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    Overcharging set charge %?

    I have this happen sporadically, and I use a Tesla Wall Connector. I don't think I've ever had it undercharge, but I've had 2-3% overcharge many times, and at different charge targets (80%, 85%, and 90%). It's not often, but maybe once or twice a month, on average (over multiple years).
  2. M

    Tesla is buying back my lemon plaid

    I almost ran into California Lemon Law limits on a 2017 Model S I had. There are a few different types of criteria. Some of them are for multiple attempts to repair the same fault (I think it is the third attempt for something "potentially life-threatening if it fails" and five attempts for...
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    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    There is quite a bit more physics and mechanical engineering in between the steering control device and the wheels. Studying that will indicate why cars have long had round steering devices. (This is not an argument for or against the yoke. It is opposition to specious arguments in the name...
  4. M

    Home Charging MS on V11, can't set charging amps?

    Since v11, the charge amperage setting has never been retained at my home location (2019 Model S). Prior to v11, this setting remained correct and never required adjustment. This software error (whether a display error or a larger configuration error) has been present in every v11 version I...
  5. M

    MCU1 Smooth like butter?!?

    I don't think that is correct. I ordered a Model S in March 2017 and it came with MCU1. I believe MCU2 was not standard on all builds until 2018.
  6. M

    How's V11 on the "Legacy" Model S?

    Count me as your first then (and I doubt I'm alone). 2019 Model S MCU2, which yellowed in the first 6 months. I run it in dark mode, so it's generally not visible. I haven't tried to get it fixed.
  7. M

    Spotify cover art in IC after v11 sporadic

    I've had sporadic problems with Slacker content art not being displayed in the instrument cluster as well.
  8. M

    V11 and climate menu: just as simple as a swipe up

    Yes, I realized later it was meant that, if the fan-based cabin climate control is off, accessing it (via swipe or pressing on the temperature) turns on the climate control. I initially misunderstood the statement to be that the climate settings changed when accessing the climate panel. I can...
  9. M

    V11 and climate menu: just as simple as a swipe up

    Curious, I haven't had that problem accessing the climate settings via the up-swipe or by pressing on the temperature number. A/C has never been activated just by accessing the climate panel, and I can control the seat settings without anything else changing. Perhaps a reboot is in order?
  10. M

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    I haven't tried USB resume yet. USB content does not show up in search. I found something else that doesn't properly work. The current limit for charging does not retain its setting based on location anymore. Now I have to set it every time I charge my car at home, since it defaults to the...
  11. M

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    I received this update today (2019 P100D MCU2). A few things I noticed (which I do not like): - There is more "empty" space at the top of the screen, at least in the configuration I typically use. I have the Media Player on the bottom and the Rear Camera on top. In this configuration...
  12. M

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA - Bernard Dr. (LIVE, 56 V3 stalls)

    Signs are up that paving will not happen until January.
  13. M

    2021.44.6 "Supercharging Improvements"

    I have a 2019 P100D and I did not have that message in the version notes when I updated yesterday.
  14. M

    Question about 2019 Model S....A 2019 that is a P100D?

    Tesla transitioned in 2019 from the previous labeling/badging (such as "P100D") to the "Raven" platform with labeling of "Long Range" and "Performance." It is possible to have a P100D built in 2019, as I have one built in April 2019. I believe the transition happened around June/July (for new...
  15. M

    TeslaTags (MP3/FLAC Retagger for Windows)

    If you're talking about running a program in Windows, the ability for it to access an external drive is dependent on Windows being able to acces the drive, not the specific program. MP3/FLAC tagging software will be able to open files on any drive that Windows can "see", and exFAT devices...
  16. M

    P100D Battery drain

    Do you have Sentry Mode on?
  17. M

    Complete blackout - both displays at highway speed

    I don't know why you were "disagreed" with on this. Your experience is similar to mine (April 2019 Model S). I've had the "blackout" happen maybe 10 times in the past year (happened today on a 10-mile drive), and I also noticed that at least the turn signals don't seem to work. I didn't try...
  18. M

