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  1. TheEVadvisor

    Just been invoiced 18 months after a warranty repair.

    Me too I’m just responding back telling them to bugger off!
  2. TheEVadvisor

    See Roadster in real life

    do the doors even open, looks like no panel gap
  3. TheEVadvisor

    Powerwall 2 update

    Awesome if this hits the UK
  4. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla UK have done something wonderful...

    Can you still get the grant on this? or is 35k the upper limit? How much is the discount?
  5. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla Tequila.. minus the tequila

    Just ordered one for a laugh
  6. TheEVadvisor

    Inventory or Custom Order?

    No there shouldn’t be any difference unless they are shipping the 3s directly from China which apparently have better build quality! All will be brand new unless stated pre-owned
  7. TheEVadvisor

    Winter Shoes [tyres]

    Have you tried blackcircles for options on the 19inch wheels?
  8. TheEVadvisor

    Can Tesla UK increase new car cost on existing order?

    Yes they can just refund back tour order. I believe you get 2k off the new price as a good will.
  9. TheEVadvisor

    Model S refresh!

    Wanted wider rear wheel arches and active spoiler. Interior looks nice at least a step up from the ageing S interior
  10. TheEVadvisor

    MCU2 upgrade reduced to £1400

    Yes the chademo should continue to work after CCS upgrade
  11. TheEVadvisor

    MCU2 upgrade reduced to £1400

    I would be do. If they put up a fight take it to the small claims court and claim the money back
  12. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla Referral - Free supercharger miles?

    Sure just PM’d you in your messages / conversations. The only offer is by using the link you get 1000 miles free supercharging added to your account. You must order through the link though as It can’t be added afterwards
  13. TheEVadvisor


    sorry to hear that! perhaps worth getting a few vinyl stickers to apply on the inside stating CCTV is active ?
  14. TheEVadvisor


    shocking where in London exactly?
  15. TheEVadvisor

    Quick supercharger question

    Yes it’s normal the fans are cooling the battery often loud noises
  16. TheEVadvisor

    London TfL Congestion Charge / AutoPay

    Congestion Charge (Official) Go after 22:00 if you don’t want to pay
  17. TheEVadvisor

    Music Please and Buying Advice

    Oh please don’t get the X5!!!
  18. TheEVadvisor

    PCP vs Tesla loan

    Car loans | Repayment calculator | Sainsbury’s Bank
  19. TheEVadvisor

    Model 3 inventory - free supercharging?

    10,000 miles a year divide by 300 miles per full charge = 33 charges x 75kw battery size @ 26p per kWh = £643.50p supercharging cost assuming only supercharging and around £99 if you use home charging at 4p per kWh. Supercharger | Tesla UK I've sent you a PM
  20. TheEVadvisor

    PCP vs Tesla loan

    Looks like total amount payable with a Tesla loan would be around 1% cheaper option over PCP
  21. TheEVadvisor

    Model 3 inventory - free supercharging?

    then it makes sense to take advantage of the offer if it matches your original spec and colour
  22. TheEVadvisor

    Model 3 inventory - free supercharging?

    Personally I would go with a newer model with doubled insulated glass and motorised boot struts plus fewer other minor changes. The value of 1 years supercharging might be a couple hundred pounds only. Also if you move energy provider to someone like octopus go tariff the cost of electricity is...
  23. TheEVadvisor

    Park Royal Service Centre [panel gaps 'within tolerance']

    Tbh not sure what they can do, you might be able to make minor adjustments but the gaps won’t disappear
  24. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla seat leather wear

    Hi, any suggestion on the best solution / dye to use on real leather seats where the bolster and seat base has been worn showing the real leather below. I'm looking for a DIY solution. Would be great to see some before and after if anyone has touched up their seats thanks
  25. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla Referral Program

    New free supercharging!! Effective December 12th to December 31st, all undelivered Model 3s and Model Ys (excluding Model 3 Standard Range) that deliver by December 31st will receive one year of Free Supercharging. Feel PM me or anyone that’s helped you if you need a referral code
  26. TheEVadvisor

    Has everyone ordered their free Octopus stuffy?

    many thanks for posting, I did not know about this and my 2 year will love it! cheers
  27. TheEVadvisor

    Squeaky driver's seat

    I’m pretty sure it’s the seat base springs
  28. TheEVadvisor

    Free Supercharger Miles

    When you download the APP and have it linked to your car the miles will show up there
  29. TheEVadvisor

    Window Damaged the Chrome :o(

    try a light metal polish from meguairs
  30. TheEVadvisor

    Best Equaliser Settings

    make is look like a shallow V
  31. TheEVadvisor

    DIY ceramic coating

    I believe the ceramic they use on the glass is different to the one on the paint.
  32. TheEVadvisor

    Model S Order & very Excited

    hell yeah should be quick!
  33. TheEVadvisor

    Model S Order & very Excited

    Congrats Volkan - the model S is an awesome car!
  34. TheEVadvisor


    No you should be fine. Remember on social media you only hear negative comments, People rarely speak out when everything is fine. Go ahead and enjoy the model 3. Should you have any issues they will be resolved quickly by service.
  35. TheEVadvisor

    Quick delivery - Defect?

    maybe stock being moved around locations.
  36. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla pecking order

    5 years ago buying a Tesla, the early adopter owners and staff were a really friendly bunch. Now that it's attracted the drivers from the sportier marques and opened up the buying experience to everyone. The entitled, rude, mouthy owners will always be there with any brand.
  37. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla pecking order

    NO it's not like most Tesla owners. This guy sounds like a pompous prick! sorry you had to deal with that. Most early owners are fairly well off and all that I've met are very humble
  38. TheEVadvisor

    What three words and navigation

    I think pod point use something like this for their chargers.
  39. TheEVadvisor

    PodPoint reviews

    Yup have this for over 4 years. It's an excellent product and sturdy. Zappi is also decent.
  40. TheEVadvisor

    MSM or Black M3 Performance?

    Black if you are going to keep it really clean - then it's epic. MSM - for all other scenarios
  41. TheEVadvisor

    Tesla Loan

    prob best to ask an accountant on this one...
  42. TheEVadvisor

    Camping trip - charging the car

    yup most likely to be the blue adaptor
  43. TheEVadvisor

    What to do when getting ICEd ?

    should have spoken to the eurotunnel security
  44. TheEVadvisor

    2015 Model S rear jump seats for sale

    OHH might be tempted.. does this come with the bumper reinforcement? did you buy these aftermarket or installed in your car?
  45. TheEVadvisor

    Which? suggests the MS should be recalled

    I agree handles, DLR lights, drive shaft too
  46. TheEVadvisor

    New M3LR delivered - some questions...

    sounds like most of these white marks are leftover residue from polishing and good pressure wash cleaning and wipe with microfibre should get rid of them albeit Tesla should have done this before handover. If you are a bit upset tell them and they will detail it again (properly)
  47. TheEVadvisor

    Difficulty deciding - Andersen or Zappi

    Zappi more advanced
  48. TheEVadvisor

    Diagnostic Service Charge

    Normal for about a year now.
  49. TheEVadvisor

    Trade in questions before new order

    1) can’t comment on the specifics. Call the sales team to clarify. 2) the trade in values are lower. Have a check on WeBuyAnyCar too and see if you are getting a fair offer
  50. TheEVadvisor

    Beachy Head and Charging

    How about Maidstone supercharger or local charger in Brighton

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