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  1. bktiger86

    Legacy Model S/X with camera upgrade got FSD?

    I got my cameras updated, safety score at 99 but I have a feeling us legacy people are done. Should've put the money into Tesla stocks instead in FSD lol.
  2. bktiger86

    Trunk Spoiler

    I've been thinking about adding a spoiler as well. I remember reading somewhere that you can contact Tesla and they will update the image on your car to include the spoiler as well? Anybody know if it is true?
  3. bktiger86

    Map stays zoomed out

    Same here. After the v11 update, the map is always zoomed out especially after a navigation set. Also it doesn't remember my setting for facing up. It always wants to revert back to facing north. Kinda annoying.
  4. bktiger86

    Legacy Model S/X with camera upgrade got FSD?

    Good god. Did they finally install it? The next appointment they scheduled for me Is Feb 4th but this time they mention they will do mobile servicing. I have a feeling they are scamming me again...
  5. bktiger86

    Legacy Model S/X with camera upgrade got FSD?

    Tesla service center is something else. They messaged me saying parts are not in...we need to wait another 2 weeks. Thank GOD at the time it didn't cost 10k to upgrade to FSD.
  6. bktiger86

    Legacy Model S/X with camera upgrade got FSD?

    Mine is Jan 2017 model so I had hw2.0. I guess that why it required the I have the HW2 so I guess that is why I need the camera upgrade. I’ll post results of what happens after the upgrade and if I get FSD beta
  7. bktiger86

    Legacy Model S/X with camera upgrade got FSD?

    I am getting my cameras upgraded from the service center next week. Just curious to see if anybody in the same boat ended up getting FSD beta. I have a 2017 Model S.
  8. bktiger86

    2021.32.10 bug?

    Weird. Mine is still there...
  9. bktiger86

    High Pitched sounds from drive unit 35-50 MPH

    I have heard a high pitch noise in my 2017 Model S before but its hard to pinpoint it. It comes and goes. Sometimes for weeks I don't hear it. But you're right, it is usually within 25-40 mph.
  10. bktiger86

    FSD beta for all?

    LOL!!! God damn! Maybe take a breather alright? I'm pretty sure everyone in this thread by now already knows that everything Elon tweets are like all over the place. Hope you had fun gathering all that data.
  11. bktiger86

    FSD beta for all?

    Sounds like FSD beta will not be for all anymore. Elon tweeted that it will be sending out to 2000 participants. So I am assuming he is going back on his words as usual.
  12. bktiger86

    FSD beta for all?

    Anybody know could the FSD beta be turned off or revert back to original at any time?
  13. bktiger86

    Anyone missing a model S in Southern California?

    Deal. You get the carpet.
  14. bktiger86

    Anyone missing a model S in Southern California?

    We might as well all meet up there and take the car apart for parts lol.
  15. bktiger86

    Model S total coolant failure

    Luckily you're still under warranty.
  16. bktiger86

    Anyone missing a model S in Southern California?

    Man that shopping cart...
  17. bktiger86

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    Wow interesting...will put this on a future project.
  18. bktiger86

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    I think mainly preference between XBOX and Playstation. I don't have an XBOX so a ps4 controller works great. I haven't tried my Switch Pro Controller yet tho.
  19. bktiger86

    Strange Noise Behind Model S Dashboard

    WOW. Would've never thought...glad that you were able to fix it!
  20. bktiger86

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    What Space said. I don't want the tires rubbing on the ground.
  21. bktiger86

    How do you pass time at the charging stations?

    With MCU1 I would've just watched something on my phone or depending at the supercharger location I would go shopping or drink Starbucks. With MCU2....GAME ON!
  22. bktiger86

    Sentry Mode bust!

    Glad that you were able to track his ass down!
  23. bktiger86

    Model S Slid Away...

    Damn felt like it was my car. Doesn't feel good.
  24. bktiger86

    MCU upgrade

    I recently got th upgrade as well. Freaking love it. It feels like a new car. The good thing is that you also get two new screens. So if you have bubbles/yellow border, they will be replaced!
  25. bktiger86

    When you have a service, do you get a courtesy car?

    I usually go to the service center Pomona, CA. I feel like it is also luck based. Every time when I go there, they only offer Uber vouchers, but when my buddy goes he somehow gets a loaner every single time. Go figure...
  26. bktiger86

    What's your S 75 range at 90%?

    Model S 75 Jan 2017 90% = 203 100% = 225 Location: Southern California Daily drain..about 2-3 miles a day assuming no driving at all and minimal check on the app.
  27. bktiger86

    Soon to be first time parent - Help with car seat!

    Well first of all, CONGRATS on becoming a parent. I recently just became a dad myself. I don't have the same car seat, but I have to say your base looks longer than normal car seats. I have the Chicco KeyFit 30. The base I want to say looks pretty standard and it fits pretty well on the back...
  28. bktiger86

    Disaster Averted!!

