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    Neural Networks

    It's just of matter training and preprocessing the camera input. A single network if trained well enough can cover all vantage points arbitrarily. I think they can accomplish it.
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    What Tesla autopilot sees at night

    Rural environment next please. Would be interesting to see what it makes of combines, cows and dirt roads :D
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    Why nearby cars jump around on the Tesla screen

    The videos verygreen has been posting seem to be more stable on the raw AP data than what we see on the screen to me. What's on the screen is just approximating that. It needs more work but probably hasn't been a priority since it's just informational. Should be easy to fix by just scaling the...
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    Neural Networks

    You can learn a lot by dissecting the binary and the associated scripts. Once HW3 comes out this will become a lot more difficult as it's all custom and not using known CNN architectures potentially. Hopefully @jimmy_d or others will still be able to discern something after the switch and...
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    "Winter is coming..."

    Not my field so kind of curious. I heard it can affect aircraft quite a bit (good for lift, etc.) but what's the range of difference for terrestrial vehicles?
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    Seeing the world the wrong way in v9

    @verygreen Could you do a set in a more rural environment where "road" becomes a rather loose term sometimes to see how well the current version copes even if it cannot be enabled?
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    Neural Networks

    Then videos that @verygreen and @DamianXVI posted are either inaccurate or they performed some massaging themselves on the data. Would have thought they'd mention that if so. Far less jitter there. You can lane change any time you want irrespective of whitelisted roads. What they choose to...
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    Front USB not working

    If you're not even able to charge you definitely need to take it to the service center.
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    Front USB not working

    I think y'all should differentiate between front USB working and dashcam failing to work. There were known issues with the dashcam feature messing up the file system and incomplete files. Reformat the drives and see if it starts up. I've had no issues with the dashcam failing in the most recent...
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    Do you not like the front, namely the headlights? Found a potential solution?

    Perhaps I'm blind or impatient but I didn't see an effect on drag coefficient?
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    Shimmering Tesla 3

    Haven't experienced this. I suggest taking it to your service center and having a technician ride with you.
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    Model 3 seats with lower back problems - others having discomfort?

    No issues for me. The comfort of the seats was one of the pleasant surprises of the 3 for me.
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    V9 audio glitches

    I did not have this particular but another with my Android phone. After the update my Model 3 would only pair phone and not media. I had to wipe the Tesla app from my phone, purge the pairing from the 3 and then redo everything and it was perfect.
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    Do you not like the front, namely the headlights? Found a potential solution?

    I love the front. It's distinctive and practical. Certainly I have a soft spot for the archaic front ends of old but I realize their days are numbered and have become purely skeuomorphic. Simply a matter of generational taste at that point.
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    Shimmering Tesla 3

    What does this mean? The lights are working overtime?
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    Neural Networks

    Would still be vastly cheaper to have your own hardware. Cloud only makes sense if your needs are transient or highly elastic. Tesla fits neither. Also keep in mind that Tesla has designed hardware for inference in their fleet. This means they probably have their ASICs to handle training...
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    Yeah, it's an interesting side effect of the new blower system. I love the infinitely adjustable nature of airflow but that it always has partial airflow directed at the front wind shield causes issues to a greater degree than other vehicles. Can't complain too much since it is a first of its...
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    I agree with you on the sampling to determine the existence of the object as separate inputs over time. Inferring motion and depth as amalgamated inputs, however, I do not.
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    Neural Networks

    Sorry for the lateness of the question, just getting caught up with this thread. I have seen it theorized elsewhere that a sampling such as this could be used for stereoscopic vision. I find this extremely dangerous and having a high likelihood of failure. The part here that interests me is the...
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    Neural Networks

    Haven't listened to it yet but you make it sound like he bombed the episode or something... o_O
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    5 frames at high velocity can yield very different results. Trying to equate frames near one another seems like a bad idea. This introduces time series data into the mix. Current AP code doesn't deal with this as far as I am aware. Also, doing such with discrete algorithms interpreting the...
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    A lot can happen between those frames that some freaky stuff could happen if you consider them the same point in time. I would hope Tesla would not do this.
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    I take it the X and the S are usually identical binaries and not different builds from your comment?
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    Mad Max mode is for real!

    The rear car seems to be the primarily determinant on AP9 switching lanes for me in traffic. Usually I need to take over because it cancels the lane change. I welcome Mad Max into my Tesla to drive.
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    Neural Networks

    Whether it is strictly required or not I'm not going to comment on. Current fabbed chips and capacitors can take some brutal abuse. It does, however, fall within having fewer overall parts and a more streamlined production line. Eliminating multiple fans that also need to be ensured air flow and...
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    Pre-conditioning, regen, and cold weather

    Yeah I heard about that before the 3 came out but haven't found any real information on it. Have you seen any info on it actually being used and its efficacy? Edit: I mean the stationary mode where they said they'd run the motor to funnel waste heat to the battery, not actually driving around.
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    Pre-conditioning, regen, and cold weather

    The energy has to go somewhere though.
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    ICE: Would you ever go back?

