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  1. shanelord

    Model Y HUD upgrade

    While not a "HUD" I've installed one of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004640330580.html that was referenced above. Subtle yet does the basics one needs in regards to necessary info when one needs a "cluster" in front of them rather than the side.
  2. shanelord

    M3 Frunk Clip Reinforcement

    Found this 3D model - they support these clips and stop the frunk trim from flexing (and not allowing the clips to engage). I've installed in my car and trim is far more stable.
  3. shanelord

    For Sale (Australia) : Tesla Model S 21” Arachnid forged wheels

    Price: $4500 AUD Kellyville, NSW Australia Tesla Model S 21” Arachnid forged wheels. They come fitted with low-profile Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres for exceptional steering and braking performance. VERY limited availability and look amazing - they sell for $6000 AUD new for black version...
  4. shanelord

    New, Plaid, Model S

    Wow - the luxury car tax on this is enough to outright buy their yet to be released $25K USD car. The luxury car tax is a joke and needs to go.
  5. shanelord

    Pumping up our tyres

    I personally use this - no risk of blowing the 12V fuse in the car and battery seems to last forever. Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Air Inflator And Deflator - Skin Only There is also the smaller version that does tyres only: Ryobi 18V One+ High Pressure Air Inflator - Skin Only Thanks, Shane.
  6. shanelord

    Want to Buy 4 x 19" Model S wheels

    I've got 4x Silver Slipstream 19" wheels with 12 month old Continental tyres fitted currently sitting in my garage (after getting Arachnids fitted). They have pressure sensors fitted but no center Tesla cap or nut covers included (used for my new wheels). Wasn't planning on selling them but let...
  7. shanelord

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    Yep - there are also red Tesla Superchargers direction signs installed now on some of the ramps. As an aside: that's my black Model S in Tom's video - he's a nice guy and always up for a chat. Thanks, Shane.
  8. shanelord

    Infotainmente/MCU Upgrade Confirmed (US only for now)

    I'm the same re upgrading car. MCU2 I'll likely do - hoping to be able to pay someone to retrofit the "new" FM tuner for MCU2 as well (waiting to see if anyone in the USA can get this to work). Thanks, Shane.
  9. shanelord

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    Just to clarify - my statement above re cost per hour was to the AMP/Macquarie Centre team - they don't intend to charge customers for AC charging at the moment (nor likely ever) as their (AMP/Macquarie) cost to provide the service is minimal (as stated, a few dollars per hour per car). Thanks...
  10. shanelord

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    I believe you only get charged if you leave the centre and re-enter again within 1 hour. ** I think this means you can have multiple 3 hour free visits per day, just need a minimum of 1 hour between visits. Also after 7pm parking is free. Their aim was to stop office workers exiting/re-entering...
  11. shanelord

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    Hi all, I’ve had the chance to talk to the AMP/Macquarie Centre team behind the agreement and planning with Tesla during the build of this. I discussed with them the differences between AC and DC (super)charging and how for “local” people visiting the centre for any more than a coffee...
  12. shanelord

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    Question not in the FAQ: Will Tesla upgrade the B&W cameras to colour for AP2.0 cars? Thanks, Shane.
  13. shanelord

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    Yes it is. The cabling is in place for two more stalls.Not labelled yet as they are not setup. I'll check in with them on Monday.
  14. shanelord

    xpel stealth in Melbourne

    I went full car PPF with XPEL Ultimate + & ceramic coat on top. Cost me $5800 all up but I think it's more now. Got mine done at Sydney Premium Detailing in Castle Hill, NSW (which doesn't help you) but wanted to give you feedback on my experience and why I went ahead. Car looks like new every...
  15. shanelord

    Supercharger - Macquarie Park, NSW

    Just visited this afternoon and met the AMP/Macquarie Centre team in charge along with Tesla. Next Tuesday is commission date. “Soft launch” tentatively set for Thursday or Friday. I’ve asked if they are having a launch event/photo opp. Will keep everyone updated. If they are having an event...
  16. shanelord

