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  1. thegooch49

    JEDA Wireless Pad - iPhone slips into console well

    Ok, this took me some time to figure out, but it finally makes sense. Here is the link to the adapter: Jeda Products | Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Spacer for Wired Charging This comes w/ the v3 wireless charger. It was completely unclear to me how this worked. But you slide the 'lip' peice off...
  2. thegooch49

    JEDA Wireless Pad - iPhone slips into console well

    Ah, thanks for mentioning it. It's a very strange piece. I'll give it a shot and see if it helps.
  3. thegooch49

    JEDA Wireless Pad - iPhone slips into console well

    I think this is the latest version. I ordered it months ago, and it was delayed. I got a message that they were shipping me a new version. The one I have is for 3 and Y, so it probably can't be too old.
  4. thegooch49

    JEDA Wireless Pad - iPhone slips into console well

    Hi! I received and installed a JEDA Wireless Pad. It fits fine, and charges fine. But with this pad installed, the 'lip' on the underside isn't quite high enough to hold the phone in place. After some drive time, and some bumps, my phone always ends up landing in the deep well in the console...
  5. thegooch49

    Used model X cost savings vs future proofing

    Since it's cold, I would aim for 100D AND Sub-Zero! Totally do-able. If you search ev-cpo (even w/ a free account) you will see an X for $69,100. It has HW 2.5, SubZero, PUP, and the stereo upgrade. Hits all the boxes, except for the 6-seat config. For that, you'll probably need to wait...
  6. thegooch49

    Used model X cost savings vs future proofing

    6 seats will be harder to get under $70K if you are looking for a 2.5 w/ 100 battery pack. But they'll be out there! If you sign up for a paid account on ev-cpo, you can put in all of your criteria, and get an email alert as soon as a car that fits your budget and specs hit. It's fantastic. If...
  7. thegooch49

    Used model X cost savings vs future proofing

    I agree with @forkee . I wouldn't settle for anything less than a 100 battery. 90's have a lot of problems (do some searching on this site, and you will find there are some lawsuits surrounding these). I personally would not get an X with AP 2.0 hardware. They will sell you that these are FSD...
  8. thegooch49

    Anyone purchase used from Tesla site?

    Yep.....the pricing on used Teslas on their own website is insane. It's typical to see these cars swing up/down by thousands of dollars from day to day. ev-cpo is a great site to track fluctuations, I would say it's a necessity if buying a used Tesla.
  9. thegooch49

    Pre-Buyers Remorse??

    I would personally not get FSD. I agree with @RoBoRaT in that the Free AutoPilot is used the most, and other current FSD inclusions are novelty and minor conveniences at the moment. AutoPilot (free) is amazing, and is really what I need for now. If the price doubles when FSD is truly available...
  10. thegooch49

    Model X Used Prices

    The new MCU update is definitely a huge bonus for these used Model X. As you mentioned, most of the used X available currently have AP 2.0. Even with the new MCU upgrade available, it's still very unclear how to deliver FSD with 2.0 hardware. Updating the MCU does not update the sensors or...
  11. thegooch49

    Model X Used Prices

    Hmm, I respectfully disagree. When the Model 3 came out, a lot of people sold their Model S to move to a 3. It may be an underwhelming SUV, but it's a killer car in the 'crossover' segment. Pair that with aging MCU's in the 2-3 year old X, older sensors in the 2.0 HP hardware limiting FSD, I...
  12. thegooch49

    Model X Used Prices

    Congrats on the new car! Prices on 90's seem particularly low. I would personally avoid these early Model X with 90 batteries. Search around this forum, and you you will hear about a lot of people w/ issues specific to the 90 battery pack in Model X. The 4 year warrantee is great, but many of...
  13. thegooch49

    March 14th Unveiling!

    If these DO go out to people w/ the award, it's super short timing........It's a week from tomorrow. They gotta get those invites out if it's going to happen!
  14. thegooch49

    March 14th Unveiling!

    Yeah, my loot box vanished yesterday as well......Odd.
  15. thegooch49

    March 14th Unveiling!

