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  1. S

    Should I traded in my 2018 M3LR RWD for a 2022 M3LR?

    Help me out TSLA fam. I'm doing math gymnastics figuring out if it works for me. My M3LR has 5 more months of warranty left. 27K miles. Full Battery is at 300 miles. No FSD OTD price was about 54k when i bought it in May of 2018. 7.5k tax credit and 2.5k CA tax credit. Vin is under 18K. KBB...
  2. S

    Microphone and voice recognition not working after install of 2019.40.50.1

    same...it's very hit or miss. worked 1 out of 15 tries.
  3. S

    Poll. Model Y vs Cybertrk

    Hey all, I'm a Model 3 owner. My wife has a Honda and we were looking to change to SUV in about 2 years. So she would have an SUV and i'd have my sporty 3.I did not plan on getting a cybertrk, we were in the talks of a model Y, but even I was not that excited about it nor cared to put a deposit...
  4. S

    Cybrtrk RN #

    RN1127858XX I just changed my from AWD FSD to AWD no FSD. You can login on your tesla page.
  5. S

    Okay, I think down the road I’m getting one. Here’s why.

    I like the rugged form and functionality of it all. No need to worry about scratches, no need to wash it every week...it's just a truck that's badass. Not the prettiest, but when do you ever go around looking at trucks and say that's a really good looking truck?
  6. S

    [Poll]- Cybertruck costs 39k to 69k will kill other Tesla EV?

    I wanted a SUV for my wife and preordered the cyber truck over the Y. I have a 3. Seats 6 and is bullet proof? Lots of utility too! Plus i'll probably not wash it as much or worry about sledgehammers hitting me.
  7. S

    Installed mud flaps

    I bought the cheaper ones...which are the same. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VBL9NNB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I installed mine in about 45 mins. I did make a mistake and drilled the hole a little too close, so it was loose. To repair it and make it sturdy i...
  8. S

    Talk me into it.

    Test drive it asap and you'll know
  9. S

    Highest Wh/Mile ???

    Post what type of car you got and your Wh/Mile. I have a 3 LR RWD first production. After 6k miles i'm at 295. I always floor it going to work on a few stretches. P wasn't available when I got my car. I admire those that are getting less than 275. But I got red and it naturally makes the car...
  10. S

    Turning Steering Wheel while not moving noise.

    Hey all, I've always had a noise when turning my steering wheel when not moving. Does anyone else? Just wondering if this is normal for you guys too. Link to the video here. Thanks for looking.
  11. S

    2018 m3p demo for 7k off?

    My first production model 3 was 56k out the door. P3Ds are steals at this price.
  12. S

    Sentry Mode Catches Hit in Parking Lot

    If she didn't have a front plate like most Tesla owners, you would not know who messed up your car.
  13. S

    Paint Protection Film - opinion from those who’ve had it

    I updated the album to include upclose pictures
  14. S

    Paint Protection Film - opinion from those who’ve had it

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/dZHjeW7UsYeCRCHp7 Photos of my install. 3 feet away from the car. MY PFF saved my car's paint when someone scraped my fender. Only cosmetic pff damaged and I replaced it for 300. I live in the SF bay area. If you want a recommendation msg me.
  15. S

    Paint Protection Film - opinion from those who’ve had it

    That ppf guy sucks. My pff is unnoticeable unless you look for it
  16. S

    First Production Owner: 5K miles! Lots of small issues.

    First production is RWD, all paint was 1k, unlimited map data, no AWD or P option.
  17. S

    First Production Owner: 5K miles! Lots of small issues.

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my experience with the car. Vin in the 16k range. I hit 5k miles. I bought the car in May, so while i had the car for a while i do have low miles (I was out of the country for two months). While I'm happy with the car, i did expect issues. However, i'm lucky...
  18. S

    Frunk Issue Not sure if its software related..

    I had to replace my frunk latches. Vin 16k. An issue on first production
  19. S

    Norcal Bay Area Model 3 Tint/PPF Group Buy

    Wow after reading all this I want to give you my recommendations for PPF. I went to Jeremy months ago. Invisiguard Clear Bra in the Bay Area. He just moved to San Jose. 20 minutes from his old location. Some jerk scraped my PPF, had to replace the bumper PPF. He gave me a discount on replacing...
  20. S

    Frunk unexpectedly opening

    i'm having my frunk latch replaced as my car is in the shop. Mine couldn't open. I think the earlier models 3 have front issues. Vin 16xxx
  21. S

    Mercedes C300 or Model 3 for Son?

    Give him an uber allowance.
  22. S

    First Production Owners: Would you add AWD for 6K?

    Curious to see if any first production owners would add AWD to their 3 if Tesla offered it. If Tesla offered it, I'd pay for it to upgrade my car.
  23. S

    $2500 CA Rebate Experience?

    It too me about 90 days. I got mine in August. I applied in May.
  24. S

    High Wh/MI for 5 minute drive. Over 600 at times. Anyone else have this issue?

    I've noticed there are times when my Wh/MI are exceedingly high for a 5 minute drive. I did not do any launches for the following picture. Just my normal driving. My highest i've seen is 1000+ today. Average 280 wh/mi for 2600 miles i've had on the car. Link the the proof as I can't seem to...
  25. S

    Lifetime Wh/mi

    RWD, No Aero. 2500 miles. 280wh/mi. I drive fast though.
  26. S

    Only a month in and someone does this ... argh.. city parking...

