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  1. Nick77

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Very good price for that car. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Nick77

    Car Wifi Signal

    It's not rocket science (ha) it's just a cheap and crap implementation.
  3. Nick77

    Car Wifi Signal

    Well obviously being the UK forum I'm talking about RHD and the left mirror.
  4. Nick77

    Winter with a Tesla

    Doesn't the latest version of the app have a button for popping the door open remotely? This could be a work around for frozen handles.
  5. Nick77

    Car Wifi Signal

    In the Model 3 its in the passenger wing mirror housing, not the drivers side.
  6. Nick77

    Key Fob or not ?

    You can always make your own like I did. Costs less than a tenner and took about an hour. Edit - If you just want the buttons on it then obviously its not the same. Mine is purely a backup for the phone key. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/diy-tesla-key.234388
  7. Nick77

    Tesco [VW sponsored Pod Point] charging for Tesla

    I use public charging only and have never used my local Tesco free PodPoint. Its 7kw and a 3 hour limit, so I'd need to park it there for the full 3 hours, 3 days on the trot just to fully charge. I can't be arsed with that sort of hassle, even though I only live a 10 min walk away. Yet the...
  8. Nick77

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    A sad week as my local Lidl 28p charger has gone up to 40p :( Was hoping it'd hold out longer than that.
  9. Nick77

    Can anyone recommend a dashcam installer in Birmingham?

    If you're just plugging a dashcam into the 12v socket under the armrest then it's very easy to do yourself. Took me about 30-45 mins, and most of that was tucking away cables to be invisible.
  10. Nick77

    Front number plate mounting

    3M tape is more than secure enough. I removed my front plate plastic surround and stuck it back on with this. No drilling necessary. It's a bitch to try and prise it away. It'll never come off on its own. Looks better too IMO.
  11. Nick77

    [UK] 2022.28.X

    Ugh. The "available when parked" theatre mode bug is back in this update. The last one got rid of it for me and now its instantly back again one update later! Pain in the bum having to disconnect from Bluetooth every time.
  12. Nick77

    [UK] 2022.28.X

    I don't know which update changed it but now with AP I can only select 2 cars as a follow distance. I'm pretty sure I used to be able to choose 1.
  13. Nick77

    Car Wifi Signal

    Surely the cost difference between these cheapo antennas they're using now and something with better range out of a mobile phone isn't an issue for Tesla? So why do they use them?
  14. Nick77

    M3 LR 2021 Noisy reversing

    It's always sounded like that for me. I likened it to a UFO noise.
  15. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Yep you were correct this worked. Strange that I'd been able to watch Theatre mode before without having to do this. Maybe it's a small bug that will get resolved in a future update. Thanks Raymondo.
  16. Nick77

    Rapid Charger Cost

    Another vote for ZapMap. Always has terms and conditions of using the charger, and the cost per kWh.
  17. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Macrodroid. It's been the same for months and has always worked fine. The only variable is the car's software.
  18. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    No it does it even if I turn the automation off and manually switch the hotspot on too.
  19. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Yes to both.
  20. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Possibly yes. But it's the software which disconnects it when it kicks me out of YouTube/Netflix. Hotspot is on and working when I go to load any of them.
  21. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Nope still doesn't work on mine. Netflix/Youtube loads, then kicks me back out.
  22. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Thanks, I'll give these a go.
  23. Nick77

    Theatre mode bug

    Bit of a strange one. Whenever I'm parked up and go to load Netflix or YouTube, it gets halfway through loading then kicks me back out to the theatre screen, with the message "available when parked". It also kicks me off WiFi and disconnects my phone hotspot. It reconnects to the hotspot...
  24. Nick77

    Tidal app disappeared?

    Just had to do this myself. Since it hasn't been mentioned, the language change is at: Display -> Touchscreen Language
  25. Nick77

    Model 3 (18”)- Tyre Replacement Recommendations

    Avon ZX7 or ZV7. SUV tyre with A rating for wet grip. Supposed to be very decent and not massive prices.
  26. Nick77

    Has DAB disappeared?

