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    Model Y All-Weather Protection Kit

    Anyone have any luck with getting a refund if you already purchased the kit in the past?
  2. R

    2018 Model 3 Long Range Value in Ontario?

    High $40k's
  3. R

    Would you still buy a Model Y now if you could do it again?

    yes yes yes yes Love the Model Y
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    Potential Canadian luxury tax on cars over $100K

    That makes too much sense. Which is why it won't happen Government can't help themselves but grab more and more as soon as they get the chance.
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    Windshield Washer Sucks

    One of the quarks of "Designed in California" .. It barely rains there
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    Potential Canadian luxury tax on cars over $100K

    What does Alberta oil have to do with punishing taxation? The way I see it, Alberta oil has been dead for 10 years and isn't coming back. They can pump as much as possible, there are no pipelines to get it to market.. but its ok, we can get our oil from the Saudis
  7. R

    Potential Canadian luxury tax on cars over $100K

    Problem is that this starts as a tax on $100k+, before you know it, they make it a tax on $80k+, then $50k+ and then on all cars. Liberals just can't help themselves but to tax the country to death.
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    Taking Delivery of MY March 20th VIN 141xxx

    Hey, I'm also picking up a Model Y in Toronto this week (MY AWD VIN also in the 141xxx). Congratulations. In terms of floor mats, I have a set of MAXpider on my SUV and had the Tuxmats on my old Model 3. The Tuxmats win hands down, they are easier to clean and the grooves are better for the...
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    Tuxmat Coupon Code Share

    Any Tuxmat coupon codes?? About to order a set for my Model Y
  10. R

    Tuxmat Coupon Code Share

    Any Tuxmat coupon codes?? About to order a set for my Model Y
  11. R

    Q1 2021 - End of Quarter Incentives?

    What did you order. I have a MY LR AWD. They just reached out saying I can pick up earlier if I want
  12. R

    Q1 2021 - End of Quarter Incentives?

    I have a pick up date scheduled for my Model Y this coming weekend. I just got notification that I can pick up the car earlier. Just wondering if they have announced the Q1 2021 "pick up the car before quarter end" incentives. I've seen in the past that they offer free supercharging for a year...
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    What rates are people getting in Canada these days? I got approval last week at 2% For 72months. Can I do better? I asked for below 2% rates and they informed me that rates went up last week.
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    VIN Assigned! 140286...Highest I've seen yet.

    If the "old" headlights are anything like what's on a 2018 Model 3, I wouldn't delay. The "old" headlights are amazing.
  15. R

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Given the increases in the overall interest rates, it seem like the 1.9% has gone up to 2% on all terms 72 month and lower as of this week
  16. R

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Just got 2.35%, 96 months from BMO for a Model Y. What are people seeing for 84 and 72 month terms? Also, how do you find out who your SA is? I haven't heard from anyone yet.
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    Transfer Accumulated Referral Bonus to Model Y

    For those of you who have moved from a Model 3 to a Model Y, just wondering did any of your free supercharging referral bonus miles get transferred to your new Model Y? I understand that the miles are tied to a "Tesla Account" and not the car. Also, if I was to sell my Model 3 before buying the...
  18. R

    Tesla Referral Program

    Merry Christmas.. hope santa was good to you. Here's a way to spend that Christmas money and $TSLA gains. Enjoy You can use my referral link to get 1,500 free Supercharger km on a new Tesla: Earn Free Supercharging Miles or a $100 Cash Award
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    Cold Weather Efficiency Impacts

    Hi, I'm considering an upgrade to a Model Y AWD from my current Model 3 RWD LR. Now with the cold weather, what are people seeing as the range hit on average? For my Model 3 I usually get 150 wh/KM in the Summer and 200ish wh/KM in the Winter (0C and below). (Approximately 240 wh/Mile Summer...
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    Covid Service experience at Railside & Creaking front end on model S

    Does anyone know if the waiting room is still open at Railside? When I was there in April it was open but wondering if anyone has any more recent experience.
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    Model 3 Window Tinting - GTA

    Smart Detail Tesla in North York did an amazing job on my Model 3 and their pricing was very competitive. They do a lot of Teslas and know what they are doing.
  22. R

    Need advice from experienced owners

    I have a Model 3 LR RWD, live north of Toronto in a bit of a snow belt area. I have found that my RWD with snow tires to perform better than my ICE SUV with AWD and snow tires. The traction control system is outright magic. No problems at all as long as you have your snow tires on.
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    Need a referral code

    Hey, Great news, now the code can be used for the Model Y. I have one of first Model 3s in Canada (over 2 years now) and love it. Feel free to reach out with questions and if you like to order, please consider using my referral code. You can use my referral link to get 1,500 free Supercharger...
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    Tesla store still offer test drive in GTA during non-essential business shut down ?

    People need cars to get around. It's also essential for people to earn a livelihood. It's evident that the government is not doing anything to help people losing income during this time.
  25. R

    Railside Service Centre - COVID Process?

