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    High Mileage Model S/X Owners and Battery Degradation in Australia

    2017 MS 75D 130,000km Displayed typical range at 100%: When new 387km Now 368km DC/AC charging ratio about 50/50
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    Tesla Service in Australia - getting nowhere

    After over three months of waiting for parts and countless phone calls I have come to a conclusion that Tesla seems to have a two-tier system for sourcing parts that are not in stock: Tier 1: "This sucker can wait" Tier 2: "Let's get parts for this guy ASAP since delays are costing us money"...
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    Supercharger - Melbourne (Box Hill), Vic

    The number of Tesla owners who don't have access to overnight Level 2 chargers will only increase over time. I think sooner or later Tesla will introduce a subscription model where you could pay much less per kWh as long as you commit to spend certain amount of $ per month
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    Supercharger - Melbourne (Box Hill), Vic

    Probably a good option for apartment dwellers, there’re lots of them in Box Hill. Installing EV chargers in apartment parking lots is still PITA
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    What am I missing - EV pushback in Australia

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
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    Enhanced autopilot (EAP) is upgrade to FSD

    Yes, you indicate and the car does the rest. Can be used anywhere where there’s lane marking, I just tend not to use it in tight city traffic as it doesn’t feel comfortable
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    Enhanced autopilot (EAP) is upgrade to FSD

    I also thought that Summon was crap until I realised that it can be activated from a keyfob. Tesla app often doesn’t connect, but the keyfob works every time. Used smart summon once, it’s a gimmick, I wouldn’t trust it to navigate a buzy carpark. Reverse parking is bad, but parallel parking...
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    Enhanced autopilot (EAP) is upgrade to FSD

    As someone who does a lot of highway driving I’d say that $5k for auto lane change is totally worth it
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    Flat Tyre

    $55 paid just two weeks ago at a Bob Jane shop in Eltham
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    Quality Control and Why It's So Hard - Model S Control Arms

    The best thing about this Twitter thread is timing
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    A heavily used SR+ - thoughts and stats

    Lifetime efficiency? Does Teslafi show useable kwh capacity? My wife’s late 2019 SR+ shows 303km at 90% after 45000km. So not that much of a difference.
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    Cooma to Melb in SR+?

    Jindabyne to Wodonga is only 260km. Should be easy if you leave fully charged
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    Afaik Berlin is starting with 2170 cells which are more readily available than 4680. Good chance of a fast ramp
  14. T

    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    It's more like 133cm3 and 24cm3 Doesn't change the ratio though
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    Charging Stats

    Is it for Model 3s only? My 2017 Model S not showing any charging stats
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    Is Tesla's 'continuous improvement' the next manufacturing model after Toyota?

    Computers tend to have more software glitches than typewriters
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    SA, Vic and NSW proposed EV road user charge

    Just wondering whether one can refuse to pay unless a surcharge-free payment option is available?
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    Model 3 Build Quality - What's your experience?

    My wife's white 2019 M3 SR+ had no issues
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    I don’t think lack of incentives makes much difference as demand is high enough even without them. But I do think that we are going to see LR and performance versions well begore the SR+ as it makes sense to saturate the higher margin segment of the market before moving lower. Even if you have...
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    Supercharger - Moe, Vic

    The charge port needs rewiring + an adapter. You need to book a service appt with Tesla. I paid around $650 two years ago, but the price has been reduced since I believe.
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    Tesla Model Y in Australia

    You can call me a fanboy if you want, but your iPhone vs Android example doesn't prove the point you're trying to make. Actually, it contradicts it. Apple's current share of worldwide smartphone market is just 15% if you count by the number of units sold, but they have about 40% of revenue and...
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    Supercharger - Moe, Vic

    Charging right now at 1B, no issues. Three stalls, CCS plugs only
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    no regeneration on first trip

    Afaik older Model S has a maximum regen power limited to 60kw. If the hill is much steeper than that you will have to use breaks regardless of the state of the battery. My MS75D at 90% cannot take more than 22kw charge. At 80% it’s likely to be around 35-40kw even if the battery is nice and...
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    Supercharger - Geelong, Vic

    Yes, I have used it a few times already. Keep in mind that it only has CCS2 plugs, so older S/Xs will need charge port rewiring+adapter
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    How COMPLETELY useless is the dashcam in the Model 3?

