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  1. Getlib

    2022 Tesla Model Y cabin noise

    Is yours an Austin or Fremont build? What month manufactured?
  2. Getlib

    Buddy took delivery of an Austin LR AWD Y

    I just saw a half dozen Austin Y vehicles in SLC, 012xxx-013xxx all with new door cards.
  3. Getlib

    Phantom braking in my new Model Y

    Model 3 and Y with radar have very few phantom braking events. It's the cars without radar that are the liability.
  4. Getlib

    Where is the “Skip” for Garage or HOA Gate?

    Bottom left corner of screen, it pops up a couple seconds before triggering. Same button/placement as "open/close" functions when near programmed doors.
  5. Getlib

    Model Y Storage

    on very cold nights, the first 5-10 minutes of your morning commute will have Reduced Regenerative Braking, so you'll use your brake pedal more for those 5-10 minutes. You'll enjoy the pre-heat function on your car; i pre-heat mine via the app about 5 minutes before heading out in the morning.
  6. Getlib

    Model Y Suspension and Ride Comfort Options

    why start a new thread? There are multiple of these exact same threads already.
  7. Getlib

    Wrong name on text messages.

    Been dealing with this for at least 1 year in my M3. Android pixels.
  8. Getlib

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    Initial impression of new layout = nice improvements. Only disappointment is poor placement of auto blindspot camera feed: it's at bottom of screen, but should be placed at top of screen for easiest visibility for the brief moment you want to see it.
  9. Getlib

    Your Upcoming Model Y Order Cancelation Email

    Wow - please keep us updated on their response: especially if they will honor their explicitly granted January 1st date that you've been planning on! Of course we can't expect them to extend it further, but I think Tesla should honor their original extension period to you...
  10. Getlib

    Your Upcoming Model Y Order Cancelation Email

    This is a great thread. current significant issue for many buyers in different situations. Tesla telling customers they are going to cancel their orders all the sudden; buyers figuring out if they need to change their delivery plans right away. Sharing our experiences here is helpful to us.
  11. Getlib

    Model 3 Doors Parts

    For sale: White Driver Side door parts from Nov 2018 Tesla Model 3. I replaced both driver side doors on my Tesla due to rubbing up against a metal road marker that scraped up the bottom of both doors. I now have those door parts available to sell to someone who needs parts including: Located...
  12. Getlib

    Model 3/Y White Dashboard

    @Jiver can you post a couple wide angle photos of your new wood dash in your white interior? I've been thinking about doing that same thing.
  13. Getlib

    Driving from SoCal (OC) to Salt Lake City Utah?

    I drive this often and I prefer to avoid St George as it's a 10-20 minute overall detour, but both Beaver and Nephi are only a 1 minute detour. You can stay at Eureka Resort in Mesquite which has Tesla destination chargers, and allows an easy skip of St George. Yeah SLC only has one supercharger...
  14. Getlib

    Should I Be Concerned Buying A New 2018 Model 3

    My Oct '18 build has been fantastic. Dimming mirrors and homelink :) Enjoy!
  15. Getlib

    Elon: side repeater cameras will go full screen when using turn signal

    Tesla hates paying to license patented technology. It's as lean as it can be considering what it's up against. We look to towards the side view mirrors because that's where the mirrors were placed. We will look to the camera display without fuss once it's there.
  16. Getlib

    $2K Autopilot Upgrade Option – worth it? Mid-Range M3

    Do it. A Tesla without basic autopilot is like house without a front door.
  17. Getlib

    bouncing window

    @brur I have same issue happening for almost a year now on drivers window.
  18. Getlib

    Operating dual-zone climate

    I'm guessing there is no dual climate feature in the Model Y, due to the change from resistant heating in Model 3 to heat pump in Model Y. I'm guessing engineers decided trade off was worth it and people would get over dual climate like they got over alcantara headliner...
  19. Getlib

    Extend right leg for a 6' driver?

    Might not matter, as both drivers appear to be happy with their positions
  20. Getlib

    MY rear power windows

    They dont go fully down. Model Y - Hands On
  21. Getlib

    Model Y - Hands On

    @SilverSmith does view from driver seat feel any different from Model3? Does the windshield extend a little higher above your head to give a better view upwards? Does the ride feel any smoother/softer than Model 3?
  22. Getlib

    model 3 salvage car parts.

    I picked up 2 doors and a front fender from brur yesterday and drove them all the way home. Thanks brur!
  23. Getlib

    Rattling noise from seat belt tensioner

    Photos will be good! Video would be amazing! Thankyou!
  24. Getlib

    Tesla Software 2019.16.2

    I've been on this for 3 days and I've had no issues. Driven about 800 miles in different terrain and weather. No problems.
  25. Getlib

    Major problem created when tinting front windows of M3 w/ white interior

    The first car I ever tinted I noticed this problem. It was shocking to me then. 4 cars later all with same 15% tint, I'm not shocked anymore. Tinting front windshield slightly helps, but yeah when I get my white interior Y I will wrap the dash strip to be dark.
  26. Getlib

    Why doesn't the charging port unlock?