    Just an update on my situation... I went to see my PFF installer. He said he's 100% sure the paint under has not been scratched. He'll redo my clearbra for half his front bumper price of $300. However, he's fully booked at this time. Let me know how much it'll cost for your repaint!
  27. S

    Some asshole scraped the bumper of my car.

    Well I went to see my PFF installer. He said he's 100% sure the paint under has not been scratched. He'll redo my clearbra for half his front bumper price of $300. However, he's fully booked at this time.
  28. S

    Only a month in and someone does this ... argh.. city parking...

    You and I are in the same scenario. However I have PPF.....but it probably needs to be replaced. Some asshole scraped the bumper of my car.
  29. S

    Bay Area: Center Console wrapping recommendations?

    I've installed 2 different wraps on my console. If you got an 1hour of free time, it's best to order the 30 dollar kit. I ordered 20 bucks worth of vinyl and cut it myself the first time. I went with the 30 dollar kit as it's much less of a hassle. Paying $300 is a total rip off.
  30. S

    Some asshole scraped the bumper of my car.

    Yeah, it's a bummer that some asshole didn't even bother leaving a note. My ppf guy will look at it, maybe he can touch it up, but if he can't I think i'm going to redo the front bumper.
  31. S

    Some asshole scraped the bumper of my car.

    I discovered this on my car today.. This is on the driver's side. I honestly have no clue when I got this as I rarely park near anyone and give others plenty of space. Luckily I have PPF on the front bumper. I'm hopeful that the paint is not messed up, but it's not healing with near boiling...
  32. S

    Easy DIY dash cam install

    Just wanted to report I did this install in about 20 minutes. This is a great guide for those that only feel they need the dash cams for driving.
  33. S

    Easy DIY dash cam install

    I'm going to do this tomorrow. Thank you for the DIY guide, it seems easy enough.
  34. S

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    All the condensation on my passenger side taillight is now gone, but I have a ranger set to come out next Thursday. Funny how my car was sitting outside in the heat yesterday and the light condensed. Now after a foggy day, it's all gone...
  35. S

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    Hey all, Just FYI for us obsessive model 3 owners. Owned my car since May. It was Built in May. Vin in 16Ks My driver taillight was replaced within 1 month due to condensation build up problems. Easy 20 minute fix. Today 4 months later, my passenger taillight has the same problem and it will...
  36. S

    Your preferred method of washing your model 3?

    Spray with water Microfiber towel with soap all over Spray off soap Wipe dry with microfiber towel Finish in less than 10 minutes. Helps I have ppf as it makes it easy to wash
  37. S

    Quick Poll, How many RWD owners would have waited for the AWD/

    I wanted the awd, but I'm in California and it's not really needed for me. I'm envious but happy I got my car. On the bright side , my delivery was rushed and chaotic, so a week after I had my car I noticed EAP was enabled. Free EAP is better than AWD!
  38. S

    Norcal Bay Area Model 3 Tint/PPF Group Buy

    I don't get why anyone would tint their front windshield in california. I have heard your insurance can reject your claims in an accident if they notice your front windshield tinted illegally.
  39. S

    Norcal Bay Area Model 3 Tint/PPF Group Buy

    I had suntek full front PPF for 1500 in san carlos, no tax. I got crystaline 3m side tints for 375 in santa clara. All done well. PM if you want to know where.
  40. S

    Second Full Charge had more mileage than first full charge!

    First full charge 1 week after I got the car was at 306 miles. After two months of driving, this morning I have a trip and charged to full to a surprising 313 miles. In that two month span I did get supercharging once. I'm kind of surprised my battery hasn't degraded as fast as I thought!
  41. S

    Did Everyone Who Made A Reservation On Day 1 Get A Model Car?

    i went to the service center 2 months after delivery to get mine.
  42. S

    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    put the car in chill mode.
  43. S

    Is Xpel inside overkill?

    Material wise, it'll cost 20 bucks from amazon and to cut it yourself. There are kits you can self install for less than 50 bucks. It takes about 20 minutes (and if i'm slow) to install. But people see Tesla owners as cash cows...
  44. S

    Cheap DIY Paint Protection Film Project

    My PFF installer gave me an insulin needle to remove bubbles if anymore popped up because he went on vacation. I saw him do a small bubble and it looked pretty easy. Also the hole healed and I cant find it anymore.
  45. S

    Feature Wish List

    Turn off climate control after certain number of minutes so idiots like me who accidentally turned it on and forgot to turn it off won't have their car nice and cool for 10 hours straight.
  46. S

    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    i wish the doors had frames. Don't like the frameless doors.
  47. S

    Red or White Model 3?

    I was at a stop light in the right lane my red model 3 and a silver model 3 is in the left lane. The middle lane was empty. Us model 3 owners gave each other a thumbs up. Then this lady pulls up in between us and looks at me and says, "your red is better." Don't be a loser. Chose red.
  48. S

    Lowest miles left on your Model 3 battery?

    I went down to 28 miles today before plugging in at work. What's the lowest you've been?
  49. S

    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    Reset Headlights....i've moved mine and have never figured out where is the default setting....hopefully i'm not blinding others.
  50. S

    What was the range for your first full charge??

    305 first full charge. I have owned it for 3 weeks.

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