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    Roadster 3.0

    this has to be torrance have seen them do this to other roadster owners but maybe wrong
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    Upgrades to the OG Roadster Post Yours

    If it gets very hot inside the roadster does the tablet overheat (i.e. parked in the sun)? I was under the impression that consumer electronics are not well suited for automotive applications due to operating temperatures.
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    Wheel bearing change.

    I am going to salvage the old units and press in new bearings to keep them as a spare; rather than having to buy a new hub assembly (at some point in the future). It seems like a waste to toss them in the trash when only the bearings are bad. The bearings, themselves, are readily available in...
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    Wheel bearing change.

    I haven't done the job as yet but I plan to in the next few weeks. It looks like a pretty rudimentary job to swap out the hub assemblies. Hopefully I have some time to experiment on pressing out my original bearings and pressing in a ceramic hybrid bearing assembly. BTW how did you determine...
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    Any news about the CCS adapter for S and X?

    That looks to be mennekes to CCS not the tesla proprietary connector to CCS
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    Rivian Automotive

    The former CEO of Mclaren is on the board of Rivian. He knows a thing or two about starting from essentially scratch. All the other startups (outside Lucid) have minimal experience manufacturing a vehicle from scratch.
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    Wheel bearing change.

    If you are in germany you can use the link in the first post. I am in the states, so I had to use a vendor that would ship internationally. Radlagersatz - SKF VKBA 3651 | eBay
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    Wheel bearing change.

    Ok thanks I just ordered from Germany. It is much cheaper to get the SKF bearing there than locally here.
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    Wheel bearing change.

    is the one to get with or without wheel speed sensor?
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    [Poll] - Will online-sale only model succeed?

    Looks like Tesla is gearing up for a subscription based model and trying to move away from purchasing cars, outright. In this scenario online only may work. Seems like they did a ton of legal work though; to break through automotive sales barriers in many states. The way many of the laws were...
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    TOU plans make a world of difference!

    Do you live in the City of Los Angeles or in an outlying area? pretty important when comparing TOU rates as the DWP TOU rates are different. I am unaware of any other power utility in the City of Los Angeles other than DWP.
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    TOU plans make a world of difference!

    SCE now serves the city of LA?
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    Roadster Parts for Sale Listings

    Interesting, isn't AC Propulsion based in La Verne?
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    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Why did you invest in UQM? They have been on the brink of BK for a while now
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    Battery service required

    259 Charge Aborted Battery Problem Service Required Battery is too low to charge Roadster VDS Messages
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    Expired LTE

    ability to unlock/lock your car, track your vehicle, honk the horn etc
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    Charging the Roadster with the Yellow 120V cable...

    change plug end on yellow plug with a proper 3 prong vs the GFCI circuitry. IF you are asking the question get an electrician to do it for you
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    Tesla say the logs show ...

    the point is Tesla uses a proprietary system to store their logs which does not comply with FMVSS 563. Through the legal discovery process owners should have the right to examine their own logs. I doubt anyone has challenged Tesla on this.
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    Tesla say the logs show ...

    Tesla is not alone in having "logs" google FMVSS 563 EDR (Event Data Recorder) These are prevalent in many many cars nowadays. GM/Onstar had this 10+ years ago
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    What you post is not the spec, It costs a few hundred dollars and can be obtained from JISC. Google Mennekes CCS. The two conductors cannot be used for DC charging according to J1772 spec. The additional pins on CHAdeMO are for CAN communication. This is much different than PLC. Tesla does...
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    Supercharger Landlords

    The Arlington,TX supercharger bill was completely footed by the CIty/State. In most cases Tesla does not pay any rent and has the sole right to stop operating a supercharger with no re-course (i.e. removal of supercharging equipment automatically terminates the "lease")
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    You need a separate PLC for the DC pins. This needs to be integrated with the BMS per the spec. This currently only exists for AC charging in the vehicle. CHAdeMO is compatible with Superchargers/Tesla DC charging because they use the same messaging protocol. Read the spec
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    The CHAdeMO uses CAN (like the tesla supercharger) CCS uses a special card that communicates via PWM and this is part of the BMS. You cannot build the card into the adapter because it must handshake with the vehicle. On paper anything is possible but in reality this hardware has to be part of...
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    CCS adapter is not possible. Requires additional hardware on the vehicle. What is possible is the Mennekes European DC charging (as used on the european superchargers). This should really be the port design for CCS vs the frankenplug.
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    2010 Roadster #734, $59995

    will you sell the clear top seperate?
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    Roadster High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) like new