    Has anyone w/ the referral reward for an "event" gotten an official invitation yet?
  16. thegooch49

    Autopark and Autopilot 1 hardware

    As far as AP1 autopark being slow, it is indeed super slow for perpendicular parking (like in a parking lot). I really don't find that usefull at all, outside of novelty. If you are talking about parallel parking however, AP1 auto-park is fantastic. I honestly haven't noticed any speed or...
  17. thegooch49

    Sales advisor

    If you use Facebook, I would highly recommend joining the closed group: Tesla Showroom Deals They can link you up w/ an awesome OA. I didn't have luck w/ the one originally assigned to me, and found a killer one via this group. Sounds like you are hunting for a CPO, there are some good deals...
  18. thegooch49

    How reliable is your Model S?

    This is a great thread for anyone considering the Extended Service Agreement as well. I have about 4 months and 4,000 miles left on the factory warranty before I have to decide on the ESA. When I bought the car used in November 2017 I had it solidly in my head that I would absolutely buy the ESA...
  19. thegooch49

    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    I didn't hear a lot of people complaining that the price was too high. People were buying them like mad in 2017, so I don't think that was an issue. Yes, it took WAY too long to get the cars under the previous model. In my opinion, the correct way to be doing this, is to refurbish the cars...
  20. thegooch49

    My CPO Play By Play

    Nice! But from what I've heard, there won't be a detail from Tesla.....just a courtesy wash and quick vacuum.
  21. thegooch49

    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    Yeah, I think the policy around 'rejection' is kinda lame. If you reject it, you can move it to a reservation on another CPO. What if there isn't another CPO that you want? What if you are specific on features, colors, and battery size, and that CPO car doesn't exist in inventory? I imagine that...
  22. thegooch49

    Anybody find the perfect water bottle?

    My personal favorite is the tumbler from Drink Tanks. There is a great taper to them, and they fit VERY well in all cup holders I've used them in. Link is to amazon: https://goo.gl/pXjTV8
  23. thegooch49

    Tesla service model to switch to Mobile Service as primary means

    Oh man, this made me cringe a bit. The SC local to me uses brooms and horse brushes to wash the car. It's horrifying to watch. You would think that a car company like Tesla would use some quality wash procedures, but I haven't witnessed it local to me. Given, I'm a bit ODC when it comes to my...
  24. thegooch49

    Story of my CPO

    I can tell you that the Extended Service Agreement is not available on CPO cars. Once the CPO warranty is done, that's all you will get for covered warranty.
  25. thegooch49

    Oregon Coast Vacation Rental with HPWC

    Or they had a free HPWC from a referral........
  26. thegooch49

    Oregon Coast Vacation Rental with HPWC

    Sounds like this is not the right rental for you :) If I owned a house, I would do a Tesla charger as well. Because......I own a Tesla (like the owners). They probably installed it to charge their Tesla, not their Bolt. They listed this ad on a Tesla enthusiast site, not a Bolt enthusiast site.
  27. thegooch49

    Supercharger - Tigard, OR

    Agreed. I was told that this was a retail shift country wide......none of these retail mall outlets carry merch anymore. Bummer.
  28. thegooch49

    Before and After - Slipstreams to Turbines

    The Turbine's look awesome! Honestly the color is about 95% of my opinion though. The same color slipstreams would look pretty similar in my eyes, and have the benefits of 19" vs 21" (price of tires, ride comfort, road noise, etc).
  29. thegooch49

    Oregon Coast Vacation Rental with HPWC

    Looks like an awesome place! The link to "rooms and rates" seems broken. Is there a page listing the cost per night? Or is that worked out with the agency w/ a phone call?
  30. thegooch49

    Would you buy a 2014 Model S P85D now

    Sounds like a great car, and a great price! Couple quick things.....I would confirm that it has Autopilot hardware on it. At Dec 14' and a 66,xxx VIN it should. Even if you aren't interested in AP yourself, it will be super helpful for resale down the road! Know that you'll have the rest of 2018...
  31. thegooch49

    What happened to Slacker

    This is correct....I emailed ServiceHelpNA about this. Their response was: "There is no login for slacker needed on a Tesla despite the login field being empty. Slacker is automatically logged in internally." The one thing that is annoying to me, is that I can't seem to find a way to reset...
  32. thegooch49

    Is this a good buy?

    I can’t possibly see how this would be a legitimate posting. It’s at least $15,000 under market price.
  33. thegooch49

    Tipping your ceramic coat installer?

    I love this topic, I had a huge conversation with my boss about this. I had my used Model S new car paint corrected, and CQuartz applied. The guy is a one-man operation from his garage, and I didn't think to tip him. Honestly, it just didn't cross my mind. I referred my boss, who has an...
  34. thegooch49

    Is this acceptable leather condition for inventory car?

