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    2019 Model X Raven: Lease or Finance?!

    the numbers don't work from what you stated. put them into any lease calculator: 96690 price 2500+710 downpayment .002283 moneyfactor 35 months 59889 residual monthly payment comes out to 1310 one of your numbers is off or you are factoring in taxes you didn't state
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    2019 Model X Raven: Lease or Finance?!

    using your numbers for the lease calculator the money factor/APR is very high money factor (lease garbage talk) .0036 equivalent to APR of 8.7% i wouldn't borrow at 8.7% would you?
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    A/C Effectiveness in 5-seat configuration - Predictions?

    i have a december 2017 X 5 seater. today it was 98F sunny so i tested the rear AC while supercharging for an hour. it was perfectly acceptable and even got a little chilly when i pushed it down to 65F while sitting in the rear seats. the airflow from the center armrest console is much...
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    Tesla Dashcam destroying USB drives

    i've had this happen to me in the past month when a firmware update caused a lot of touchscreen unresponsive errors. the USB would stop and start working randomly then finally the USB drive finally failed and wouldn't mount at all in a PC. new firmware seems to have stopped this.
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    Not getting 255 miles as Tesla states

    fyi i have noticed that autopilot 65 mph gives the best mileage watt hour usage usually low 300's or less
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    Being charged for "free" supercharging

    wasnt the idle grace period 15min? 5min seems very short considering if you are in a mall or eating or something you cannot get back to within 5 minutes.
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    View Tesla Sentry Mode & TeslaCam Video on your iPhone

    This wifi enabled drive might be better since you won't have to unplug drive every time SanDisk 32GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive - SDWS4-032G-G46 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZCFYT5K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_5SL-CbG4BYJZG
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    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    i like that the service tech entered the concern in as "dreaded shudder"
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    Stuck on 2018.49.20

    you can request a software update from the app, it will schedule an appt which someone will text you saying an update has been pushed to you and cancel the appointment. if you can't receive the update due to bad WIFI then reschedule for them to physically apply it at the SC.
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    Battery Capacity Down to 86.8% After 18,000 Miles

    i lose 20 miles over a 24 hour period just sitting in my garage, that's from a x75
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    2019.12.1 update

    just got 12.1.2 yesterday didn't get any other 12.x before that 2017 X75 MCU1 AP2.5 (have dashcam recording)
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    Liberty Mutual "alternative fuel" discount doesn't include Model 3 (or any EVs)

    This is actually opposite of original post but cities and counties charge an additional tax for alternative fuel vehicles. The reasoning is that we are not paying a tax that was built into gasoline prices that goes to road and highway infrastructure. Therefore the additional tax is required...
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    Driving on Autopilot and coming up on slower cars in adjacent lanes

    i have the latest Autopilot and this just happened last week. the swerving was ALL ME no Autopilot intervention at all. if i had not intervened there definitely would have been a collision. Autopilot needs to take into consideration trying to pass slower cars in adjacent lanes and also curves!
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    2018 x75 loses 8 miles over 16 hours parked

    My garage is around 55F temp
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    2018 x75 loses 8 miles over 16 hours parked

    so i charge to 80% which is 209 miles as my app tells me. this is overnight finishes around 10pm. next day i work from home and around 2pm i get message on app that charging has begun at 201 miles. i lost 8 miles overnight 16 hours plugged in?
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    Model X 75D (237 EPA) or software locked 100D (270 EPA)

    x75 charging to 80% from 10% is around 40 min to 90% is another 20min to 100% is another 20min
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    Model X 75D (237 EPA) or software locked 100D (270 EPA)

    a base x75 with enhanced auto as only option was 78200 after tax credit (7500) max range 240 a base x now with enhanced auto option is after tax credit (3750) 89250 but you get premium interior which was option before (5k option i think) max range 270 11050 difference but you get 30 more miles...
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    Stay in car or Eat/shop while supercharging?

