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  1. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 OEM Aero Wheels + Covers + Snow Tires ($700)

    Hey everyone, I'm moving to San Diego so will no longer need my OEM Aero wheels. I currently have Goodyear Ultragrip ICE snow tires on them. (235/45/R18). See pics for tread/wear. Only used them for two seasons. No scratches on wheels, also includes Aero covers (never used). Does NOT...
  2. John Lamoureux

    Windshield wipers are horrible, and arguably dangerous

    Honestly, I've not had that many issues with the wipers in the rain, and specifically with the auto function. But, this week I had to deal with a snowstorm that had me swearing up and down at the wiper design. Three times on a two-hour snowy commute home I had to get out and clear ice from the...
  3. John Lamoureux

    Wait time for AWD M3?

    Anyone know the approximate wait for an AWD M3 for a current M3 owner?
  4. John Lamoureux

    Who still doesnt have Summon?

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just bug fixes. But it’s also new features like WiFi, Summon, camping mode (!), etc. So to me it's like having the latest smartphone but only being able to run software from two years ago. The potential is there but you frustratingly don't have access to it.
  5. John Lamoureux

    Tesla Waze alternative for Model3

    This. No issues for me here in NE. I guess the biggest gap is the lack of waypoints for me.
  6. John Lamoureux

    Good aftermarket shop in NH/MA

    Looking for a recommendation on a good aftermarket shop (i.e. ceramic, chrome delete, etc). I'm in Merrimack, NH. Willing to drive a few hours (of course!). :D
  7. John Lamoureux

    Model 3: Breakdowns

    Uh, I'm in trouble then. :cool:
  8. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 improvement wish list, additions?

    It has one.
  9. John Lamoureux

    Custom Work

    Hello folks, Looking for some trusted recommendations for aftermarket work, i.e. chrome delete, ceramic, calipers, springs. I'm in Merrimack, NH, so anywhere from northern Mass up to Manchester would work. Any help would be much appreciated! John
  10. John Lamoureux

    Supercharger Occupied/Empty Inaccurate

    I know right? That sucks! I also hate when I take my wife's ICE to the local Mobil station and all the stalls are full, even when the car reports that they're empty. Oh, wait... :D I'd be much more worried if it was inaccurately reporting empty slots instead of full ones. John
  11. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 w/white seats (LikeTesla)

    Can't wait to get mine in red! :D
  12. John Lamoureux

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Did you paint those calipers yourself?
  13. John Lamoureux

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Have had my M3 "Watts" for exactly a week, and am loving it! I'm in Merrimack, NH if any non-owner or reservation holder wants to see one.
  14. John Lamoureux

    Flat tires? Fix-a-flat?

    There's a Tesla kit for sale that includes both a compressor and sealant for $80.
  15. John Lamoureux

    Are electricians price gouging because you bought a tesla model 3?

    Just had my electrician install my HPWC last Friday. Had to come up from the basement and into my garage, about 30' of conduit. Wall mounted the HPWC and got all the permits. $950 (I'm in NH).
  16. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 Internet connection wake up time.

    Version? I've not seen that on 2018.21.9.
  17. John Lamoureux

    Tesla + EZPass = uglified. Need ideas!

    Now that I would try if it works!
  18. John Lamoureux

    Tesla + EZPass = uglified. Need ideas!

    I just did this! I have to do some touch up on the pass, and the paint isn't an exact match to the "gunmetal" gray of the back on the screen, but I think it's better than white and up near the mirror. John
  19. John Lamoureux

    2018.24 has Summon for M3?

    Picked up my car today, and this is the version it had.
  20. John Lamoureux

    Tesla updates delivery timelines for new orders

    Fabulous. They’ve cut delivery times for new orders but extended delivery of existing folks who have configured out until July. :mad:
  21. John Lamoureux

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    So here's my dilemma...configured on 5/6, but no VIN yet. But I really want DM...so I'm torn on how long it would take to change my configuration and for me to get my car. Depending on how many people deferred for DM in front of me, I might not get my car to August. Decision, decisions! :eek:
  22. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 Bliss

    Love the white! Can't wait to get mine!
  23. John Lamoureux

    Autopilot vs FRUITS!!

    What I REALLY want is TACC for those stop-n-go traffic jams during my commute. I wish I could pay something like a grand just to get that...
  24. John Lamoureux

    Jim Keller leaves the autopilot team

    Given the current focus on EAP and media attention on crash fatalities (warranted or otherwise), I'd like to see them double down rather that lose their top executive covering that area.
  25. John Lamoureux

    Jim Keller leaves the autopilot team

    Not sure if this is good or bad, but the timing is certainly suspect... Tesla Autopilot chief departs, may be headed to Intel
  26. John Lamoureux

    Has anyone driven the Model 3 in snow??

