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    Model s refresh regenerative braking indicator not working properly

    I don't seem to have this regeneration braking enhancement in the recent update 2022.40.4 on my MS 2015 85D. Perhaps this does not apply to legacy cars? I have tried rebooting with no luck. This is an update I am keen to get working, this time of year I spend driving around the city without...
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    Tesla recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers every 12 months or 20,000 km

    I had some notifications appear indicating my parking brakes were acting up again, I just serviced them last year. One has to be careful they are sticking and not releasing. They are quick to service, jack up car, remove tire. Have the wheels blocked and the car in tow mode to release the pak...
  3. C


    Just curious if the brake application during reduced regen really applies to all vehicles? My 2015 model did not get it with the update, but my wife's model Y did show the feature with the recent update. I wonder if legacy model S cars are being left behind?
  4. C

    New Energy App

    Seems not to work with legacy cars, my 2015 model S does not work, but my spouse's Y has it. Too small and detailed to interpret while driving, maybe the old display is better, with simpler data to view.
  5. C

    Battery steaming lately after charging? Is this normal? Just started after only 15,000KMS.

    We have seen this a few tines with our model Y at a supercharger in cold weather. Last winter we would stop to charge after skiing lessons in 3C weather. Charging would begin, then after 10 to 15 minutes there must be a change in heat direction such that the car discharges heat quickly through...
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    Tesla Supercharger Voting page

    Ucluelet should have been done along time ago. By Ucluelet, I mean the junction where the BC Hydro charger is. There are so few destination chargers in the area that are needed to support summer travel there. Even with the ccs adapter, I am not sure there would enough chargers after leaving...
  7. C

    Supercharger - Vancouver, BC - Kaslo St

    I would think this site is a good year away, it is currently a big hole in the ground. The concrete and steel has yet to reach road level. As for proximity to Highway 1 (2.5km from exit), the Burnaby location at Brentwood is closer (1.5 km from exit). This site is in an urban location. I would...
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    Rear passenger door hinge stop

    My 2015 85D is having intermittent issue with the rear passenger upper door hinge. This one contains the mechanism that stops and holds the door at different openning angles. It seems to be a sealed unit with no serviceable access. My problem is sometimes it takes a little more force than...
  9. C

    Replacing Model S front upper control arms

    Replaced both FUCAs with parts from Rockauto. Just shy of 300CDN taxes and delivery included. Took a few hours, I found I did need to undo at the least back half of the wheel liners. There is an annoying basket on the passenger side which would not allow the rear bolt to drop back far enough...
  10. C

    Free Supercharging Still Worth It?

    I have a 2015 MS 85D, paid 2K CDN to add FUSC at the time of delivery in March 2015. We have done a few long trips over the years, Vancouver BC to Phoenix/ Las Vegas/Edmonton and return as 3 separate trips. Last June 2021 we did Vancouver to Niagara Falls and back, 9000KM. Likely more than 99...
  11. C

    Model S Front Upper Control Arm DIY

    Greg, did you find the Mevotech supreme to be a vastly better part than the OEM? I see Delphi also make this part for about 30%v cheaper. Hard to gauge how long the ball joint will hold up, maybe another 100K miles.
  12. C

    Replacing Model S front upper control arms

    Feeling like ranting...I went into Tesla service here to ask about the parts, I find in easier and faster to pop in because I work nearby. Turns out they only have the left in stock, 4 to 6 weeks before new ones will arrive, and they have a car that has been sitting there for a month waiting...
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    Supercharger - Merritt BC - De Wolf Way

    Back in the old days there was no supercharger at Merritt. My model S with an 85 pack could make it to Kelowna in the summer. Remember that downhill run into Kelowna will put you on the plus side with all the regen. The nav should suggest alternatives if a station is busy. Alternatively...
  14. C

    Replacing Model S front upper control arms

    Great advice on the control arm disassembly, likely just replace the whole thing. What on the passenger side makes it so difficult? Have not been in there closely, just perused the shop manual. Hopefully no cutting bolts involved.
  15. C

    Replacing Model S front upper control arms

    I looked at Rockauto as suggested. There are various brands, one European, one from the US and one from Canada. The Canadian manufacturer also shows a bolt on upper ball joint if you want to drill out the existing rivets in the stock arm. This is an interesting idea. Just replacing the ball...
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    Supercharger - Merritt BC - De Wolf Way