    what i don't like is the 5min? courtesy time before you have to move after charging is done or be charged. i understand the need for it but so many times i have been in the middle of a meal or far away that i couldn't get back until 30+ minutes. what i have been doing is making it charge to...
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    Battery balancing worked

    didnt the supercharger charge you a past the 15min fee after you hit 100%?
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    Homelink stopped working and TeslaCam also

    after a reset holding the 2 scroll buttons on wheel it seems to have fixed the issue of Homelink. The USB TeslaCam keeps getting corrupted however
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    Homelink stopped working and TeslaCam also

    The TeslaCam stopped working few weeks ago, I reformatted USB drive put it back in started working again. Now both stopped working again. No updates. Nothing special happened. Homelink doesn't even broadcast when pushed. Usually u see the broadcast icon on the right of the button but this...
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    5 seater but adding the 3rd row seat

    The 5 seat rear bench does not slide forward to allow entrance to the 3rd row trunk area. The back rests just fold down. Will be hard to get anyone back there.
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    V9 Shrink Nav? Split Screen?

    It's more like allowing you to display 1 additional window above the media player pop-up. In the mini player mode you can have that plus camera plus nav shown. When you expand media player little more everything gets pushed up and nav is very small sliver at top. If you fully expand media player...
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    "Navigate on Autopilot (beta)"

    selecting HOV lanes is very problematic in traffic because sometimes you have to get over 4 lanes to reach the HOV lane and then get over another 4 lanes to take an exit. should be an algorithm to take traffic into account and not suggest HOV lanes in relation to how close the next exit is.
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    Is it smart to buy FSD for $5k while it’s still available for MX owners?

    very interesting read, but it also supports my theory that FSD is still years away given all they have to implement. and at least 1 processor upgrade if not more away, depending on what they find once they start implementing all those things you listed. my bet is 3 years away whereas Waymo...
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    Is it smart to buy FSD for $5k while it’s still available for MX owners?

    FSD is still several years away based on this latest v9 update. i believe there will be hardware changes in addition to chips that will be necessary. i would wait. let me elaborate. we waited 2 years for this v9 update and it still cannot recognize street signs or make highway exit turns...
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    Considering a used or CPO '17 X. Couple questions

    I have a December 2017 delivered X75. Love it. Has 2.5 hardware do I've got dashcam functionality but the screen is still slow to load maps-satellite-traffic when zooming in and out and rotating. Granted I don't do this much but if you're a tech guy it's very annoying compared to Model 3. Google...
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    V9 cannot play music from USB stick

    it works. the USB option appears as soon as there are 2 USB sticks inserted, 1 for TeslaCam and 1 for music
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    V9 cannot play music from USB stick

    I cannot find the option to do this. I have 1 USB stick with my music as well as TeslaCam folder for dashcam. The dashcam is working fine.
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    V9.0 in September?

    they only pushed out v9 beta to early access people to test for bugs. it's been out for a few days. if you didn't get an email about joining early access then you won't be getting it until public release.
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    Driving on Autopilot and coming up on slower cars in adjacent lanes

    when coming up on slower cars in adjacent lanes i notice that sometimes the car is over the line into my lane a little but the autopilot does not adjust to slow down or swerve a little. i typically have to take control. anyone else have similar experiences? maybe i am taking over too soon?
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    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    this sounds like a tire/wheel balance problem tesla tires have foam inserts in them to reduce noise (the most idiotic idea ever btw studies have found the decibel reduction is maybe 1-2) but they are prone to coming loose and causing balance problems inside the tire. usually after hitting a...
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    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    i tried this as well and it does seem to work. turned HVAC on via phone app and the rear 12V powered on and has been charging my scooter back there for the past 3 hours. old camper mode works also but u have to have seat belt extenders to register someone in the front seat
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    Model X Auto Pilot reminder

    i suppose you could contact Tesla and explain the problem autopilot has with these trailers and hope they will reward you for the research by fixing your vehicle. Let us know if they do!
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    Model X Auto Pilot reminder

    first sorry for dmg and glad no one was hurt. but second i must comment on the lack of driver awareness in this accident. and this is the main problem Tesla has with people over-trusting or over-reliance on the technology. i wasn't there but if you were paying attention and watching the car...
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    Should I buy now or wait for 2019 Model X?