    Hidden Tesla phone cable trick and best mount

    Hmmm... this is in the "Australia" section of the forums. ;)
  17. shanelord

    Tesla Artarmon - supercharger 1A

    Still happening today on 1A - I moved to 3A and all good.
  18. shanelord

    V10 on MCU1

    This just proves that an MCU1-MCU2 upgrade now needs to be offered (as Elon promised it would). I have 2-3 years left on my Model S 75D AP2.0 FSD car, and it seems us AP2.0 MCU1 cars are the forgotten generation - even though we were the first to get all the "new" hardware we've gotten none of...
  19. shanelord

    Model S 19" - anyone got Continental or Bridgestone tyres?

    @TezzaB I have the Continental ContiSportContact 5 on my S75D now. I've done almost 30,000kms on them and they're holding up well. Slightly worse energy efficiency at first but stabilised now. No real difference in noise vs Michelin. Got mine through K-Mart Tyre & Auto/MyCar as they have the...
  20. shanelord

    FSD as a separate item

    It would be great if we could buy Tesla FSD "Gift Cards" - ie locking in the current FSD price but purchased as a separate item. It would get around the LCT problem.
  21. shanelord

    White Interior on the Model 3 in Oz

    White Interior is live now on Australia store.
  22. shanelord

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    No Beach Buggy Racing 2 for me on MCU1/AP2 car in Australia running 2019.20.4.2
  23. shanelord

    Adaptor J1772

    That's the one I have. Works perfectly.
  24. shanelord

    Charging infrastructure NSW

    I'd also add - rather than buy the the CHAdeMO adapter - try and get the upcoming CCS Combo 2 (CCS2) adapter (and required car charging circuit upgrade) from Tesla. The NRMA chargers support both and CCS2 can support a higher charge rate, although the NRMA uses the Veefil-RT which is limited to...
  25. shanelord

    Tesla Delivery Payment - Credit Card

    I did the exact same thing :)
  26. shanelord

    Wireless phone charger for my model S

    Just found this on thingiverse. Anyone tried it? Tesla Phone Qi Dock by ReturnZero
  27. shanelord

    Wireless phone charger for my model S

    I think this one ships to Oz. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B077Z7RRSJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_EFaXCb97P18W7 Note: when you trim the USB-C end with a Stanley Knife or scalpel etc, make sure you only trim the rubber off that you need to. Definitely do not need to go anywhere close to the metal. Use...
  28. shanelord

    Wireless phone charger for my model S

    I use this one. Had to trim the USB-C end slightly with a blade to make it fit in the Tesla mount but it works brilliantly. https://www.amazon.com/Duttek-USB3-1-Type-C-Connector-Nintendo/dp/B073CNFDLD/ref=mp_s_a_1_13?keywords=Duttek+Type+C+Cable&qid=1556231271&s=gateway&sr=8-13
  29. shanelord

    Wireless phone charger for my model S

    Very interested in this. I've been designing something similar in my mind but don't have 3D modelling experience nor a 3D printer. Glad you've made it reality!
  30. shanelord

    Carbon Fibre Interior Trim anyone?

    OK all installed. Looks fantastic and very happy.
  31. shanelord

    Carbon Fibre Interior Trim anyone?

    Took delivery today. Armrest and sliding console door installed already (5mins easy). Will do the dash trim tonight after I pickup a T20 Torx screwdriver as I've lost mine :)
  32. shanelord

    Carbon Fibre Interior Trim anyone?

    Thanks mate. Ben @ Tesla has ordered in the parts - should be in by Friday!
  33. shanelord

    tesla-apiscraper: Yet another selfhosted Teslog/Teslafi alternative

    Hi all - any chance anyone has had any success getting this running in Docker on Synology?
  34. shanelord

    Carbon Fibre Interior Trim anyone?

