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  1. K

    Where to buy cover missing underneath steering wheel

    I’d open a service ticket with Tesla - that looks like a missing cover to your knee airbags… shouldn’t have happened at all
  2. K

    Was going to sell my car and got hit right before listing. What would you do?

    I’d open a service ticket with Tesla and see how much they quote you. It may be less than your deductible. If it’s just the bumper cover (rear fascia), it comes pre-painted and takes just a few hours to be done. Waiting for the part however may take a few weeks… at least with the estimate...
  3. K

    Can Tesla track my location?

    And did not open the glovebox to stick in the usb stick :) They don’t have that much time to waste on something this minor… unless you’re rich and famous and need to be tracked? 🤔
  4. K

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    In case folks are wondering - I got my coupon code before delivery, but after getting my VIN. My neighbor only got his code after delivery. Long story short - YMMV (and we are both March orders). Can just text the same number that contacted you and they’ll respond. Also, I noticed the UMC price...
  5. K

    Stress on the high or low side of charge range

    Every car dealer I know uses “blockers” when the store is closed… that means any driveway/entrance to the lot is locked/blocked by another vehicle. I wouldn’t depend on a dealer’s charger.
  6. K

    Change from cash to loan. Impact on EDD and when?

    Change it after you get your VIN. And be prepared to move quickly to get your financing in order. Once you get your VIN, have Tesla change it to financing so they can provide a new MVPA.
  7. K

    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Neighbor of mine just got home delivery a couple of days ago: Ordered mid-March, Fremont build, 2023, MSM/Black/Gemini No tow, no FSD New door designs, cargo cover. No USS and no matrix. Build quality looks pretty good to me, slightly better than my Q1’22 MYP. Think their their supply chain...
  8. K

    Pushed back in line

    What’s your delivery location, in comparison with these others you are referring to?
  9. K

    Any one know how to avoid OTA updates?

    Good to know! 👍
  10. K

    Model Y Ground Clearance

    No, neither the Y nor the 3 have an air suspension. You’ll need to step up to the $100+k Model X for an adjustable suspension
  11. K

    Any one know how to avoid OTA updates?

    Some recent posts (and anecdotal evidence?) have said that Tesla will brick the vehicle if updates have been put off for too long, thereby forcing the vehicle into a service center for updates. True or not 🤷‍♂️ But wouldn’t surprise me since any regulatory/compliance/safety update will...
  12. K

    Steering wheel heater

    Is this right? Haven’t done updates in awhile? I just got 2022.40.4 a few days ago. Steering wheel heater still there…
  13. K

    Ottawa electrician recommendation?

    What was the work quoted? Do you require a new panel/sub-panel? If it’s just installing the hpwc next to the panel and you have plenty of space/breakers available, that’s not $4k. But if the existing panel can’t support the continuous load… 🤷‍♂️ But yes, always a good idea to get several...
  14. K

    Ottawa electrician recommendation?

    What was the work quoted? Do you require a new panel/sub-panel? If it’s just installing the hpwc next to the panel and you have plenty of space/breakers available, that’s not $4k. But if the existing panel can’t support the continuous load… 🤷‍♂️
  15. K

    She only had 1000 miles on her

    Sounds like only property damage? 👍 Even if repairable, you’ll be waiting months for parts :( how did the wheels on the driver side get curbed so bad?
  16. K

    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    Many of the app options being discussed will not show up until you have PTO and Tesla has given you full control. Other posters have also noted that they are unable to get much support or contact Tesla to resolve system issues until PTO. Those module frames looked pretty banged up. Did you look...
  17. K

    Costco Insurance Feedback (Geico Insurance is now over $200 a month, paid in full! absolutely ridiculous)

    Auto insurance is one of those things where you have to continuously shop. It’s extremely hard to compare one person to another as locations, driving history, claims history, credit and many other factors play a role in premiums charged. Costco itself is not underwriting the policy - it’s these...
  18. K

    Is Tesla service/warranty really this bad?

    First question - who did you buy the M3 from? Third party dealer, private party or Tesla? The estimate from Tesla is standard practice until they actually review the work to be done in person. Items beyond normal wear/tear will not be covered. It sounds like your work is under warranty, but...
  19. K

    Tesla requesting more money for registration after I have already taken delivery

    Sounds like they filed new plates for the OP. In any case, OP will need to find out what’s actually happening. These fees are typically legit, just a question of what is actually happening with the transaction (new or transfer). Happens with legacy dealers all the time too
  20. K

    Lots of new MY(P) available now for immediate delivery (Sep 23rd 2022)

    It quarter-end - usual Tesla practice to sell everything that has 4 wheels 😜
  21. K

    USB memory stick for Y

    This is the only one that will work for data. One option is to get a large drive and partition it so you can have both music and sentry mode. Another option is to have a hub for the type A. Plenty of threads on TMC that go thru each option. Good luck!
  22. K

    CA HOV Stickers / Clean Air Vehicle Decal Application Turnaround Time

    Check cashed around the 30-day mark, decals received about a week after that. This was a couple of months ago. I wouldn’t fret it… just takes a bit of time.
  23. K

    New Potential future owner

    Yes, test drove multiple times, LR and Performance. You just cannot hit them during EOQ/EOY. That’s when Tesla sells everything they have on hand. So there’ll be no demos for the month (e.g. March, June, Sept, Dec)
  24. K

    Classic "how bad is this [damage]?" post

    Both left and right sides? Sure you don’t have undercarriage damage? The rear wheels look pretty scraped up too (unless it’s prior damage).
  25. K

    New Potential future owner

    My opinion… don’t over-think too many things. Reality may be different from what you thought or read on TMC. To your questions: If you shutoff sentry mode and cabin overheat protection, the drain is minimal (~1%/week). Not really much to worry about IMO. And my SOC has been 40-50%. I’d...
  26. K

    Are Service Appointments Not Handled Same Day?

