but you could Chat on the Tesla app...
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    Electrify America to phase out CHAdeMO chargers; encourages Tesla drivers to use the Setec CCS1 to Tesla adapter

    Changing gears.... I was trying to figure out what to do about my mid-2019 Model 3 - whether to buy a CCS adapter or not because I am going to spend time in a place with NO Tesla superchargers. There are three EA CCS/CHA locations nearby. I talked with Tesla Support today (4/30) to see if...
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    SETEC CCS adapter blocked again- WTH TESLA

    I know this post is relatively old by forum standards, but let me ask a question: have you checked your CCS status on the Software panel in the car? It should tell you whether the car will work with CCS1, and that's a starting point to determine whether it's the adapter or the Tesla software....
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    Issues on trip from AZ to NY and Back

    Thanks for addressing all of my points. It helps - and my wife can read someone else's experience. We're definitely committed to EV and Tesla, and would like to have a hassle-free experience driving long distances in it. The only specific requirements I had were to drive to point B - and that...
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    Issues on trip from AZ to NY and Back

    My wife and I want to do a driving loop this summer from Arizona to New York and back. We have done overnight trips near home, but nothing long distance. So we decided to do a weekend trip to simulate the first leg of our upcoming loop and see what happened. A LOT did. Many of you reading...
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    Adapters for other public chargers

    The Lecton adapter is around $600. For that price, it BETTER work.
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    Lifetime Premium Connectivity pre-July 2018

    Not quite, Camera Jim. If you'll bring up the Tesla Used Inventory pages, it appears that Tesla is actually ADDING FSD to the used cars for sale. The pattern I see is that, if the 3rd gen computer is installed, they will add the FSD software to model years 2017 and newer. If you don't mind a...
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    Acceleration boost DOES NOT stay with vehicle (unless it is a private sale)

    If you go to the Tesla used car pages and put in a Search criteria, you'll find that they're selling cars with FSD. If it's a Model 3, you can check the box for 'Performance Option' for non-Performance models, and you'll see Acceleration Boost in the list of features for those cars also. Tesla...
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    Acceleration boost DOES NOT stay with vehicle (unless it is a private sale)

    Interesting. I was browsing the used Model 3 section on the Tesla website, and there's a checkbox marked 'Performance Upgrade'. The results returned include Acceleration Boost. II just did the same Search again, and found over a dozen cars with that feature. Comparing those cars to M3's...
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    For Those Who Went From Model 3 to Model Y

    I JUST went through the same analysis for the same reasons. My encounter with a MY showed me that, although there's some advantage to the entry/exit being easier (MY is higher), I can adjust the driver's seat for the Easy Entry settings high enough to make the difference negligible. And, being...
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    Blog Tesla Software Update Improves Speed Limit Sign Detection

    Tesla also uses Google Maps to determine the speed limit where you are at the time. It's possible that Google Maps isn't updated for the roads you're traveling. When did the speed limit change?
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    Will Tesla respond to the disaster

    Remember setup takes time. Even if the powerwalls you speak of were charged fully when they were loaded on the truck, they would require significant time to charge up when depleted. Sunshine happens in daylight, so you're stuck with a maximum period of charging. A very slow solution for a...
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    Blog Tesla Plans Original Cars for Berlin, Shanghai Factories

    Maybe so. But most of the people who chat with me about my Model 3 are more interested in the interior space, ride and comfort plus price. Range is, perhaps surprisingly, a distant second. The demographic is owners living in urban or suburban areas, at least 55 years old and either use the...
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    Blog Tesla Unveils Tabless Battery Cell That Boosts Range by 16%

    I'm thinking that this may be the battery for the Semi and maybe the Roadster.
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    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Great information in this post. Here's how I think it applies to my situation, given this background: I have a 2019 M3LR AWD (Scarlett) that started its life with my wife and I in July, 2019. When I drove out of the parking lot, its range showed 315. In the year that we have driven it, we...
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    Experiences going from a 3 to a Y? Considering trading my 3

    We bought a 2019 M3AWD a year ago. We now have 5,800 miles on it (driven only on Sundays by a little old lady to church....) and realize that we 'fall into' it when we get in. The MY is taller, and I presume the seating position is higher, so we would 'slide into' it instead. And that's what...
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    Model Y Road Trip Experience

    No need to look very far. The Model 3 flaps will fit a Model Y.
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    EAP to FSD - bite the bullet now or risk it?

    From your words, one gets the idea that you're not a Tesla fan, and my first thought is to tell you to sell your car because you'll never appreciate it for what it is - warts and all. This is NOT the first, nor even the tenth thread where people are complaining about FSD. It would be nice to...
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    Air Suspension for Model Y

    I presume he was told no. It requires different hardware, so it can't be done with software alone.
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    Excellent Tesla Service

    The Tempe Service Center is quite a ways away from my house. The ranger sent to install my Homelink upgrade in my M3 was professional, courteous and fast: about an hour to install. No complaints at all for the past 5,000 miles.

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