    Ash - can you PM to me also?
  35. shanelord

    Supercharger - Tamworth NSW

    Rod who is a member of TOCA just posted these photos - up and running! 49044871_2243281925915106_1999307027179896832_n by shanelord posted Dec 23, 2018 at 12:33 PM 48406255_2243281919248440_5570774751317590016_n by shanelord posted Dec 23, 2018 at 12:33 PM
  36. shanelord

    Telsa puts Australia last...

    Personally very few of these bug me. Homelink would be nice (or at least take it off my dashboard you tease!). What I would like to see (my list is short): Mobile data module upgrade availability (to LTE - available in USA) Online store for accessories That's it really :) Shane.
  37. shanelord

    Model X Towing

    So 10% is a good guide, but European spec (which is what Tesla is using with the 90kg nose/ball weight fixed neck ball we get here) allows greater as long as the trailer supports anti sway tech. I have an Adria caravan that is 100kg max ball weight and an ATM of 1600kg. Our Tiguan can tow that...
  38. shanelord

    Why do you use TeslaFi?

    I wish they had an app. No in car browser in Australia.
  39. shanelord

    How Perfect is Your PPF?

    I'd take it back and get it fixed. Shouldn't be any dust under the film. A small amount of bubbles after a few weeks are normal and fixing should be included in the install cost - most places do a follow up to go over the car.
  40. shanelord

    Homelink is here in Australia?

    TOCA have been informed my Tesla corporate that it's being enabled for mid 2017+ build cars. Service haven't been informed yet.
  41. shanelord

    Homelink is here in Australia?

    If this is the case I hope it's possible to update the homelink transceiver in the car for older models. Shane.
  42. shanelord

    How do you salary package a Tesla?

    If salary packaging your company would normally deal with a fleet company like SGFleet, Custom Fleet, Autopia, LeasePlan etc. If using a fleet company these companies will organise the lease for you and then provide the package for your company. If not it may be a bit more complex - perhaps...
  43. shanelord

    Vector maps for AU/NZ? Anyone got the yet?

    One hand bottom left or right of wheel providing slight impedance to the auto steering is enough. Shane.
  44. shanelord

    Software Update 2018.26.3 be4b11e

    I have 2018.26.2 6341863 on my AP2 S75D - no lock confirmation capability and other than fixing the random MCU freezes (win!) I haven't noticed any difference from 24.1 Shane.
  45. shanelord

    Black & Obsidian - Most Susceptible to Scratches?

    I have a solid black car and love it. But I got paint correction done then a complete wrap in XPEL Ultimate + with a ceramic coating over the top. Car rarely looks dirty now (before it would get dirty in 5 mins doing nothing). When it is I can wash it anywhere by anyone (but I wash it myself...
  46. shanelord

    Vendor New Clear Bra From XPEL

    Hi team - just had a full XPEL Ultimate Plus wrap done on my black S75D here in Australia. Taking a look at it, the pre-cut templates have left the edges un-wrapped on the rear trunk edge above the silver "TESLA" bar. I have annotated a photo (not my car) the area where the wrap doesn't go...
  47. shanelord

    Leaders and Managers: Flashy Tesla at Work?

    When I was younger, like many I used to get caught up in feeling jealous about other peoples success. I'd get upset that they had things I didn't and got caught up trying to keep up with them thinking it would make things better. It made me do things with my money that were silly and short term...
  48. shanelord

    Vector maps for AU/NZ? Anyone got the yet?

    Yep don't confuse the navigation (cluster behind the steering wheel) with the MCU. 2018.24.1 introduced vector maps to the MCU. The navigation update for the cluster is still MIA - when we will get this additional update is unknown (and frustrating as the cluster is using 2015 navigation data...
  49. shanelord

    iPace charge port

    Yep I'd say its a cover for the CCS/DCFC pins. The new (and still being built out) NRMA charging network supports this connector natively for DC fast charge. Oh and FYI I hate this connector - it takes up way too much room for no reason. If they'd set the DCFC pins to the left and right of the...

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