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  1. Pismo

    WTB: Gen 2 HPWC Low Profile wall bracket

    Hi, After a Gen 2 HPWC Low Profile Wall Bracket. Bought a used HPWC and its missing the back charger. Picture below.
  2. Pismo

    LTB: Gen 2 HPWC

    Looking for Gen 2 HPWC, doesnt matter about color. Thanks!
  3. Pismo

    Load Sharing Gen 2 and Gen 3 HWPC

    Thanks - ill look for another gen 2.
  4. Pismo

    Load Sharing Gen 2 and Gen 3 HWPC

    Hi all, We have a gen 2 HWPC - and want to get another HWPC to loadshare. Since Gen 3 is only $400, we planned to go this route, but werent sure if you can load share the two gens together? Do I need to sell the Gen 2 and get 2x Gen 3s, or can I just get a Gen 3. Thanks for your help!
  5. Pismo

    Tesla Model X 2022 LR FSD delivery for sale

    So basically, you bought the car and paid for taxes, and then they paid you that amount + 5k via check, and they will wait to get it transferred to new owner.
  6. Pismo

    21" Tesla OEM Black Arachnids

  7. Pismo

    21" Tesla OEM Black Arachnids

    Yes - Feel free to DM me.
  8. Pismo

    21" Tesla OEM Black Arachnids

    @ObsidianS - Yes can ship. Send me a DM with cell, and will get pics. should be able to get some today
  9. Pismo

    21" Tesla OEM Black Arachnids

    • 2 x 21X8.5J Black Arachnid wheels - very small rash • 2 x 21X9.0J Black Arachnid wheels • 2 x 245/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport 96Y XL - worn down in inside • 2 x 265/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport 101Y XL - good tread left. • 4 x tire pressure sensors • 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps...
  10. Pismo

    Wtb: Tesla powerwall 2

    Looking for powerwall 2 can come with gateway, but need to be gateway 2 feel free to DM me. located in Denver
  11. Pismo

    Draw-Tite hitch receiver

    Done it atleast 6 times on various MX Only issue for me is the wheel trim. Every time I have broken one clip, but even with 2 broken clips it all goes back on. The frustrating part is getting the undercarry plastic to line up. Think about it in reverse order before doing it, and it always works...
  12. Pismo

    Tesla Solar + Xcel Customers in Denver/CO.

    Hi- Wife and I are in our new home, and after a few months of Xcel energy bills we think its time to go to Solar, ahead of the initial Summer 2022 plan. We noticed that Tesla is obviously cheaper than the competition but is giving it away at 0.99% We had questions, and know Tesla reps are...
  13. Pismo

    22” black onyx oem $1600

  14. Pismo

    **Looking to Purchase** 22” OEM Black Onyx Wheels

    I have a set $1600- check out my posts
  15. Pismo

    22” black onyx oem $1600

    22” black onyx oem TPMS Pirelli scorpions all around 9/32 rear (90%) 5.5/32 front (50%) Priced with condition of curb damage in mind. Normal rates with good tires are $2-3k Low ball offers won’t be responded too $125/wheel to fix with local Denver shop Can ship - $350- these are heavy AF...
  16. Pismo

    22” OEM black onyx wheels and tires

    Sold, Please delete.
  17. Pismo

    WTB - 22 inch Black Rims

    I have a set, located in CO. $1900
  18. Pismo

    22” OEM black onyx wheels and tires

    Denver and can, but you’ll be adding $350-400
  19. Pismo

    22” OEM black onyx wheels and tires

    22” Black onyx Included tpms Pirelli scorpion tires good tread a few minor curbs scratches $1900
  20. Pismo

    Tesmanian Model Y spoiler matte black

    She told you that...so you wouldnt buy it. Smart woman.
  21. Pismo

    WTB: Gen 1 UMC 14-50 adapter

    Let me know what you got, people on eBay think they can sell for more than Tesla. Tesla - $45 Gen 1 NEMA Adapters
  22. Pismo

    Replika R241 Wheels

    Ahh waiting for this.
  23. Pismo

    WTB: 20" induction wheels MY

    Looking for 20" model Y induction wheels and tires.
  24. Pismo

    Wall Connector

    I have a Gen 3 Wall connector NIB if you're interested.
  25. Pismo

    Gen 2 umc w/5-15

    Gen 2 charger 5-15 Carry case Happy to pay for shipping Thanks
  26. Pismo

    Model Y LR w/FSD+Acc Boost Full PPF Wrap

    Hey All, Time is come to liquidate even more. Sadly, MY is next so we can buy our new house. 2020 Model Y Pearl White FSD Acceleration Boost 20k miles Black 20" Induction Wheels Full PPF Wrap ($4000) Ceramic Tint all round Interior wraps on console, screen etc. Located in Denver. MSRP: 64k+...
  27. Pismo

