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  1. Vince Cobelo

    Invitation to Order Window - Time Limit?

    Received my invitation to order about a month ago. I don't want to take the car but my son wants it and I know that I can transfer the reservation to him after talking to the main customer support. But how much time will they leave the invite open before it closes? Has anyone experienced this...
  2. Vince Cobelo

    USB/Power Socket - Not Always On

    That question is probably better asked in another thread where people will pay more attention but I would say the reason is to control those functions you need a app. Apps can't be loaded on the Tesla browser. That said you could check your messages but it would have to be a browser based...
  3. Vince Cobelo

    USB/Power Socket - Not Always On

    Update: Works perfectly. No modifications.
  4. Vince Cobelo

    USB/Power Socket - Not Always On

    Yea....why have a Dot? Just use your phone and say "OK Google" play whatever and it will play over the car stereo. I use Amazon Music as the default music player and works great every time. I want to use the OBD port to power my wireless charger without running a wire across. I did the...
  5. Vince Cobelo

    USB/Power Socket - Not Always On

    This is a very old post and was very helpful at the time. I did the jumper and it works perfect. But I bought a vent mounted wireless charger for my phone and had to run the cord across the bowling alley and up the display tucking it behind the leather wrap around. Not a very clean look for...
  6. Vince Cobelo

    How many Tesla hater you have run into on the road ?

    Yes...I have seen that. This is a interesting discussion that someone posted on Youtube.
  7. Vince Cobelo

    How many Tesla hater you have run into on the road ?

    Amen. That was my first thought. Here in Florida it is very common to move in front of a car not passing and slow it down until it moves over. Then accelerate off into the distance. For the life of me I cannot understand why troopers don't enforce the law. It causes frustration, is...
  8. Vince Cobelo

    Musty "Locker Room" Odor

    I had the same problem and finally figured it out for my car. The bowling alley in the joint between the leather and the alley itself. If any moisture got in there from any source say a water bottle spill or the slightest rain came through a open sunroof the smell would return. That is what...
  9. Vince Cobelo

    Great Service Center Experience

    Yes...I have had a couple SC experiences and all were better than excellent. I have had my share of new luxury cars from the likes of Mercedes and while they give a VIP experience better than any Chevy or Ford dealership I have been to they don't come close to Tesla's service. Tesla has...
  10. Vince Cobelo

    Supercharger - Pinellas Park, FL [Now Operational]

    If this Wawa is frequented by Tesla's as it likely will be I wouldn't be surprised to see Wawas adopting SCs all over where it makes sense. Wawa in our area is the early adopter of gas station superstores.
  11. Vince Cobelo

    90D gone. A new MS will be 75, 75D, 100D, or P100D

    Yea but a 85D had 270 miles of range. Putting another motor in adds to the horsepower and subtracts from range by almost 10%. I'm very happy with my 85D. Almost 40K miles and only 2 miles of range loss at 100 and 90% charge. Plus it it still faster than any every day driver with the...
  12. Vince Cobelo

    Consider This: GM, Ford Industry Cycle Weakens Investment into EV

    Here is a theory. All of the automakers have been enjoying quite the run cyclically over the past 5 years or so. GM and Ford especially. Now Ford is struggling (new CEO) and GM sales are trending downward. This tells me that in the short term they have other problems to deal with and so...
  13. Vince Cobelo

    Bird bomb defuser kit

    This is why mine was coated (CQuartz) within the first week of delivery. In Florida we have birds, trees, bugs every pestilence that can mess up a car's paint. I swear by the coatings and 3M clear. They are worth every penny.
  14. Vince Cobelo

    Tire rotation

    +1 on not lubricating. Torquing is a application of "stretching" the bolt and threads precisely to accommodate stress without breaking. Lubricating causes more torque to be applied to achieve the same stretch. Don't do it.
  15. Vince Cobelo

    Should I pursue this charging method patent?

