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  1. strangely

    WTB Model 3 performance stock brake parts

    Looking for stock model 3 performance rotors, calipers, dust shields and E brake cables. Ideally from the SoCal area. Thanks.
  2. strangely

    Does Tesla ever install solar + powerwall systems using Line Side Tap? (In California with PG&E)

    @slcasner, a panel swap might be unavoidable since you only have 100A service. Do you have a part number of the panel, or can see a label or what the busbars are rated to? Some have busbars that are rated at higher than what the main breaker is, and are often sold just with different breakers...
  3. strangely

    Does Tesla ever install solar + powerwall systems using Line Side Tap? (In California with PG&E)

    @slcasner Basically, the breaker would come out, and you can use Polaris type connectors to run it onto to the gateway via more wire. Anyway, as @Vines has said, there are ramifications with the UL listing etc, so this is not something you would really want to do ideally and I would recommend a...
  4. strangely

    Does Tesla ever install solar + powerwall systems using Line Side Tap? (In California with PG&E)

    There are inventive ways to do this, but it depends on if the AHJ accepts it with a combination meter main, (and the type of meter main type). I was able to get mine to agree to bypassing the main breaker and busbars and route conductors directly to the gateway with the service disconnect now...
  5. strangely

    Tesla Virtual Power Plant in CA

    Anyone here also using OhmConnect and enable this? I guess it could either really help if the events were during the same periods (likely), however may also really harm the OhmConnect baselines if they run it more often than Ohmhours.
  6. strangely

    Brand New Powerwall Gateway (ver1)

    New and unused Gateway 1. Never fitted but leftover from a referral powerwall install where it was not needed due to existing powerwall. All sensible offers considered. SoCal area.
  7. strangely

    How does a certified electrician make this mistake?

    When my Powerwall installer relocated my Dishwasher and Waste Disposal, they messed up and put them on breakers that were no longer adjacent, and I guess either forgot, or did not know they needed to be tied together. I never noticed myself for a year or two, and only recently found out. They...
  8. strangely

    Certified Powerwall installers in SoCal area

    Sorry for the long lapse time posting.... Here is my situation and why I was looking to see what installers could help. I already have one power installed (couple of years back via SGIP) and am now looking to have a second referral one added. I can likely handle the permitting and even maybe...
  9. strangely

    Certified Powerwall installers in SoCal area

    Are there any certified powerwall installers on this forum?
  10. strangely

    Self installation of a PowerWall

    AC coupled Panasonic Evervolt?
  11. strangely

    Powerwall 2 Referral Red Edition - With Gateway 2 and all hardware - SoCal Only

    Out of interest, what price did it go for in the end?
  12. strangely

    Water heater: Gas to electric conversion illegal in California?

    They actually had rebates on them last year also. I got a $500 credit from SCE. I did pretty well considering that I also got it when it went on sale for $1000 at some point, and also I claimed the $300 Fed credit too. All in all including the parts I paid to install, it cost me about $400...
  13. strangely

    Self installation of a PowerWall

    Also consider the Panasonic Evervolt. There are AC and DC coupled versions, and the plus version has some specs that are better in some regards than a single powerwall. Its also expandable with extra batteries.
  14. strangely

    CA solar/PW folks: what HVAC unit would you purchase today?

    I replaced my old 13 SEER with a 3 Ton Lennox 20 SEER variable speed heat pump a couple of months ago, and so far I am very impressed with not only how quiet the thing is, but also how little energy it uses. Air quality and comfort also seems better, and I didn't even do the HEPA filter add on...
  15. strangely

    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    Those inTech campers seem to have a really high tongue weight versus the trailer weight and is over spec for even the 19 or 21" wheels. You would need to do something to add weight at the back of the trailer to try and bring it closer. Ideally 10-15% is the magic figure for tongue weight...
  16. strangely

    Has Anyone Who Ordered the Tow Hitch Received a Vin?

    My guess is that either the tires on the 20" wheels, or the wheels themselves are the limiting factor. Perhaps the induction wheel itself is supplied by somebody else, and may have been deemed weaker under the torque + weight of the added trailer, versus the 19 or 21". I guess if it was...
  17. strangely


    @cwied What are you using to interface with the API? I’ve been looking to set something up myself to automate this thats not too involved. I was looking the other day and saw one or two python based solutions, and I guess you’d use that via a Raspberry Pi? Interestingly, when I deleted my...
  18. strangely

    Tesla will support wifi garage opener soon

    Although I have the Homelink module in my car, I sometimes like to open it a bit further out from the house so that its already open when I get there. Since I had been dabbling around with home automation for a while, I built this: It's not too difficult to do if you have a good home...
  19. strangely

    2015 Black Model S 70

    Thanks, I will likely reduce the price a bit I guess.
  20. strangely

    2015 Black Model S 70

    Hi all, since I'm now going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, and technically we only need one car now, I'm potentially looking to sell our model S 70 in order to limit exposure during these times and pay off the other car. I'm sure I wont post all of the information that...
  21. strangely

    Wifi HPWC & its application as a Distributed Energy Resource (DER)

    You can already do DER programs without the need for any specific EVSE with a Tesla. I've been using Ohm Connect in California for a few years and they are already linked up to my cars via a Tesla API to turn charging off if they call a reduction event. Ohm Connect aside (way more lucrative...
  22. strangely