    That auction apparently included the Roadster to Model S adapter which in itself (when it was available) a $650 adapter. Would be cool to have these HPWC's installed at some of the most heavily used superchargers along the 5 fwy :)
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    Lucid Motors Air production car revealed - finally competition for Model S

    If it was for the chinese market, then they would have to pay $$ to import the cars that are manufactured in Arizona. Isn't that why a lot of mainstream manufacturers have JV's with chinese brands- to get around these taxes? You wouldn't build in the US to export to China unless you were going...
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    Lucid Motors Air production car revealed - finally competition for Model S

    how will they distribute these cars? online only? Very capital intensive to have company owned stores and will likely have to go through the same battles Tesla did. Many of the states that allowed Tesla to directly sell, did so as one time exemptions. Should be interesting!
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    Tesla Motors: PLEASE stop lying about specifications (60 to 75 upgrade)

    You miss the point. BMW in their specs does not over-state the engine displacement etc. Tesla can call the model whatever they see fit; the issue is the amount of energy that the battery is capable of storing doesn't line up with reality. Tesla provides a technical specification to customers...
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    is there a live stream? please post link
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    HELP! I'm stuck in a snow storm

    until you kill your 12v battery and have to replace it.
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    Tesla Motors: PLEASE stop lying about specifications (60 to 75 upgrade)

    Everytime you get caught in a sticky predicament you claim that it is humor or sarcasm. You have a very strange sense of humor. The facts are that the numbers stated by Tesla are not the true numbers. They should not be referring to those numbers as kWh but merely model numbers (i.e. mercedes...
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    Tesla Motors: PLEASE stop lying about specifications (60 to 75 upgrade)

    Maybe they are also adding in the capacity of the 12v battery :) in the total calculation?
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    Tesla Motors: PLEASE stop lying about specifications (60 to 75 upgrade)

    Tesla should get rid of the kWh suffix and just call the cars by just the number. That would fix that issue. By attaching kWh to the numbering that is clearly false advertising.
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    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    I thought there was a Roadster HPC or a Model S HPWC at this location as well?
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    Supercharger location vandalized and down for a week: need owner alert system

    In the past, Tesla has deployed the mobile Superchargers. Seems like a decent fix till these are back in working order.
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    Is it possible to hack the software to unlock battery, autopilot, etc.?

    Actually they get cease and desist letters from Tesla and obviously cannot comment on those in a public forum.
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    Is it possible to hack the software to unlock battery, autopilot, etc.?

    It is possible but Tesla could easily disable these hacks. You would likely have to turn off connectivity, permanently.
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    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    The rate would have to be based on the price per kwh at the time charged. Prices could vary from 8 cents a kwh to 50 cents a kwh in some areas. Too many variables
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    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    That would depend on the price. If you only use it once or twice the daily pass may be a better purchase. Paying per charge or kWH is a recipe for costs becoming insane i.e. 70kWh x2 @ .10 a kWh would be more expensive than a 10 dollar daily pass. Just like their $1000 dollar referrals?
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    Supercharger congestion problem ideas.

    Daily, monthly or yearly passes will probably work a lot better with blackout dates during heavy travel days. Charging in minute increments is silly IMO Tesla should also buy back access from existing owners. I know a lot of owners who rarely use Supercharging access and would probably...
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    I had this issue after I washed my car. Cleared up after the vehicle dried out
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    $/kwh battery 100D

    I bet the battery is being refurbished and then put back into service. Not really recycled.
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    LG supplies a lot of these components to other OEM's. Namely LCD panels, DC/DC Converters, HVAC, PTC Heater, Telematics, Infotainment, On-Board Chargers etc. They had all these products in their portfolio previously and are what is considered in the auto industry a "Tier-1" meaning they provide...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    LG designed most of the components for the Bolt (off the shelf parts-bin). All GM did was integrate most of those parts that LG provided. Only so many ways you can package parts that are off the shelf. Tesla is vertically integrated and their design goals determine the packaging of components...
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    Model S catches fire in France-8/2016

    how do you know that the fires are caused by the HV battery? Could have started from the lv battery systems. Most of the MS fires that we have seen have started from the HV battery pack.
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    Obviously you have not seen what a model s or x looks like when all the vanity panels are removed. A mess of wires, compressors, dc/dc, low voltage etc.
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    Fisker changes name to Karma Automotive

    The Fisker i saw had red manufacturer plates. I am thinking it wasn't the old car but some variant of the new vehicle.
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    Fisker changes name to Karma Automotive

    I just saw one of these charging at the Oklahoma City Supercharger

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