    Maybe I am missing something here....but why does Merritt need a 3rd set of superchargers? I can think of other places around BC where we could extend the range northward. Perhaps using this logic, Hope BC deserves a 3rd set too.
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    Replacing Model S front upper control arms

    Model S 2015 85D with 103K kms I have found the source of the clunking sound during low speed maneuver over uneven road surfaces. This seems to be the common issue for aging Model S/X car owners, similar spot to where the early model 3 suffers the squeaking. Everything else seems intact with no...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    I think the BW does not restrict the use to hotel guests only, so people are free to do what they want there, however, it is a little disingenuous to list this on the BW website as a service provided to their guests. We choose accommodation based on destination chargers, I would like to know if...
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    Touch up paint

    The water based stuff is horrible to use and takes some skill. Getting the right amount of paint on there so it srinks while drying is a challenge, without leaving a hump. Also, the paint has to be dry enough, otherwise is blends with the clear coat while trying to finish the product. The...
  20. C

    Touch up paint

    Oh gosh, here is the photo of what I use
  21. C

    Touch up paint

    What is your car colour? There is a water based product, like Tesla's available online in Canada. I have it in the grey for my model S. I needed something black for my wife model Y quickly before we got the front wrapped. This duplicolor from Canadian Tire worked perfectly. Less messy than...
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    Supercharger - Hope, BC - Klassen Road

    So Happy...Passing through there on Sunday morning to Penticton. By the way, somebody has already scuffed up the asphalt. We could have used a little rain to cool and let it set up.
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    Ottawa to Victoria in a M3 SR+

    What is the rated range for the SR+? We did Vancouver to Niagara Falls and back last summer in the HEAT DOME weather (39C when we departed Vancouver). Our MS 85D is rated around 430KM. We had no issues. This was loaded with 3 people and our luggage. Supercharged there and back, had the odd...
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    Filling tires using 12v

    I have a small Viair from my ICE days which clamps to the battery as well, I want to use it on our Teslas. My Model S with the nose cone works fine using the bumper mounted contact points under the nose. I would like to try it on our Y, I realize there is some work under the front to access...
  25. C

    Help! Steering Wheel Scuffed up after a paid service

    This is the problem with Tesla service, I had the same thing with my Model S. I had taken it in for a routine service before work. I picked it up at the end of the day and notice the scrape in the steering wheel cover at the bottom edge. I gave them a call right away, took pictures and...
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    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip

    Poor planning...We have done Vancouver to Phoenix/Las Vegas/Edmonton/Niagara Falls and return over the last 7 years in our 2015 Model S 85D. No drama, no problems, no delays. We used EV trip planner, ABRP and the nav, all seemed to get us there without issues. I would not plan to use...
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    Tesla recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers every 12 months or 20,000 km

    Model S owners, don't forget your parking brake... 2015 Model S 85D. I had done the brakes myself 2 years ago while rotating the tires. They were just dusty, no corrosion. We do not see much salt here in Vancouver, except for brine spray on the roads. I assumed the parking brake would not...
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    Supercharger Taxi Overuse - What to do?

    Without supercharger access these taxis would be dead in the water. There would be too much downtime to charge with any other system. Idle fees only come into play if the SC is largely full. Maybe it is the cost of doing business. As more Tesla are on the road there, the availability to...
  29. C

    What is this mapping issue?

    I am sure this is a common problem now, my coworker has the same issue on his MY. There a black panels of black mixed into the regular map background.
  30. C

    PPF in Burnaby

    We just finally added a PPF coat to the front end area of our black 2021 Model Y SR. We were thinking about is for a while, my experience with my un-wrapped 2015 Model S let us to have a wait-and-see approach. The grey model S has a few nicks I touched up over the 100000Km, but I really don't...
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    Charging at 12amps

    I set our Y to 11amps. I found at 12amps in our insulated garage the car was giving a warning that the plug was overheating. This tended to occur in the summer months. I think there is a temp sensor in the tesla mobile charger that senses this. Continuous draw of 12 amps on a 15amp was...
  32. C