    If you are going to wait that long then consider the Porsche Taycan aka Mission-E i believe it will be much better fit/finish and truly give Tesla competition
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    MX loosing 5 to 7 miles in 8 hour spans while parked at work, Normal?

    Same with my 75D Figured it was normal. If you leave it untouched for several days it will slow down around the 4th day to like 2 mile drain per 24 hours.
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    Help me understand kWh used

    i do this all day i'm out, i find it is very efficient like 3 miles an hour drain, but i set the fan to 3 or 4 and recirculate on
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    Renewing the debate on the best Fridge/Freezer for 6 seater MX

    No it doesn't. The car needs to be in Park gear to charge. Old camper mode was basically Neutral with E-brake on, the car shouldn't charge at all. The only way to keep 12V outlets on during charging is to use a USB mouse jiggler that tricks the car into thinking that someone is inside the...
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    Renewing the debate on the best Fridge/Freezer for 6 seater MX

    i've posted this in other thread: putting the car in the old camper mode keeps all 12v sockets on indefinitely instead of Park use Neutral and Emergency Brake, you can switch HVAC off, lights off, screen cleaner mode, lock car with key only thing you can't do is charge it while in this state
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    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    just keep the car in the old camper mode, when in D don't push P to park but select the emergency brake from control panel you can turn off HVAC and put screen into cleaner mode and lock the doors with the keyfob 20 feet away keeps all 12V sockets on
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    Where’s the Map update?

    happened to me yesterday too, had massive traffic shown on Sunday then realized it wasn't updating the map/info was just showing Friday data. this is vector maps with traffic i didn't even have satellite images turned on. when i zoomed in to locations it would show the empty checkered...
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    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    2017 Model X75, all 12v sockets shut off eventually when leaving car, sometimes they stay on for maybe 1 hour tops. here is how i keep my 12v sockets on all the time. i use seatbelt extenders on front seats to not trigger pressure warning. while in drive mode select the emergency brake option...
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    Cabin Overheat Protection almost stranded us

    it's been 97F here in Atlanta. what i do is select the AC ON button after i park, THEN DIAL THE FAN DOWN TO 4 (usually it is around 9+) this keeps the car cool and mileage loss is around 3 miles an hour on X75. did this while watching a 2pm movie. if you don't dial the fan down it'll stay at...
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    An even more dissapointing second week with our Model X

    The jackpoints are the only glaringly bad things. Everything else is correctable. Agree that for the price point should be better QC. Still a great vehicle overall IMHO nothing out there comparable yet. When Porsche Emission come out though...
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    Took delivery yesterday... obsessing is not over...

    you will be the nightmare customer for Tesla if your car is not 100% perfection
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    Acceleration Shudder

    i took delivery of my MX75 December 2017 and it was already locked in low suspension all the time. i changed it to normal because it is a more comfortable ride. yes under heavy acceleration there is the shudder but in normal driving i never notice it. let's hope the permanent fix comes soon!
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    Buying a used X

    contact a Tesla sales person and tell them you are waiting for showroom adjustment vehicles. he will send you periodic updates. the biggest discounts come near the end of the year as Tesla clears old inventory and the units accumulate showroom wear.
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    Am I screwed for going 75D rather than 100D?

    you could also charge to 100% there was a guy that has done it for years and the degradation has been about the same. the only noticeable extra wear is supercharging to 100% many times but standard 240v wall charging shouldnt matter. with power usage ranges from 350 to 450 which is typical you...
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    Vector Maps??

    Just wanted to let people know that I got the maps update tonight without being plugged in or on wifi. I've been out all night since 7pm and just left club 2am and the map update showed as pop up screen. Atlanta GA. Good luck, the voice is nicer and the graphics in dash sharp

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