    Damn glad that was averted. Good thing the safety system does seem to work. I question it sometimes...
  29. bktiger86

    MCU2. The darkness has lifted

    I literally just got my MCU2 2 days ago and this update came out. I praise to everyone who was hanging on when the rear camera was dark. But the upgrade was one of the best things I've done to the car. It makes it feel like a brand new car. Now that the price dropped to $1500 it should be a no...
  30. bktiger86

    Blackvue 750 causing 12V battery warning?

    I have the blackvue 590w on all the time and so far never had an issue with the 12v.
  31. bktiger86

    How is your rear camera after MCU1 to MCU2 upgade (dark?)

    I can confirm. With the updated 2021.4.3 MCU2 rear camera looks way better. I can actually see in the dark!
  32. bktiger86

    What does MCU look like on prenavigation cars?

    I can't be for certain, but correct me if I am wrong but I think you'll just lose traffic if you don't have the data.
  33. bktiger86

    New MCU 2 annoyance

    I am getting my MCU2 today. Looks like I have a lot of learning to do. Good thing I saw this thread or else I would've thought something was wrong. I think coming from MCU1 I am actually just glad that I will have Youtube/Netflix/HULU :)
  34. bktiger86

    What "radio" from MCU2 upgrade w/o new radio or premium connectivity?

    I have a 2017 Model S which came with Premium Connectivity for life. I think I will opt out on the $500 radio upgrade for now, especially everyone says that you can technically stream it via bluetooth phone or TuneIn. My MCU2 upgrade is on Feb. 11th.
  35. bktiger86

    My Model S was stolen from the Denver Tesla service lot today... [Update: Car found!]

    Damn...I was looking through my previous Tesla's invoices to see if there are any fine prints at the bottom and I saw this one message. I wasn't sure if they are referring to the personal items only or the entire car. I think definitely a lawyer needs to be involved.
  36. bktiger86

    My Model S was stolen from the Denver Tesla service lot today... [Update: Car found!]

    Wow...first time hearing this sort of thing. Normally nowadays even if they put the key in the car, the SC would take out the battery from the key fob. That is what they did to my key when I picked up the car after hours. But back to your issue, don't they have security cameras overlooking the...
  37. bktiger86

    Car hibernation

    I feel like it will happen if I have "energy saving" mode turned on. I forgot if that was under Vehicle or Display.
  38. bktiger86

    Car hibernation

    Sometimes I noticed it goes into deep hibernation is when I walk up to the car, the door handle doesn't automatically pop open. I have to manually push it. But that is just a hunch.
  39. bktiger86

    Unable to drive - Authentication required alerts every hour/two hours?

    Are you using the key fob or phone key?
  40. bktiger86

    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    It will really be interesting to see how they will fix it. Tesla has 2 weeks to respond.
  41. bktiger86

    Is anyone impressed with the overly-hyped "holiday update"?

    It wasn't really hyped as much as i was hoping for. The custom horns are great for showing off but that is about it. My 2017 Tesla Model S doesn't even have the external speakers so that wouldn't even work.
  42. bktiger86

    Tesla Covering Some MCU1 Issues for Some Owners

    Glad that Tesla finally stepped up but unfortunately it took them 3 or more years to get to this conclusion. I feel bad for people who already passed 100k.
  43. bktiger86

    Radio upgrade coming soon for MCU2 upgrade

    When I heard that it is $500 for radio..is this highway robbery?
  44. bktiger86

    After seeing the FSD videos, do you think it will work well on MCU1 cars?

    Can I just say I love this forum? I feel like I am in the same boat as everyone. It is good not feeling alone.
  45. bktiger86

    New release notes.

    Hopefully it doesn't. I just wonder how much MCU's power is involved in the FSD.
  46. bktiger86

    New release notes.

    I think the problem right now is sometimes Tesla overpromises things and even set the wrong expectation especially when it comes to release dates. I wouldn't mind if they were a little bit more honest or even straight up tell me "we messed up. you need better hardware to run FSD"
  47. bktiger86

    New release notes.

    I totally agree with you. I have a feeling that FSD owners will need MCU2. Might be able to use that as leverage or possible class action since people who purchased FSD thought they can get the self driving even without any MCU upgrade. Tesla just wouldn't want to admit it right now.
  48. bktiger86

    New release notes.

    I am still going to be very curious if MCU1 with AP3 can handle this...
  49. bktiger86

    rear camera picture

    Hi everyone. My friend and I just recently had our rear camera replaced because Tesla thought they may have caused some MCU issues. When they were done we received two different types of cameras. We are not sure which ones is the "newer" version. Can you guys do us a favor and take a picture of...
  50. bktiger86

    Autopilot calibration stuck at 98%

    I've had the same issue. I had to bring it to a service center and they did two things. They refreshed my MCU and as well as ordered a new pitch plate for the front 3 cameras. camera calibration always at 98%

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