    Opinions/Experience with Black MYP

    Black hides panel gaps the best out of all the colours, white shows them off the best. We have a PPF appointment booked next week to wrap the front end and hood. We lasted 12 months, then DING, our 1st hood chip. Stands out too much with the almost white undercoating. I have a model S (2015)...
  33. C

    Ioniq 5

    Not sure how delivery wait time are in the US for this car, but in Canada, a friend of a co-worker just order one in Vancouver BC. Twelve months +/- a month. When they started to appear on the road here, we test drove one February. The dealer said the ones we see on the road were ordered last...
  34. C

    Another round of price increases - March 14 2022

    Wow, crazy pricing, we paid 54K for our black MY SR after BC rebate a year ago. We really lucked out with the 6 week window it was available. The MY now is approaching BMW and Audi pricing. Flipping your Tesla is like flipping houses in Vancouver, big profit, but where are you going to...
  35. C

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    I think they are located on P2, not P1. This will confuse people just a little, the underground parking is HUGE, and the signage is a little lacking. Basically it is tucked away in the north west corner on P2.
  36. C

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    I have a vintage model S, free lifetime supercharging I paid 2K for at time of purchase. How things have changed. As a side note, I wonder how much legacy cars negatively affect overall charger throughput/wait times because we charge so slow.
  37. C

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    Oh yeah, likely pay parking unless Tesla has some sort of agreement for those actively charging.
  38. C

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    Wow that was fast, my son and I were in there over Christmas to try out his new electric scooter out of the snow, we saw no evidence of construction.
  39. C

    My Model S 85D and Tesla life at 100K miles

    Great summary. Have the same car 2015 S85D. Just also reached 100 000km, I realize many fewer miles. I just replaced my second 12v battery that only lasted 2.5yrs. For me and my bad luck, my issues always happen on driving holidays. I had my MCU1 fail in Calgary on the way back to Vancouver...
  40. C

    Supercharger - Coquitlam, BC

    I really hope a Burnaby charger is not too far away from the highway, tucked away in some garage. There is no point making them non-accessible just for the sake of building one. Either just off Lougheed, Canada Way or Highway 1 would make sense. Placing in some underground parking lot like...
  41. C

    Supercharger - Coquitlam, BC

    This charger is crazy busy these days. There was a 3 car line-up the whole time I charged today. I feel with the charger being full nobody is getting fast charging rates. Unfortunately this lot is too small to support doubling the number of stalls. Time for another station to be put in...
  42. C

    Swanky new Lucid charging station

    Coupled with the showroom in Vancouver, I see the new charging station being readied for test drives. Located just down the hall from the tesla supercharger in Pacific Center. Interesting to see the showroom, it looks identical in form as Tesla once had, just a different brand of car in its...
  43. C

    Short lived 12v battery?

    It would be rare, but has anyone had a random, single fault code on the 12v battery, only to have it dissappear if you power cycle the car? I have some time to try this before Friday when the battery gets replaced.
  44. C

    Short lived 12v battery?

    Funny thing, when the car flags the 12v as needing replacement, software updates cannot be done. The car keeps prompting me to complete the update, then stops, saying the 12v needs attention. Kinda annoying until I get it replaced. The ranger cost for the battery has not changed since the...
  45. C

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    We have both a 2015 MS and a 2021 MY. We took an Ioniq 5 out for a brief test drive on the weekend. Not a big fan of the flat, stark screens in an otherwise nicely contoured cockpit. The ride was smoother than the Y, but did not feel agile and the S or Y. Also, very little storage space...
  46. C

    Is the rear trunk supposed to always make the latching noise?

    My 2015 MS 85D had the latch replaced two years ago. Recently I noticed the same thing, periodically the hatch will close firmly with a thud, no cinch motor involved. The hatch seems seated correctly and there is no alarms or warning it is not secure. Hopefully this is not an indication of...
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    Short lived 12v battery?

    I had also posted my concerns under the model S heading, but I am interested in getting a more local perspective on the expected 12v battery life. I have a model S 85D with 100000Km. First battery went at 65000km, 4 1/4 years. Second one just went at 100000k, 2 1/2 years later. Seems a little...
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    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    Still no change in the signage, nothing new to report. Fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

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