    Model X Chrome Delete Kit $60

    Sold. Sorry @djillusion - Didnt see the post till after it was sold.
  28. Pismo

    Model X Chrome Delete Kit $60

    Back up for sale. Sold car, no longer need.
  29. Pismo

    Trailer Hitch on Model X

    Ive made a video, just never uploaded/edited lol
  30. Pismo

    11/2017 Model X 100D - Murdered out & Loaded

    282 miles .3% off what the stats app said.
  31. Pismo

    11/2017 Model X 100D - Murdered out & Loaded

    I dont use "Miles" - I just do % - but the stats app shows 285. In Denver, thinner air so you get better Wh/Mi and the most ive even driven at this altitude was when we did 260miles in a day going north, we avg 288wh/mi and roughly 75ish% of our SOC - so with 100kw, that would put us at...
  32. Pismo

    11/2017 Model X 100D - Murdered out & Loaded

    Update: $69,500 with black oem 20s
  33. Pismo

    11/2017 Model X 100D - Murdered out & Loaded

    2017 Used Tesla Model X 100D. 7 Seat. Enhanced Autopilot. Solid Black. White. Interior. 37,881-miles. $72,900. Denver, Colorado Now on Only Used Tesla
  34. Pismo

    11/2017 Model X 100D - Murdered out & Loaded

    Update: Price Drop: $72,500 Milage: 37,318. Forgot to add: It has the premium upgrades package (Self closing/opening doors, subzero package, ultra hifi etc)
  35. Pismo

    Tesla 22" Turbines Model X OEM - $2590

    22" OEM Black Onyx Wheels Located in Denver Details below- Happy to negotiate and ship or coorindate shipping 22" Tesla OEM Black Onyx Wheels and Dunlop tires | eBay
  36. Pismo

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    So I finally got mine all together with some towing coming this weekend. I did the hitch in June. But finally out the female plug connector in. Messed it up orientation wise - as I thought i out it on the drivers side but it was passenger and then, too far to the outside. So only two bolts but...
  37. Pismo

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Id assume you use some nuts and bolts, that way you can tighten it from the inside?
  38. Pismo

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Love the plug - I was wondering what to do with mine, but I think that solves it. As long as it sits flush!
  39. Pismo

    22" Tesla OEM Black Onyx Wheels

    Tesla 22" OEM Wheels Black Onyx Turbines Pirelli Scorpion Tires all around. 7-7.5/32 tread all round - 70% Comes with TPMS and Center Caps Wheels are in great condition, no curbs, dents, bends etc. Selling due to switching to my 20s for more comfort $2800 Located in Denver. PM Me about Shipping...
  40. Pismo

    11/2017 Model X 100D - Murdered out & Loaded

    My 100% SOC ranges since my driving habits change. In the Stats app it sits around 288miles. However, based on how I drive - and since I am in CO. it varies between 280-330miles Info on Hitch-
  41. Pismo

    11/2017 Model X 100D - Murdered out & Loaded

    11/2017 Tesla Model X VIN: 07XX91 35,550 miles Warranty expires June 2022/58,000 miles (took delivery June 2018) EAP/AP AP 2.5 FSD ability w/software upgrade. MCU 1 Solid Black w/paint correction + ceramic coating PPF front bumper Premium upgrade package PPF Door sils Premium White...
  42. Pismo

    Car insurance recommendation? Denver area

    I am in the same boat. Moving from Seattle. Will check out Progressive.
  43. Pismo

    On road trip and drivers door stuck open?

    Doesnt look like locked door in this picture, so I guess it is ok :p But road trip going great, just a process to open drivers door every time.
  44. Pismo

    On road trip and drivers door stuck open?

    this worked. Latch actuator broken - going in this week, so for now- it’s my wife opening my door haha
  45. Pismo

    On road trip and drivers door stuck open?

    Anyone had this before? It’s been getting stuck before this, and now the door is open and it thinks it’s closed. The latch to keep it locked in is down and now will longer allow the door to close. Kinda sucks as we are stuck at a hiking point :( Any quick tips- just to get it working? Ammon the...
  46. Pismo

    Trailer Hitch on Model X

    Waiting for the cable and then will reaccess
  47. Pismo

    Trailer Hitch on Model X

    here my attempt from today- Installed on a friends car and did the cut out- was awesome. He is pretty happy with the OEM look

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