    Hi, I have a warranty appointment booked for the end of the month at Railside (Lawrence). I received notification that they are doing a contactless drop off. Question I have, is the waiting room still open at Railside during these COVID days? I asked but never received a reply. Thanks
  26. R

    Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain

    I was there in the summer, paid the $20 regular nightly parking rate, the chargers are on the left when you enter the garage, I just plugged in, topped off and moved my car after charging the next morning. Didn't have an issue. You should be able to do that unless they have physically separated...
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    Need a referral code

    You can use my referral link to get 1,500 free Supercharger km on a new Tesla! Free Supercharger Miles
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    Tesla Mud Flaps / Paint Protection Kit

    Anyone know if there is still remaining stock at Lawrence?
  29. R

    Tesla Mud Flaps / Paint Protection Kit

    I just got an email blast saying they are available for pick up. Anyone else get the email?
  30. R

    Do you get loaner car when dropping off car for service at Toronto Lawrence service location?

    My understanding if it's less than a day, you get an Uber credit. (I don't mind)
  31. R

    Did you reserve the cyberTruck?

    Went through the many stages of Cybertruck 1. Shock 2. Awe 3. Wow, those specs are awesome 4. Price point seems very good compared to the Y 5. Utility 6. Wow, It would be cool to own an urban assault vehicle, and still be electric. 7. Put in my $150 order Ultimately, will most likely go for...
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    [Amazon] DEWHEL Jack Lift for Model 3 set of 4 for $58 (26%off)

    Save your money, just use hockey pucks and a spacer for positioning. Your local Canadian Tire has it all for under $10
  33. R

    Federal 10% luxury tax on Models S and X

    Yet, 416 is subsidized by all the 905ers coming in to work in the Downtown, where the commercial properties pay a disproportional share of the property tax. Plus 416 has the residential property taxes. Also, I don't use public transport, but my taxes are subsidizing the build out of the...
  34. R

    Costco told me Michelin X-ice Xi3 wont fit with my SR+

    It seems like Costco and Tesla just don't go together. The local GTA Costco's I've checked with won't even touch a Tesla.
  35. R

    Costco Wheel Sale - Will it work on Model 3?

    Any recommendations on where to get them from?
  36. R

    Costco Wheel Sale - Will it work on Model 3?

    I just saw that Costco has a sale on rims, where they will take a $100 off a set of 4. Looking for a set for the winter tires, any of these good for the Model 3? https://www.costco.ca/C-Wheels---Steel%2c-Alloy%2c-and-Replica-Wheels.product.100017099.html Thoughts on these based on the search on...
  37. R

    Why Costco cannot put tires on my MS

    Just the way it is. They are too busy the way it is that they just can't be bothered with trying to learn how to changes tires on a Tesla. Lots of great shops in the GTA who are very price competitive with Costco and can take care of you.
  38. R

    Model 3 Window Tinting - GTA

    Following. I still am looking for a shop that can tint the Model 3. Evelyn is way too out too lunch on pricing Audio Heaven is great but they don't do the rear window Inception is too far (Oakville) Are there any reputable and experienced with Tesla shops in the North, Central and/or East GTA?
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    Need a referral code

    Free Supercharger Miles Enjoy :)
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    Canadian or Ontario referral codes?

    Here's mine if you are still looking. About to go on a road trip so the free supercharging would be nice ;) Free Supercharger Miles
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    Ontario Auto Insurance - Fault and Tesla Cam Evidence

    I was driving up the DVP earlier today. Some debris came flying off a truck and struck the front of my Model 3 causing some damage (scratches, possibly damaging the front grill mechanism). Luckily, the Tesla Cam captured the incident and I was able to get a plate number. If I claim through...
  42. R

    Post Frunk Repair - Experience?

    Hi, I had issues with the Frunk getting stuck in place over the winter. The mobile service replaced the mechanism with a new system and it's worked ever since, but I don't use it as often as I used to (afraid of it getting locked again). Question is, for those who have had the Frunk mechanism...
  43. R

    Spontaneous reboot while driving

    Happens every now and then. Even had the car get stuck in a reboot cycle, where it eventually recovered after about 4 automatic reboots, but lost all the settings (music, favorites, garage door opener, driver profiles and trip counters). However, the car still drove safely and properly during...
  44. R

    Supercharger - Toronto Fairview Mall, ON

    Just noticed in my car that the Lawrence supercharger has disappeared. It looks like they are pulling that one and directing people to Fairview
  45. R

    First ever Model 3 150KM used for sale in Craigslist?

    People still use craigslist?!?
  46. R

    Cancelled Maintenance Plan

    Just wondering, have you been able to connect with a manager/Canadian division leadership about this? Sounds like such an easy fix for Tesla to make it right once the right person gets involved.
  47. R

    Ontario licence plate changes

    They are still flawed. My green plate already has some peeling around the screw holes.
  48. R

    Ontario licence plate changes

    I was originally for a carbon tax that was revenue neutral as was the case in BC. The problem is that Government can't help themselves when it comes to taxes. A few years ago they abandoned the revenue neutral pledge and stated using it as a cash grab,
  49. R

    Ontario licence plate changes

    Responses. 1. Cap and Trade was a disaster. All it did was raise prices with questionable impact to the environment. How does sending money to California solve anything 2. Bigger issue here, it's about protecting the provinces powers against a federal government gone bonkers. I could go on for...
  50. R

    Ontario licence plate changes

    But the services aren't gone.. You are drinking the Toronto Star/Liberal koolaid. He is finally fixing the fiscal mess and cutting out the waste in the system. The problem is that school boards, municipalities and government agencies have no idea how to cut out all the waste and bloat in their...

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