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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #27 is available now with topics time-stamped. We discussed: Consolidation in LiDAR manufacturers; Volvo EX90 shipping with LiDAR; FSD Beta Full Release in N.A.; FSD detecting autopilot cheats, Gwen Shotwell directly overseeing SpaceX Starship; and more. You can watch it now on YouTube. We should have it published to podcast networks shortly.

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  1. Thp3

    Weight shift and handling? M3LR

    I have Summer(Michelin Pilot Sport 4) and Winter tires (Michelin XIce) in northern Michigan. In Detroit you should do well with Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4. I have those on my Model Y (Michelin PS4 all season). The Summer tires are fun to drive, but in winter I want to be able to drive...
  2. Thp3

    CCS with bundle of wires won't go over 50kW even on 250kw SC [resolved with longer battery pre conditioning]

    I went to Electrify America 150 kw charger. I got 88 kw with the Tesla CCS adapter on my Model Y AWD. My SOC was around 30% and I had been driving for three hours on the expressway so the battery was warmed.
  3. Thp3

    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    Cadillac, Porche,… any luxury ICE car, continuous stinky farts! Too Easy! Of Course, Tesla has 100% of the inside-the-car-farts market share if one ignores the drivers…
  4. Thp3

    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    A christmas list: 1) Amazon Music and Apple Music integration. 2) Unification of FSDbeta with NOA( Navigate on Autopilot) - it’s tricky to cross through the software boundaries while driving… 3) More user moveable controls on the LCD screen 4) Control over the follow distance - I’d like to...
  5. Thp3

    Cruise control unavailable [Update: Turning off Sentry Mode fixed the problem]

    Perhaps it’s the cameras. Try: Go to Controls > Service > Camera Calibration > Clear Calibration . After that, you’ll have to go 25–30 miles to calibrate the cameras. then the reboot, foot on brakes, two thumbs pushing in the steering wheels buttons.
  6. Thp3

    Supercharger - London, KY

    Modest progress. But this will be a good improvement.
  7. Thp3

    Supercharger - Ypsilanti, MI

    Meter not yet installed. Soo close.
  8. Thp3

    M3P loosing range after one month

    Owning a Tesla is a learning experience. Some of the learning is getting past our concerns, range anxiety, battery loss, tire wear, electric motor efficiency, etc. There are thousands of pages on each of the worries on the Forum. A huge percentage goes away as the owners learn how the Tesla...
  9. Thp3

    FSD firmware versions

    @shamelin73 You seem to have Autopilot with generally released FSD features. This is very good on highways, especially expressways. the FSDBeta is much more and since you bought FSD, you will get it when it is generally released ( early 2023 perhaps ?) To participate in the beta, you have...
  10. Thp3

    Where is the best place to find out when new superchargers are opening in my area?

    https://www.tesla.com/findus?v=2&bounds=63.645265567752766%2C-65.51660275%2C4.256536230205044%2C-133.01660275&zoom=4&filters=supercharger%2Cdestination%20charger%2Cparty The Tesla Website under Find Us has the supercharger map. Supercharger info may be more what you want...
  11. Thp3

    Speed Limit Signs not detected

    Ah, no. The article says “Now this new update gives us some answers.” The problem is Tesla assigns a speed limit to all roads. My car even thinks that my driveway is 25 mph. Not all roads have speed limit signs or the speed limit signs are spaced very far apart. How every foot of all roads...
  12. Thp3

    New MY Performance w/FSD

    Owning a Tesla benefits from a learning curve. Everyone picks up different methods depending on their experience and desires. Reading the manual will give you a broad overview and may answer some of your specific interests. Reading the forums can be abit confusing. People have different...
  13. Thp3

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    Get full set of winter wheels and tires. I take off the Michelin Pilot 4S when the temp gets to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I put on new wheels with Michelin XIce winter tires. This works well in the snow of northern Michigan. Nokian and Michelin winter tires are both good choices. The Pilot Sport...
  14. Thp3

    Moved after ordering.

    No. It does not. as long as you are still picking it up where you were scheduled, then there is no problem. You need car insurance, a current drivers license and full payment. enjoy the car. complete state registration may take a few weeks to get the paperwork from Tesla.
  15. Thp3

    Friend opening car with no cellphone or wifi covarage

    i suggest you always travel with the key card, like a photo ID and credit card which are often needed. Does anyone have access to your keycard who could FedEx the card? It depends on how long you are gone. At 20% the Tesla will shutdown. Is a charger within 15-20% charge of your parked Tesla...
  16. Thp3

