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    Powerwall 2 + UPS Connundrum - and solution

    The very first post in this thread describes it well. While sensitive electronics will still need a UPS due to the Powerwall contractor (electronic switch) changeover time if the grid drops, you do then have a very large long term UPS for covering outages longer than small domestic UPSs can handle.
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    Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units

    I believe the number you are looking for is 10 for the smallest PowerPak. So why wouldn’t one use one of those?
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    Blog Tesla Unveils Tabless Battery Cell That Boosts Range by 16%

    Not sure if these will be a priority for the cars - I’d guess trucks definitely.
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    Powerwall 2 + UPS Connundrum - and solution

    @BrettS: thank you - yes, I was actually aware of the intended behaviour in case 2, which is why I installed the frequency meter - so I could test it. case 1 is the normal risk if someone has too much solar and the resistance in the line back to the final transformer is a little high - as it...
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    Powerwall 2 + UPS Connundrum - and solution

    I have 4 PWs (the largest UK domestic installation I believe) and about 14 KW solar with 3 inverters (2 * 4KW and 1 * 6KW). i see strange behaviour at two different times: 1. If the grid is connected, the sun is strong and the PWs are full, the solar generates a lot of power to export. This...
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    Silverstone Track day in a Model 3 Performance

    Looking at your lines you definitely lost 1-2 seconds at Maggots/Becketts, and I could see another total 2-3 seconds at various places. That would net to a damn good lap time! Not of course that you can measure that on a track day :) From memory there is a Chademo charger on the inner road...
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    Silverstone Track day in a Model 3 Performance

    I race there a few times every (normal) year in a historic Morgan. It’s a great circuit. What’s your top speed at the end of the hangar straight? That would tell us something about the aerodynamics of the Model 3. I have never dared take my Model S on the track!
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    Gateway 2 and Smart Meter accuracy

    @cwied mentions the local network address from which you can interrogate your gateway direct. Does anyone know why two of us with the backup gateway in the UK are getting a reported voltage of 110-130 V rather than the 230V we saw on the original Gateway (and is the non Us voltage standard)...
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    New Powerwall experiences

    Bruce It is a regulatory requirement for any local generation to stay in synchronisation with the grid supply. I believe that is why you will see a tiny amount briefly go into the grid or come back out. Simon
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    New Powerwall experiences

    What confuses me about that statement from Tesla is that I have several instances when after some poor days for solar generation, our PW will not charge at night at all and the next day fills completely from a sunny day. Indeed, we have started to use the PW overnight charge as a check on the...
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    New Powerwall experiences

    @Jes: that's a clear case for needing manual control or a simple API so someone can create the equivalent of TeslaFi for the PW2. I would say, however, that I only ever see it discharge in the low cost period when it is likely to get enough solar during the day that the remaining battery...
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    New Powerwall experiences

    All my empirical evidence is that the PW2s use a machine intelligence system to work out how much to charge from off peak grid power, and some form of weather forecast. Which forecast is a mystery, though after a few weeks sorting itself out (training?) it has been very consistent in...
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    New Powerwall experiences

    I have a 4 PW2 configuration which has now been installed and running for almost a year. I am seeing far more satisfactory behaviour than many of you. With 7 hours of off-peak power overnight I use cost saving mode all the time. My only gripe with that is that on my meter the time window is...
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    Best energy tariffs

    Theoretically I agree it’s feasible to take the half hourly charges from the supplier’s API and work out whichnare the half hours to use to have the car charged to the right % by the time one wants to leave. I think it’ll be more complicated if one is prepared to handle any supplier who will...
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    Best energy tariffs

    This may be slightly off the OP’s topic.... TeslaFi is a great system but it’s calculation of power is necessarily an approximation. While it can get the voltage from the API, it samples the current and interpolates. One thing to do is to check after a journey what it records as the wh/m and...
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    Charge points in UK

    i am a UK Roadster owner, and I have Henry's CAN EU and use it on Ecotricity points. It works perfectly. Depending on the generation of their charger, on the single phase you can draw from 32 to 70 amps with no issue. I thoroughly recommend it. Not cheap but beautifully made and it WORKS! I...
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    New Roadster in showroom?

    i was in Fremont on 6th and the showroom only had a(n exquisite) Model S only on display.
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    The ultimate fate of Jerome Guillen...

    He’s responsible for the Semi and for Model 3. We are very lucky to have his experience and judgement keeping the show running.
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    Exactly How Strong is the Regen?

    Well said. I try to teach people that the accelerator is not like a binary light switch ie on or off, but is rather like a volume control and entirely progressive. Most people then get it.
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    Locked out!

    I wonder why they took such a different approach in and outside the US?
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    Locked out!

    Can arm/disarm actually be entered on the CAN bus? If so, why doesn’t OVMS let me disarm and just lets me unlock?
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    Not something you want to experience often....

    If we are talking long term battery health, we know it’s not good to run the battery too low, and near bricking is low. As with very high levels of charge, the battery chemistry is more destructive there; on a Model S for example the 20% to 80% Range seems to be best for the battery.
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    Locked out!

    Mark: you make an excellent point!
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    Locked out!

    Mark - Thank you. Not what I wanted to hear but better than hoping vainly! Makes the manual unlock a bit of a waste of time doesn’t it?
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    Locked out!

