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  1. Kira

    Victoria BC - Ladies Night

    The Victoria Electric Vehicle Club is hosting a gathering on Tuesday, October 1st from 7 - 9pm for women who may be interested in transitioning to an EV as well as women who already drive one and love it. Please pass the invitation along to any women you know in Victoria who may like to join us!
  2. Kira

    Anyone in Victoria, BC Willing to Give a Demo?

    If things don't work out with Cripps, shoot me a message - I am always happy to take folks out for a demo and I live quite close to you! :)
  3. Kira

    BC and (new) Referral Program

    Thanks for putting all this together @MexiCanuck - it makes it easier for others to add their voices using your draft as a template! :)
  4. Kira

    BC and (new) Referral Program

    Losing 24,000 kilometres does sting, especially after all the many hours I spent giving lengthy test rides/drives, answering questions, responding to emails & texts, and even contacting our local Store with ordering issues when a new buyer couldn’t get through. I would have done it without the...
  5. Kira

    BC and (new) Referral Program

    Not as far as you, just heading east from Vancouver Island and will stop in Radium Hot Springs to visit family, then swing over to show the kids Lake Louise before heading home. Would really love to travel the PCH and Route 66 someday when my self-imposed US travel boycott is over. :D
  6. Kira

    BC and (new) Referral Program

    I emailed my MLA as well. Leaving on a big road trip with my kids this weekend and pretty discouraged that I now have zero kilometres for it.
  7. Kira

    Okanagan Accomodation Ideas

    Great ideas, thanks @Polaris and @525SNAP :)
  8. Kira

    Okanagan Accomodation Ideas

    I've stayed at the Best Western with the Tesla Destination Charger in Vernon before and that was great, however this time the kids & I will be road tripping with my parents and aunt & uncle, who ride 2 motorbikes with little trailers and need to tent camp on a budget. It's not essential that we...
  9. Kira

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    Indeed! Just not sure those tidbits outweigh the heat & mosquitos :p
  10. Kira

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    Thanks - that's a great plan for me to go with! Still trying to gauge my West Coast-raised children's level of enthusiasm (or at least acceptance) about the prospect of heading to Saskatchewan in late July. ;)
  11. Kira

    Model 3 Ownership Experience in Canada

    My daily commute is 6 kilometres. Round trip. The biggest road trip was Victoria to Drumheller, AB and then lots of little trips up the Island. My only complaint about sleeping in the car is that it’s not terribly comfy for side-sleepers with “birthing hips” ;) But aside from that, it beats...
  12. Kira

    Model 3 Ownership Experience in Canada

    I drove 19,463 kilometers in this first year and am still grinning as much as I was on delivery day :) Road trips, camping & sleeping in the car, taking countless folks for test rides .... it's been awesome and just keeps getting better with each software update.
  13. Kira

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    This is fantastic! I suppose it’s probably unlikely to be completed by my end of July road trip but I’m totally thrilled for all the SK owners who’ve been waiting so long.
  14. Kira

    Corrupt video files in Sentry Mode

    Update for me - Yesterday, my cameras & Autopilot stopped working completely. Thankfully I was already booked to see Tesla Service for a frunk actuator replacement. The Tech advised that Sentry Mode does need to be turned off from time to time as it running constantly caused the Autopilot...
  15. Kira

    Car Seat

    I will second the recommendation for the Radian - my daughter used hers (a Sunshine Kids Radian) for the full 8 years until it expired.
  16. Kira

    Corrupt video files in Sentry Mode

    In addition to noting far more corrupted side repeater clips on Sunday, which was a hot one here, there's a new issue this morning: I deleted clips out of the Recent and Saved folders on the flash drive last night (yes, I ejected it properly) and popped it into the car just now. Gray camera...
  17. Kira

    Model 3....embarrassing moment

    Mine happened yesterday, when I picked up visiting relatives from Britain with all their luggage and the frunk wouldn’t open. *facepalm* It’s on its second actuator already :oops:
  18. Kira

    $75.00 for a tire rotation!