    Right now not much option for hauling other a big diesel truck. Can't wait for the Tesla truck. Got rid of my smaller vehicles. I don't miss engine noise, gear shifting or noxious gasses at all.
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    Charge Port Door not unlocking after v.9 Upgrade?

    Since V9 mine will sometimes not work when pressing the button on the "nozzle" when the car is fully awake. Used to be 100%. Annoying but I've just opening it as I exit the car. A very strange thing to have a regression.
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    Pre-conditioning, regen, and cold weather

    There's no battery heater on the 3, only cooling. Heating is done passively by power draw. As stated by others you'll only get good preconditioning by charging on a schedule. If you are plugged in and just heat the cabin that's being drawn from your grid, not the battery. If you're not plugged...
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    Has anyone ever gotten pulled over for tint before?

    Spent some time in Illinois and never had an issue even with tint that exceeded the legal limit. Citation for tint in many locales isn't just about statues, it's very selectively enforced. I am sure there are some areas around Chicago you'll get cited but most of the state simply doesn't care.
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    The ultrasonic sensors can be used for this purpose and augment the machine vision results.
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    Tesla parking sensor accuracy

    Been very accurate for me on my 3. It even works well on skinny protrusions (say 2" (~5cm) across and 1' (~30cm) long).
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    Yeah, I'm talking about AP3. It's being put in cars soon. Just trying to get an idea how long before it becomes required and EAP essentially is a legacy product with only minor updates possible. Model Y is my next Tesla. I want my hatchback back...
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    Utilization would be more indicative of the timeline of needing updated hardware and EAP becomes essentially legacy. (i.e. imminent or years from now)
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    Measured with infrared externally or using nvidia-smi? Should be able to get actual GPU utilization if using nvidia-sim or is that mostly broken on the APE? Edit: basically seeing if I want to try to fork over for the new hardware option and get it while it's cheap... :D
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    Seeing the world in Autopilot V9 (part three?)

    @verygreen What level of saturation is the Nvidia hardware experiencing with the release version of AP9?
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    V9 dashcam

    Not even that but simply support all file systems. This is trivial. Create the folder themselves. Very much a tacked on feature. The support of other file system is a security concern I'll admit but creating the folder is trivial.
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    USB Dash Cam Questions

    But they need to comb the past year's driving man...
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    Stereo ticking noise

    I've had this bug before. Hold the buttons the steering for a restart if you're currently driving. The ol'turn it off and on again fixes it.
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    Nominate a TMC Member For Tesla Board Director

    I suggest Tezlanian at an exorbitant salary without needing to show up to work but one day a year. You know, normal executive position.
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    Screen Content with Version 9

    You're misunderstanding what the setup is, I believe.. I suggest watching some youtube videos or going for a test drive. While navigating your current music source is visible.
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    Why is the 12V port not in front with the USBs?

    I'm more annoyed about not having easy access to a 240V outlet to drain my Tesla on camping trips.
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    Help! Battery range issue? 350 wh/mile on new tm3.

    You're a very spirited driver maybe? Going to and from home uphill both ways? :D Sounds abnormal if you're not gunning it all the time. Also make sure you're looking at the longer trip meters and not just the current short drive.
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    V9 dashcam

    You have to format the drive in a filesystem called FAT32 first. How you do this depends what operating system you're using. Then you create a folder called TeslaCam at the top level directory. I agree Tesla's instructions on this are crap. I'm still waiting on my V9 update... Search "format...
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    So my 3's climate system crashed...

    I was adjusting the speed of the air flow very quickly on the touch screen. Suddenly the fans stopped. It sounded like steppers resetting over the course of a few seconds and then it turned back on. Anyone else ever encountered their fans crash?
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    Question on Set Limit

    It's just the chemical reactions that go on inside. What chemists say is it is really only bad when the battery is highly charged and then let sit in a high temperature. Supercharging is also more rough on the battery than slowly charging at home or even a Tesla destination charger. None of this...
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    Anyone like the New Model 3 smell?

    Pfft, you know you'd want the "The Musk".
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    Nuclear power

    Haha. I was incensed by "WARNING: edits by brando to reflect my bias." and quickly changed to :D
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    Anyone like the New Model 3 smell?

    I dislike unnatural smells. Left the windows down for weeks in my garage to off gas the interior. First week of charging also had some interesting smells. Garage also smells better without an ICE in there anymore.

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