    I think making it fit is the easy part I guess I should say. Handling a power cable, waterproofing, quality control of the the entire mechanism, repetitive use in a hostile environment with varying temperatures and degrees of rapidity. Tamper resistance, online communications and diagnostics...
  16. Vince Cobelo

    Should I pursue this charging method patent?

    In your demo 2 posts above you don't have a thick cable attached. Doesn't really demonstrate much other than making something fit which is easy. No making it fit and then delivering power. What in heaven's name would you want to sell it for $2,500 for? Patent it and license it to whoever...
  17. Vince Cobelo

    How to unlock back door when only driver door is self-presenting?

    I'd have to go and look but don't all doors present if you use the fob to unlock (double press the roof)? I had mine presenting just the driver door and as I recall that is how I got passengers in.
  18. Vince Cobelo

    Firmware 8.0

    To test it....leave the stall some distance and then move back into it looking at the port as you open the door.
  19. Vince Cobelo

    My email is [email protected] ; android device. I would like to participate in your beta. Please...

    My email is [email protected] ; android device. I would like to participate in your beta. Please send link and installation instructions.
  20. Vince Cobelo

    titanium metallic no longer supported by the tesla shop, who needs some?

    Hell if you are getting a full wrap there is no way you are going to need touch up paint. Paint will be bad before you ever have to use it.
  21. Vince Cobelo

    My First Dent and Two Surprising Estimates

    Is there a listing of all the Tesla certified shops somewhere? If/when something happens it would be interesting to get estimates from multiple Tesla authorized and non authorized. Tesla in the certification process needs to manage not only quality but also price. It would also be interesting...
  22. Vince Cobelo

    Set of 4 245/45/19 Pirreli Cinturato P7 Tires

    These are not low rolling resistance tires though are they? If they are I don't see where it says so. I live in the area and am interested. UPDATE: I chatted with tire rack and they are low rolling resistance. (I didn't read all the way to the bottom in your description.)
  23. Vince Cobelo

    Degradation at 94.000 miles

    I have not researched it but where do you suppose the 8 year warranty on battery and motors would kick in regarding degredation. Why can't Tesla identify battery packs that have degraded the most and replace them at a cost as a wear and tear item? My 2017 85D started at 271 and is only down to...
  24. Vince Cobelo

    An Update to our Supercharging Program

    As long as you own your current car there is no restriction. The fact that there is a charge means the network can be built out further faster so that as a unlimited supercharger owner you can go more places without range anxiety. It also means that those that don't travel have a option of...
  25. Vince Cobelo

    Is direct sale really a better model than dealerships?

    This is about the dumbest question ever asked on this forum.
  26. Vince Cobelo

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    I don't think this is it only because they would have to already be putting it into cars. Otherwise there would be cancellations and people holding off a purchase until the new hardware was already going into the cars.
  27. Vince Cobelo

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Convertible Model 3? Model S Coupe?
  28. Vince Cobelo

    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    Only product not guessed that I'll throw out there is a car to AC inverter. Let your car become emergency power for your home. If they ever come through with that it would be epic. It would be "new", it would be within the Tesla product line and it would be very, very profitable. Even make...
  29. Vince Cobelo

    Firmware 8.0

    Drove about 200 miles yesterday with 8.0. Here are some thoughts AP vastly improved in all conditions that I could test. We have both asphalt and concrete highways. 7.1 would often lose the lane markings on the concrete sections because there wasn't enough contrast. In the rain 8.0 never...
  30. Vince Cobelo


    I did a search and couldn't find a answer. Geofencing isn't working anymore for me. The map stays small even when going full screen and a area cannot be selected. No zoom in or zoom out like before. I upgraded to a new machine with Win 10. Any help would be appreciated.
  31. Vince Cobelo

    If 8.0 ships tomorrow everyone's next Tesla payment is on me!