    Depends on how large the SC is and their workload. Your work sounds like maybe 2-3 days to turn around. What was the estimate they gave you?
  27. K

    Solar Panels only generating about 60% [of peak production number]

    Assuming you have a solaredge inverter - look at the right side. There should be a label that says “SolarEdge xxxxx” at the top. What does it say for xxxxx? Or at the bottom there’s a line that says “PN:…..”. What does it say there?
  28. K

    Tesla solar install - bad reputation video - please watch and comment

    What this video is discussing is nothing new. Would have come up on any research into Tesla Solar/Energy 🤷‍♂ I skipped through the clip but almost every point raised has been discussed in depth on TMC
  29. K

    VIN Assigned, Delivery in the next couple of days??

    Your CU accepts a MVPA without them listed as the lienholder? If you tell Tesla the CU is the lienholder, the documentation will be reflected correctly. Otherwise title/registration will be tricky. So, long story short, Tesla doesn’t care if it’s cash or financed. It’s so the paperwork is...
  30. K

    Does this system design make sense?

    Best facing directions (in addition to azimuth angle and other factors) are: South, East-West, and North (least desirable). Did you have a site visit in order for the installer to design your system? If not, it’s likely they used something like HelioScope to remotely design your system.
  31. K

    Does this system design make sense?

    The installer/provider cannot make unilateral changes. This is only valid if the buyer also agrees to the change order or addendum. Going to a non-Tesla vendor should come with a greater level of support and communication. I’d say it’s their job to educate you and make sure your concerns are...
  32. K

    CCS Adapter - ?

    👍 especially when all the supercharger stalls are full, and here you are right next to them, at a 350kw EA stall, which are otherwise unoccupied 😂
  33. K

    Charger mounts without a wall nearby.

    Uhh… what about the wall connector pedestal? Available from the Tesla store and simpler solution
  34. K

    In the face of a recession, should I buy a Y now or wait?

    I was thinking YOLO when I read your title, but after seeing your details, I’d say “NO” to the Y at this time. Not until you have a good buffer and can manage your risks better.
  35. K

    Window chip gone bad

    Saw this at a SC recently. Didn’t ask anyone how it happened, but good to see that windshields will hold up. May not be driveable, but it will hold together :)
  36. K

    Photos of lower door PPF

    What body color examples are you looking for? Here are mine, off Amazon, not Tesla. May be visible at certain angles but doesn’t bother me.
  37. K

    Sheraton Hotel charger

    Not surprising - you need to call ahead to the property/location if you’re going to rely on a Destination Charger. I’ve seen destination chargers with broken handles, cut cables, or plain firmware updates needed. Never quite clear who’s responsible for maintenance and upkeep…
  38. K

    Significant Issues with 2022 Model X Plaid

    Consult a lemon lawyer? If you’ve already written to Tesla, that means you’ve got all your notes, pictures and details together (which is a great start). A lemon law attorney would probably be the best person to advise you, since it depends on your state’s lemon laws. Good luck and hope things...
  39. K

    MY with rear end damage. Is it structural too?

    If the seller could share all this, couldn’t be show the body shop’s final invoice? Not the estimate, but the final bill. It should show what has been done and no need for guesswork.
  40. K

    Quote Accuracy

    Probably because you’re in a condo, and it will require working with the HOA’s PV requirements (approvals, liability, designs, etc.), especially if you don’t have existing solar-ready conduit. Tesla is not great at working with systems that need significant customization and back and forth...
  41. K

    Shocking Quote For Solar

    Get a lot more quotes and speak to them. Ask your neighbors or coworkers for referrals, it helps to know their experience. But it won’t be surprising if labor and materials shortages are messing things up.
  42. K

    Brand New Trade In

    Assuming you’re paying cash (otherwise there are lienholders), will carmax accept a car with no title? Might want to call and ask.
  43. K

    What I have done to my MYP.........

    Nice effort! But… urm… yeah….
  44. K

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Uh oh… is the Harumio gravy train coming to an end…? Maybe Tesla S. Korea caught on to their source and cut it off…
  45. K

    Rebuilt Title Restoring Supercharging

    When you say you bought a CCS1 adapter and it’s not working, what do you mean? Where have you tried it? What year is your M3? Is CCS enabled?
  46. K

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Have a MY LR on order from March… MSM, no options (black interior, Gemini’s, no tow, no FSD, 5 seats). EDD was Nov-Jan, went to Jan-March, now shows April-July 2023. No words…
  47. K

    May not want anymore. Now what?

    Cancel and move on. The fact that you’re asking these questions means you’re not sold on it. Best not to spend any more time on it and jumping through more hoops.
  48. K

    weird indent in panel gap

    Looks like your rear fascia (bumper) may need a little realignment (emphasis on may). If you can try taking it to a service center for adjustment but Tesla may say it’s within specs. Or they may try to alignment and say they can’t, and order you a new bumper.
  49. K

    My delivery date was today but Tesla has no idea where my car is

    Won’t surprise me if they sold the car to someone else and it’s already in another location… thus the later delivery date. I think it happened to someone else on TMC… same VIN to different buyers and they ended up having to source/“prioritize” another VIN for the buyer left hanging :(
  50. K

    Help me with the math for a U-Haul trailer

    Not trailer related… but curious - are there superchargers along your route with drive-through stalls? I’ve seen a couple of Y’s charge, but they had to take up 4-5 stalls due to the length. Also, any consideration for the CCS1 adapter so you can hit up EA’s stations (just in case)?

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