    WTB: NIB gen2 wall connector

    Hopefully they release a higher power version for anyone with dual chargers. I think the wifi is required now to get certain subsidies in certain countries and also it allows for better management of load sharing of more chargers, rather than the somewhat limited (4 think) previously via RS485.
  23. strangely

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    I guess having Wifi can also perhaps assist with signaling the charge rate to either stop or increase based on PowerWall mode, or solar generation etc. Obviously they could do this via the car, but at least doing this on a persons home network perhaps ensures better availability in the event of...
  24. strangely

    WTB: NIB gen2 wall connector

    You know there is gen 3 now right?
  25. strangely

    3D Maxpider Mats

    Ok thanks, I have a friend that may be interested, but that perhaps a little bit too far for him. I'll ask him.
  26. strangely

    3D Maxpider Mats

    Where in CA are you?
  27. strangely

    2019.32.2.2 trunk button no longer working

    The trunk release success of mine is also not very reliable on mine in the last month or so either, and can fail a lot with it in my back pocket with an iPhone 8. I even get this sort of behavior more regularly from the door too and quite often have to turn my body a bit. Perhaps Tesla did...
  28. strangely

    FS Idea: Trading my M3P 20" Wheels/Tires Set for your 18" Aero Wheels/Tires Set + Cash

    If you have a Performance car, I believe the stock 18 aeros will not fit due to caliper clearance.
  29. strangely

    Mode change update speed

    Is it me, or was I just lucky (2 or 3 times in a row) recently when switching from backup mode to self powered and back etc, that the power wall changed mode almost immediately, and without the usual lag of 30-60 mins. for whatever batch update method they used to use to need to complete? I’m...
  30. strangely

    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    I'd also been facing issues with mine releasing too. Sometimes it works with one press, but it seems to need a double press a lot of times. Had some comms with them about this a couple of weeks back, and they said they were releasing some updated software, so I'm a little bit annoyed to have not...
  31. strangely

    Model S slipstreams

    Thanks, bit of a brain fart there, I’ll edit the post if I can, although I might need a mod to change the thread title.
  32. strangely

    Model S slipstreams

    Tesla model S 19 wheels. Selling to free up some garage space. Will need new tires, although 2 have a small bit of life left. A bit of curb rash here and there but otherwise usable for a refurbishment project perhaps. These have the Gen 2 TPMS sensors. SoCal 92688 area code for local...
  33. strangely

    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    @insaneoctane About 8 hours, but I wasted a ton of time trying to get the harness through the rubber tube and then had to waste time with the second harness when it would’ve been easier to do together. Same sort of deal with the front switch. I could likely do it in about 4 or 5 hours for a...
  34. strangely

    Model 3 Power Liftgate?

    I fitted my 3 with the actuators from Teslaoffer today. Here's Few tips for anyone attempting this, since the install guide really is a bit vague with quite a few steps missing: When wiring the lift gate harness through the rubber flex pipe, make sure to also wire the trunk release button...
  35. strangely

    Software versions for Powerwall 2?

    Looks like the SCE and OhmConnect issue has now been resolved. I was able to cash out today, so its time to start taking the program more seriously again :)
  36. strangely

    21 inch Grey Turbines with Tires

    What year S did they come off of (TPS version) and also any pictures?
  37. strangely

    When and how to get the $5000 refund?

    My 5K refund check arrived last week and it included the CA sales tax.
  38. strangely

    Model 3 dual motor badge

    Why would people buy these when they are entitled to them anyway for free from Tesla?
  39. strangely


    I made some good money with OhmC last year, but am making no effort with it this year until this SCE thing is resolved.
  40. strangely

    Favorite and Most Trustworthy Tesla App?

    Thanks, for all your work. I only tried tezlab briefly before switching to Stats and don't have any experience of the others, but love what you've been doing with the regular updates. Keep up the good work!
  41. strangely

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    It's a smooth finish, but it looks a bit matte if that makes sense?
  42. strangely

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    My bad, I meant the vertical surface can never be 100% flush. Thats what you get when you post on forums when you should've been long asleep :)
  43. strangely

    Model 3 Performance Spoiler

    Which Company?
  44. strangely

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    I did mine myself with no jig. Center section is pretty flush to the trunk lid, and the edges come up slightly, but overall I’m quite happy with it compared to some of the pictures I’ve seen. My left side is the best compared to the right, but you can see when you look closely that the molding...
  45. strangely

    WHERE is our Carbon Fiber Spoiler and Badging!?!?!

    They are incorrect. I have a P3D- and mine was fitted with the red underline one. If they argue, show them what the picture in the app shows, or the T button in the car screen.
  46. strangely

    Panel physics

    My guess is that they may be summing the solar when it should be subtracted. I don't have Tesla solar, but the way my solar is set up on my personal monitor is that any generation is normally shown as a negative (this is the way I set it up). If this is the issue, the generation CT/CTs can...
  47. strangely

    Panel physics

    Can you post a screen grab? Sounds like maybe they don't have the CTs configured correctly. When mine was first installed there was some weird issues like this and they had to do a bit of rewiring and reconfiguration. Does the consumption match the same values as the energy produced?

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