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  1. J

    Is it bad to leave Powerwall 2 at 100% SoC?

    I have my 3 powerwalls go on after solar has stopped daily. Every morning the batteries start charging to 100%. And the cycle starts daily. Hardly use any pge now. All solar and back up. :) Not sure if it's bad for the batteries to charge to 100% but I need to get my ROI asap!
  2. J

    Plaid Edition Model S to Get Seven Seats, Production Starts Late 2020

    FYI-It happens, but it's rare. Rare fatal accident in a Tesla Model S rear-ended by a large SUV in California - Electrek
  3. J

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    They have a fix for this now. I have an appointment this monday 9/16 to get it fix. They are using some UV machine so let's hope it works for the long haul and just a quick fix. Call your service center.
  4. J


    Same here on my 2017 Model S FSD equipped
  5. J

    Supercharger - Antioch, CA (LIVE 20 Mar 2019, 10 stalls)

    I'm here charging at 2am for our trip down south. I'm on the new version 2019.8.3 and this is the fastest I'm getting. I'm in a 2017 model S 100D. On this side of lone tree way where the chargers are it is Antioch. On the other side of LTW you are in Brentwood. This is the safe part of town. I...
  6. J

    Supercharger - Antioch, CA (LIVE 20 Mar 2019, 10 stalls)

    Love seeing the Tesla signs on my way home from work.
  7. J

    Supercharger - Antioch, CA (LIVE 20 Mar 2019, 10 stalls)

    This is literally couple of miles from home. Free charging here we come! :)
  8. J

    Replacement air valve caps

    This is an easy fix when combining two dissimilar metals. Use anti-seize. Problem solved! Thank me later.
  9. J

    2017 Model S 100D - WHITE interior - Babied and garaged

    It priced fairly. This is about the going price for 2017 100D's. Goodluck with sale OP!
  10. J

    2018 Model S P100DL | 3500miles | Phoenix AZ | $115,000

    Is this still for sale? PM me contact info pls
  11. J

    Push back email - JUNE / JULY Configs

    Invite 4/10 config 4/20 and pushed back to July Midnight Silver 19" sports wheels No vin yet
  12. J

    Model 3 Reservation

    OP states for a small cost in his original post. :)
  13. J

    2017 Model S 75D AP2.5 - 5K Miles - EAP - White - Bay Area, CA

    $72K PM if you want to deal.
  14. J

    2017 Model S 75D AP2.5 - 5K Miles - EAP - White - Bay Area, CA

    How many miles do you get when the battery is charged at 80% and 100%?
  15. J

    Tesla 3 Ready to Be Configured

    Good for you. Enjoy!
  16. J

    Tesla 3 Ready to Be Configured

    Not everyone will have the full $7500 fed liability anyways. You can't assume he is getting the full amount. He waited patiently like everyone else. If he wants to make a buck, why couldn't he? Let the man be. Everyone else is so quick to judge. I bet if you were in his shoes you would do the...
  17. J

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 in PA

    Tell your dad to send me photos of his 66's please. I might be interested. send to: [email protected] thx
  18. J

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 in PA

    To bad not everyone will have a federal tax liability therefor they won't be able to collect the full 7500 tax credit. Yes there is a sucker that will pay for this because he/she didn't rsvp on reveal. Lucky for me I rsvp 2 and just put my 1st one on order. :)
  19. J

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 in PA

    If the demand is there why not?
  20. J

    2017 Tesla Model S 90D - Pearl White - Lease Transfer

    Wish it had rear trunk seats!
  21. J

    FS Dec 2014 P85D 17,6xx Miles, Northern CA Sierra Foothills

    I was a day late on this deal!
  22. J

    ForSale thisWeek:X90D AP1

    Must have I never got a 2nd response from the seller. I know he had a potential buyer set-up for last friday night.
  23. J

    White 2016 Model X 75D AP1 For Sale

    I was going to offer $62.5K
  24. J

    4-8 Weeks. Canada model 3 res for sale

    As long as the demand is there people will make a buck. They put their money to rsvp and waited patiently like everyone else. Supply and Demand is a great money maker. Live with it and move one! Ressy i'm sure someone will take you up on that offer. GLWS
  25. J

    ForSale thisWeek:X90D AP1

    Please post pictures and sticker. I'm ok with rain in the pictures. Also pm sent
  26. J

    ForSale thisWeek:X90D AP1

    Interested Pm sent
  27. J

    My Tesla X 2017 black brand new 14,500 miles for sale

    Also interested please post details.
  28. J

    Model 3 For Sale (Phoenix)

    Making a quick $7500 tax deduction. Supply and demand is a wonderful thing :). Why should people stop trying to sell their model 3? It's their choice just like every other car up for sale here. OP GLWS
  29. J

    FS: 2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous

    Can you add more details about your experience in san francisco? I live near SF and i'm looking to buy and want to avoid the a-hole you dealt with. You can PM me thanks
  30. J

    Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    Oops my bad. Misread, apologies
  31. J

    Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    Seller is coming out ahead with a $10k rebate.
  32. J

    Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    Knock off the $10k fed and state and I will pick this up asap
  33. J

    2015 P85D Model S for Sale

    If it had trunk seats I'd be all over this
  34. J

    2016 Model S 90D - 19K miles - Free Supercharging, Warranty

    Why no rear trunk seats :(
  35. J

    Model S 85D 2015 Loaded like a freight train

    The flight train doesn't have trunk seats :(
  36. J

    Tesla Model x P90D - Ludicrous MSRP 140,000

    I will take it if you waive the downpayment :)
  37. J

    Neat Model 3 "Easter Egg" found

    I sure hope that is not elon's something special for day 1 reservation holders.... lol
  38. J

    2017 MX 100d 6 Seat.

    Last 4 digits of your social please?
  39. J

    P90DL Inventory cars

    PM me info as well . Please looking for one with rear seats thx
  40. J

    2015 Model S85D - 37k miles - Fully Loaded

    Trunk seats?
  41. J

    2016 P100D for Sale (6K miles)

    Sorry about to your hear about your loss. Does it have trunk seats?
  42. J

    2017 Model X P100D Fully Loaded


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