    Friend opening car with no cellphone or wifi covarage

    overnight mail your key card to your friend.
  17. Thp3

    MYP winter wheels and tires

    Blizzaks and Michelin XIce are common Model 3 choices. https://www.michelinman.com/auto/browse-tires/by-family/x-ice I like the XIce here in Traverse City with ~120 inches of snow a year. Others I know have enjoyed the Blizzaks. There is more discussion on the Model Y forum if you want to...
  18. Thp3

    AC system driving me insane

    Every profile seems to have a complete set of parameter settings. If you require consistent behaviors, you have to set each profile, including Easy Entry. HVAC is designed to simply be on Auto. Just set the seasonal temperature and let it decide between AC, Heat and simple defrost. The only...
  19. Thp3

    No ETA

    @Dmjmd Firmware status is needed in your post. In all cases you need to set Navigation Route. Then in old firmware, it’s listed at the bottom of the route list. In the new firmware, it’s listed at the top.
  20. Thp3

    Karpathy leaves - what's next for AP/FSD?

    Frankly you are barking up the wrong tree. FSD, autopilot and NoA are SAFETY features. You are all still here, very, very few fatal car accidents. Especially compared to any other car brand. yes, it would be nice to sleep or read in the car. But it is much more impressive to have the car avoid...
  21. Thp3

    Keycard & App Not Working

    Your 12Volt battery may have died. Good luck. There are posts on how to use a 9 Volt battery and wires from near the tow hook to open frunk and access battery.
  22. Thp3

    First time Car buyer

    Have you looked at the PlugShare app to see local L2 chargers near you? Shopping, dining, commuting or other leisure activities could allow your car to charge without visiting a supercharger.
  23. Thp3

    Dog Mode Problem

    A reboot of the Tesla is always the first maintenance to try. Then I think Dog mode displays on the screen when you get out of the car AND lock the doors.
  24. Thp3

    Tire Recommendations for 18inch Tsportline Wheels on Tesl Model Y LR

    I have the Michelin Pilot sport all season on my Y. I like them a lot. I have the summer Michelin P4S on the M3 and in the summer they are enjoyable. I’ve been watching for the Michelin P5 S as summer tire replacements. They look like a slight imp over the 4S. If you drive-in snow, the all...
  25. Thp3

    Supercharger - Genoa, OH - Blue Heron & Wyandot Service Plazas

    Try the Rita’s Ice next to Starbucks at the Cranberry 120 kw supercharger. I always stop there in the daytime. Mango ice with custard gelato.
  26. Thp3

    Help my app kicked me out....

    Reboot your iPhone as well. If you CAN log into the website with a browser, then you’ll know your password was not hacked. good luck.
  27. Thp3

    So Cal to Atlanta in a 2018 X 100D

    PlugShare helps to find destination chargers at hotel if you stay overnight somewhere on your trip. It can simplify the trip to cruise into a hotel with a Tesla or j1772 charger to park at. Then in the morning, you can leave with a 90% or 100% battery charge.
  28. Thp3

    So Cal to Atlanta in a 2018 X 100D

    What does A Better Route Planner say (app ABRP)? If you stop at hotels with destination chargers ( app Plugshare) you can charge overnight to high percentage. That shouldn’t impact your route as well. Good Luck.
  29. Thp3

    Suggestions best 3-4 season tire for range and quiet

    I have Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 XL my Model Y. They are quiet and I have not noticed a large range loss. I have Michelin Pilot 4S on the Model 3. Both tires are fairly quiet. this site has good reviews of tires.
  30. Thp3

    Model Y Performance

    @Bmarques Everyone drives their Tesla way faster than they think. It turns fast, it starts fast, it just accelerates fast, pretty much at every speed. Then some complain that the tires wear out faster than they thought. Others just buy performance tires and enjoy the drive. With a heavy EV...
  31. Thp3

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    I testdrove the S, X and Y in 2020. The Y had the best back seats for adults. There was more knee space and I could sit upright. The X had pretty good back seats and walking in standing up with the Falcon Wing doors was awesome. If your car seat fits in the Model Y, it’s probably the best...
  32. Thp3

    FSD or Solar

    Solar! It will help you with your Tesla nearly every day. A battery or two are great upgrades. I have a gas backup generator and I’m waiting for better integration tech between batteries and gas generators. Note you can subscribe to FSD when you want to try it for a vacation or long driving trip.
  33. Thp3

    Screen Lag - Onscreen visualisation and Backup Camera

    Hardware issues can be hidden under software. The backup camera should be an entirely separate data system than the FSD displays. You can test this somewhat by seeing if your turn signals are “laggy video” as well? If all the camera systems are laggy you might have a real hardware problem...
  34. Thp3