    Thank you - I do, and it would be easier than the key in the lower door panel and lying on the ground. It doesn’t, however, unalarm the car so I still need to know how to stop the alarm and enter the code to let me drive.
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    Locked out!

    Today it stopped raining for long enough for me to simulate entry to the car without using the remote. I locked the car with it of course, and then lay on the ground on the left (passenger side here in the UK), cleaned the lock surface (OCD strikes again) and then unlocked the door with the key...
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    Locked out!

    As a PS where/how is the code entered and is it car specific?
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    Locked out!

    Thank you everyone for the advice. I think I’ll try it at home and make sure I can do it - though the idea of lying on the cold wet ground in my suit doesn’t really appeal!
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    Locked out!

    Three days ago I drove to a car park where I left my 2011 Roadster for about 6 hours. As usual I left the car locked. When I returned to it, my key would not unlock it. Absolutely no response. I assumed the battery in the key had gone from fine to empty suddenly. My lovely wife drove out to...
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    Tesla semi is ill conceived...

    You are right - Jerome is a world expert with a hugely successful track record and a passion for trucks. He will be thinking well forward of today’s best efforts from the traditional manufacturers.
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    Thoughts on the new Roadster’s “over 250mph” top speed claim by Elon

    Quite a few of our European F1 tracks have straights where I think 250 mph is possible eg Silverstone, Spa, Monza, Portimao. Track days with a quality organiser (eg Gold Track) would be an option though racing would require FIA compliance and the car would need a lot of change. The issue with...
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    Now Shipping: Custom Tesla Roadster 2-Piece Slotted Rotors

    If I can find someone to fit, I will take a set. Will make local enquiries.
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    3.0 Battery Longevity

    @bolosky : do you want another data set? I fitted the 3.0 battery in March in a 2.x car. The car has probably only done 400-500 miles since then though I use it most days.
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    Roadster 3.0

    Interested to hear what they say. Is this Gatwick who did it? Mine in March was 214 and has dropped progressively to 209.6 tonight.
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    Model S Amazon Echo Integration

    As a user of this I can confirm it is really useful - it implements a voice interface to the car. One of the most frequent commands use when my wife has driven the car is "Alexa ask Tesla if the car is plugged in" - it saves a visit to the garage to check!
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    Europe Roadster adapter to Typ2-connector for use 43kW-charger

    I have one of Henry's CAN EU and it's great
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    Roadster 3.0

    I was concerned lest they decide they'd met the main demand and so cease further production. Will be only too pleased if not. As with everyone else, I'm seeing the CAC decrease, with time I think rather than with temperature. I too hope it stabilises soon!
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    Roadster 3.0

    Previously availability was, I understand, limited by 2 people working on building battery packs and needing the old ones as a donor to amend for the next customer. I wonder whether they've found a stack of old packs?
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    UK Owner looking to sell - advice requested

    For clarity, the car @Mark77a refers to is not the one I opened this thread to discuss!
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    Browser won't load site

    It does not support java animation, most pop ups etc so it really is for fairly vanilla sites. Elon keeps talking about a new version and indeed the latest firmware is reputed to have changed the OS to support the new browser when it's released.....
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    Renewed interest in the Roadster, but....

    I accept your distinction of chassis and platform, although I'm not sure quite where platform becomes the whole car. My (6 month old) S has the same bioweapon AC as the X I understand, and the seats changed to adopt the heating/cooling again like the X. That suggests to me that they sensibly...
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    Renewed interest in the Roadster, but....

    Sorry to disagree folk.... S and X have the same chassis. The hubris around the X was all to do with the over clever gullwing (falcon?) doors, the auto open/close on the front doors etc. The 3 and the Y will be very different ie not the same chassis. Mind you that will give them a load of...
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    UK Owner looking to sell - advice requested

    I'll find out - I know the seller was dealing with some family member health issues.
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    The end of third party Tesla iOS apps is nigh!

    I think we're seeing two issues conflated here and a third now creeping in! To deal with the third first: Model X has much longer range (and higher homologated towing capacity) if on 20" wheels than on 22" as well as the other mentioned range-affecting factors. The two original issues are the...
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    TeslaGLOP.exe log graphing tool won't display latest info (FIXED!)

    Am I missing something? I tried using this program for the first time and asked it to display the CAC. The y-axis resolutely refuses to go above 200 and my CAC, with a 3.0 battery, is 211.xx How can I adjust the y-axis please?
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    UK Owner looking to sell - advice requested

    @andy500: details passed on. It's encouraging to see reasonable interest in one of the UK's 79 RHD Roadsters - these cars are almost Classics and in a very short time.
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    UK Owner looking to sell - advice requested

    Rob and Garth - details passed on.
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    Homelink very flaky

    A problem I ran across was the length of the pulse that the car sends to the door. My door had a detector which triggered on the edge i.e. the start of the signal. If, however, the signal went on too long, it did not respond because it decided it hadn't had a pulse. I had to build a simple RC...
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    UK Owner looking to sell - advice requested

    You succeeded and I replied!
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    Roadster 3.0

    Probably the case. Indeed, I don't even know whether the replacement offer was made in the U.K. when these cars were new.

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