    Screens go dead

    I'm dubious of their hypothesis. I'm not sure if I've ever opened the User Manual in my vehicle, and certainly not anytime in the past year when I've had these unexpected reboots. Nearly all of mine happen when driving (in motion) and not interacting with any part of the UI.
  19. M

    Both screens went out …

    We've also been discussing it here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/screens-go-dead.230707 It happens to me maybe once every 4-8 weeks (April 2019 build, MCU2 HW3).
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    Yoke Steering

    The director's cut of your message.
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    Screens go dead

    It's happened to me every month or two since I got my vehicle in 2019.
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    USB music showing up in search for ANYONE????

    Music search still does not include USB matches for me. Given the problems with USB music use in general, I've since switched to storing my music collection on microSD and playing it via Bluetooth from my phone. This allows me to have a more versatile player interface by using the phone app of...
  23. M

    Issues with streaming ABC News

    It's not a Tesla problem, it is a Slacker/LiveXLive problem. There are other threads here discussing it, if you search for "ABC News".
  24. M

    Complete blackout - both displays at highway speed

    Had this happen two (more) times in the past week. Makes me wonder if there is a recent fault that has been introduced in the software, or if this indicates a larger hardware degradation problem.
  25. M

    USB music showing up in search for ANYONE????

    USB being excluded from search happened sometime in the past 6 months or so, I don't quite remember exactly when, but it was when they "improved" the search (and search results) functionality. Album art for USB MP3s has been broken for roughly the same time span. I've not found a way around...
  26. M

    USB music not resuming since MCU2/AP3 upgrade

    Yes, that should also work. I've opened the passenger door first to load things, then closed it and went to enter on the driver side and it resumed playback. Once you see the "mechanism" by which it works, you can play around with it.
  27. M

    Complete blackout - both displays at highway speed

    I've had this happen twice in the past 3 months (April 2019 build, MCU2 HW3). Hadn't happened at all prior to that when I purchased the vehicle (June 2019). I had it happen a few times with the previous Model S I owned (March 2017 build, MCU1).
  28. M

    USB music not resuming since MCU2/AP3 upgrade

    There is a workaround, since the player does retain file and position of playback, it just does not resume it the first time you get into the car. If you trigger the car to believe you are "entering" again, it will resume (there may be a delay if it is indexing the USB device). This can be...
  29. M

    Supercharger - Placerville, CA (Missouri Flat Rd., LIVE 15 May 2021, 8 V3 stalls)

    As of today, all the pedestals are still under wrap, so I don't think this is functional yet.
  30. M

    OT: Picture Obfuscation

    Ironic in context.
  31. M

    Supercharger - Buckeye, AZ

    For those looking for an open bathroom at this location, Pet Smart has one available to the public, if you are in the area during their business hours.
  32. M

    Supported USB File Types

    Yes. I had a 2017 Model S with MCU1 and it played MP3s just fine.
  33. M

    Disparity Between kWh Used and Percent Used

    With a 100 kWh battery, not all of that battery capacity is available for "end-user" usage. The full 0% to 100% range will probably amount to something more like 90-95 kWh (give or take a few kWh). I don't know if anyone has done full analysis on usable capacity with the Raven models, but I...
  34. M

    Blog Model S is First EPA-Rated EV to Hit 400 Miles of Range

    It seems there is misconception about what EPA ratings mean. EPA rating is designed to have a standard set of circumstances by which vehicles are evaluated for fuel usage/efficiency. This allows for comparison of different vehicles under these consistent circumstances. It provides a relative...
  35. M

    Throttled SC, is that still a thing

    The Michelson Drive Supercharger in Irvine is an "urban" style supercharger that has a maximum charge rate of 72 kW, but each charging vehicle is independent (you will not be "sharing" with a paired vehicle, as is the case with the non-urban style superchargers). Find Us | Tesla
  36. M

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA - Friars Road (Mission Valley, LIVE 31 Jan 2019, 24 Urban + 24 V3 stalls)

    Fashion Valley has "urban" style Superchargers that have a dedicated 72kW per unit, so they are not shared like other types of Superchargers. Leaving stalls open will have no bearing on the actively charging spots, and you won't achieve a higher charging rate than 72kW.
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    What would be an accurate description of Model S drivers?