    Haven't read all the posts yet but if anyone needs their tires rotated in Victoria, BC: Big O on Quadra Street took care of that for me this week in minutes for $30 (plus tax). They topped the tires up with air and cleaned them as well. :)
  19. Kira

    How often do you use frunk?

    I had mine replaced over the winter and last night it stopped working again. :( Wondering if the second fix has held up for you?
  20. Kira

    Supercharger - Medicine Hat, AB

    It’s great to hear things are finally clicking into place — particularly for all the SK Tesla owners (and prospective owners). I’m still burning a tiny candle of hope that it’ll miraculously be ready by mid-July for a road trip.
  21. Kira

    BC EV rebate to run out of money soon?

    A friend who ordered a Model 3 last week said that Tesla Vancouver informed her they'd hit 680 in five days of sales. I believe that was for May 1-5. Assuming much of that would be Model 3.
  22. Kira

    Ever tried sleeping in your Model 3?

    I love camping in the Model 3 :) It's amazing how much gear you can fit in this car! I sleep inside the car by folding the back seats down and using this air+foam mattress: Air Mattress - Canadian Tire I didn't bother taking the bottom of the back seat out the last time, but I may do it this...
  23. Kira

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Grocery shopping: still a pain in the neck but now way sexier :cool: (Sparkle courtesy of obliging sun & a total fluke, as I quickly snapped one shot before people started looking at me)
  24. Kira

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    Indeed. I debated even posting - but figured threads (and hope) have been kept alive with even less info ;)
  25. Kira

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    Spoke to a contact at Tesla Vancouver this week and he made some inquiries with someone else who is in the loop re: charging installations. Sounded like there's more of a push for charging options in and around Vancouver at this time. After their conversation, my contact wasn't too optimistic...
  26. Kira

    Winding Roads with Parked Cars = Collission Warning

    The same thing happens to me on one particular road. Even though I'm expecting the alarm, it still startles me every time. The only thing that seems to prevent it is slowing down on that stretch (between 30-40 km/hr) and driving slightly out of my lane, the latter not always being possible if...
  27. Kira

    Tesla model 3 accident with a Mack truck

    Really hope your wife is okay, @Iceman8 I'm sure that I'd have reacted in much the same way that she did. We were all taught to immediately yield to emergency vehicles with lights/siren on - that's really stuck with me over the years and is probably exacerbated by the fact that I work in...
  28. Kira

    Corrupt video files in Sentry Mode

    Thanks for the nudge - I forgot to pop back in and say that 8.4 seems to have resolved the issues with the left repeater files that wouldn't open at all. Also much less of the green half-screen issue on the clips. The only problem now is that I may be addicted to watching Sentry videos. o_O
  29. Kira

    Corrupt video files in Sentry Mode

    Tried out Sentry for the first time today while parked in a very quiet provincial park lot. Just spent a good chunk of my evening wading through dozens and dozens of 1 minute long video clips of - for the most part - absolutely nothing. :rolleyes: Finally found a batch of clips of a family...
  30. Kira

    Supercharger - Regina, SK

    Sask Power's initial response was to inform me that they don't have a list of SuperChargers. Fortunately, I never was very good at taking a brush-off, so I've emailed back to politely remind them of what my query actually is. ;) On a personal level for road tripping to Saskatoon, I actually am...
  31. Kira

    Purchased AP 6 days ago, car still not updated

    Even plugged a WiFi extender into an extension cord and then hung that outside a second storey window for a day to see if that might help boost the WiFi in the driveway.... you'd think the 2+ year wait for the car would have enhanced my patience but apparently not. :p
  32. Kira

    Purchased AP 6 days ago, car still not updated

    You're not alone - I'm stuck on 50.6 as well. :(
  33. Kira

    Supercharger - Regina, SK

    Update: City of Regina emailed on Friday to tell me that there are two Tesla Destination chargers in Regina. I emailed back to remind them that I was asking about SuperChargers and today a very nice fellow from City of Regina called me directly. He said they've not issued any permits yet, and...
  34. Kira

    At car wash, how do you avoid charge port opening?

