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    Center display unavailable message, but everything works fine

    I got this message earlier this week. Scheduled an appointment, but remote support suggested canceling in it, calling it a "firmware issue". 2015 S85D 58K miles.
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    Blue-ish fluid leak

    We are on our way to service tomorrow for the same issue (blue puddle, under the frunk, oily feel so not washer fluid). We were also told that as long as we don't have a warning message, the car is okay to drive.
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    Charging Issue

    I'm experiencing this, too. My 2015 S85D will charge up to close to 80%, then I will find it clicking/popping and not charging to where it's set. I do not have a wall charger, so that's not the issue. Opening the driver's door restarts the charge so that it finishes. The SC had the car over...
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    Still on 2018.14.2 and still have crappy sound. Last week I called an asked for an update to be pushed and was told we were up to date. Somehow I think that's not quite right.
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    Audio Volume lower after last update?

    Please, everyone, report this as an issue. Maybe they'll bring the older equalizer back if enough owners make a stink. Our UHFS sounds awful now.
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    Immersive Sound on New MCU?

    The equalizer used to go from -12 to 12, now only goes from -8 to 8. We had our bass set to 12 and now we can really tell the difference. It sounds like a car stereo now. we had premium audio.....
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    Yet another post about audio player problems

    I called the 800 number and made sure it wasn't a "mistake". Then called the local service center and did the same and they were able to see that we'd already reported it.
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    Yet another post about audio player problems

    Is anyone going to report this as a bug? (besides me?)
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    Geothermal heat pumps in northeast

    I have a geothermal system and my best advice is choose the most knowledgable installer that you can find. The first system we installed had to be almost completely replaced after using a 50 year old established heating and cooling contractor who didn't know what they were doing when it came to...
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    Power Steering falling apart

    Our steering shaft was just replaced under warranty after power steering issues as described in this thread (except no noise; our issue was silent). Here's what they did...now I wonder if they used aluminum or SS bolts.... Tested and confirmed that the steering feels stiff like it is locking as...
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    Power steering issue

    My 2015 85D just had this issue at 36K miles. Fix was done in 1 day, so perhaps they are prepared for this to be an issue now.... Concern: Customer: feels as if the power steering is failing. It doesn't automatically straighten out after turning. Corrections: Shaft - Steering Column -...
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    Vehicle Connection Error

    I have this issue on an ongoing basis. Sometimes the car will connect, sometimes it will just spin. right now it's 7:05 PM and it says it was last updated at 9:54 AM. I am wondering if it's because I have one of the last 3G cars. FWIW I live right in the heart of a big city and the car is out in...
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    Reliance of Autopilot on network access after today's outage

    Maps and slacker didn't work, but auto-pilot seemed fine.
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    Close Call (4% charge remaining) and Lesson Learned

    I see several posts about this, none with a clear resolution. We've just noticed that twice today our 85D has turned on the air conditioning itself while sitting in the garage. Both times when we checked the app it said it was "smart preconditioning". 800-service said that smart preconditioning...
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    Resale Value of Model s after Model 3

    I don't think the release of the M3 will have any impact on the resale value of the car I purchased 9 months ago. But I don't really care, as I didn't buy the car to sell it. Will a new M3 have some elements and features that are better than my current MS? I hope so! And I've got my reservation...
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    US Price Increase Coming: April 2016

    If I was in the market right now, I think I'd have my inventory car all picked out and be ready to push the button. Then when the price increase and changes come (IF the price increase and/or changes come) I'd decide if I wanted them, or if the price increase didn't mean something better I'd...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Okay, 128418 is listed at $87,350. When I build a new one with same specs it comes to $86,250. Not much of a deal...unless you live in FL, it's exactly what you want, and you can't wait.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Just to clarify, this is true of the cars now listed? It wasn't quite that clear cut when I purchased my inventory car 9 months ago. My car had 9 miles on it and was about 1 month old when I purchased, and the discount was ~$2k. This was before inventory cars were listed on the website. Others...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I'm guessing this was discussed several pages back, but I haven't found it yet, and haven't done the exercise of actually building a car to match the inventory cars on CPO. Are they at full price if they list 50 miles, or is there some discount for buying an inventory car? Just curious...I'm not...
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    Tesla MS Design changes and quick rant / Tesla Customer Service

    Well, you can still order the console aftermarket. Same option that I had for LTE upgrade when my car "just missed" the improvement last May. Your car isn't outdated, it's just different. Congrats on your purchase; I know you'll enjoy it!
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    What's your 90%?

