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  1. navt

    Model 3 steering failure

    If it is water ingress into the wire harness not much you can do. We take power assisted steering for granted. Hope you get back on the road soon.
  2. navt

    Smelly HVAC

    Filters are £15 from Tesla. You will need 2 pieces. Having recently replaced mine myself, I can confess whilst doable, a bit of a faff. If you have other items requiring attention, recommend adding to a service request. Jason Fenske did a video on YT recently about how reasonable Tesla repair...
  3. navt

    Dashcam error

    2022.12.3.16 USB device malfunction - I/O error
  4. navt

    Dashcam error

    This is getting tiresome now.
  5. navt

    Model 3 bike rack (not roof or tow bar)

    Looks like Saris Bones. Had it previously but not used on my M3.
  6. navt

    Multiple warning messages

    Search is your friend. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/4412474/
  7. navt

    Climate Keeper Unavailable

    No price. Covered under warranty. U.K. M3s under warranty until at least mid-June. What did I miss? Good luck.
  8. navt

    Is PPF and Ceramic worth it?

    So glad I got my car ceramic coated. I hand wash my car and what a difference to previous cars not ceramic coated. Dirt just floats away.
  9. navt

    Boot Liner (M3)

    Or PBW emulsion paint 😔
  10. navt

    High winds & frunk

    You have understood correctly. I suspect the door skin is "glued" to the steel frame and that the check strap attaches to said frame. I hope I am mistaken otherwise this could be one very expensive repair. On the flip side good to see plenty of salvage parts available :)
  11. navt

    High winds & frunk

    Nope. Now making contact with door striker and I can hear wind noise when driving. Trying to get Tesla to look at it but they insist it is a TBRC matter, even if re-alignment.
  12. navt

    High winds & frunk

    No. I’ve had a chance to properly inspect this and I am baffled. The hinges bear the weight of the door but there is a check strap that is designed to prevent the door from opening beyond its limit. The door did not make impact with anything. Paint is intact. Wing is intact. In fact fold does...
  13. navt

    Storm Eunice vs Tesla Model 3

    I too fell victim to Storm Eunice. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/high-winds-frunk.257852/#post-6445769
  14. navt

    Storm Eunice vs Tesla Model 3

    Could be worse.
  15. navt

    High winds & frunk

    I’m pretty sure hinges shifted on impact. Need to have a proper look when winds die down. Unawares door skin was aluminium.
  16. navt

    High winds & frunk

    Fell victim to Storm Eunice. Stay at home they said. Should have heeded the advice. Gust yanked door from my grip swinging it wide open (stops did not work?!). PDR or new skin. Expensive lesson either way.
  17. navt

    Climate Control Issue - climate keeper not working due to system fault

    Yes. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/4722786/
  18. navt

    Lorry smash

    Ouch. Sorry for your loss. Hope you are well though.
  19. navt

    I can't handle it! - A Rant

    Would be tea leaves have no problem figuring it out. All captured on cctv but car remained locked. Opportunist.
  20. navt

    Chipex for scratches!

    I’ve seen that on a few videos. Nothing to lose but time I guess.
  21. navt

    Chipex for scratches!

    On the Tesla estimate or Chipex?
  22. navt

    Chipex for scratches!

    Same thing happened to me. Noticed white scruff against rear door. Sentry confirmed my worst nightmare. Driver drove off and parked elsewhere. Found car and waited for driver to return. Knew exactly why I was waiting. Exchanged details and told me to claim through insurance. No dents as far...
  23. navt

    Model 3 steering failure

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/multiple-system-failure-wiring-harness-recall.182779/page-13 2020 models still plagued by this fault.
  24. navt

    Multiple system failure / Wiring Harness Recall

    OP here. Sorry to hear this is still happening. Scary to drive. No regen, no PAS. Glad you got sorted out quickly.
  25. navt

    Things to look for when collecting your M3

    Not sure. Logged it and they sorted it out. I’d leave it to the SC to sort it out.
  26. navt

    EAP [enhanced autopilot] is back

    My money is staying firmly in the bank until subscription arrives. Upgrades do not stay with the vehicle when sold on (no resale value) and do not stay with the user account.
  27. navt

    Winter Shoes [tyres]

    Yes. Hankooks.
  28. navt

    Model 3 19" Wheel All Season Tyre Suggestions

    I got a set of Hankook Winter i*cept evo2. So far so good, but no snow last 2 winters .
  29. navt

    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    Wished they had optimised it for RHD. Menu option should be on the right. Close icon X should be on the right. Windows were flipped, but not the content. One can only wish.
  30. navt

    Model X repair - part delay?

    This is exactly why premiums and/or excess is so high for a Tesla. They need to do better.
  31. navt

    Key card not needed by Tesla SC

    Interesting. I have always dropped off both key cards. Last time one was misplaced but replaced FOC. Maybe I don't need to hand them over but 42xxxx VIN.
  32. navt

    [UK] Premium Connectivity Progress - pre mid July 2019 orders

    They should not have removed it in the first place.
  33. navt

    Insurance renewal

    +1 for Churchill. Was with LV last year. Renewal went up 10%. Churchill quoted 8% cheaper. LV had some EV benefits though.
  34. navt

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    I don't think so. Change was pronounced after update. Temperature variations not material. You quickly acclimatise to the new norm though.
  35. navt

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Yes on the regen. Did catch me offguard on off ramp.
  36. navt

    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    LHD so not U.K.
  37. navt

    Undertray Hanging off

    Today has been one of those days when I have had to be super careful driving through standing water in London. Interesting that it is a production date rather than VIN cut-off.
  38. navt

    How Tesla Builds Its Factories So Quickly

    If you are a bit of an engineering geek like me, you might enjoy this.
  39. navt

    Arrival day: smaller than expected

    Ugh. The panel gaps on that!
  40. navt

    Model 3 Colour choice

    Service centres are full of cars in all colours. Just swing by.
  41. navt

    [UK] Premium Connectivity Progress - pre mid July 2019 orders

    Ordered May 1 but car only delivered Nov 6, so some ways before I raise a complaint.
  42. navt

    Car won't wake from app

    All good now.
  43. navt

    Car won't wake from app

    Managed to wake my car up this morning at 06:51 through app. Now receiving vehicle connection error. Grrr! :mad:
  44. navt

    Car won't wake from app

    This is starting to get annoying.
  45. navt


    In no particular order; Ryan Shaw Wham Baam Teslacam Transport Evolved Andy Slye
  46. navt

    Model 3 LR AWD Premium Connectivity Ending Soon

    Covered here. Did you order prior to July 2019? Free premium Connectivity ending
  47. navt

    Tesla Park Royal

    Isn’t your issue with Uber and not Tesla?
  48. navt

    Return to Singapore

    Looks like you might be getting MiC M3! Tesla Plans to Start Shipping Out Cars Made at Shanghai Gigafactory
  49. navt

    Anyone else pondering Model 3 to Y when it lands in UK?

    It is possible that they are being shipped over from Fremont. https://twitter.com/LucWaterlot/status/1301032630784229377?s=20

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