    Geez, these inventory cars look somewhat messy. This is not the first time this type of things has come up. I get that these have 4K miles, with a reasonable discount. The problem lies with labeling them as 'new' (so the fed credit can be claimed), when they aren't truly new. I think it's fair...
  35. thegooch49

    P100D Model S Crazy Lease Deal

    Uh, yeah. If you can truly score it for that price, you have yourself an amazing deal.
  36. thegooch49

    Looking to by Model S (our first Tesla)! Advice/leads?

    If you are patient, I think you can get this done. I think it's a bonus that you are in the LA area, I think it will expose you to more deals. I think a 60 with AP is definitely do-able private party for $45K. An 85 will be very tough. It will be higher miles (around 50K miles) for that price...
  37. thegooch49

    2014/15 Tesla P85D+ for sale (22K miles)

    You might want to double check....I got my loan from a Portland Credit Union in December. I purchased from a private party. They never asked once to physically see the vehicle, it never came up. I'm not sure if you are 100% committed to your CU, but I can tell you there are others CU's that...
  38. thegooch49

    Kid's seat in rear of Model S.

    If he's in a booster seat, you just need a Seatbelt Extender. These work great for this specific issue: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005JZD6KM/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00
  39. thegooch49

    Your Tesla's value just dropped about 4-5k overnight

    @Astraviel Your car was an inventory car, correct? 100D inventory cars in general come with 'showroom adjustments' on them that can pop up anytime. If it was an inventory car, it would explain why you didn't get vanity lights or the updated MCU.
  40. thegooch49

    WTB: Model S Refresh (Red)

    If you are looking for a Red S, have you considered new? There is a demo new inventory S85 in red with a $8,400 discount at the URL below. It even has Premium Upgrade Package. Cash price would be around $70K after fed rebate, and you would have a brand new car w/ a full 4-year 50K warranty. A...
  41. thegooch49

    Michelins vs Goodyears

    Cool, thanks for the info. I just hadn't heard too many people with direct experience with using the certs. Glad to hear that these have more than paid off for you! I love America's Tire as well.....I love to barter, and they'll definitely play the game if you talk to the right person.
  42. thegooch49

    Michelins vs Goodyears

    Has anyone had good luck with these 'tire certificates' from America's? I get that it's like an insurance, and that most people won't use them. I'm just curious to hear from someone who had a problem, and had certificates. Did they honor them like they promised at the sale? Depending the the...
  43. thegooch49

    Chrome delete on window trim only?

    @Derek Kessler got time for one more?
  44. thegooch49

    Blackvue 4 Channel No Splice - Calibred Customs

    Quick positive review for Johnny at Calibred. For those of you on the West Coast, he travels into Oregon/Washington from time to time. This guy is a pro, worth every penny. My install is absolutely sano......Calibred did amazing work.
  45. thegooch49

    High CPO prices?

    I think what's going on, is similar to Q4 2017, with a slight difference. For those that have been watching for the past 6 months, you will recall that CPO inventory completely dried up in mid-November. At about that time, they released bunches of new inventory 75 RWD's (Remember all of the...
  46. thegooch49

    2014 Model S CPO Warranty

    AP1, UHFS, SAS, Pano, 2-year maintenance plan......3.5 years left on a CPO warranty? This is an insanely good deal in my opinion.
  47. thegooch49

    Make this my las gas fill up

    I was in the same boat. Allstate was classifying it as an 'exotic' and it was insanely expensive. My rate at Progressive was 1/2 the cost of allstate, with way higher coverage. I would maybe start there.
  48. thegooch49

    Make this my las gas fill up

    One other quick thought.....it sounds like you are at at $58K for the silver car in CA. If you are planning on purchasing the 4-year ESA (4,750), that puts this car at $62,750. You'll have transportation on top of that (maybe $1K)? By this point, you aren't too far off a brand new 75D after you...
  49. thegooch49

    Make this my las gas fill up

    One warning about this one. The price seems fine, but I really don't like the mileage on it. 49,xxx. If you are planning on purchasing the Extended Service Agreement (ESA) on this car, it could be tricky. The car has to be registered in your MyTesla account before purchasing the ESA. If you are...
  50. thegooch49

    Extended Warranty Worth it?

    Unfortunately the ESA is not available on CPO cars, which is a bummer.

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