    I've found I can unlock the car and/or frunk from the app without waiting for the app "connecting" to finish .
  27. Getlib

    Why doesn't the charging port unlock?

    Imagine how many WH it costs for you to be on this forum every day.
  28. Getlib

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    $5k for EAP is not "ugh..." Yes, Basic AP (the new PKG) is only $3k but it lacks summon, enhanced summon, auto-park, and NOA. The recent "fsd" "sale" was $5k but essentially is EAP. The recent "fsd upgrade" was $2k for no extra features from EAP. Next year if you wish your car stopped at stop...
  29. Getlib

    Why doesn't the charging port unlock?

    Geofenced "unlock charger when charging complete" feature pls.
  30. Getlib

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    Traffic light recognition is part of EAP in new software! I love how all these features keep rolling out to Enhanced Autopilot cars without needing to pay more or upgrade! EAP is a great feature set!
  31. Getlib

    Finally Figured Out Blind Spot Chime! (It's Quite Literal)

    Maybe a visual cue that is noticeable in peripheral vision?... Like the entire lane/vehicle render area softly blinking red if signal is on and a car in blind spot... If it was obvious/large enough it might alert you without sound or direct vision needed. The red line is not obvious enough to...
  32. Getlib

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    Can you copy/paste the text from the email? My whole theory is about ambiguous language so I'd love to see what exactly was written to you about this.
  33. Getlib

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    I love that you looked up begging the question! Let's continue the discussion when FSD vehicles are upgraded to HW3 - ha! ;)
  34. Getlib

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    Your post begs the question. I'm reacting to exactly what Musk tweets - I just pay attention to the language - unlike many. If you could link/quote your references you might be able to see my point. I love how in the middle of completely reshuffling prices and features and explicitly moving goal...
  35. Getlib

    Finally Figured Out Blind Spot Chime! (It's Quite Literal)

    I wouldn't want the blind-spot sound alerting me if I'm signaling but waiting for an opening. That would get really annoying quickly. I'm not one of the people who only signal as I cross the lane, I signal to let people around me know I'm going to change lanes...before I actually change lanes...
  36. Getlib

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    Now that fsd features are a type of "EAP+" I don't think anyone is getting HW3. Y'all are conflating the OG FSD plan (which included HW3 if needed) and FSD2.0 (EAP+) which have already been demoed on hw2.5. You're not getting a new graphics card peeps.
  37. Getlib

    Anyone got pics of the hatchback open?

    Electronically activated seat collapse release buttons. Same function as modelx but placed on wall stead of seat top. Edit: someone beat me to it
  38. Getlib

    Anyone got pics of the hatchback open?

    There are clearly extendable headrests in the 3rd row seat backs. Just gotta look and you'll see them (in the stored position).
  39. Getlib

    Roof rack - Tow hitch?

    There appears to be a hitch receiver cover at the end of Daerik's ride-along video. No mention of roof rack anywhere, but seeing as the Model 3 has one, and now the Model S panoramic roof has inherited the same Model 3 roof rack system, and the Y has the same panoramic glass roof as the S, and...
  40. Getlib

    Model Y compared to Model 3

    Looks like Model Y doesn't have the interior driver facing camera that the Model 3 has above the rear view mirror.
  41. Getlib

    Model Y compared to Model 3

    Anyone got pics of the hatchback open?
  42. Getlib

    Model Y Seat Configuration

    Looks like the Model Y 2nd row seats have (3) separate fold-down partitions, meaning you could fold down just the middle seat-back and lay your skis on it, while still carrying 4 passengers. This is not verified, only speculation/deduction based on the interior cargo photo released yesterday...
  43. Getlib

    Anyone got pics of the hatchback open?

    event staff didn't allow people to open the trunk or frunk.
  44. Getlib

    Any last minute guesses?

    My guesses: -5 seats (no 3rd row seating) -tall windshield (a la MX) -hatchback (of course) -heated steering wheel option -290 mile rwd LR range -tow/accessory hitch option -same interior design as M3
  45. Getlib

    Partial Premium Interior + Poll

    It will look and feel the same as the premium interior. Reduced electronics like no rear heated seats, no power steering wheel, no homelink. But it seems it will be indistinguishable from premium interior based on looks alone.
  46. Getlib

    Water inside door after rain or car wash

    This issue bugs me. Roll down my window for bank/coffee/etc and then my window is dirty with water spots even though rest of car is clean/recently washed. Any solution or diagnosis to this problem?
  47. Getlib

    Any way to set charging ending time?

    You're right and wrong. You're right It would be better if we could set a finish charging time, even a finish estimate time. You're wrong to worry about it being at 100% for a few hours.
  48. Getlib

    Collection of my inexpensive mods

    Nice! But why you trashing those perfectly good sunglasses?
  49. Getlib

    Need advice: UI/Screen keeps crashing

    Wow, Rohitchopra, sorry for the horrible first impression experience. That sucks! Mine froze 6 times in the first 4 days but hasn't since (although I've stopped listening to slack since then). Id guess that fixing the mcu freezes is simple and will be fixed easily by Tesla with a replacement RAM...
  50. Getlib

    Tesla charger holder


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