    Well, if we go based on demographics, I suppose the most common adjective would be "Californian." I won't comment as to whether that is positive or negative.
  38. M

    What did you name your car?

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?
  39. M

    Help save spider stuck inside rear quarter driver's side tail lamp :(

    It's probably not a brown recluse. That would be well outside of the habitat area of the spider, and they only appear outside those ranges when transported, so they are rare. It doesn't quite look like the abdomen of a recluse, but I can't see it clearly from the picture. It also most likely...
  40. M

    I tried "Launch Mode" for the first time today.

    I haven't tried Launch Mode yet, but I did discover a maneuver that creates a notably more intense acceleration than a from-stop pedal stomp. It requires a little bit of open road, but not much more than a dead-stop attempt. I get up to about 40 MPH and then go full regen braking down to about...
  41. M

    Yellow Screen border, poor quality & workmanship, and poor customer service -- Arbitration

    I have this on my April 2019 build and it became visible within the first 6 months of ownership. I also have the center screen yellowing, which became visible within a few months.
  42. M

    Recalibrating the battery

    It is my understanding that the range value (rated miles) is a constant wH/mile value applied to the current state of charge. It is not something that adjusts over time based on driving conditions.
  43. M

    Looking for a place to buy tires in San Diego?

    I've used Discount Tire in San Diego and it's been fine. The one I've visited is even in a part of San Diego that doesn't have much in the way of Tesla ownership and they knew how to properly handle a Tesla.
  44. M

    Love Tesla. Love my car. Wish Tesla would please fix the USB Audio Player.

    I've done this as well, which is a bit gymnastic, but it works. For those who aren't aware of this, here's how I do it: 1. Get in the car as normal in the driver seat. 2. Sit down, but don't push the brake pedal yet to "turn on" the car. 3. Lift yourself off the seat so it is registered as...
  45. M

    Love Tesla. Love my car. Wish Tesla would please fix the USB Audio Player.

    You can achieve the same by turning on the "Standby Mode" as part of Advanced Summon. The downside being this will drain your battery more notably throughout the day when the vehicle is not in use. I think there is a similar problem with Sentry Mode being on, perhaps due to some common factor...
  46. M

    Ever get "Software update available" after you installed the update?

    I had the same thing occur last night as well. I went to check on the car once I received the duplicate "Software Update Available" notification. It had ostensibly finished the main firmware upgrade (the instrument cluster was responsive and music played), but the MCU displayed something like...
  47. M

    P100D Energy usage?

    I'm not sure what "full charge" means in this context, as it's unlikely they charge to 100% and drive it down to 0%. That being said, there would be something very wrong with a 100kWh-battery vehicle (which all "Performance" models are now and all P100D models were prior to that) that regularly...
  48. M

    P100D Energy usage?

    I had a 100D (19-inch wheels) for 2 years and I averaged around 300-310 wh/mile over about 30k miles. I had about half freeway and half city miles (maybe 60/40 freeway), and I typically drove 70-80mph on freeways. I also had plenty of fun with the acceleration. I now have a P100D with 13k...
  49. M

    P100D Energy usage?

    I'm fairly certain the P100D was no longer being produced at that time. I bought an inventory P100D built in April 2019 (purchased in June 2019) because I was uncertain if the custom builds would be delivered by the end of June, and custom builds were the "Raven" vehicles at that time. If it...

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