    This is what I'm kinda worried about. I've lived in NE for almost my entire life and know how to drive in the snow with RWD...with AND without snow tires. But I am curious as to the impact regen braking will have on the experience.
  27. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 Delivery Checklist

    I only suggested adding the coolant question to the delivery checklist because of this thread: "I asked why it was low on coolant and basically they said they fill them up in CA before being shipped, it's warmer there so when it got here, the coolant may have contracted just a tad. I'm hoping...
  28. John Lamoureux

    Model 3: My car is in the shop on day 2

    Aaahhhh!!!! Bricked! There's that word again! :eek: Seriously, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. As others have mentioned, it sounds like they have taken care of you (Model S loaner) and will look at the car soon.
  29. John Lamoureux

    How many of us are in a STEM profession?

    And then there's our (in the US) preference for small SUVs, which is why I think the MY will be even more impactful than the M3.
  30. John Lamoureux

    How many of us are in a STEM profession?

    VP of IT Infrastructure, working in the Biotech and technology industries. Ask this question a decade (or two) ago and you'd get very different results. True, you don't need to be good at math or technology to own/drive one, but it sure helps. How many ICE drivers know the ins/outs of a...
  31. John Lamoureux

    Finally some real data on 18 vs 19 inch tire/wheels

    The video is worth watching if only to hear him chuckle at the start of the 0-60 test. :D
  32. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 Rear Ended: Repair Journey

    Yep, my bad guys. Sorry about that. Didn't realize there were two different bumpers in play here...:(
  33. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 Rear Ended: Repair Journey

    Holy moly! Almost $8K for what first appeared to be some decent scratches? :eek:
  34. John Lamoureux

    OH MY DOG, I just got THE invitation!

    Congrats! Same here with the wait. I'd prefer a LRAWD, so I might wait to see if anything materializes in June/July based upon recent news/events. But that's great! Wait in line to...wait! :confused:
  35. John Lamoureux

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model 3

    Stock springs? Gap's pretty huge...
  36. John Lamoureux

    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    I emailed them about local installers in New England. They replied: "We will ship you the upholstered skins in a box and refer you to a local upholstery shop that can install it for you usually within one day. You can also take it to any upholstery shop you want if you prefer."
  37. John Lamoureux

    Tesla Grey or Satin Black Powder Coat Wheels? (pearl white M3)

    Looks awesome! As I live in NE and will have snow tires, I'll probably go with EVT or TSportline gray turbines on my main set and keep the aeros (uncovered!) for my snow tires.
  38. John Lamoureux

    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    Look at TSportline. I know it's extra, but who knows if the official white interior will ever come.
  39. John Lamoureux

    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    Got my invite on 4/6 as well, will probably wait to configure until after my condo closes on 4/30, but I am also considering a short wait to see where AWD falls... Who am I kidding. As soon as the ink is dry on my condo paperwork I'll be configuring. :D
  40. John Lamoureux

    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    Let me know how it goes...I'm strongly considering their red diamond-stitch interior (white exterior).
  41. John Lamoureux

    New England Model 3 Configuration Invites

    I am considering waiting a bit for AWD, but then again we all know how TSLA are with stated timelines... :eek: My configurator says Mid-2018, and Elon has said July, right? I've waited for two years already, what's another two months? Well, if there are lots of people ahead of me deferring...
  42. John Lamoureux

    So sick of the negativity

    Paid shill! Paid shill! :D
  43. John Lamoureux

    Model 3 Cold Shoulder (?): Day 1 Reservation, Signature S Owner

    First of all...you're a test pilot...did you serve? If so, thank you for your service! (A veteran myself). :) Second, considering if what you said was true (they reference some sort of compensation), you travel a lot, and have referred other customers, how about some Tesla luggage?
  44. John Lamoureux

    Elon on CBS This Morning regarding Model 3

    It's interesting that some folks see Musk's sleeping on the factory floor as "...making everyone nervous to have the CEO on the front lines...". Personally, I agree with his assertion that it shows he is committed to his employees and leading by example.
  45. John Lamoureux

    Tesla Hard Shell Carry-On Luggage - Brand New - Seattle Area

    Dimensions? Pics of inside?
  46. John Lamoureux

    A-Pillar Misalignment - Serious Issue?

    Uh, do you remember the original iPhone? No MMS, no apps, no cut/paste, etc. And they've had their share of problems on the journey to world domination: antenna and battery issues, new iOS versions bricking phones (oh no, there's that term again! :eek:). Sure it was revolutionary at the...
  47. John Lamoureux

    ACKK!!! Midnight silver or regular silver???

    Okay, perhaps since I've driven white cars since the dawn of time, I'm accustomed to the look. Then again I wash my cars every week, so I never let it get that dirty. But I'll admit, living in NE, the winters are tough on black/white cars.
  48. John Lamoureux

    ACKK!!! Midnight silver or regular silver???

    If forced to make a choice between silver and midnight silver, I'd go with the latter. But only if paired with a white interior. Personally, I'm going white. What made you eliminate that from contention?

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