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  1. tebling

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Speaking of coilovers... installed today!
  2. tebling

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    I have a mid-2018 LR RWD, and my four year warranty literally expires tomorrow! I keep going back and forth on whether to keep it "forever" or upgrade to a well kept 2018-2020 Performance for a modest price difference. Do I REALLY need AWD? No, but it would be nice. Do I REALLY need the...
  3. tebling

    Hansshow vs Tesla Offer Power Frunk/Trunk - which one to buy?

    The TO trunk / tailgate is now at Mark 3.0. Does anyone know what the changes were from 2.5 -> 3.0? Their website isn't clear on this (unless I missed something).
  4. tebling

    Anyone want to trade: 10/18 Tesla model 3 performance with 27K for 2021+ model 3 dual motor?

    Out of curiosity, what are you looking to gain?
  5. tebling

    Spotify w/ V10 update

    Maybe a dumb question but... how do you resume Spotify playback after switching to the FM radio? You would think pushing the Spotify button would do that, but it only shows you the interface to start playing a new track.
  6. tebling

    Tesla App

    On Android as well, and my app has been doing funny things all day today. My phone tells me that the Tesla app is using too much battery - even though when I go to its usage page it says "0%". On top of that I keep getting "Connected" and "Disconnected" notifications that I can't clear (the...
  7. tebling

    how to mute radio/music during directions on navigation?

    I noticed the same thing on my first day of ownership, and I really hope this gets added in an update soon. As others have stated, it's a simple usability improvement that is common in other cars (my 2012 Golf had it).
  8. tebling

    NEMA 14-50 service to detached garage

    Thanks for the advice. I don't necessarily think it's bad advice if I was looking for the ultimate budget solution. There are a few reasons I want to do a quality job: a) we're going to be in this house at least another year and a half, b) it's good practice for when I do the job for real on...
  9. tebling

    NEMA 14-50 service to detached garage

    I should have stated earlier that this is a rental - and yes, the landlord is thumbs up as long as I'm paying. So I'm not too interested in expanding the scope of the project beyond the short term. If it were my own place, or if the landlord wanted to pay me, then it would be a different story...
  10. tebling

    NEMA 14-50 service to detached garage

    My Model 3 is arriving soon, and I'm in the planning stages of a DIY install of 50A service to my detached garage from the main panel in the house. Garage is currently serviced by 20A from the main panel, and there's no garage subpanel. The wire run would be about 80' between the two...
  11. tebling

    4/15 invites

    Just received my delivery date. Config and order: 4/15 VIN: 5/1 ISA contact: 5/2 Delivery: 5/23 Blue / Aero / EAP Bellevue, WA SC
  12. tebling

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    Config and order: 4/15 VIN: 5/1 ISA contact: 5/2 Delivery: 5/23 Blue / Aero / EAP Bellevue, WA SC
  13. tebling

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    If your ISA's initials are AL then I got the same auto reply from him on Friday morning :p
  14. tebling

    Edit Your Design Option? New?

    This makes perfect sense given how overloaded the ISAs are.
  15. tebling

    Model 3 hits Tampa International Mall

    The title led me to believe this was another Sudden Unintended Acceleration post...
  16. tebling

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    As I mentioned earlier, my ISA went on vacation today, which was the day I was supposed to get a delivery date. I called the ISA line, and after 20 minutes on hold the rep told me my vehicle (VIN 194xx) was still in production and I'd have to wait until Monday when my ISA is back at work. Your...
  17. tebling

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    Yes indeed. And their sales line is "not accepting calls at this time" due to load.
  18. tebling

    ISA Communications / Scheduled Deliveries

    My ISA was supposed to give me a delivery date today, but after emailing him I received an auto reply saying he's on vacation until next week!
  19. tebling

    4/15 invites

    I was right about it feeling close! 4/15 config 5/1 VIN 19xxx assigned Blue Aero How can I sleep now?!
  20. tebling