    Speed Limit Signs not detected

    @howardnj The GPS only supplies location. The speed limits come from the Tesla Nav software. The Nav software is populated from various sources, Google map data, TomTom map data and perhaps OpenStreetsMap.org. It is hard to know and Tesla doesn’t explain where speed limits come from. When...
  35. Thp3

    Screen Lag - Onscreen visualisation and Backup Camera

    Your backup camera cable may be loosening. There was a recall https://www.consumerreports.org/car-recalls-defects/every-single-tesla-model-3-recalled-to-fix-backup-camera-a4388327487/ You should setup a tesla service appointment to see if this is your issue.
  36. Thp3

    Samsung T7 SSD vs high endurance class 10 Micro SD card

    SSD works fine. I’m not even sure how old they are. Probably two years. I replaced SD cards about every four months Until I switched to SSDs.
  37. Thp3

    Just suspended... Software updates do not reset FSD disengagement counter - disengagements can happen in 1-2 seconds notice and other FSDB gripe/notes

    As for FSD removal, I have read of only two on TMC threads. However, in monitoring the Canadian rollout on Teslafi firmware maps, they made it to 96 owners. Then it dropped to 94 and then 92. So I suspect a couple Canadians got dropped from FSD beta. So a 4% potential strikeout rate. Not a...
  38. Thp3

    While driving: a system reboot occurred

    It can happen. In my five years it happened twice, on a two mile trip and on a 30 miles trip. I think it’s random. You likely won’t see it again for months.
  39. Thp3

    Charging amps on Mobil connector dropping to 8

    Some times it is the phone Tesla app. It’s easy to set a limit on the main screen by brushing the touch screen. You should check your app to see if you are lowering the rate.
  40. Thp3

    Any one with 2022.8.2 and still got fsd beta?

    Have you signed up on your Tesla for the FSD Beta? Do you have a Safety Score result after you signed up? It takes a few days to get to an acceptable safety score and you have to be an extremely cautious driver to get a 100 on the safety score. At the moment FSDBeta is at 2022.4.5.20. You are...
  41. Thp3

    1st time: Drove my neighbor's new 3 LR

    @Morris Minor if you plan to get a Tesla in 2023, you should select one on the website and pay the reservation fee certainly before June 2022. I waited a few years for my Model 3 and you may not wish to wait until 2024. Getting a new Tesla has a difficult-to-plan reservation time. it’s safer...
  42. Thp3

    Epic Road Trip

    @gvdad Driving a Tesla is a continuous learning process, sometimes on the forums, sometimes while personally driving. You will find Supercharging varies State to State. But in general home charging costs the least. Happily electric rates don’t change as fast as gas rates change. Many other...
  43. Thp3

    FD Beta : TomTom Map, Roundabouts and the Speedlimit

    I “fixed” local two lane speed limits where it was mis-set to 15 mph, when this thread started: mid November. I did it on TomTom. The recent map update now is 35mph. Much better with FSD… I’ll checked OSM to see if I changed it there as well.. It had no speed limits for this road segment. So...
  44. Thp3

    Autopilot Stopped Working

    Unplug your USB drive. Then after you car sleeps try a drive. If you get FSD visualizations back to normal, then reconnect your USB drive and reformat it. The USB drive and the car sleeping for 4-8 hours seem be common issues in fixing visualizations.
  45. Thp3

    Tesla AP+phantom braking vs what are best non-Tesla AP alternatives?

    Car choices are personal preference. I live 150+ miles from a Tesla Service center. I’ve been there three times in five car-years. I had excellent service. I wish I could call on the phone, but I get fine replies from the Tesla App. Phantom braking for me is an occasional modest phantom...
  46. Thp3

    Denison to Van Buren with Tesla

    A Better Route Planner (ABRP) app will help you make those choices. Or go old school with the website. ABRP The other useful app is PlugShare.
  47. Thp3

    2022 MY AWD passenger seat reclines automatically.

    There are multiple Profiles in a Tesla. The Profiles remember their settings; seat location, steering wheel location and mirrors. Perhaps the Easy Entry profile was set with the seat reclined? Have you set your own named profile? You can bounce between profiles while just sitting in the car...
  48. Thp3

    Tesla AP+phantom braking vs what are best non-Tesla AP alternatives?

    Re: @guardyourheart ”If your main purpose of buying a Tesla is for AP to save energy on an interstate highway commute, would you buy the Tesla even with the PB risk? Yes, I would. Phantom breaking is a software development issue and is improving at each update ( monthly). ”What small-medium...
  49. Thp3

    Two Model Y Family

    Having the same controls in both cars is the way to go. If you have an Android phone and your spouse has an iphone, then you might be needing variety. Otherwise, the advantages and technologies of the Teslas should be compelling. I have a M3 and a MY. Love Them. my spouse and I drive each. I...

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