    I’ve heard VW has good software engineers. Garmin makes good cars too
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    MCU1 upgrade

    I’ve just had my Autopilot HW2.5 upgraded to 3.0. Does it mean that the price of MCU upgrade has gone fown to $2300 for me?
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    Trsla app malfunction

    Hi folks Just upgraded my phone from iPhone 7 to 12 Tesla app on the new one would not authorize, showing an “Access denied” error. The app on the old one was still working till I decided to log out thinking it would allow access on the new one. Now both iPhone apps showing the same error. No...
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    Car manufacturers with worse service than Tesla

    Perhaps it's important to understand, that "fun" and "reliability" are kinda the opposite ends of the same spectrum. If you want to build a car that is fun to drive you have to add a bit of new, unproven stuff, otherwise you'd just end up with a reliable, but boring product. There are of course...
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    Car manufacturers with worse service than Tesla

    I only had a problem once, when I brought my care for a scheduled service and realised that they had forgotten to arrange a loaner. Had to reschedule, wasn't really a big deal. Other than that I would say Tesla service is above average
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    Model S Refresh and Existing Orders

    Not exactly. The "bait and switch" trick is used to sell higher priced products that otherwise does not sell. I doubt that Tesla is going to have any trouble moving their new Model S. I agree that they should have stopped accepting orders for the old MS, but IMO, it's not a big deal. You can...
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    When buying your first Tesla, what would you do differently?

    He-he. Why not? I guess there are still some folks waiting for horse carriage makers to build proper cars
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    When buying your first Tesla, what would you do differently?

    Two Tesla household here. A 2017 Model S75D with 90,000Ks and a 2019 Model 3SR+ with just under 20,000Ks on the clock The only regret is not buying my Model S a couple of years earlier. 1. I had a MX as a loaner for a few days in a 40+ heat - no issues keeping interior cool 2. Model S front...
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    Ovens site management encouraging ICEing of Supercharger stalls

    When it comes to supercharging, spending money at host businesses should not be part of the equation at all. And if it was, it's a mistake. It should be fee for service with contract conditions carved in stone. For a very simple reason: if you have a fast charger that is only available 90% of...
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    Ovens site management encouraging ICEing of Supercharger stalls

    1, 4 is complete BS. I have used the Ovens supercharger 5-6 times this yer and at least on two occasions there was another car charging. It was during the lockdowns btw 2, 3 - utter nonsense. On a busy Friday night the "simply get the keys" would turn a quick 15min top up into an hour-long...
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    Supercharger - Bairnsdale, Vic

    As QBN_PC pointed out, Bega to Lakes Entrance might be a little tricky. I would suggest staying overnight at Marlo hotel - nice scenery and good food too. I have used their Tesla destination charger a number of times, seems pretty reliable. And from there you can easily reach the Moe fast...
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    New Suspension Updates

    Is it available on pre-Raven Teslas?
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    Model Y arriving sooner than expected?

    Tesla cancels cheaper version of Model Y: Tesla Cancels Sub $40,000 Standard Range Tesla Model Y - Tesla Motors Club The demand must have picked up
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    Model Y arriving sooner than expected?

    Giga Berlin is about six months away from production start. No point of importing cars from the US. The only question is whether we’re going to get Ys made in Europe or the US. I’d prefer Europe
  39. T

    Model Y arriving sooner than expected?

    Or increased capacity
  40. T

    Spiff just died a black screen death...

    Was the car still drivable even with black screens? Did you have any USB devices plugged in? Maybe that's what they meant
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    Model Y arriving sooner than expected?

    I thought you meant free unlimited supercharging. I don’t really think that $50 worth of supercharging with 6months expiration means much. It also might indicate that the production ramp is going faster than with M3
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    Model Y arriving sooner than expected?

    Do you have any details on supercharger incentives? Any links? Thanks
  43. T


    I find that reverse parking in parking lots is not so good - a bit slow, too many adjustments and sometimes gives up in the process. However, parallel parking is flawless - very quick and accurate. Much better than I can ever do it
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    MCU upgrade/replacement for early vehicles

    Revenue and profit are not the same thing
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    Adelaide to Perth

    Two questions: - are the 3-phase chargers at the Nullarbor roadhouse and Balladonia available overnight if staying in the motel? - is it possible to get 17kw (the max of my car’s onboard charger) from Tesla wall chargers in Ceduna and Madura?
  46. T

    Adelaide to Perth

    I actually thought about it. But if you look closer it’s actually $1K+ one way, takes longer than in a car and they’re already sold out for December
  47. T

    Adelaide to Perth

    Thanks for the info. Does the road get very busy? Also what’s the typical speed limit? I was thinking that if I spend 9 hours a day driving at 80-90kph and 4 hours a day charging at 17kw( in addition to overnight charging) I should be able to do 700K+ per day.
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    Adelaide to Perth

    Have a sore thumb from trying to scroll your Twitter feed all the way back to 2018, but it turns out you only started posting in 03/2019:D
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    Adelaide to Perth

    Hi folks. I am planning a trip to the west coast and back next summer. The part between Adelaide and Perth appears to be the most challenging. I am pretty sure that quite a few Tesla owners have done this trip already, but there are not too many reports online unfortunately. I just need some...
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    What range is expected?

    The rated fuel consumption for Subaru Forester is 7.5L/100km for combined urban/highway driving. When my wife sold her Forester last December with 100,000km on the clock it had a 12L/100km lifetime consumption. She’s been driving a M3SR+ since. After 8000kms it shows 155Wh/km energy consumption...

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