    4/15 invites

    It was a big day for VINs for 4/15 aero orders, going from none at the start of the day to 10 out of 51 assigned as of now. All of these are to WA, which gives me hope that they really are trying to get as many people in before the tax exemption expires. Still waiting for my blue aero VIN, but...
  21. tebling

    4/15 invites

    There are actually three aero VINs from 4/15 in the spreadsheet now. Two white and one silver, all in the Seattle area.
  22. tebling

    4/15 invites

    The first 4/15 configured aero VIN got added to the spreadsheet today, to a lucky person in Kirkland, WA! <ItsHappening.gif>
  23. tebling

    VIN Assignment

    Not to mention 4/15, which was pretty much a WA only invite day.
  24. tebling

    4/15 invites

    Yeah, there are as of yet no VIN assignments for us 4/15 aero configurers. There are a small number of VINs for 4/15 folks who ordered sport wheels though. The VIN assignments that did happen in the last few days seem to have gone to folks who configured on 4/6 and 4/10, and those were mostly...
  25. tebling

    4/15 invites

    I configured on 4/15 with aero and I'm not expecting a VIN for at least a couple weeks. There's a big queue with the aeros, going all the way back to folks who configured on April 2. The only way we might see earlier VINs is if Tesla bumps up WA deliveries to get people in before the tax...
  26. tebling

    4/15 invites

    The spreadsheet seems to confirm that all the 4/15 invites (seven of them so far) are WA state only.
  27. tebling

    4/15 invites

    Well, I held out for all of about 60 minutes before deciding AWD wasn't worth giving up the WA state incentive for! :D Ordered Blue + Aero! It's already becoming obvious how the final wait for VIN and delivery date seems to take ages, even after 2+ years just to get this far!
  28. tebling

    4/15 invites

    I just received my invite email - on a Sunday! I had checked the website several times yesterday, so it definitely happened today. Non-owner in the Seattle area, reserved 3/31 online as soon as the reservation system went up. Thinking about holding off for AWD, but debating the value of doing...
  29. tebling

    4/13 invites

    Friday the 13th is turning out to be a lucky day for some online reservation holders, mostly on the east coast as far as I can tell. Source: reddit thread.
  30. tebling

    Model 3 standard range postponed until Early 2019

    As someone who wants SR + PUP + AWD, I'm really hoping the timing with respect to the tax credit ends up being tax credit = AWD (SR or LR), rather than tax credit = LR. Of course, best case would be tax credit = any config, but that doesn't seem likely.
  31. tebling

    Model 3 standard range postponed until Early 2019

    With the recent evidence of Canadian orders being moved up (and therefore not contributing to the US 200k car threshold), it's probably still worth waiting to see if what you say about the tax credit ends up being true or not.
  32. tebling

    NW Model 3 sightings

    Saw my first Model 3 today! It was a white one, heading south into Bellevue on 405 around 8am. My first thought was “it’s small!”, followed by “it’s freaking gorgeous!”, “those are some bright headlights”, “the front looks awesome”, and “omg why is my lane of traffic going so much faster than...
  33. tebling

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Wow. I'm a 2012 Golf TDI owner, and I love my car. I was thinking of the eGolf as a backup plan in case I end up cancelling my Model 3 reservation. Scratch that plan!
  34. tebling

    Happy Anniversary!

    If I had known that there were going to be in-store reservations, I might have also been in the Bellevue, WA line. As it was, I ordered during the reveal event, pretty much the moment online reservations went live. As an AWD devotee, I'm kind of glad now that I didn't stand in line.
  35. tebling

    No AWD for Model 3 until next year confirmed

    Buy black steelies at $50 a wheel for your winter tires? That's what I do, so I can change them myself. I find it to be less of a hassle than taking them to a tire shop, and it protects my summer wheels from winter nastiness. I think they actually look kind of cool as well.
  36. tebling

    Any new info about the California Sales Tax?

    I know the subject is about CA sales tax, so at the risk of hijacking further... For day one reservation holders in WA state, the "early 2018" date here is too close for comfort. This is especially true if you look at the numbers that this is likely based on, which are here. This shows that...

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