    Very true, but no need to push any buttons on the screen with my method. Which is good, since I’m usually fumbling with turning the Auto wipers off once I get the car in the right position ;)
  35. Kira

    Supercharger - Regina, SK

    I sent an inquiry in via their website, will update with any reply from them.
  36. Kira

    AP/FSD sale ends March 18th

    Just checked.... $9,200 CAD
  37. Kira

    Canadian Model Y Reveal Discussion

    A group of 9 of us were watching the reveal together while also planning a local EV plug-in challenge event. The room erupted in cheers at that point :D
  38. Kira

    Western Canada Superchargers

    I really hope this is the case - would love to take the kids to see the motherland :)
  39. Kira

    Considering buying Tesla 3 Long Range

    You've gotten lots of great info already, so just wanted to add that I live on the Island in Victoria and was blown away by what the LR RWD can do when we had our recent Snowpocalypse. I already had 14K km on the stock tires (18" Aeros) from quite a lot of fun road trips* since June of last...
  40. Kira

    Canada owners

    @dano9258 - have you gone through the Canadian Trip Planning thread in the Canada forum? There may be some tips in there and/or you could pose your query there, where you may get more Canuck views. I've only gone as far east as Drumheller, AB (which has some Level 2 chargers that are freely...
  41. Kira

    Best color in the cloudy PNW?

    We get our fair share of gloomy clouds here and I feel like the MC Red is nearly as good as one of those lights used to treat seasonal affective disorder. This past November I even attempted to document the vibe with a picture ;)
  42. Kira

    iOS 12.1.4 - can't connect to vehicle using App

    Yes, I could get into the car by simply walking up and opening the handle. Well, after gently banging the ice & snow off, that is. ;) But no ability to precondition the car due to no LTE. The fact that I updated my phone’s OS last night appears to have nothing to do with things - just coincidental.
  43. Kira

    iOS 12.1.4 - can't connect to vehicle using App

    Update: removed my phone as a Key and re-paired it just now. Still not working. Also have no LTE in the car, even after a complete power down (not just a display reset) which is weird but maybe that has something to do with it. Edit: So just dialed the 1-800 to mention this and *poof* the LTE...
  44. Kira

    iOS 12.1.4 - can't connect to vehicle using App

    I updated the Tesla app this morning when the issue first occurred. Unfortunately it didn’t change anything. Thanks for the tip about deleting and repairing the phone, I’ll try it on my lunch break. :)
  45. Kira

    iOS 12.1.4 - can't connect to vehicle using App

    Apple pushed a software update to my phone last night and now I can't get my Tesla app to connect to the car. Very inconvenient timing in terms of the cold weather and not being able to precondition. Running version 50.6 and have the latest version of the Tesla App. Have tried disconnecting...
  46. Kira

    Repeated Charging message

    Thanks, that’s a helpful guide!
  47. Kira

    Repeated Charging message

    Thanks @brkaus ... It’s possible — have moved it down a full notch just to be on the safe side going forward.
  48. Kira

    Repeated Charging message

    Well, that’s a new message (for me, at least) Have the car set to top notch of the “Daily” notches — not into the “Trip section”. I only charge once or maybe twice per week normally though with the chillier weather, it was three times this week. Last night the charging was odd — it was telling...
  49. Kira

    Taking my kids to their first concert tonight - KISS

    Very cool! :cool: The only concert I've ever been to was when my parents took 17-year-old me and my younger sister to see Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan in May of 1998 - I still remember what a cool & special experience it was and I'm sure your kids will treasure their concert...

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