    Lets be nice. We all know Cali was joking and provoking a thread. Going to be really interesting to see how many cars actually get the update. I have a pretty long road trip tomorrow (Tampa to Miami). Would be nice to test and play.
  32. Vince Cobelo


    Seems to me this could be reference to the European market where Spotify is already available.
  33. Vince Cobelo


    What will be really "interesty" is if...just if 8.0 is not safer. I'm feelin' pretty safe with 7.2. Could/would Tesla walk back the whole radar is running AP thing? With the ever increasing number of S/Xs on the road and the inevitable increase in the number of accidents will the press...
  34. Vince Cobelo

    Still Waiting for Elon's Blog Post on Autopilot Update...

    Lighten up Francis. Whether the tweet happens or not doesn't matter. When the update rolls out to the cars is what does. Then and only then will we really know what 8.0 is all about. Anticipation can be frustrating but it is part of owning a Telsa. Fun fun. Shareholders in large really...
  35. Vince Cobelo

    This travel weather app is helpful

    I've always wondered why Waze and Google maps don't have the option to overlay weather data. Especially rain so you know in advance to pull over and put a convertible top up for instance. I've downloaded your suggestion and will give it a try. Thanks.
  36. Vince Cobelo

    Model S Classic: Radar Evading?

    I drive fast. Living where I do we have a lot of radar and some laser. Radar by local police and sheriff departments with laser used by highway patrol. Haven't had a ticket since I got the MS and I know I'm far more aggressive. Do you suppose the nose cone, slope of the windshield or...
  37. Vince Cobelo

    does battery degradation plateau, or is it more straight-line, or what is the shape of the curve?

    Just want to compliment the OP on a good question. I have been wondering the same but haven't been able to quite articulate how to ask the question.
  38. Vince Cobelo

    Autopilot / tacc freaks out at the same exact spot regardless of condition

    Another possibility is that someone is illegally using a cellular and/or GPS jammer in that area. That is pretty far fetched but someone got arrested in this area doing just that not too long ago.
  39. Vince Cobelo

    Rick Hesel's (artsci) Lighted T on Dee Snider's Model S - it's rockin cool!

    That is the most butt ugly Tesla I have ever seen.
  40. Vince Cobelo

    Advice on Questions to ask Electrician who may install home charger

    +1 for Rocky Also insist on copper wire. If possible prepare for the future by pulling two sets of lines or at least a fish wire and use oversize conduit. Use the second set of lines to have a external 110 house plug external to the locked housing. Or, have the system wired completely for...
  41. Vince Cobelo

    FLOORMATS - Which To Consider?

    Jeeze they have about the crappiest website I have ever seen.
  42. Vince Cobelo

    Firmware 7.1

    That was it...thank you. Excellent.
  43. Vince Cobelo

    Firmware 7.1

    Got 28.19 yesterday. Summon not working either by FOB or parking button. Checked that it is toggled on in setting and rebooted. Still not working. Damn weird. Know it'll come back or whatever but something is messed up.
  44. Vince Cobelo

    Firmware 8.0

    Fair to say 8.0 is not going to get any more connectivity to phones other than existing BT. With all the hooplah surrounding AP and other negative press TMC isn't going to expose themselves to anything really dynamic anytime in the near future I'd bet. Refinements though are improvements...
  45. Vince Cobelo

    Firmware 8.0

    I hope I'm wrong but why wouldn't TMC hold off 8.0 until NHTSA investigation comes to some sort of conclusions. Personally I think the whole accident issue is mouse nuts (of course any fatality is a tragedy minus that) but TMC is at a inflection point in terms of how they manage a fleet of...
  46. Vince Cobelo

    Firmware 8.0

    I'm guessing 8.0 going to be delayed to tweak Autopilot now. Oh well.
  47. Vince Cobelo

    If key fob lost on a long trip...what do you do?

    Only need to use the community IF someone picks up the keys and moves them from whatever location you left them at because the app remembers where it was able to last communicate with the Tile. Shoot...I use it more often to find the phone around the house than I do to locate keys. They are...
  48. Vince Cobelo

    If key fob lost on a long trip...what do you do?

    Once you have it attached to your key then it communicates via bluetooth. As long as the app is running it will remember where it was last time it was connected via BT so you would venture back to that area and it appears within a blue circle on your phone. You can then ring it if it fell into...

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