    It winds me up tbh. How shite does your software UI have to be to not be clear whether you're listening to FM or DAB. It's basic stuff.
  27. Nick77

    What Car EV feature

    Yeah if I'm going to be marginal, even as much as 10% then I'll go out of my way to charge.
  28. Nick77

    That time of year again.... insurance renewal

    Try TopCashBack's own comparison search. They were the cheapest for me this year compared to other comparison sites, and you also get £40 back off the price.
  29. Nick77

    1 month of ownership of my first Tesla and I have these questions

    These are the reasons I installed my own dashcam as well as the Tesla one. It records continuously any time the car is awake, not just drives, and also records sound too. Much more reliable.
  30. Nick77


    Every single update I've ever downloaded has stopped at 50% with a 0b/s download speed. With 20.7 it was like this in the car via my hotspot after a drive. So I got out and left it like that with no WiFi connection. Then 20 mins later my app tells me it's ready to install. It's like it's...
  31. Nick77


    Mine was fine after updating. I opened the door from sleep with trepidation, but no alarm thankfully.
  32. Nick77

    Insurance UK

    Don't forget to use TopCashBack for another £40 ish off. They also have their own comparison, which was actually the cheapest for me this year.
  33. Nick77

    App won't wake car

    I've had the opposite experience. If anything since 20.6, the app wakes the car quicker for me.
  34. Nick77


    Ah yes that'll be it. Ran out at the end of June.
  35. Nick77


    Has the live Sentry video feed been removed on this update? Just tried it and it's not there any more. Hadn't tried it for a while so not noticed it until now.
  36. Nick77


    I noticed this yesterday too for the first time. Swiping down whilst sat at home takes you to work. If you're away from home then swiping down takes you back home.
  37. Nick77

    "Cheap" EV runaround... what would you get?

    If I had to make that choice it'd be a small hatchback like the Mini, BMW, or e208.
  38. Nick77


    Updated to this today. And I happened to go out to the car during the update and noticed at about 60% done (according to the app) the lights had come on full, and it wouldn't let me in the car, not via the Bluetooth or via NFC. Does that always happen during updates or was it something weird?
  39. Nick77

    LV hiking insurance prices again

    Weirdly mine went from £860 in year one to £490 in year two just last month. No idea why but I bought and paid for it rather rapidly.
  40. Nick77

    Charging at home or not?

    My advice would be to give it a go via public chargers for a couple of months. If you find it too much of a hassle or too expensive then have a commando unit fitted as the cheaper option until you move.
  41. Nick77

    Car features as a service

    All sounds very reasonable, but you know the manufacturers won't reduce the price of the cars to buy. It'll just be an added cost on top of buying the car at full price. Easy money making scam.
  42. Nick77

    Updating software whilst charging?

    Thanks. Thought that would be the case.
  43. Nick77

    Updating software whilst charging?

    Just wondering if this is possible as I have a pending update to install whilst sitting here charging. It will finish before the charging ends. I'm guessing no, but thought I'd ask.
  44. Nick77

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Cheers. After a search and some reading it seems its purely for pets/kids inside the car. Plus it automatically turns off after 12 hours any way until you open/close the doors again. There was rumours of the screens in model 3 being not up to very hot temps but I haven't seen anyone saying...
  45. Nick77

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Just on cabin temp, I just checked mine and it was 65°C so vented the windows. What are the dangers of letting it get over 50-60°C? I've never had an issue with previous cars during hot summers.
  46. Nick77

    Multi storey car parking in a Model X

    Ugh I hate those too. Even the ones at fast food drive thrus as well
  47. Nick77


    My insurance just came down from £850 in year one to just under £500 in year two. And that's with 3 points and a no fault accident. Boggles the mind.
  48. Nick77

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    Not going to help with that but if you continue using them then the code SPEAKEV20 will get you £20 off any refill. Still works as I just tried it.
  49. Nick77

    Tessie App

    Does a Teslamate have an Android app? A lot of people prefer the simplicity of an app than trying to change settings on a small phone browser.

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