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    Loud BOOM sound when ANC is on in Refresh S

    I am getting random boom sound when driving on highway It's quite loud that is very scary After checking if there are issues with tire/rim, they are all good, nuts are tight, no issues there after researching in settings, it looks like ANC is the problem. Once I disable it, it no longer happens...
  2. Y

    POLL: vibration felt when slightly accelerating refresh Mode S Plaid or LR

    I have 2017 Model X and 2022 Model S The old MX shuddering is much worse than MS the vibration is quite light on MS, i dont think i worry that too much until it becomes unfixable just like my MX does
  3. Y

    Active Road Noise Cancellation

    I have ANC but it works really bad It plays very noticeable sound when its on, and sometimes it produces boom sound that is very scary I have disabled it and hope this will be improved Cadillac ANC feels better and more mature
  4. Y

    The unofficial "when do I get my FSD beta update" FAQ

    Look like 10.12 is keeping getting delayed, wonder if that's the first FSD release with v11
  5. Y

    Model S Refresh Mud/Splash Guards

    Then they should delete all pictures here :D I gonna follow the design here and combine the tesla oem mounting (based on the manual), and open source it to the community Hopefully to use the existing holes to secure it without any drilling, maybe need to make new plastic pin to replace the...
  6. Y

    Model S Refresh Mud/Splash Guards

    is there any fusion 360 or stl file so I can try to print or CNC it myself?
  7. Y

    Model Y Acceleration Deficit Needs Fixing

    Tesla can always tune the motor a bit stronger to compensate
  8. Y

    Model Y HEPA (Bio Defense Mode) is only available in China?

    It looks like Bio Defense Mode (Large HEPA Filter) is now available as standard in Model Y in China not sure if will be coming to North America and other markets as those are made in china models. First look at Tesla Model Y’s HEPA filter for Bioweapon Defense Mode As a model x owner...
  9. Y

    Tesla is not willing to fix those common issues for my Model X

    Not sure if Tesla saw my message here on the forum, They order a replacement driver seat for me! 2nd row fold seat turns out actually a calibration issue, so it should happen no more! They are going to change the half shaft, clevis mount and control arm to fix shudder and squeak...
  10. Y

    Tesla is not willing to fix those common issues for my Model X

    I am 100km away from the end of my extended warranty, based on my conversation in 2018, control arm is part of the drivetrain & battery warranty, but somehow in 2020, it's not anymore, and just use wear & tear to cover it.
  11. Y

    Tesla is not willing to fix those common issues for my Model X

    Too bad, im in Canada, too costly to do it and too time consuming. Hope to get some mainstream media to cover the story to get more public exposure to get problem fixed
  12. Y

    Tesla is not willing to fix those common issues for my Model X

    Yup, in 10min I have already saw 3 brand new Model Y going into the service bay. The initial low quality makes the SC so busy, not really SC's fault but I think SC just does not treat existing customers as good as new customers
  13. Y

    Tesla is not willing to fix those common issues for my Model X

    Second row seat fold sensor is not working (reporting needs to be locked when fold down) SC: Wear and tear, not covered by Extended warranty Driver lumbar support not working (not moving at all) SC: Wear and tear, not covered by Extended warranty Squeak noise from control arm (at any...
  14. Y

    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    For old model x Is it still possible to get always on 12V in the trunk? Is the relay trick or something else?
  15. Y

    Battery percentage fluctuates during the day???

    After recent batch of V10 updates, I found the SoC of my 2017 100D fluctuates when SoC is low
  16. Y

    AP2/2.5 upgrade to AP3 discussion

    I just made a appointment for Mid Oct to replace my defective spoiler. SC said no official info about AP computer upgrade even we all know they are starting this in USA anyone have insights or news about AP upgrading? Canada is always late to the party, NoA is a prefect example.
  17. Y

    NoA not wanting to stay in HOV lane

    I just turn off the NoA The Navigation Data for Canada is pretty outdated in the car. This is not updated along the firmware.
  18. Y

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    3 months maybe, 6 months definitely.
  19. Y

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Great Question. Let me try to get those this weekend
  20. Y

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    2017 100D 70000 km so far
  21. Y

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Using scan my tesla on my 100D The use-able capacity dropeed from 91kWh to 86kWh also my supercharging speed is degraded after the update can we start a class action?
  22. Y

    How can you know if your car has been "capped"?