    Me, too. May 85D (Inventory vehicle, delivered July 3) started at 244, dipped to 237 over the Minnesota winter, and after the past several weeks of warmer weather is back up to 241.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I didn't realize that the link behind the 4 year limited warranty also includes the 8 year/unlimited mile drivetrain. My bad!
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    When did they move to inventory cars only having the limited warranty?
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    Some ideas regarding and call for input on geothermal heat pumps

    I think you're thinking of a Thermal Battery System. See: PlumbingandMechanical 2015 Radiant Hydronic Report Page 14 and PowToon - Brings Awesomeness to Your Presentations
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    Newer car reliability poll (2015-2016)

    This is EXACTLY what was happening to me, except on the passenger side. As mentioned above, there were actually 2 issues: an o-ring that was not flush, which is adjustable, and excessive paint (maybe because the o-ring was not flush?) that got on the sensor so that it has to be replaced. PS you...
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    Questions for Minnesotans

    I just had service done, was able to schedule in less than a week, and car was picked up and dropped off at my husband's office. They left him a shiny white Model S (don't know the details) but he never even drove it since they were back with our car before the end of the day. If you're looking...
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    Newer car reliability poll (2015-2016)

    I'm currently waiting on replacement sensors. Was initially told they were probably just getting dirty, but have just discovered that one o-ring seal was sticking out too far (adjusted) and some sensors have paint on them from the factory and must be replaced. Pano roof and driver's seat have...
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    Selected my options for order to maximize value and minimize cost for me

    Here's a couple of thoughts from the peanut gallery: 1. Color is a totally sunk cost. You get nothing back in resale on color, so if you are cutting costs, the blue should go, and be replaced by something of value (autopilot or subzero) 2. If you don't need the raised suspension to keep from...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    For me, the next gen seats feel much more luxurious and comfortable. The other seats might as well be a bench. This is a matter of personal preference. When I gave a friend a ride she said she had been in a Tesla once before and her impression had been "not very comfortable", but something was...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Not that we're in the market for a second Tesla (yet), but I still watch Hank's site, and I'm surprised by how few CPOs have next gen seats (except for the P85Ds). That is one of the first things I would look for after driving ours for 5 months...before even the pano roof.
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    Pano roof chattering

    I have the issue too. Our SC acknowledges the issue (car was in for winter tires today) but they didn't have the right stuff to fix. Luckily we will not need to open the sunroof for 5-6 months, so I'm sure they'll be able to address it before then.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    This might be because they seem to be listing more and more of the cars. Perhaps the cars not listed are not just "out of rotation" but truly not ready for prime time.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    Could this article have anything to do with today's performance? TSLA Stock: If You’re Bearish on Tesla Motors, Inc., You Need to Read This
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    How often do you have to reset by holding both scroll wheels?

    7-8 times in 6 months. Usually because I suddenly can't connect via the app without the reboot.
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    Just announced: Minneapolis Service Center is also an official Sales Center

    The whole team is great; you can't go wrong.
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    iOS app not connecting

    I've had this problem multiple times since I got my 85D in July. Most often I have to reset the car. I think it has issues connection to 3G, even though we live in the heart of a big city. It does seem to happen a lot when I'm out of town, but a few days ago I was sitting in the car and...
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    Beef; I'll miss you most of all....

    Agreed! I've been off meat (though not off fish/seafood) for 40 years. Cowspiracy was an eye-opener, even for me. I thought I knew all the reasons to eat more plants.
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    Autopilot is already improving.

    I wonder if that's what I experienced yesterday. I was driving on the freeway, no curves, but the Tesla got spooked by a truck passing my on the left that had a plow on the front. It jerked to the right and the alarm went off for me to take over. The truck wasn't encroaching as far as I could...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    So how does this 85D have a 295 mile range? Model S 85D 086737 | Tesla Motors
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    Autopilot Press Kit published, then pulled

    And NOW on the blog they have zoomed in and are clearly not showing the whole display. Maybe in anticipation of returning the time and temp to the lower edge of the display? Or maybe just to see if we'd notice.... :wink: EDIT: I see that the blog cuts off the picture only when you click on...
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    Autopilot Press Kit published, then pulled

    Am I confused about pre- and post- pictures, or does the blog currently show the initial picture? Your Autopilot has arrived | Tesla Motors
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    How long does the test drive take?

    We had somewhere between 6-8 test drives over the course of a year before we purchased. There's no pressure at all. They know once you've driven a Tesla, you're likely to purchase at some point.
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    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    I'm excited, and glad that there were beta testers to provide "hands on" experience so that Tesla can focus on things that have been found to really affect the driving experience.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I hope you'll use Hank's link. You get that the person's whose link you use does not get cash?
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    Charging interrupted, restarts after update to 6.2 (v2.5.21)

    I have been getting this message every night at 10pm for months....almost since we got the car in early July. Not sure if it started right away when we started scheduling the charging for overnight or not....
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    Want a tesla, can't afford, but could if I rent it out

    ebay is not the place to be looking for a used Tesla, IMO. Check here for Certified Pre-Owned direct from Tesla (via a cool consolidator thread): http://ev-cpo.com/ PS I'm with the others, you will not want to rent it out, the time and headache of running that "business" will take all the joy...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    So that's $7500 cheaper than new for most of the country. Plus the lower tax burden....I can see doing this if new was a stretch.
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    Tesla Parts for Sale forum messed up

    Teslas for sale (as well as parts) also messed up.

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