    Keep bothering service center staff. Rumor said after about 4500kWh DCFC will get cap
  23. Y

    Firmware 2019.24.x on S/X

    My MCU1 feels much slower after this update... Maps are painfully slow to load... LTE signal seems improved
  24. Y

    Model X P100D vs Model 3 Performance

    the battery chemistry is different between 3 and s/x. 3 battery is more advanced and the cooling ability is way superior than s/x
  25. Y

    Model 3 P without Performance Package, only for $68700

    Lawrence Store said those cars can be programmed to be sold either in P3D- or model 3 LR AWD, its up to you Upgrades/Downgrades? Unless someone is wililng to lose his/her job, it is possible.
  26. Y


    Can I return my Model 3 after having taken delivery? If you are unhappy with your Model 3 after taking delivery, you can return it to us within seven calendar days. Tesla vehicles that receive incentives are not eligible for the 7-day return policy. Order and Delivery - Model 3
  27. Y


    they don’t care if you want to return or not. It’s their job to help you You may lose about 5000dollar and other small fee if return But if you are in Montreal or Ottawa area, highly suggest to go through the hassle for the AWD model, it’s better in snow day
  28. Y

    Model 3 P without Performance Package, only for $68700

    you got 14000 rebate it’s the world’s best deal for a model3. Why burn more cash for P3D-? At least cost you 28k+ to upgrade lol
  29. Y

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    They are planning to change carrier from att to either Rogers or bell to solve cellular signal dropping It’s not hardware issue indeed MCU2 is gaining more and more features now and I wish to do a upgrade especially using phone as a key feature
  30. Y


    It’s better to call your salesperson or delivery specialist to discuss about return. if you have rebate or any incentive, the car cannot be returned
  31. Y

    Model 3 P without Performance Package, only for $68700

    Highway acceleration is much better on the P model, tested today. just consider this is inventory only deal, once gone it’s gone also confirm It has track mode since it’s performance model, it will have a Dual Motor Red Underline Badge
  32. Y

    Model 3 P without Performance Package, only for $68700

    I can buy your AWD if you are seriously selling it lol I’m still debating SR+ or P3D-
  33. Y

    Model 3 P without Performance Package, only for $68700

    They pretty much just unlock LR AWD to P No cost to Tesla at all, pure profit
  34. Y

    I now need to drive at 285wh/mi to achieve rated range (X75D)

    as a 100D here I have lost around 40km after the recent SW update.
  35. Y

    FSD up another $1k next month after the released of enhanced summon

    I doubt it will land in Canada. We are not even able to use summon with the fob here
  36. Y

    Model 3 P without Performance Package, only for $68700

    Trying to confirm the breaking news and indeed its happening and its also in Canada as well. $68700 and you can bring the Model 3 P with 18in wheel, regular caliper and regular suspension and regular paddle. Perfect fast car in stealth mode. I have ordered SR+ and wondering should I spend...
  37. Y

    Got the dreaded "battery charge level is restricted" message yesterday

    simple do not go Lawrence service center Oakville and Mississauga are better
  38. Y

    Model S CCS upgrade done (UK)

    Hopefully coming to North America soon
  39. Y

    85kWhr Model S reduced Supercharging rate reduction confirmed by TOCWA

    not too bad My 100D supercharging speed is capped at 100kW after 2019.20.x
  40. Y

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    My sc has ordered the new clevis Mount for me
  41. Y

    Sentry mode alarm music can be silenced by invader

    But you are already notified in the app and that’s not enough?
  42. Y

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    My SC just placed the order for Clevis mount for my car today
  43. Y

    Energy saving does not work after upgraded to 2019.24.1 1d133ad

    I have given up energy saving mode Most of the time don’t work especially in winter and it causes MCU bugs
  44. Y

    Where do I go to get Daytime Running Lights back???

    Maybe US region only problem? Im in Canada and I always have DRL due to the law requires it here Its always on regardless of the range mode
  45. Y

    2017 Model X 100D Supercharger capped at 100kW

    If you check the video from YouTube Byron, the 100 battery did not have supercharging speed limited even after lots of DC sessions. Tesla introduced it during 2019.12 or 14 updates without telling anyone. We need to know the amount of dc chargers that starts to cap and if there’s more speed cap...
  46. Y

    2017 Model X 100D Supercharger capped at 100kW

    going through my teslafi charging summary. I have 5558 kWh on CHAdeMo and 8235 kWh on Supercharger and 9203 kWh on AC it may not be the complete report but I think Supercharger speed is capped after around 10000 kWh of DC charger
  47. Y

    Poll: Do you plan on buying a chademo adapter?

    waiting for the CCS version as its faster than 50kW
  48. Y

    Second Row (7 seat config) not sliding up

    Isnt the button on the 2nd row seat allow to push the seat to be pushed forward? I know i can push it but it is not motorlized, right?
  49. Y

    Delivery Due Bill legal obligations?

    It has a list of issues, they fixed some of the major ones but any thing related to the seat they did not fix Got an appointment next wednesday, gonna bring the due bill in to see what service center gonna say.
  50. Y

    Delivery Due Bill legal obligations?

    i got 18 S and lots of issues with the leather seat (wrinkle on passenger seat, and second row seat) Of course some panel alignment and paint issues Most of them are corrected later but the wrinkle seats are not gonna be fixed as they said they can’t fix it The issue is on my due bill and I...

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